Types Of Japanese Futons | 9 Japanese Futons You’ll LOVE!

by Erika Shinomoto
best Japanese futons

Looking for the best Japanese futons? Here are the best options available on Amazon. We curated a list of high-quality Japanese futons for you to buy. We also have a detailed buying guide for you to figure out which one is the best Japanese futon for you!

Futons are still quite a popular sleeping option in Japan, even though the Japanese have now started using western mattresses and box springs. These are especially suitable for those living in small spaces or compact apartments. 

Futons do not congest your surroundings and are just perfect if you need a bigger space during the day. Futons can easily be stored away in a closet during the day and then brought out again for comfortable sleeping at night.

The best Japanese futons are unlike the sofa mattresses of the US. Instead, these Japanese futons are quilted sleeping pads that come with cotton or fiber stuffed inside them. These can be put directly on the floor or on a foam, tatami, or wooden mat. These mattresses do not feel too rigid and are perfect even if it is your first time sleeping on them. 

The futon has a pillowy surface, without being too soft. It just gives you the perfect amount of support. Also, the best Japanese futons are perfect for all weather. They keep you cool during hot summers and warm during cold winters. 

Are you interested to find out the best Japanese futons? Continue reading!

Types of Japanese Futons

There are two types of Japanese futons. These are:

This is the type of mattress that is made using 100 percent natural cotton or silk. The traditional Shikibuton mattresses come with a zipper cover and are filled with cotton batting. These are not very thick, and so, you can use them with tatami mats. These help to add more comfort and fluffiness.

  • Foam Futon Mattress

The traditional futons are made of cotton or silk, however, you will now find modern variants too. These are made using foam and are not authentically Japanese. These are what we call contemporary futon variations. The foam futon mattresses are thicker and firmer than traditional futons. With these, you will never have to compromise on comfort. 

How to choose the best Japanese futons?

Are you planning to get a Japanese futon? You need to consider the following before making your purchase:

  • Size of the Japanese Futon

The first thing to consider is the size of the futon. If you are getting it for your bed, get it as per your bed’s frame size. However, if you need a Japanese futon for multiple purposes such as a floor mat, workout mat, kid’s play mat, etc., you can pick the size of your choice. Since these futons are so easy to store, size really does not matter.

  • Construction of the Japanese futon

You will find Japanese futon mattresses to be made with different construction. You can find mattresses that are made of 100 percent cotton or blends of cotton, polyester, and foam that are added between cotton batting to provide extra support. You can choose anything as per your requirement or liking. 

  • Foldability of the futon

Japanese futons are so much in demand because they are foldable and can be easily stored. These futons are available in bi-fold and tri-fold designs. The foldability of the futons makes them compact, easy to store as well as travel-friendly. You will also find some mattresses that come with ties to hold them when you roll them up.

  • Weight of the Japanese futon 

Japanese futons are comfortable, portable, and compact. If you are buying a futon for several purposes, make sure you choose one that is light in weight. Choosing a lightweight one can make carrying it easy.

  • Color and Design of the futon

I love getting visually appealing futons because aesthetics matter too. Futons are available in a wide range of vibrant colors. Choose one that blends into your decor and furniture perfectly.

  • Maintenance of the futon 

There are some Japanese mattresses that are washable, but some cannot be washed. For these, the best way to clean is by keeping them out in the sun. This helps to remove any bacteria and dust mites from the mattress. You can also use a vacuum to clean the mattress of dirt, hair, and debris. When choosing a futon, make sure you can considering the ease of cleaning it. 

Why do you need Japanese futons?

You may not feel like you need a Japanese futon in your house, but believe me, you really do. Here are some reasons that are sure to convince you to get one for your home:

  • A Japanese futon is perfect for when you have guests in your house. It makes for a very comfortable and inviting sleeping space.
  • Do you live in a hot place? Worry not! A Japanese futon is made of breathable cotton fabric that keeps you cool. It also promotes airflow.
  • Are you a protector of the environment? If so, getting a Japanese futon can help with your cause because it is eco-friendly.
  • Japanese futons can be used in more than one way, making them one of the most versatile pieces owned by you. You can use them as mats, workout mats, couch cushions, loungers, and more.
  • Japanese futons, owing to their build, help you save space. This is a big bonus for all those living in small apartments. When not needed, you can simply fold the futon and store it in your closet.
  • One of the biggest reasons for getting a Japanese futon is that it helps to improve your posture. If you have joint or back pain, it can help relieve you from that. 

