11 Best Places To Buy Japanese Toys Online 2023

by Erika Shinomoto
Top Online Japanese Toy Stores

Are you an anime lover or do you collect traditional Japanese toys? Well, if you’re looking for the best places to buy Japanese toys online, I have a really cool Japanese toy online stores list only for YOU! Check it out below.

I love Japanese toys so much that I have a whole shelf dedicated just to them. From Japanese anime merchandise, Japanese robot toys to Japanese action figures; you will find the whereabouts of all things toys right here.

The current scenario expects us to be confined to the four walls of our homes, but that in no way means we cannot have some joyful fun right at home. Japanese toys are fun, and come in so many different types, catering to all your different needs. 

No matter what kind of mood you are in, there is definitely a Japanese toy to give you company. And no, toys are not just meant for kids. There are Japanese toys that are perfect for us adults too.

There are so many online Japanese stores that let you buy awesome Japanese toys. Everything from puzzles, brainteasers, and classic toys to anime-related figurines can be found in these online stores. 

If you are unsure where to get awesome Japanese toys from, I have brought to you the best places to buy Japanese toys online. 

Best Places to Buy Japanese Toys OnlineForLink
Amazon JapanStuffed toysView Site
Aniplex PlusAnimeView Site
MelonbooksManga and ComicsView Site
OtamartOtaku goodies and anime merchandiseView Site
Comic ToranoanaComicsView Site
MercariAnime goodiesView Site
Yahoo Auctions JapanFigurinesView Site
Premium BandaiExclusive anime figuresView Site
Suruga-yaManga and anime merchandiseView Site
Pokemon Center OnlinePokemon merchandiseView Site

best places to buy Japanese toys online

best places to buy Japanese toys online

Top Places to Buy Japanese Toys Online

Amazon Japan 

traditional Japanese toys

Amazon is one of the very famous online platforms that provide products from all categories. It is an online marketplace that ensures to provide almost everything from e-commerce, house appliances, toys, and other goods. 

In terms of Japan, you can find different Japanese toys here like Japanese squishy, stuffed toys of famous series characters, pillows stitched in different animal shapes, etc. 

The shipping process is quite smooth and the company provides different types that you can opt for. All the popular Japanese toys are available on Amazon. It is one of the best places to buy Japanese toys online.

Key Features:

  • Biggest online platform famous across the world
  • Provides products of all categories
  • Japanese toys, animal character shaped pillow, cars, etc.
  • Smooth shipping with various other facilities

Tokyo Toys

Tokyo Toys is a retailer that specializes in Japanese pop culture merchandise, particularly toys, collectibles, and accessories. 

They offer a wide range of products related to anime, manga, video games, and other aspects of Japanese entertainment.

Tokyo Toys

Tokyo Toys also has an online store where customers can shop for their merchandise from anywhere in the world. The website offers a convenient platform to browse through their extensive catalog and place orders.

Tokyo Toys has physical stores in the United Kingdom. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, they had locations in London, Birmingham, and Leeds. These stores provide an immersive experience for customers to browse and purchase a variety of products.

Tokyo Toys offers a diverse range of products. You can find action figures, plush toys, cosplay costumes, trading cards, posters, keychains, clothing, accessories, and more. They often carry items from popular anime series, manga titles, and video games, catering to fans of various franchises.

Tokyo Toys occasionally stocks exclusive merchandise, such as limited edition figures or items that are not widely available elsewhere. These exclusives can be highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

 Tokyo Toys has been known to participate in events and conventions related to anime and pop culture. They may have booths or special activities at such events, providing an opportunity for fans to connect with the brand and explore new products.

Key Features

  • Legitimate retailer specializing in Japanese pop culture merchandise.
  • Physical stores in the UK and an online store.
  • Wide range of products related to anime, manga, and video games.
  • Diverse selection including action figures, cosplay costumes, and exclusive items.
  • Generally regarded as reputable (consider checking recent customer reviews).

Aniplex Plus 

cool japanese toys
Source: Aniplex.com

Want Japanese anime merchandise online? Get it here. If you are looking for an online store for Japanese toys, visit this store as it provides several products that are going to impress you. 

Aniplex Plus is a famous Japanese store that has great production in the field of anime, Japanese animated products.

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 If you love Japanese animated series like The Promised Neverland, The Fate franchise, etc. then you must explore this store as you might find box sets with character-inspired stationery and clothing material. It’s one of the best Japanese anime merchandise online stores.

