Top Japanese Refrigerator Brands 2021

by Erika Shinomoto
Refrigerators brands from Japan

Are you looking to replace your fridge with any of the top Japanese refrigerator brands in Japan? Well, you’re in the right place.

Panasonic refrigerator, Liebherr refrigerator, Hitachi refrigerator or Mitsubishi refrigerator, you must be wondering which is the most reliable refrigerator brand from Japan, right? Well, Japanese electronics brands are one of the best in the entire world and all these brands have a great competition. 

But there’s always something better than the other, find out here which is the best one and why? 

We all need refrigerators for our homes, however, going and choosing one refrigerator out of the hundred options provided to you can be quite a task. There are so many different brands in the market and so many different models and features to choose from. 

It can be quite an overwhelming task to sieve through all of the possibilities and options to finally reach a decision. There are so many considerations that you need to look into before finally nodding to that one model. After all, everything revolves around our refrigerator. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are all brought together by our handy refrigerators.

When choosing one, it is important to also note that it comes in at quite a hefty price, so you would want to choose something that lasts you for a very long time. 

To save you all the trouble and headache, I have brought to you the top Japanese refrigerator brands that are too good to be ignored. Check these out and I hope you can finally make your pick. 

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Which is the best Japanese refrigerator brand?

I have researched a lot before finding a good refrigerator for myself. I love my refrigerators to have all the latest features, qualities, and innovation. So, I do not go for anything mediocre. I found Sharp to be the best brand for refrigerators.

Sharp is an amazing Japanese brand for refrigerators for your kitchen. The brand is known to be quite innovative in terms of new technology and design. The refrigerators are made with utmost perfection and come with all the latest features and technologies. It has an eco inverter installed for low bills, great space for vegetable storage, high-quality material used to make the refrigerator and also has a four-door system. It is one of the top Japanese refrigerator brands. It is available on Amazon for $2,498.

Best Japanese Refrigerator Brands

Top Japanese Refrigerator Brands Best ForPrice
MitsubishiMitsubishi 335l 3 Door Fridge$1486.11
SharpSharp SJG2351FS 36 Inch French 4-Door Counter Depth Refrigerator$2498
Hitachi Hitachi Side By Side 3 Door$1477.58
Toshiba650 L 4 Door Refrigerator$2052.06
PanasonicPanasonic NR-A193VAX1$246.13

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Mitsubishi brand is Japan’s known company in electronics and genuinely innovative products. They design refrigerators and freezers while keeping in mind the general requirements. All types of innovative technologies such as keeping hygiene, food preservation, energy usage, etc. are used in this brand. 

Mitsubishi 335l 3 Door Fridge

Mitsubishi refrigerator

This compact size refrigerator is a great option for small apartments with a capacity of 146 litres. It is a flat panel inverter fridge that has frost-free technology and transparent tempered glass shelves. You get enough space to store products inside with specific sections.

You can freely store fruits and vegetables in the humidity-controlled crisper bin which helps in keeping food items moist and fresh. It has the power-saving ability because of the efficient inverter installed in the system.

Key Features:

  • Frost-free technology
  • Spacious with different sections
  • Humidity controlled crisper bin
  • Products stay fresh and clean inside

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Been there in the industry since 1912, Sharp corporation started as a pencil brand. Sharp has been working to make people’s life easy with the help of advanced technologies and creative ideas.

Sharp SJG2351FS 36 Inch French 4-Door Counter Depth Refrigerator

Japanese refrigerator brands

This amazing refrigerator is made with modern technology with high-quality material accessories. This fridge has four doors that have larger space for the vegetable compartment and specific areas so that you can access the refrigerator easily.

This fridge has been constructed after completing a survey from a large number of people. It has an eco inverter that keeps your bill low. The French door looks pretty classy.

Key Features:

  • Eco inverter installed to keep the bills low
  • The high-quality material used in the refrigerator
  • Four-door refrigerator
  • A good amount of space for vegetables

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When it comes to electronics, it is important to look for a trustworthy brand that is known for the quality and performance of the product. Keeping that in mind, here is a well-known brand of Japan, Panasonic, which is famous all over the world.

Refrigerators of this brand are highly recommended because of their performance in keeping the food items fresh for a longer period of time and good freezing capability. It is also one of the top Japanese refrigerator brands.

