8 Best Japanese Yakitori Grill 2022

by Erika Shinomoto
best japanese yakitori grill

Looking for Yakitori grill? Here are reviews of the best Japanese Yakitori grill for you to get your hands on! Check it out now!

I love grilled everything, chicken or vegetables, everything tastes better when it’s grilled. Yakitori is any kind of Japanese barbecue. In Japan, they love cooking their chicken skewered on low heat. The Japanese love using their rectangular grill for this purpose, which is known as a yakitori grill. 

The best Japanese yakitori grill has an open surface on the mess where you put the food. When placing the food on the grill, make sure you only have the food in that area and are not burning the skewer by mistake.  

What makes Yakitori grills popular?

Yakitori grills are extremely popular in Japan as well as in the rest of the world. These grills have a compact design and are rectangular in shape. The grill is also small in size, which ensures that there is a larger serving area available. 

Most of the yakitori grills use ceramic coating both on the inside and the outside. However, the traditional Japanese grills made use of clay mold. This used to help retain the heat inside, making sure that the food is cooked perfectly. 

Why do the Japanese yakitori grills use white charcoal?

While there are several reasons for the Japanese using white charcoal, the most important reason for this choice is that white charcoal helps to keep the heat clean. It also ensures that the heat is high and steady. 

Not only that, it also has clean heat that helps balance out the harmful acids that may occur during cooking. Also, white charcoal is known to seal in the flavors of the food when cooking. It also keeps the heat going for 3 to 5 hours. 

Best Japanese Yakitori Grill: Quick Summary

Best Japanese Yakitori GrillBest forCheck price on Amazon
Fire SenseBackyard outdoor cooking, CampingCheck price on Amazon
The Bincho GrillBackyard, House partiesCheck price on Amazon
Kinka Diatomite Earth GrillBackyard outdoor cookingCheck price on Amazon
LOYALHEARTDYOutdoor and indoorCheck price on Amazon
IAXEE StoreIndoor, bars, cafe, outdoor, beach, picnicsCheck price on Amazon
BAOYOUPortable, picnics, beachCheck price on Amazon
KuretakeIndoorCheck price on Amazon
HITACHIYA Outdoor and IndoorCheck price on Amazon

Top Japanese Yakitori Grill

Fire Sense 

The first one on this list of best japanese Yakitori grill is the Fire Sense Grill. 

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Barbecuing at home is another level of enjoyment these days. You can have that experience too with this good quality and nicely structured Yakitori grill. Now you get grilled meat, just like the one you get on the streets, at the comfort of your home. 

Top japanese yakitori grill

This doesn’t need fuel or any extraordinary preparation to grill as a charcoal-based bed would be enough. It is made with ceramic material which makes it look rich and convenient to use. 

Also, it is safe to use with safety clips and is made to be used on table tops. If you are planning a hilly area tour then you must pack this to make some memories with barbecued meat.      

Key Features:

  • A great product for parties and get togethers
  • Easy to use without any hassle
  • Good quality material
  • Comes with a charcoal grate

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The Bincho Grill

The next one on this list of best Japanese Yakitori grill is from The Bincho Grill Store. This one has an outer body made of stainless steel to keep it strong and steady. 

Since the metal used is steel, this grill will not get affected easily. For a mess free barbeque session, you get an ash collection tray and an extra aluminum insert to get extra heat insulation. 

yakitori grill made in japan

Also, it has adjustable windows which can be used while cooking at your convenience. Get this easy-to-use grill for your backyard now!  

Key Features:

  • Good quality stainless steel Yakitori Grill
  • Known for its strong body and long lasting ability
  • Easy to use and clean with accessories provided
  • Adjustable windows to balance the grilling process

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Kinka Diatomite Earth Grill

Here’s a unique grill that made it to our list of best Japanese Yakitori grill. 

This one is completely different from the usual barbeque grill you get in local markets. In terms of quality and its performance, this grill is quite impressive. 

Talking about the material, it has an outer body made with diatomite earth which is known for its ability to produce heat much more than the usual ones because this rock is a good heat insulator and is quite strong. It is absolutely easy to use and can be cleaned in no time. 

japanese yakitori grill for sale

Other than that, it is big enough to grill meat for about 5 to 7 people at one time, which is not at all bad!.