 At this store, you can get your children different character toys from their favourite cartoon or series. 

Key Features:

  • Impressive products
  • Toys and anime figures inspired by Japanese series 
  • Toys, comics, and clothing available
  • Well known online store


traditional Japanese toys
Source: Melonbooks.co.jp

Melonbooks is one of the most well-known online bookstore platforms where you can shop for doujinshi products, self published works like comics, magazines, manga, etc.

 While exploring this online store, you will come across a great collection of doujinshi such as CDs of different series, anime movies, eroge games, and other things.

 Other than the availability of famous doujinshi, you can also find the oldest and rarest doujinshi in a second-hand section easily. It is a very nice place to buy Japanese toys online.

Key Features:

  • One of the best online stores for Japanese doujinshi 
  • Availability of various famous books, comics, and magazines
  • Oldest and famous series available in second-hand section
  • Largest bookstore


best online Japanese toy stores
Source: Otamart.com

Otamart is a great online store to visit if you are looking for anime merchandise and your favourite idols of your choice. You can get an ample number of Otaku goodies on this online store. 

You will definitely find the product that you have had your eyes on forever here and if you are unable to find it, customer care can help you find it! 

They also have a comfortable shipping policy to make sure you do not face problems in it. You can purchase full boxes and get your favourite product from them, and sell the rest at the store itself.

Key Features:

  • Amazing store for anime merchandise and idols
  • Has several Japanese otaku goodies of great quality
  • Great shipping policy
  • Buy the full set and sell the rest at the store only

Comic Toranoana 

Japanese robot toys
Source: Toranoana.jp

Comic Toranoana is the first and oldest shop that started as a doujin shop in Japan. This online store has now become very famous because of the vast and interesting collection they provide. 

At this store, you may find more than 100,000 registered creators and their works modelled in doujinshi. The oldest works can be found in different sections as well. 

This store produces animation works with original audio quality. It is a must-visit store if you are planning to buy different doujinshi, video games, magazines at the same time. You can definitely get cool Japanese toys here. It is also known to be one of the best places to buy Japanese toys online.

Key features:

  • First famous leading store of Japan
  • Vast collection available
  • Almost all the collections available
  • Original audio quality products


popular Japanese toys
Source: Mercari.com

Mercari is a platform based in Japan, where people can buy and sell their items. People, basically the ones who already own some good collection of goodies, sell their products for others to enjoy. 

So, you do not have to worry about the products you could not buy earlier as you can now get them in a second-hand section. 

Mercari is a very famous platform among Japanese users as you will definitely get your product here, no matter what you are looking for. It is awesome as it is one of the best places to buy Japanese toys online.

Key Features:

  • A platform where people can both buy and sell things
  • Discover and get things here that you missed earlier
  • One of the most famous online store among Japanese users
  • Get that rare product through a smooth shipping process

Yahoo Auctions Japan 

Japanese toy brands
Source: Auctions.yahoo.co.jp

When you get both buying and selling opportunities at a single platform then it becomes easier to trust and believe it. In the same way, Yahoo Auctions Japan is an online store popular and one of the best places to buy Japanese toys online.

 People sell their products here and that makes the possibility of getting the rarest products over here easily. With time, this online store improving while making people believe that reusing things is not at all a bad idea.

Key Features:

  • Japan’s well-known marketplace to sell and buy things effortlessly
  • Biggest platform for auctions
  • Reusing things made easier and acceptable
  • Possibility of finding the most wanted products

Premium Bandai 

Popular japanese toys
Source: P-bandai.jp

You must visit the Premium Bandai online store if you are looking for toys famous around the world. Over here, you can find things that are difficult to be found in other toy stores. 

Premium Bandai collaborated with popular franchises to make the availability of original products possible. 

You can find high profile products here just like statement pieces of famous characters, such as swords, Gunpla kits from famous fictional series, etc. It’s a very popular Japanese toy store online. Yahoo Auction is one of the amazing places to buy Japanese toys online.

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Key Features:

  • A store that deals with original products
  • Collaborates with real franchises
  • Provides famous statement pieces
  • Find interesting toys, kits, cars, etc. here


Best Places to Buy Japanese Toys Online
Source: Suruga-ya.jp

Suruga-ya is another famous online store that is a perfect market place to buy Japanese pop culture products. They have a huge second-hand section where there is definitely a possibility of finding a product that you will not find anywhere else. 

