Where To Buy A Nintendo Switch In Japan 2021 | Best Places To Buy Nintendo Switch In Japan!

by Erika Shinomoto
where to buy Nintendo Switch in Japan

Want to try your hand at Japanese Nintendo Switch? Find out where to buy a Nintendo Switch in Japan right here! Check out the best places to buy Nintendo switch in Japan – both online and offline options have been listed down for you! 

Nintendo Switch is a fun gadget to own. And if you are wondering where to buy a Nintendo Switch in Japan, you have come to the right place! The reason you may find it difficult to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch in Japan is because of the high demands for it. 

Where to buy Nintendo Switch in Japan?

Amazon Japan has a huge collection of Nintendo Switch consoles for you to choose from. Amazon Japan is definitely the best place to Nintendo Switch online. You can even find Nintendo Switch consoles and game bundles on Amazon Japan. The platform also offers discounted prices regularly. So if you’re in Japan and want to buy Nintendo Switch console and games online – your best option is Amazon Japan.

Check out the Nintendo Switch consoles on Amazon Japan

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Should I buy Nintendo Switch online or from a physical store in Japan?

Buy Nintendo Switch from a physical, brick and mortar store in Japan if you’re in Japan for a short visit. Stores in Japan like Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera, among others sell Nintendo Switch. If you’re in Japan for a longer time, you can order Nintendo Switch online from Amazon Japan!

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch In Japan?

Buying Nintendo Switch In Japan On Online Stores

When we sit down in front of the screen to purchase a Nintendo Switch, it can get tough. Restocks hardly last five minutes, thanks to the huge demand.

However, we know the pain and so, would like to relieve you of it. 

To make choosing easier, we have brought to you two of the biggest platforms where you can purchase your Nintendo Switch – My Nintendo Store and Amazon Japan.

If you use My Nintendo Store, you will first need to create a My Nintendo account, wherein you set your country to Japan. Only then will you be able to make your purchases. 

#1 — Buy Nintendo Switch On Amazon Japan

Another online store where you can get a Nintendo Switch is Amazon Japan. It is one of the biggest retailers in Japan, which is not really a big surprise. Usually, Nintendo Switch consoles bundled with games are readily available on the website. 

You can also keep checking to see if standalone Nintendo Switch becomes available. Using Amazon Japan has its own set of benefits. Unlike My Nintendo Store that only ships within Japan, Amazon Japan ships the Nintendo Switch console and games worldwide. So, even if you are not living in Japan, you can easily order one from Amazon Japan. 

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Check out the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon Japan!

Click below to check out all Nintendo Switch in Amazon Japan here! 

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#2 — Buy Nintendo Switch On My Nintendo eShop

The first online place where you can look for a Nintendo Switch is My Nintendo Store, which is Nintendo’s online store. The store sells directly to customers and is well-known for offering customizable Nintendo Switch sets. 

You can check the website to know the next round of pre-orders. They do mention the date and time when they start accepting pre-orders on their homepage. These pre-orders usually last from 30 minutes to an hour. 

Also, please note that My Nintendo Store only offers domestic shipping within Japan.

Buying Nintendo Switch In Japan In Brick-and-mortar Stores

Many of you living in Japan or traveling to Japan will opt for offline stores. We do love going to physical shops and checking out the product before we purchase them, don’t we? 

It can be quite exhausting to find a Nintendo Switch in a brick and mortar building. Why? That’s because retailers operate differently when it comes to the way they distribute their Nintendo Switch. 

Also, different places may have a varying stock of Nintendo switch depending on the prefecture they are located in. So, if you’re looking for physical stores where you can get a Nintendo Switch? Check out the following stores:

#3 — Buy Nintendo Switch At Yodobashi Camera Store

Yodobashi Camera is one of the largest retail chains of electronics in Japan. If you are hunting for a Nintendo Switch, this is probably your best bet of finding it. At the biggest stores of this chain, restocks of Nintendo Switch usually come in the form of hundreds of consoles. The biggest Yodobashi stores are Yodobashi Akiba and Yodobashi Umeda. Going to these stores will definitely pay off. 

Also, another benefit of visiting a Yodobashi store is that as a tourist, you can claim back your tax by simply presenting your passport at the cashier. 

#4 — Buy Nintendo Switch At Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center is yet another place where you will have some chances of getting a Nintendo Switch. This center occasionally receives restocks of Nintendo Switch, as well as Switch accessories. 

Since not many people are aware that Pokemon Center sells Nintendo Switch, your chances of finding one here are pretty high. Again, the Nintendo Switch is sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Unlike Yodobashi stores, you cannot claim back your tax here if you are a tourist. 

#5 — Buy Nintendo Switch At Bic Camera and Sofmap

If every other attempt of yours fails at getting a Nintendo Switch, you can turn to Bic Camera and Sofmap. Both of these companies operate under the same management. These stores get a sizable restock of Nintendo Switch and are completely tax-free. 

However, the only downside of these stores is that you have to participate in a lottery to get a chance to buy. At big locations, these lotteries can attract over a thousand interested people, which makes the chances of winning extremely low. 

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If you are in Japan only for a short while as a tourist, it is advisable not to waste your time at these lotteries. Well, unless you have some time to kill. 

The lottery for Nintendo Switch usually takes place every Saturday or Sunday between 8 AM and 10 AM. The winners are announced at 11 AM. If you have won the lottery, you have until 3 PM on the same day to purchase your set of Nintendo Switch. 

So where to buy Nintendo Switch in Japan?

The best place to buy Nintendo Switch in Japan is Yodobashi. Yodobashi is one of the largest electronic retail chain which makes this store your best bet when it comes to buying a Nintendo in Japan. Since, it is one of the largest electronic store in Japan, this store restocks their products often. So it’s likely that hundreds of Nintendo consoles are regularly restocked at large Yodobashi retail stores in Japan.

Other than that, you always have the option of placing your order online on Amazon.com! Click here to check out the best selling Nintendo Switch Console on Amazon!

What is the price of Nintendo Switch In Japan?

The price of Nintendo Switch in Japan is JPY29,980 at BIC Camera And Yodobashi Camera stores in Japan, excluding tax. 

The Nintendo Switch in Japan is probably the cheapest you can get. You would actually be paying less for the Nintendo Switch in Japan than in your home country.

Will a Nintendo Switch from Japan work in the US?

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Nintendo Switch from Japan will also work in the US without any problems as no regional locks are associated with Nintendo Switch. You will have absolutely no problems with playing games in a region different from your console. 

However, please note that DLC may be locked if you purchase the physical DLC card from a country different from yours. But this problem can be solved by making a DLC account of the same region as your DLC card. Once it is installed, you can play it in all accounts, regardless of the region. 

All that’s left to do is get a Nintendo Switch home!

With this, I hope all your concerns have evaporated and you are now satisfied that you can get home a Nintendo Switch from Japan. All that’s left for you to do is check out both the online and offline places where you can get a Switch. Check what suits your convenience and get home a Nintendo Switch today!

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