Key Features:

  • Made with diatomite rock
  • Good heat insulation with resistance
  • Enough to cook for 5 to 7 people
  • Easy to clean

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The next one in our list of best Japanese yakitori drill is compact and portable and suits both indoors and outdoors!

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Invest in this Yakitori grill to have a long lasting and satisfactory experience. This grill is made with materials that will cook the meat slowly and steadily to keep its nutrition factor intact. 

Best japanese yakitori gril

This grill is made with clay mud, furnace, diatom mud, and cast iron which have a unique way of cooking. The health benefits you get while using this material pots and utensils are rich cooking with the help of less oil which eventually leads to less smoke. It keeps the food moisturized and nutritious for a long time. 

Other than that, these materials are known for their capability to have good heat insulation and also do slow cooking for better taste. You can have all of these benefits too when you buy this grill!

Key Features:

  • Grill made with clay mud, diatomite mud and grease iron
  • Does slow cooking for better taste and even cooking
  • Less oil usage and less smoke production
  • Environmental friendly product

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The next one in our list of best Japanese yakitori grill is from the IAXEE store. 

You can try this travel free Yakitori grill made with cast iron and stainless steel to enjoy barbecuing anywhere now. Now say goodbye to the old barbequing techniques with lots of expensive equipment and usage of fuels with this portable grill. 

binchotan yakitori grill

This doesn’t require anything and can be assembled very easily. All you need is a place and charcoal to enjoy your meal! The material used in building this grill is cast iron, which is known for its good heating capacity with an ability to hold it for a long time. 

You also get a wooden base with this grill to make your experience even better.     

Key Features:

  • Cast iron based grill
  • Stays hot for a long time
  • Comes with a wooden base and need s charcoal for cooking
  • Easy to install and absolutely travel free

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The next one our list of best Japanese Yakitori grill is by Baoyou store

If you want a portable barbeque grill then here is another option to try. This one is a metal based grill that has all the qualities that you need in a grill. It is strong and sturdy. This pack also consists of a base and wire mesh grill which makes the cooking easier. 

This is small in size so is a great option for traveling. For a group of four people, it is enough. The inner body is of steel material which is easy to use and clean.    

Key Features:

  • Mini barbeque grill made of metal
  • Effortless cooking experience
  • Portable and travel free
  • Good to go for four people
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If you are not willing to buy a bigger size for barbecue grilling and looking for something small that is enough for 1 person then this plate stove is what you need. It is a mini plate style stove made with steel material that will work. 

The stove helps in cooking evenly and slowly to make the food soft and tasty. Although it doesn’t come with side grids, the plate is sturdy enough to not slip. You can use it to grill chicken, sausages, and other meats and enjoy. 

best japanese charcoal grill

Being a small size stove, it is also an advantage that you can carry it anytime without any burden as it is light weight and will easily fit in a bag. 

Key Features:

  • Mini grilling stove
  • Stainless steel material body
  • Suitable for all types of meats
  • Easy to carry and light in weight

Check out the best Japanese Yakitori grill by Kuretake below!

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The next one on our list of best Japanese Yakitori grill is from Hitachiya.

Get this charcoal based grill and enjoy grilling at home. This grill is known for its durability as the material used in making it is diatomaceous earth that cooks the food at a slow pace to provide soft and tender meat. 

There are various health benefits that you get while using this material in your cooking utensils. In this material, the heat stays for long and the food gets cooked properly from within without burning it. To control the heating temperature, you can use the air vents and control the cooking easily. 

Indoor yakitori grill

Other than that, it is not necessary to use it outdoors only as you can place this in a covered area which has good ventilation. Enjoy grilling now wherever you want.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for outdoors and indoors
  • Durable material known for its thermal insulation properties
  • Made with diatomaceous earth
  • Air vents provided to control the temperature

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Grilling done right!

The Japanese Yakitori Grills give you an excellent grilling experience and lets you enjoy the amazing flavors. Investing in one of these options is a huge advantage for you. With these, you can enjoy delicious grilled meat whenever you feel like giving your taste buds a treat. 

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Fire Sense Yakitori Grill

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