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by Erika Shinomoto
best japanese mascara

Your makeup isn’t complete without a good mascara. Check out the best Japanese mascaras that are smudge-proof and water-proof so you have long lashes all day long!

Japanese mascaras are some of the best in the world. Different Japanese brands offer mascaras for different purposes. Smudge-free Japanese mascaras to Japanese mascaras to add tons of volume and curl to your lashes – you’ll find plenty of options!

If you are looking for game-changing Japanese mascaras, you have landed in the right place. Here, you’ll find some of the best Japanese mascaras that you can get your hands on today! 

Top Picks For Best Japanese Mascara

  1. Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Lengthens and curls lashes
  2. Shiseido Majolica Majorca MascaraAdds volume to your lashes
  3. Fairy Drops Japanese MascaraWaterproof

Top Japanese Mascara

Best Japanese MascaraPriceLink
Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl$9.44View On Amazon
Shiseido Majolica Majorca Mascara$19.99View On Amazon
Shu Uemura Mascara$58.65View On Amazon
Fairy Drops Japanese Mascara$39.99View On Amazon
Dolly Wink Mascara$17.86View On Amazon
EyeMania Japanese Mascara Long & Volume$58.52View On Amazon Japan
K-Palette Japanese Mascara$81.53View On Amazon
D-UP Mascara Perfect Extension Mascara$15.72View On Amazon
Opera My Lash Advanced Mascara$29.17View On Amazon
Uzu Mote Mascara $48.61View On Amazon

Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara

Best Japanese Mascara

The Heroine Make Long and Curl mascara is one of the best Japanese mascaras out there. It is one of the most beloved mascaras all around the world. As the name suggests, it’s the perfect mascara to add length to your lashes and holds the curled lashes nicely. This mascara is a favorite of most makeup lovers!

This lengthening and curling mascara is also super waterproof, which is great if you have a long day ahead of you and need your mascara to stay put. You can swim with this mascara on and there is no need to worry about coming out of the water with mascara running down your face.

Best japanese mascara

But, it is not just waterproof, the Heroine Make Long and Curl mascara has camomile extracts that moisturize and soothe your lashes. 

The award-winning mascara is one of the best options for Asian eyelashes; it can help lengthen your lashes by 120 percent. 

Some of the key ingredients of this mascara are Camellia Japonica Seed Oil and Chamomile Recutita Flower Extract. These ingredients have super moisturizing effects on your lashes.

best japanese tubing mascara

This Japanese mascara Heroine has a curved brush and it holds the curl perfectly well. The mascara also dries real quick and to remove it, you will need a mascara remover.

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Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Liquid Extension

Best Mascara For Monolids From Japan

Shiseido is quite a popular brand that is known to people all over the world. Shiseido products are expensive, but the Majolica Majorca is their range of inexpensive and affordable beauty products. 

The Lash Expander Japanese mascara majolica lengthens, expands, and separates your lashes giving them that beautiful look. It is, again, a waterproof mascara that will need makeup remover at the end of the day when you’re ready to take it off. 

d up mascara

The Majolica Majorca mascara brush has small fibers that are meant to lengthen and extend your lashes. The brush is curved and has fine bristles to make it easier to follow the contours and the inner corners of your eyes. 

The brush comes out with a lot of mascara on it, so make sure you blot it before applying onto your lashes. With one swish of the brush, your lashes will look gorgeous for the entire day, without looking clumpy and thick. 

best mascara for monolids

If you want a bold look, apply a few coats. But, if you are looking for that natural look, just one coat would be enough. Hands down, one of the best Japanese mascara in the market!

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Shu Uemura – Stretch Xtreme

Shu Uemura is a high-end Japanese brand, which is extremely famous and popular across the globe. The Stretch Xtreme mascara from the brand is known to lengthen your lashes. 

Also, it is waterproof so you can go around the entire day without needing a mascara touch-up. 

japanese mascara majolica

The mascara has a flat and curved brush that works really well for Asian eyes. It is a fiber mascara; it builds upon the natural lashes length. 

The formula of the mascara is great; it does not cause a drooping in your eyelashes and is completely non-irritating. The formula of the mascara is a new one that has some properties of a gel. This allows you to apply multiple super thin coats without worrying about clumps. This is a great option for you if you have fine lashes.

Adding several layers of mascara also provides volume to your lashes, while keeping them separated. The mascara has curling properties as well, so you can be sure that it will hold your curl for the longest time ever. Definitely recommended as one of the best Japanese mascara!

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Fairy Drops Japanese Mascara – Platinum Mascara Waterproof

The FairyDrops Platinum Mascara is waterproof and lasts for a long time. It is one of the best Japanese mascaras for those hot and humid summer days. 

You can even literally go swimming with the Fairdrops mascara on without worrying about the mascara running down. Your eyes will still look gorgeous and beautiful. 

opera mylash advanced

The mascara comes with a super lengthening feature that adds length to your lashes. Not only that, but the mascara also comes with a volumizing wax that adds volume to your lashes and makes them look luscious. 

If you have short lashes, you will enjoy using this product. It really will add length and volume to make your eyes appear more alert and radiant. 

It has a special film and polymer with 5 treatment essences that will make sure that it holds your curls for the entire day. With every use, the mascara also nourishes and treats your lashes with the utmost care. 

Another interesting feature of this mascara is that it has the patented 3-sphere design that ensures none of your tiny lashes are left out during application. 

