Types Of Japanese Collagen Products | Reviewing 12 Japanese Collagen Products

by Erika Shinomoto
best japanese collagen products

Dry skin problems? No worries, improve the texture of your skin with these best Japanese collagen products

Collagen is a protein that is known to provide elasticity to the skin. It strengthens the skin and also helps hydrate it. Your body naturally produces collagen, however, as you age, the collagen production reduces. 

The reduction can lead to dryness, wrinkles, and other skin concerns and this is how Japanese women have such beautiful skin! So, to make sure your skin and body are getting the right amount of collagen, it is important to ensure that you use products with collagen or take collagen supplements. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best Japanese collagen products!

Types Of Japanese Collagen Products

Japanese Collagen Powder

Japanese collagen powder comes in powder form. All you have to do is mix it in with your favorite beverage or food to consume. You’ll find lots of options when it comes to Japanese collagen powder. Shiseido, Meiji, and DHC are some of the most popular Japanese collagen powder brands in the market.

You’ll find different Japanese collagen powders with different potency levels, depending on how much you need for your body. Even though mixed in with other drinks and food, collagen powder can have a bitter taste. However, you wills till find some Japanese collagen powder with subtle flavors that are lost once mixed in with other foods and drinks. 

Japanese Collagen Drink 

Japanese collagen drinks are very convenient to use, especially for those who are alway son the go. But when it comes to potency, collagen drinks are lagging behind powder form. Japanese collagen in powder form is said to be more effective and potent than collagen drink.

While collagen drinks barely have 10g of collagen, Japanese collagen powders usually have 15g and above of collagen content. Plus, collagen drinks are usually combined with other ingredients and flavors so it tastes better. This can add empty sugars and calories. 

Japanese Collagen Pills

This type of Japanese collagen as the name suggests comes in pill form. It’s easy to consume and portable making it easy to store and take anywhere with you. 

Collagen powders and collagen pills are pretty much the same except for its form ofcourse. When it comes to the ingredients, Japanese collagen powders and pills from the same brand will pretty much use the same ingredients. And the dosage per serving of the collagen content will also be similar, especially if it’s the same brand. 

However you might find that the amount of some ingredients used may differ between collagen pills and powder. You might want to consider this difference when choosing between a collagen powder or collagen pill. Collagen powders, for example, tend to contain more sodium than compared to pills.  

Japanese Collagen Creams

While powder, drinks, and pills are all oral forms of collagen products, Japanese collagen cream is a topical collagen product. Which means that you apply it on your skin. Collagen creams are great to use too but are not as potent as the oral forms of collagen. Collagen creams work only on the outermost layers of the skin. So collagen creams basically work on the symptoms.

Japanese Collagen Creams Vs Japanese Collagen Supplements

If you are unsure about whether to use creams, exfoliants, and sheet masks or take supplements for your dose of daily collagen, don’t. These are different products that are in no way in any competition with each other. These products are meant to be used in different ways and they give different effects. 

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These were some of the best Japanese collagen products that you can use to ensure your skin is getting its daily dose of collagen. 

As we know, collagen is a protein that is naturally produced by our bodies. However, as we age, the production decreases leading to skin concerns. To ensure our skin remains glow-y, radiant, and firm like before, we need to give our skin that love and care. 

You can use a cream, face wash, exfoliator, or sheet masks with collagen to boost up your skin health. You can also take supplements along with these face products to help you from inside out. 

So, have you found one that you love and want to start using? Order today!

Benefits Of Using Japanese Collagen Supplements

There is a wide variety of best Japanese collagen products available in the market, which makes us think about the various benefits we can reap from it. Here are a few things that a collagen product can help you with:

  • Improvement in skin elasticity, strength, and hydration.
  • Improvement in joint health.
  • It could help prevent bone loss.
  • Increase in the strength of nails by preventing brittleness.
  • Strengthening and growth of hair.

Best Japanese Collagen Products: Quick Summary

Best Japanese Collagen ProductsBest For
DHC Vitamin C Super Collagen CreamSkin Brightening
Face Exfoliator With CollagenMature Skin
Hadanomy Collagen MistDry Skin
Perfect Whip Collagen Cleansing FoamAll Skin Types
Collagen Face Sheet MasksDry Skin
Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel CreamWrinkles
Fine Hyaluronic and Collagen PowderSkin, Nail, and Hair
Tsubaki Ageless Beauty Collagen DrinkMature Skin
Shiseido The Collagen PowderDull Skin
ASAHI Perfect Asta Collagen PowderDull Skin

Which Is The Best Japanese Product?

We tried and tested several Japanese collagen product and voted them based on potency,

Shiseido The Collagen is one of the best Japanese collagen products. It helps strengthen your skin and provides the much-needed elasticity and firmness to your skin. The quality of the product is great and you will really start seeing the results in no time. You can get the collagen products from Shiseido in the form of powder, tablets, and liquid. 