Other than that, you can also book your place for pre-order and get it when it arrives. With such an option, this store has become quite popular.

Key Features:

  • Famous Japanese marketplace
  • Japanese pop culture products available
  • Pre-booking available
  • Second-hand section for classic products

Pokémon Center Online 

Japanese anime merchandise online store
Source: Pokemoncenter-online.com

Pokémon is a famous series popular among children. At Pokémon Center Online, you can find all the accessories and toys related to Japanese pop culture.

 Things like stuffed Pikachu toys, stickers, badges, collection of silicone balls can be easily found here. If you are a Pokémon lover, then you must give a visit to this store. It is definitely the  best pokemon store to buy Japanese toys online.

Key Features:

  • Known Pokémon store of Japan
  • Filled with all types of Pokémon merch 
  • Accessories and toys
  • Great place to visit for Pokémon lovers

Hobby Link Japan

This is the best Japanese toy website to get not only anime toys but other action and sci-fi movie toys as well. You will find a wide variety of toys here that are of superior quality and for a very affordable price. You can shop for your favorite toys here by sorting on popular anime series such as Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, etc. You can also purchase toys sorting by your favorite sci-fi movies such as Godzilla and Star Wars.

pTCjHv6a m1uGJpvkgW7N6UE3ZYf0QOr3R Xp4JmXgO1

If you’re looking for Demon Slayer merch then this is the ideal site. They provide the best merch and also offer free limited Pokemon cards. Grab them cards and add them to your collection. They offer affordable and fast shipping to most countries as well.

Key Features

  • One of the highest-rated websites
  • Fast and reliable shipping
  • High range of toys to choose from
  • Can sort by favorites
  • Affordable price range


This is one of my favorite Japanese websites and also is one of the most diversified websites. Joom offers a wide range of products from toys, kitchen, and home appliances, footwear, men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, etc. You can use this website as a one stop shop and purchase all the necessary goodies in one go. 

This site offers anime toys from popular anime series like Demon Slayer, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, etc. They have the perfect toys for home decor and are quite cute.

TA7sjNtm4JpZ122llXDjcAmDsvJ4vTWeeIeBUXVG8FBM17GM8UfQ8CCb43LX yG FrxIxEk9aK8C frnG1859 X1IIB5uX35h6PSdRKFktRsIx1DLkVHn382

 They also offer Funko Pop toys of favorite characters. However, the price of the toys depends on the popularity of the product and can be expensive than other websites. Overall it’s a user-friendly website that has other language options so that you can conveniently shop for goods and also offers shipping to most countries.

Key Features

  • Wide range of products to shop from
  • Can shop by popularity
  • User-friendly website
  • Good quality toys
  • Fast shipping


This is a renowned Japanese website that sells top-quality toys. You can find anime figures, action figures, and character good as well. It also offers a pre-order feature that helps you order goods beforehand. You can also shop for limited items as well. The good news is they offer a large range of anime toys which you can shop by their title. Hype Tokyo provides an adorable range of Pokemon plushies which I’m a huge fan of. They are so fluffy and cute and are quite affordable. 

G0wH5mEvodhSivUTS36p2fQ 8Rm8kwkmYccyuPFR1tJcU

It doesn’t stop there, they also offer music CDs and books. The books are anime art book collections that are mostly out of stock due to their aesthetics and quality. They offer international shipping to most countries.

Key Features

  • Can purchase anime toys by title
  • Wide variety of toys 
  • International shipping
  • Book collections available 

Plaza Japan

This is a great website where you can purchase a lot of cool toys. They provide a great line of toys for kids such as cute kawaii plushies, model trains, and jigsaw puzzles. They also offer remote control toys and Pokemon cards. 


Plaza Japan provides nice clothes and accessories such as bags, and socks for kids. If you’re looking to buy toys and other goods for your children then this is the ideal website. The feature I love about this site is that they provide popular Japanese foods such as ramen, candies, snacks, and ready-to-eat foods. They also have their website blog where you can read about Japanese culture.

Key Features

  • Ideal site for kids
  • International shipping
  • Provide a Japanese food line

Kuruma Toys

If you are looking for exciting products for amusing the kids this site is the right choice for you.  As a very significant site that procured its standing web-based quite a while in the past, it is nothing unexpected that the business is a completely protected website and definitely secure.

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Be that as it may, certain individuals are continuously going to be testing, even concerning huge brands. Also, they are providing a lot of variety with options for both girls and boys, The truth is the more famous a business is – regardless of whether it is from a similar Toys industry.