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Dolly Wink – Koji Long Mascara

The Dolly Wink Koji Long Mascara features a smaller brush that is perfect for your under eye lashes and for the corners of your eyes where you can normally not reach well with the regular mascara brushes. The mascara has a wet formula that comes off easily with warm water. 

The mascara is a film-type mascara, which means that applying warm water on it will remove it in tubes. It is a lengthening mascara, but unlike the others in this list, it does not add any volume to your lashes. 

japanese mascara heroine

However, the mascara will not flake even if you apply it for the whole day. 

To get a great look, apply about two coats of the mascara. However, if you are looking for super-long lashes, you may need to apply several coats of the product.

As the formula of the mascara is quite wet, it does not hold the curl as well as the others. It is recommended that you use a heated eyelash curler to add the curl back. 

flowfushi mote mascara

The mascara is not waterproof, so take note of that if you suddenly decide to hit the beach or the pool. However, it is oil and sweatproof, which means it will hold well on a summer day.

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EyeMania Japanese Mascara Long & Volume

The Mascara from EyeMania is one of the top sellers in Japan. It is a nice, creamy mascara that helps add thickness to your lashes while making sure that they stay separated. 

Be wary of applying too many layers because then your lashes may look clumpy. A couple of layers will do the trick. 

uzu mote mascara

The mascara has a slightly curved wand and is waterproof. It holds the curl really well and lasts for a long time. You can go the entire day with the mascara on your lashes. 

It is a film-type mascara, which means you can take it off easily with warm water. This one is also voted as one of the best Japanese mascara!

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K-Palette Japanese Mascara- 1 Day Lash Perm

K-Palette is, again, another extremely popular brand that is revered by people. It adds length and volume to your lashes while also holding the curl. After this mascara works its magic you won’t even need those false lashes anymore!

The best thing about this Japanese mascara is that it can curl your lashes really well. You do not even need an eyelash curler to get that job done. The mascara has a waterproof formula and it does not smudge at all. 

d-up perfect extension mascara

Some of the key ingredients of this mascara are red seaweed extract, japonica extract, and silk extract. These ingredients nourish your lashes. The long-lasting formula and the fact that it is super easy to remove make this a very popular choice and one of the best Japanese mascara in the market!

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D-UP Mascara

D-UP is yet another popular brand and this Perfect Extension Mascara is one of their best products. This Japanese drugstore mascara lengthens and separates your lashes perfectly. The mascara coats your lashes without being clumpy. 

dejavu mascara review

The mascara has a fine brush that makes sure each of your lashes gets coated with mascara evenly. The brush has been designed in such a way that it reaches the corners of the eyes easily. It is also easy to use the brush on your bottom lashes. 

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Opera MyLash Advanced

The next best Japanese mascara on the list is Opera MyLash Advanced Mascara. This is one of the most popular mascara products in Japan and in fact was chosen as the mascara of the year in 2017  on the Best Cosmetics Award 2017 by @cosme. The mascara has a slim brush that is easy to apply on the roots of your eyelashes (without poking your eyes!). This mascara holds your lashes all day and gives it a nice natural curl. It’s smudge free and fast drying so you don’t have to worry about ruining your makeup. The mascara can be easily removed using lukewarm water. 

best japanese mascara

Check out this best Japanese mascara down below! 


Here’s another one of best Japanese mascara for you! The Uzu Mote Mascara was formerly known as FLOWFUSHI. The Mote mascara series was rebranded as Uzu Mote Mascara. The brand offers 11 different types of mascara for you to choose from depending on your what you need. The brand offers mascaras of different colors, brush length, effects etc. All the mascara offered by this brand have nourishing effects. The mascara can be easily removed using lukewarm water. Check out this best Japanese mascara below! 

top japanese mascara

How to choose the best Japanese mascara?

When choosing a mascara there are three things you need to consider – effect, your sensitivity, and colors. 

Effect: Japanese mascaras are formulated to either add volume, lengthen or curl you lashe or a combination of three. So when you choose a mascara you have to see what the mascara can do to enhance your lashes and select the one that suits your style. 

Sensitivity: If you have sensitive eyes or your eyes are prone to tearing up, it’s best to choose a waterproof mascara. It is a bit harder to remove but a Japanese cleansing oil should do the trick

Colors: Most Japanese mascaras are formulated to suits Asian lashes so most of Japanese mascaras are black in color. So if you have lighter lashes, you might want to choose a different brand that has color options. 

How to apply best japanese mascara

Before you apply Japanese mascara, you need to curl your lashes using an eyelash curler. Then, coat your eyelashes with mascara primer. Twist open your favorite Japanese mascara bottle and wipe the excess mascara off the wand on the mouth of the tube. Now place the wand on the bottom of your top lashes and move upwards gently in a zigzag motion. Wait for the mascara to dry. 

How To Remove A Japanese Mascara

To remove Japanese mascara, you can use a makeup remover or wipe it off using lukewarm water. Soal a pad or cotton ball with makeup remover or lukewarm water. Close your eyes and place it over your lashes for a few seconds. Now rub the mascara off gently using circular motions. Take a dry cotton towel and remove any debris left behind. 

How do you use Kiss Me Heroine mascara?

Kiss Me Heroine Mascara comes with a curved wand. So to use Kiss Me heroine mascara start with the curved side of the mascara wand to apply the mascara and lift and curl your lashes. If you have short eyelashes, it’s best to first use an eyelash curler. 

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Best Mascaras From Japan

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