Panasonic NR-A193VAX1

Panasonic refrigerator

This single door refrigerator is a good option for small family purposes.  This has been made while using advanced Japanese technology which has an inverter compressor inbuilt that utilizes less electricity. The cooling system is quite good and keeps the food clean, fresh, and hygienic.

You get a large size vegetable storage box that is removable and can be cleaned at times. The anti-fungal door gasket is highly useful as it protects things from bacteria and fungus. All the boxes and cover inside are transparent to keep a clear view of everything.

Key Features:

  • Single door refrigerator 
  • Anti-fungal door gasket inside 
  • Transparent boxes and covers 
  • Good cooling and freezing ability
Panasonic refrigerator

This one is Panasonic’s two-door refrigerator that has a freezer at the bottom. In this refrigerator, you get an automatic defrosting system that controls ice build-up. There are seven stages and speed options for inverter speed.

Toughened glass material has been used for shelves that are durable and do not get broken at all. This refrigerator allows a good amount of storage with different sections aligned nicely. Food can be frozen and can last longer with freshness and moistness intact in them.

You do not have to worry about the taste of food items getting affected as the storage system has the ability to retain the moisture which keeps the nutrients and texture perfect.

Key Features:

  • Automatic defrosting ability 
  • Freshness and quality remains intact 
  • Smart cooling technology
  • High-quality material for inside compartments

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Hitachi is a Japan-based brand that is famous for its electronic products. They deal with electronics of all types such as kitchen appliances, bathroom necessities, etc. Hitachi refrigerators are made with perfection and high technology which has now modernized with time.

Obviously, Hitachi is one of the top Japanese refrigerator brands. Nowadays, there are many other features of freezing and cooling that are required by people, so Hitachi has tried fulfilling them and is successful.

Top JapaneseRefrigerators brand

This Hitachi refrigerator is not a common one as it has a multi-door facility with a unique design. This one is suitable for a big joint family and can store many things. It is an inverter model and has an absolutely unique design with three side to side doors.

It also has a vacuum insulation panel that helps in saving energy and provides higher heat insulation performance. The Eco-monitoring sensor in the refrigerator works automatically to use less energy when you are away from home. The doors get opened automatically with a single touch which is quite helpful. 

Key Features:

  • Controlled with touch screen facility
  • Different apartments for a different purpose
  • Three side to side doors
  • Auto energy saving capability

Hitachi Side By Side 3 Door

Hitachi Refrigerator

You can get this brilliantly designed refrigerator for your house if you are looking for a huge one for a big family. This fridge allows vacuum preservation and has a heat-dissipating system that cools down the fridge if required.

If you are leaving your house for a long period of time then you can put it on travel mode which keeps the energy consumption lesser and minimal. The touch control facility in this refrigerator is an amazing option that speaks for it!

Key Features:

  • Good to go option for big families
  • Dual fan cooling system 
  • Travel mode option
  • Touch control facility

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Toshiba is a Japanese electronic company that has earned respect and fame in this industry for a very long time. It is spread across the world and is appreciated because of the products and different unique specifications.

Toshiba refrigerators are made with technologies and ideas that can help keep food and other products moist and odour-free.

Japanese electronics

Have a look at this unique refrigerator that has 650 litres of capacity and has 4 doors. This is a modern style refrigerator that allows you to keep different things separately which is easily manageable. This refrigerator has three cooling systems that keep the cooling balanced in all the sections. Plasma modules protect the refrigerator from inside and inactivate the bacteria, keeping the fridge safe from odour and smell.

Key Features:

  • Good capacity 
  • Comes in four doors design
  • Ample number of space 
  • Plasma modules to protect from bacteria

You can check out this refrigerator from Toshiba that comes with the facility of duo hybrid deodorizer, which makes the cooling system work faster, hence the food tastes original. It is a one-time investment and the colour also looks gorgeous. Silver nanotech crisper keeps the food protected from bacteria and germs. Do give it a try.

650 L 4 Door Refrigerator

Best Japanese refrigerator brands

Key Features:

  • The unwanted odour gets eliminated
  • Fast cooling system
  • Great appearance
  • Great technology that keeps the products away from bacteria

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Get the best cooling!

These were some of the top Japanese refrigerator brands that you can check out. These brands are some of the most well-known ones in the world with quite a huge fan following. If you are planning to get a new refrigerator for your home, you must definitely check out these brands. Are you ready to bring home your new cooling partner from these top Japanese refrigerator brands?

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