Their HeadQuarter is situated in Japan, Tokyo – The core of the Japan Toys Wholesale and Retail Marketplace. They supply the most recent Premium Bandai , Bandai and other Famous Brands model packs. 

Also to check-in that you ought to hope to accept your discount within four months after we accepted your brought bundle back. As a token of client goodwill, much of the time you will get a discount all the more rapidly.

The best stores for your toy needs!

These were some of the best online stores that you can check out for all kinds of Japanese toys. Whether you are in Japan or not, you can check out these stores as you can be sure that you get all that you need.

 Do not forget to check out these stores and enter the magical and wonderful world of Japanese toys. I am sure you will not be disappointed with any of these options. You can buy it from the best places to buy Japanese toys online: Amazon Japan, Aniplex etc.

Where To Buy Japanese Toys Online?

I’m a big-time toy lover. I have all kinds of toys, be it action figures, traditional toys, anime etc. I usually shop online because it is easily accessible, trusted, durable and also, of great quality. After having always bought toys online, I can conclude that I found Amazon Japan to be the best Japanese for toys online.

  Amazon Japan is a famous and the biggest e-commerce website in the world for everything from a small pin to a big machine. All types of toys such as traditional, action figures, anime or robot toys are available here. Amazon Japan has an umbrella of the best Japanese toy brands that are reliable, durable and offer the best quality toys. Amazon Japan is great for stuffed toys.

Best places to buy Japanese toys online: FAQs

Which are the best places to buy Japanese toys online?

Here are the most popular places to buy Japanese toys online:
Amazon Japan
Aniplex Plus
Comic Toranoana
Yahoo Auction Japan
Premium Bandai
Pokemon Center Online

What is the famous toy company in Japan?

Bandai Namco Holdings is a famous Japanese toy company known for its popular toys and franchises like Tamagotchi, Gundam, and Power Rangers. 

It is a merger of Bandai and Namco, renowned for their toys and video games respectively. 

The company has a significant presence in the Japanese toy market and is internationally recognized for its diverse range of products.

What is the most popular toy in Japan?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the most popular toy in Japan was the “Tamagotchi.” Tamagotchi is a virtual pet toy that was first introduced in Japan in 1996 by the Bandai company. It became a massive hit and created a craze among children and even adults. 

The toy features a small egg-shaped device with a digital screen that allows users to raise and care for a virtual pet. 

The popularity of Tamagotchi has continued over the years, and it has seen numerous iterations and updates with new features and designs. 

However, please note that toy trends can change over time, and there may be new popular toys in Japan since my last knowledge update.

What are the biggest toy companies in Japan?

The biggest toy companies in Japan include:

  1. Bandai Namco Holdings: As mentioned earlier, Bandai Namco is a major conglomerate that produces a wide range of toys, video games, and entertainment content. They are known for popular franchises like Tamagotchi, Gundam, and Power Rangers.
  1. Takara Tomy: Takara Tomy is a well-known Japanese toy company that specializes in the production of action figures, model kits, and various toy lines. They have collaborated with international franchises like Transformers and Pokémon.
  1. Sega Toys: Sega Toys is a subsidiary of the Sega Corporation and focuses on the development and distribution of toys and games. They are recognized for products such as interactive plush toys, handheld electronic games, and arcade games.
  1. Sanrio: Sanrio is a renowned company famous for creating iconic characters like Hello Kitty. They produce a wide range of merchandise, including toys, stationery, and accessories featuring their beloved characters.
  1. Epoch Co.: Epoch Co. is a Japanese toy company known for its innovative and educational toys. They specialize in board games, puzzles, and other interactive toys aimed at children’s development.

These are some of the prominent toy companies in Japan, but it’s important to note that the toy industry is dynamic, and rankings may change over time.

Is Plaza Japan Legit?

Plaza Japan is a legitimate online retailer specializing in Japanese toys, collectibles, and hobby items. Plaza Japan offers a wide range of products and had a positive reputation among customers for their selection and service.

Is Tokyo Toys Legit?

Tokyo Toys is a legitimate retailer specializing in Japanese pop culture merchandise. They have physical stores in the UK and an online store offering a wide range of products related to anime, manga, and video games. They are known for their diverse selection, including action figures, cosplay costumes, and exclusive items. While it’s always recommended to research recent customer reviews, Tokyo Toys has generally been regarded as reputable in the past.

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