Here are the 10 best Japanese collagen products and supplements for you to choose from! 

DHC Vitamin C Super Collagen Cream 

This is one of the best Japanese collagen products in the market by DHC. 

The DHC Super Collagen Cream is a hydrating cream that boosts collagen and is ideal for all skin types. 

The cream comes with DHC’s patented Dipeptide-8 to give you the best results with the highest concentration of micronized collagen to the skin’s top layer. The cream helps you achieve a smooth and bright complexion. 

Best japanese collagen products

Apart from collagen, the cream also has other moisturizing and hydrating agents such as a complex of olive, rapeseed, and jojoba oils. It also contains Vitamin C derivatives that help to brighten the complexion. 

The collagen helps tighten the skin and protect it from free-radical damage, slowing down the skin-aging process. The cream does not contain any added fragrance, colorants, mineral oil, or parabens.

White White Face Exfoliator With Collagen – Best Japanese Collagen Products

This product is one of the best Japanese collagen products found in Japanese drugstores. 

This is a gentle exfoliator that gently removes dead skin cells and helps reveal new skin cells. It comes with the magic ingredients – hyaluronic acid and collagen. These ingredients help keep your skin smooth and glowing. 

Skin collagen micro tablets

Collagen helps maintain the elasticity of your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid in the exfoliator locks in the moisture, so you do not have to worry about scrubbing your face anymore. 

Hadanomy Collagen Mist

Are you tired of using multiple products to remove your skin’s dryness? You should give this best Japanese collagen product in the form of collagen mist a try. 

It is perfect for those with dry skin; it helps you retain moisture and gives you a dewy complexion. It is also a good option to remove dullness from your face. 

Best collagen drink review

The mist has collagen, so naturally, it has skin firming properties. The mist is light with an amazing fragrance. You can also use the mist to blend your foundation or concealer. 

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Use this mist to get rid of dryness and boost the radiance of your skin.

Perfect Whip Collagen Cleansing Foam

This product is one of the Japanese collagen products in the form of a face wash!

The perfect whip cleansing foam comes with collagen and hyaluronic acid, both are known to be great for the skin. It is a dense and rich formula with a creamy lather that enters deep inside the pores to clean your face from within. 

Dhc collagen japan

Thanks to its penetrative feature, it helps remove dirt and unclog pores effectively. The collagen in the cleansing foam leaves your face smooth and soft. 

You will notice that your skin feels plump, firm, and moisturized. Also, hyaluronic acid present helps lock in the moisture so your skin always feels hydrated. 

Collagen Face Sheet Masks

We all love sheet masks, right? And when they come with the magical collagen, there is no doubt about the huge benefits we can reap from these sheets. 

You can use these face masks twice a week for amazing results. The best Japanese collagen product in the market – easy to use and super-effective!

If you have dry skin, you will notice that your face becomes hydrated after use; it is especially beneficial during the winter months. 

Meiji collagen

It fits perfectly to the face and you can see instant results after use. If you are trying to add collagen into your beauty care regime, you must definitely give these sheet masks a try.

The collagen in the sheet masks gives you a soft and smooth skin that is well-hydrated and moisturized. 

Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel Cream

Voted Best Japanese Collagen Cream

The skin-plumping gel-cream is a luxurious cream that has both the anti-aging and moisturizing properties. It perfects your skin while providing it with intense hydration. 

One of its key anti-aging ingredients is collagen. It helps to maintain and improve your skin texture, structure, and appearance. 

Best collagen drink in Japan 2020

It also works towards reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you soft and smooth skin. 

It also contains Hyaluronic acid, which is a powerful hydrator and skin plumper. It provides your skin with long-lasting moisture that prevents it from getting dry; it reduces the chances of getting wrinkles by doing so. 

Hada Labo is one of the best skin care brands in Japan and offers some of the best Japanese collagen products. You should definitely check it out!

Once you start using this product, you will notice tremendous changes in your skin. 

Fine Hyaluronic and Collagen Powder – Best Collagen Powder In Japan Review

If you wish to work on your skin, nails, and hair from inside out, you may want to consider taking collagen supplements like this one. The Find Hyaluronic and Collagen Powder works on your skin, hair, and nails to strengthen them. 

The powder can be mixed with your favorite drinks. Take a spoon of this powder with coffee, tea, smoothie, or even yogurt. Only one spoon a day can give you effective results. 

Japanese collagen powder reviews

You will notice that your skin starts getting smoother and radiant. You will be able to see the glow and firmness. This is definitely one of the best Japanese collagen products in the form of powder! 

Asahi perfect asta collagen review

However, as with any supplement, it is important to know if you are not allergic to any ingredient. 

Tsubaki Ageless Beauty Collagen Drink

Voted Best Collagen Drink In Japan

The beauty collagen drink is a synergistic blend of highly absorbable marine collagen peptides. It also has hyaluronic acid that locks in moisture and keeps your skin supple and plump. 