How to maintain Japanese futons?

Here are some tips to help you maintain your Japanese futons:

  • Keep the mattress dry
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Make sure you keep your mattress dry. You need to let your mattress out in the sun quite regularly. The sun does not just do the job of drying it; it also helps kill any odor-causing bacteria that may have accumulated in the mattress. If you cannot do this daily, make it a weekly habit. If even that is not possible, you must opt for it at least two times a year.

  • Flip it

Flip your mattress regularly. If your mattress is new, make sure you are flipping it once a week. After about two months of doing this, you can start flipping the mattress once per month.

  • Keep it folded when not needed

When the mattress is not needed, make sure you are keeping it folded and inside your closet. If you leave the mattress outside when it is not in use, you are inviting moisture. 

  • Fluff it

You need to ensure that you are regularly fluffing your futon mattress. This helps the mattress retain its shape and fluffiness. It also helps keep it dry. To fluff the futon, hang it up to dry and then beat it with a bat or tennis racquet.

  • Use a protective pad

Usually, traditional futons come with a protective pad. If you do not have one, do not hesitate to invest in it. Also, when you are getting it, get one that is washable. With this, you can make sure that you are will be able to regularly clean your sleeping surface. 

Advantages of a Futon:

  • It’s made with natural and organic fabric that wouldn’t irritate your sensitive skin and help wick away the moisture.
  • You can practice yoga, meditate and take naps on these futon mattresses
  • Futons keep your spine in proper shape while sleeping. Thus, it wouldn’t lead to any backache issues.
  • They’re less expensive than the western mattresses 
  • Futons will let you wake up with energy and sharpness. Hence, you wouldn’t feel tired the entire day.

Disadvantages of a Futon:

  • Mattresses are firm compared to the soft and plushy western mattresses
  • They need to be hung in the sun regularly despite having moisture-wicking properties. 
  • If you have scoliosis, please avoid using Japanese futons
  • It’s tough to put sheets on futons due to their dimensions. The sheets easily come off while sleeping. 
  • Futons aren’t easily available. 

Best Japanese Futons — Quick Summary

Best Japanese FutonsProduct SizeThickness
Emoor59″ x 79″ 2.5 inches
Fuli59″ x 79″ 2.5 inches
JR&L Mattress79” x 35“2 inches
WZXBoos75” x 54” 4 inches
MM-CDZ59” x 75”6.5 cm
GJP58” x 79”4 cm
Yoshoot80” x 60”4 inches
Lovehouse47” x 78”4 inches

How we tested the best Japanese futons?

We tested the Japanese futons mentioned here keeping several considerations in mind. The major features on which these futons were tested are:


Our first category for testing was thickness. We checked various mattresses with varying levels of thickness and tested the comfort they gave. We tested both by placing the mattress on the floor as well as on a hardwood frame. 


We tested out futons with different materials to see how comfortable each one feels. 


We also checked how well these mattresses can be folded for proper storage. Futons are known to be compact and portable, and so, this test really helped us see how true that claim really is. 

Which is the best Japanese Futon?

Emoor Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

A good quality mattress is a must-have for your bedroom that can give you firm support without affecting the body structure. To make sure you are sleeping tight, Emoor has come up with this thick mattress made with polyester and cotton lining on the sides. 

best shikibuton

I found this Japanese futon to be really comforting especially when you want to get a deep sleep. I was also impressed by the moisture-wicking properties that don’t make it stink even in the most humid weather. I feel like this Emoor Japanese futon set is like a big hug when you’re sleeping.

It is thick enough to provide firm support and is absolutely light in weight. Other than that, one of the best advantages to getting yourself an Emoor mattress is its availability of size and color. 

You get 8 different sizes and colors to make your bedroom look all Japanese. Also, you do not have to worry about its storage as you can fold it like a three-layer sandwich and it’s done!     

