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Looking to buy a kimono for your loved one? Read on to find out how much does a kimono cost, it’s history, and where to find a kimono in Japan.

A kimono is Japan’s traditional clothing item that goes back centuries. It is one of the most recognizable clothing items that distinguish Japan from others.

However, as times have changed, the authentic Japanese kimono robe is no longer an everyday item of choice, it still is used for special occasions. Weddings and tea ceremonies are some special moments when you see women donning this exquisite garment. 

I am fascinated by the colorful and vivid history of kimonos in Japan. It intrigues me and I am sure, you would love to know more about it. 

A traditional Japanese kimono, back in the days, was very popular. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity was the fact that it was quite versatile. The Kimono could be donned in any weather and season by layering or altering it. 

For winters, heavy silk kimonos were preferred, whereas light linen and cotton kimonos, known as yukata, were the choice of summers.

You will still see women wearing yukatas during summer festivals. 

Are you intrigued by kimonos just like me? I cannot get over the beauty and elegance of authentic Japanese kimonos. However, kimonos can be expensive and each variety costs different than the other. When purchasing, you should check the material.

How Much Does A Silk Kimono Cost In Japan?

A good quality silk kimono is the most expensive kimono of the lot and can range from $200 to $500, or more.

An authentic Japanese silk kimono from Japan’s Living National Treasures could be the most expensive kimono priced at $100,000 and it is still not considered exorbitant amongst the Japanese. 

How Much Does A Yukata Cost In Japan

A simple cotton yukata can cost anywhere between $30 – $200, depending on the quality. However, none of the prices are exact. You may find a simple cotton kimono for a lot more. 

So, the cost of a Japanese kimono depends on the fabric, quality, design, and dye process. 

How To Buy Authentic Japanese Kimono Robe?

When buying a kimono, you must be careful about the quality and material. Today, owing to the growing popularity of Japan and kimono, manufacturers have started making kimonos for tourists.

These kimonos are nothing like authentic Japanese kimonos and are made more like souvenirs for tourists.

There are certain things you need to look for in a kimono to assert whether it is real or authentic. Consider the following points:

1 — The Japanese Polyester Kimono:

One of the tell-tale signs that the kimono is not authentic is the fabric with which it is made. If the tag says polyester and if it looks and feels like satin, then you’re looking at a tourist kimono. Also, if it looks shiny, the kimono is not authentic. A traditional authentic Japanese kimono is made of either cotton, linen, wool, or silk. 

2 — Does The Kimono Have A Matching Belt?

Another thing you must check when buying a kimono is its belt. If the kimono has a matching belt, it probably is a tourist kimono. A real kimono never has a matching belt. The belt is always in a contrasting color. 

Real kimono and its belt, known as obi, are never sold as a set. You will also find that these two are never made out of the same fabric. In Japan, it is considered fashionable to have striking colors combined. So, you may see a purple kimono with a yellow belt. 

Authentic Japanese Kimono Robe: How Much Does A Kimono Cost?

So, now that you know how to distinguish between a real kimono and a tourist-made one, you will know what price to pay for what. A real kimono will always cost much more than a tourist kimono.

Are you now ready to dive into the colorful world of kimonos with me? I’ve found some brilliant kimonos that may interest you. 

Read on to find some of the kimonos and obis that have taken over my heart. Mind you, they are all very real, just like you and me! 

Buying A Yukata In Japan: Prices

#1 — Yukata Four Piece Set

The four-piece Yukata set is perfect. I love the authentic feel that this 100 percent cotton Yukata emits. The Yukata set comes with four pieces that give you a traditional authentic feel.

It comes with a Yukata kimono that is made of 100 percent cotton. You also get a contrasting obi to go with the yukata. The length of the obi is 157.5 inches (400 cm) and width is 17.7 inches (45 cm).

Apart from the yukata and the obi, you also get traditional Japanese Geta sandals and underwear to wear with your yukata.

yukata set.JPG

I love the vivid patterns printed on the yukata. There are about 35 different patterns that you can choose from. Choose any Yukata set that you love the most.

Yukata Four Piece Set Price: ~ $99.99.

#2 — Traditional Yukata With Morning Glory Pattern – Best Japanese Print Kimono

The traditional Japanese Yukata is made using 100 percent cotton. It is a subtle kimono with a soothing pattern of Morning Glory all over it.