The collagen in the drink firms up the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also replenishes your daily collagen needs and ensures that optimal levels of collagen reach your skin to maintain that youthful glow. 

Collagen powder japan benefits

The drink comes in peach and acerola flavor, making it tasty. You will soon start noticing a big difference after drinking this product. 

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Your skin will become glowy, firm, and smooth. I absolutely love this product and it’s one of the best Japanese collagen products in the form of a drink!

Shiseido The Collagen Powder

Shiseido, Japan’s best selling collagen brands, is great and it takes care of the collagen in your skin. It helps strengthen your skin and provides the much-needed elasticity and firmness to your skin. 

The quality of the product is great and you will really start seeing the results in no time. You can get the collagen products from Shiseido in the form of powder, tablets, and liquid. 

Shiseido the collagen powder

You can mix the powder collagen with your favorite beverage, such as coffee or tea. Choose the one you prefer to give extra care to your skin.

You can also get this best Japanese collagen products in the for of a drink!

Hanamai fish collagen

Check out Shiseido The Collagen in the form of pills! 

The collagen japan review

ASAHI Perfect Asta Collagen Powder

This is the ultimate beauty collagen supplement by ASAHI. It contains collagen along with 12 other beauty ingredients like hyaluronic acid, elastin, beauty body lactic acid bacteria, Vitamin C, and more. It also contains a blend of herb mix of Roman chamomile, Dokudami, Hawthorn, and Grape leaves.

best japanese collagen products

AFC Japan Collagen Beauty

AFC Japan Collagen comes in the form of tablets and it’s known to work wonders on your skin. 

The collagen pills contain 1560 mg of micro collagen peptide which boosts the necessary amino acids in your body to reduce the signs of aging and improve the health and texture of your nails, hair, and tendons. 

It also works as a nutritional supplement that keeps your bones and ligaments strong and healthy.

PqeLxDAjOHHRnTQsIdn6ziAc8Q r68JsWEhZ xUd9dpIzUyUSKSdDeakb DD8q4zFxJr FZfQbNcA7ZnQNU92YKWPG2wdYg GBMdMtc PRYlB2i6zFQJsCjTqhTO IvK5QwJtQuM

This collagen product boosts the production of collagen inside your body and gives your skin a naturally radiant look. It maintains the elasticity of your skin and fights aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. 

The Vitamin C in the collagen improves your skin and helps to absorb the collagen in your body. In addition, it also hydrates your skin and locks the moisture within to give you long-lasting fresh, and healthy skin. AFC Collagen is also known to have a higher absorption rate than any other collagen due to its micro collagen peptides.

Take 6 tablets daily before bedtime to ensure the collagen works overnight and it’s bound to give your face a radiant look in the morning.

ISDG Collagen Pills

This Japanese collagen has skin beneficial ingredients to give you an everlasting youthful skin. This collagen comes in the form of pills and each pill contains 2400 mg of cod skin collagen peptides. 

The pills are also formulated with cherry blossom extract, Vitamin C, and water-soluble pearl powder. The cod skin collagen extract restores the elasticity and natural moisture of your skin. This would make your skin firmer and softer and free from any wrinkles and fine lines. 

wObvIj7qRr0uImr1PR7cXyyziAJlsquOHMS3EFGub1mx1HEGNv yE wuHrYun ZAI8NvxeY6AXO5M Sf5BG NZFUg8hur6MUD8IEy XLBsgUBB7m5Sw RSV8kYJcZC 03j1yPTe4

The cherry blossom extract gives your face a natural glow and improves the complexion of your skin. It also reduces any acne scars and dark spots. 

Vitamin C adds more nutrients to your skin and reduces the signs of aging. It also helps to maintain the overall health of your skin and retains its natural texture.

The tablets are free from dairy, nuts, eggs, and gluten. Take 10 pills daily at any preferred time and you’ll experience quick positive results.

Collagen is a magic ingredient that gives Japanese women the glowing and radiant skin that we adore. Japanese consume collagen to make sure that their skin is ‘puru puru’ (young)! You can find collagen being sold all over Japan, right from food items to supplements. They eat collagen-rich food regularly. Go to a restaurant or izakaya and you will find dishes that are rich in collagen. 

For example, pig trotters and chicken skin are quite popular for they are dense in collagen. These dishes are extremely popular during the winter months as the skin tends to get dryer.

However, food is not all that they rely upon for a collagen boost. Collagen supplements that come in the form of liquid, powder, or tablets are also popular. Also, Japan has a wide range of skincare products with collagen. 

What is the best Japanese collagen supplement?

One of the best collagen supplements in the market is Sheseido’s The Collagen pills. It improves the texture of your skin and gives it the elasticity it needs while also keeping your skin hydrated!

Should you take collagen in the morning or night?

You can take collagen supplements in the morning or night. Some experts say it’s best to take collagen in the morning on an empty stomach and some others say it’s best to take at night so that the collagen has enough time to work on your skin as you sleep through the night. 

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