Key Features:

  • Thick mattress with good support
  • Japanese look available in different sizes and colors
  • LIghtweight mattress made with polyester and cotton
  • Foldable in three layers
  • Thick enough to provide firm support
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  • Quality: 10/10
  • Firmness: 9.5/10
  • Affordability: 8.5/10

D&D Futon Furniture Queen Size Black Cotton

best shikibuton

D&D Futon is one of the best Japanese futons for its size and colour that doesn’t get dirty easily. I have been using the D&D Futon for quite some time now and I find it super comfortable. In fact, it’s easy to carry along when I’m travelling to my parent’s place as well. 

This futon is lightweight and made with 90% cotton, 5% polyester fiber and 5% resilient foam. It has a sturdy yet soft cushion-like mattress that helps in supporting your back and also allows you to sleep in peace. 

My backache has reduced by 80% after I started sleeping in this futon. I also meditate and practice yoga in this traditional shikibuton sometimes. This Japanese futon has two straps attached at the end that help in easy storage. I’d definitely recommend this Japanese futon set to you if you’re looking for one. 

Key features:

  • Sturdy yet soft
  • Travel-friendly 
  • Quality material 
  • Straps for easy storage 
  • Back support


  • Quality: 10/10
  • Firmness: 10/10
  • Affordability: 9.5/10

Fuli Japanese Traditional Shiki Futoon

Setting up your bedroom and getting confused with the mattress? Well, here is a great option for you in Japanese style. Japanese bedding sense is all about comfort, style, and manageability. 

best japanese futons

Have a look at this mattress from Fuli that doesn’t even need a bed to set up. You can use this mattress on the floor and it will provide the same level of comfort as on a bed. Other than that, you can fold it into the shape of a chair and use it during the day. 

I have to tell you guys, that if you have a good budget, this is the one for you. I was using this for a very long time and I really love how comfortable it feels. It has helped me get rid of my back issues. I used to put it on the bed frame at times and it’d still feel awesome. The only downside of this futon is that it’s pretty expensive.

100 percent filling of cotton and polyester in the futon gives you a soft and firm feeling. It also stays airy and has good sweat dry ability, which makes it perfect for you. Get this one right away!    

Key Features:

  • Good quality mattress
  • Filled with cotton and polyester
  • Suitable for both bed and floor
  • Foldable and manageable
  • Stays airy and comfortable and provides soft support
  • Soft and firm


  • Quality: 9.5/10
  • Firmness: 9/10
  • Affordability: 8.5/10

JR&L Mattress

Have a look at this Japanese mattress that is made while keeping in mind the sensitivity of cervical issues in your back. Many mattresses give you back pain which later becomes a severe issue. 

This mattress is made to provide support and comfort at the appropriate level. The fabric used is quite breathable and has a good absorbing capacity. As the fabric is of good quality, you can sleep free without worrying about bacteria generation as it is airy and doesn’t let any insect breed in. 

Also, it is designed in a way to keep it intact at a particular place to not disturb you while sleeping. This one is a great option for you to stay away from back pain forever.   

Key Features:

  • Built in a way to provide good support
  • Doesn’t lead to any kind of back pain or discomfort
  • Made with good quality fabric
  • Breathable and airy fabric doesn’t let bacteria generate
  • Stays intact in place


For a one-room apartment, you can have this Japanese-style mattress that is just made for you! It is a portable mattress that can be folded like a sandwich and stored in an almirah easily. 

Made with brushed cotton fabric makes it lightweight and absolutely breathable. You do not have to worry about its shape getting deformed as this mattress is made in 3d quilting design to save you from that situation. 

This can be used for various purposes such as yoga, meditation, and can be placed either on the floor or bed. One of the best parts of this mattress is its shape-taking ability while you sleep. In this way, your spine will not get affected and will not face any pain. 

Key Features:

  • Mattress suitable for various purposes
  • Brushed cotton fabric makes it breathable and airy
  • Designed in a way to take the shape of the body
  • 3D quilted design to save it from deformation
  • Can be used for various purposes such as yoga and meditation
  • Can be placed on the floor
  • Does not affect the spine
  • Great to get rid of pain


Here is another very amazing option if you are willing to buy a mattress for yourself. It is going to a one-time investment that is going to last you for years without bringing any kind of disappointment. 