The background of the Yukata is white beige. The asagao (morning glory) pattern on the white beige looks natural and pretty. It is a soothing combination that you can wear every day. 

morning glory kimono.JPG

The length of the kimono is 64.1 inches (167 cm) and the length of the sleeves is 19.2 inches (49 cm). The kimono is suitable for a person between 5’4” and 5’5” (165 cm – 170 cm). 

Traditional Yukata With Morning Glory Pattern Yukata Price: ~ $116

To go with the kimono, you can get a contrasting obi like this one here.

red obi.JPG

The obi is made of cotton with bronzing fabric. The belt comes with strings on both sides. The length of the obi, including the strings, is 104.33 inches (265 cm).

The contrasting color of red will go very well with the beige kimono. The red obi has a beautiful pattern all over it.

Yukata Kimono Robe Obi Price: about $20.66

#3 — Traditional Kimono Yukata – Best Japanese Kimono Women’s

The yukata is made of 100 percent cotton and is a three-piece set. The kimono is 64.9 inches (165 cm) in length. The length of the sleeves is 19.3 inches (49 cm). It is suitable for women with a height between 4’11” and 5’4”.

black and purple kimono.JPG

The set also comes with a patterned obi that perfectly matches the kimono. You also get two koshihimo cords (Muslin). The kimono is a beautiful black one with beautiful flower patterns all over it. The obi is purple and has patterns as well. What more? It is reversible.

Traditional Kimono Yukata Price: about $183

#4 — Blue Yukata Longevity Pines and Cranes

I love this blue Yukata with patterns of pines and cranes on it. It looks so soothing and would be the perfect choice for a hot summer day. It is made using 100 percent cotton, which makes it suitable for everyday wear. It is washable and will last you a long time.

crane kimono.JPG

The blue color of the kimono looks relaxing and peaceful. It comes with a matching belt. However, I would prefer matching it up with another belt that contrasts well with the blue of the kimono and the patterns. 

Blue Yukata Longevity Pines and Cranes Price: ~ $85.95

This obi would look wonderful when paired with the longevity blue kimono. 

The obi is light blue, which will strike out against the blue of the kimono. The sea wave patterns of the obi also match the patterns of crane and pines that adorn the kimono. It will be the perfect match made in heaven. 

seawave belt.JPG

The length of the belt, including the strings, is 104.33 inches (265 cm). 

Yukata Kimono Robe Obi Price: ~ $17.56

#5 — Easy to wear Yukata

The easy to wear Yukata is made using 100 percent cotton and is meant for casual wear. You can wear it regularly and it will last you a long time.

It is easy to take care of; you can wash it easily. The Yukata set comes with a pretty and subtle kimono along with an obi sash that matches the yukata. 

easy to wear kimono.JPG

It is the cheapest Yukata in this list, but that in no terms means that it is low in quality. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Choose the one that intrigues you the most.

This particular kimono comes in white color with yellow stripes. It has big flowers printed all over it that make it stand out. The vivid blue of the flowers strikes it out from the rest and makes it appealing.

Easy to wear Yukata Price: ~ $49.99

This obi is perfect to go with the kimono. It complements the colors and patterns of the kimono with its subtlety.

It is a pretty blue obi with tiny golden-colored flowers all over it. There are two strings on both ends that make it easy for you to tie the obi. The obi is made using cotton with bronzing material.

blue obi.JPG

Yukata Robe Obi Price: ~ $20.66

Where To Buy Kimono In Tokyo, Japan?

If you’re looking for a traditional kimono, it might be a bit difficult to find since traditional authentic kimonos are handmade and are made on special request. So finding a kimono during your trip to Japan might be a bit difficult.

But the best way to buy a kimono in Japan is by visiting ‘furugiya’ store in Japan (which means a used-cloth store). Here you’ll definitely find authentic second-hand kimonos.

Another way to buy traditional Japanese kimonos in Japan is by going to the flea markets. You’ll find lots of people selling pre-owned traditional kimonos for a good price.  

Are you ready to get your first kimono?

These were five of the best kimonos that I love. They are easy to wear, look elegant, can be worn regularly, and is easy to maintain. Get one of these kimonos today!

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