This one is a mattress made with lamb cashmere fabric that is known for its amazing characteristics like trapping air inside and keeping it airy and fluffy every time. It is super comfortable and is definitely going to give you a luxurious feel as well as a stunning look to your room. 

Other than that, it doesn’t slip from its position and stays intact because of the elastic bands given on the corner. It is a perfect choice for any place you want to use it.

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Key Features:

  • Lamb cashmere fabric for long time usability
  • Stays airy and fluffy and provides safe comfort for years
  • Luxurious appearance and feeling
  • Suitable for different places
  • Traps air inside
  • Stays airy and fluffy at all times
  • Comes with elastic bands in the corners to keep it intact on the floor


best japanes futon for backpain

You just cannot say no to this versatile option! This mattress is a bundle of joy for you as it has qualities that will make you buy this at once. Starting with the material, it is made with both polyester and cotton of great quality which keeps the mattress in its original shape after a long time of usage as well. Where can you place this mattress in your house? Anywhere! Yes, this mattress can be placed in any of your house’s parts and can also be folded, which makes it a travel-friendly mattress too. It is amazingly thick to provide perfect support and is in a quilted design to prevent losing shape.   

Key Features:

  • Mattress made with good quality material
  • Doesn’t lose its shape easily
  • Versatile in nature
  • Travel friendly mattress that can be carried anywhere easily


Some people suffer issues in sleeping because they do not feel comfortable. It is mandatory to have a good base to sleep peacefully. To provide that thick and soft base, Yoshoot has come up with this extra thick and soft mattress. 

best japanese futons

With perfect softness and support, it will make your body relax which will eventually lead to sleep. The material is of great quality and is not at all questionable. This mattress can also be used for camping purposes. 

All you have to do is store it in a bag and carry it freely. It is suitable for everyone. 

Key Features:

  • A mattress that lets you sleep comfortably
  • Extra thick and amazingly soft
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Can be used as a camping bed


top japanese futons

This one is not a usual mattress that you will find in stores everywhere. This mattress is made to provide you support and softness which relaxes your body and doesn’t make your body and neck pain. 

The material inside is filled evenly and to keep that intact, a quilted design is used. It stays tight for years and is easily foldable, making it easier to store. 

Have you been facing issues while sleeping? If yes, then get this mattress and bring back your sleep.  

Key Features:

  • Made with superb technique
  • Thick and soft to provide great support
  • Relaxes the body 
  • Easily foldable and can be stored

Best Japanese Futons: FAQs

Are Japanese Futons comfortable?

Japanese futons, although not like foam and spring mattresses, are surprisingly very comfortable. These mattresses come with a soft filling that helps you enjoy a sound sleep. These can also help with joint and back problems. 

Are Japanese futons healthy?

Japanese futons are known for their many health benefits. These can help improve posture, support joints, decrease back pain. There are also several other health benefits attached to futons. These mattresses are also made using breathable material that helps promote airflow.

Why do Japanese sleep in futons?

Japanese love their futons for several reasons. Firstly, futons are extremely comfortable. They also help save space by being foldable. You can easily store them in your closet. Also, the several health benefits of these mattresses attract the Japanese.

Can you wash a Japanese futon?

If your futon is washable, you can wash it once or twice a year. If not, you can simply let the sun work its magic on them. You can also use a vacuum to clean it. However, the best thing you can do is get a futon protective cover that you can clean regularly.

Do the Japanese still use futons?

Yes, futons are still quite common in Japan. When you walk the streets, you can see futons hanging in the balconies. However, due to changing times, you will notice that there are some Japanese who prefer the modern version of futons instead of the traditional ones. 

How thick are Japanese futons?

The thickness of a futon depends on the filling material and the quality of the futon. Usually, the traditional futons are between 4 and 6 inches thick.

 How comfortable are Japanese futons?

The Japanese futons are made of natural materials like cotton or wool which makes them nice to sleep on. They also maintain their shape and stay very comfortable over a long period of time.

Get the best sleep!

These were some of the best Japanese futons that let you experience comfortable and relaxing sleep. These are extremely popular in Japan and the craze is slowly catching up in the rest of the world too. These lovely futons can help you with several problems, including back pain. Also, if you live in a compact apartment, you may want to consider these.

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