Uniqlo U vs Supima | Which is better, Uniqlo U or Supima?

by Erika Shinomoto
uniqlo u vs supima

Want to know the difference between Uniqlo U and Supima? We compared Uniqlo U Vs Supima to determine which one is the better one and worth the money!

Uniqlo is one of the famous Japanese clothing brands that have worked on its products in a different yet smarter manner by keeping both fashion and comfort factors in mind. It is quite famous across the globe and is loved by people who opt for comfortable outfits rather than only focusing on trending fashionable outfits. 

My outfits are mostly simple and elegant looking and that keeping in mind, I always invest in good quality material that has many other benefits too. Uniqlo is a brand that offers several amazing options where the material is absolutely outstanding and the designs are sober. 

The sub brands of Uniqlo, that is, Uniqlo U and Supima, have their own different factors and achievements where they differ slightly in terms of price, quality, fabric, and other parameters. I have tried both of them and I have my own personal experience with the two. 

Uniqlo U Vs Supima

A sub brand of Uniqlo, Supima, is mostly known for its high quality cotton material used in the products. It differs in terms of affordability and comfort.

On the other hand, Uniqlo U is another sub brand that is great in terms of its designs and fabric. I will be comparing the clothes of these two sub brands on the basis of their quality, the fit and the price.

Here is a white T-shirt from Uniqlo U that is one of my most favorite essentials. 

It has been more than 6 months that I have owned this T-shirt and there has been no fault that I have noticed till now. Firstly, this T-shirt is made with a high quality cotton material that is stitched with perfection without any improper lining. 

The uniformity of the stitching is quite impressive and after using it infinite times, there is no way you can tell that it is a used T-shirt. The material plays a very important role here as it is thick cotton that is known for its durability and strength and which lasts longer than usual. 

I love this T-shirt as compared to the Uniqlo Supima one as it has a more detailed design rather than just the fabric being on top. 

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The fitting is relaxed and super comfortable and is one of my go to options every

time. From the waist as well, the fit is loose and not something that would make you feel tied.  The fit from the waist is the highlight of this T-shirt as it looks stylish in a decent manner. I ordered 3 of the same kind and I love them. 

In terms of color, the shades are quite soothing and versatile. A white T-shirt is a very common piece of clothing that goes well with different outfits and that is the reason I got this Uniqlo U T-shirt which is perfect in all terms. 

Here is a white T-shirt from Supima that my brother got. It’s perfect to wear at home or even over a pair of jeans or shorts!

I also own this white T-shirt from Supima and it is also one of my favorites, however, I am still slightly biased towards my Uniqlo U white T-shirt. 

Supima sub brand is famous for the type of cotton they use in their products. Supima makes 100 per cent cotton fabric T-shirts where the cotton material is super soft and feels like silk. It is made with the spinning method that enhances the texture and also keeps your T-shirt away from scuffing. 

Supima T-shirt feels good on the body in terms of both material and style. The design of this T-shirt is cut style which gives a loose fit and also has a neck design made in a way to make your neck look sleeker. 

As I mentioned earlier, Supima focuses more on the quality of the product rather than how it appears to the eye. That is the reason, the designs they opt for are pretty simple and casual and something that would never go out of fashion. 

Have a look at these T-shirts from Uniqlo U and Supima. Both of these are crew neck short sleeve T-shirts. 

Uniqlo U T-shirt Review

This basic T-shirt is a blend of amazing fabric and modern design. It has a relaxed fit that is appropriate for casual days. This is something I appreciate about this brand that although their products are simple they are also always trending. I prefer such basic T-shirts for my casual wear and I totally love them. 

This one is available in different bold colors so you can choose your favorite. The best thing about this T-shirt is that it gets better after every wash as the cotton material used is low count yarn that is quite heavy and sturdy. This helps in keeping the cloth in its original shape and doesn’t become loose or baggy with time. It is perfectly stretchable and fits amazingly.

Supima Cotton T-shirt Review

This T-shirt from Supima is more hyped over its quality and texture. The feel is superb and it also looks great. If I have to choose between Uniqlo U and Supima crew-neck T-shirts, then I would prefer this one because of a few reasons. 

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This Supima T-shirt has a very balanced and comfortable look. The neckline is close to your neck which prevents it from stretching overly and hence the shape remains intact. The sleeves are designed in a way to give a sleeker look in this one. 

You can pair this with jeans or leggings to create an overall relaxed look. It has quick dry ability and is one of the best options for a person like me who has sweating and odor issues.

Uniqlo U Vs Supima: Design, Construction, and Quality

If we compare both the brands on the basis of quality, I would prefer a Supima T-shirt as it feels super soft as compared to Uniqlo U. The difference is because of the cotton fabric they use in their products. Design and construction are both comfortable and uniform. 

In terms of stitching, it is uniform and none of the T-shirts have any faults. I own both of them and I don’t see loose threads coming. The overall build is durable. Also, I have had both the T-shirts for a very long time and they still look new to me as they haven’t lost their original shape. The Supima T-shirt surpasses in terms of stretchability as compared to Uniqlo U. 

It is again the fabric that plays a role. Since they both have very basic and evergreen designs, there is no such difference except the neck design. It is slightly different which makes a difference but many of us do not even notice that.

Uniqlo U Vs Supima: Price Factor

If you notice the price difference, you.will surprised to see that Uniqlo U has higher rates than Supima T-shirts. Although both are affordable and not a burden to your pocket but that is something where they both differ too. While you can have a good quality cotton Supima T-shirt for $10, Uniqlo U offers you the same at $14. You can opt for any of these as seeing the fabric and material difference, it is okay.

Uniqlo U Sizing Vs Supima Sizing 

This is something very important to keep in mind when you buy a partitioned piece of cloth. I have tried both the T-shirt and in terms of fit, they both are different. Always go for something that suits your style and keeps you comfortable. 

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The Uniqlo U white T-shirt has somewhat baggy yet loose fitting and is not at all body hugging. If you are somebody who likes loose fitting outfits, then you can grab this one. It has a drop shoulder style and has a thick neck band that stays in place no matter what. 

The Uniqlo U t-shirt looks oversized but it feels super comfortable and breathable. Such a T-shirt is always basic and versatile. You can pair it with shorts or jeans to create a look. 

If we talk about Supima cotton T-shirt fit, then it is the opposite of the Uniqlo U T-shirt. The fit is not oversized but body hugging and it feels like another layer of skin added to you. It is in slim fit style and doesn’t have a drop shoulder design that would make it fit loosely on you. 

The neck design on the Supima T-shirt is also different as it doesn’t have a thick neck line, a very sleek and comfortable one. The neckline is close to your neck which gives a classy appearance altogether. 

Uniqlo U Vs Supima: My Final Verdict

As per my experience of wearing Uniqlo clothing for all these years, I would highly recommend you to go for something that suits your body type and personal style. There is nothing wrong with the sub brand features. 

Uniqlo gives amazing options with so many other things like quality of material which have odor-eliminating properties and sweat absorption ability. They are comfortable, soft to touch, and are in a basic design that is versatile in nature and suits everyone’s taste. 

It is just in terms of the fit and the price where both the brands actually differ. I have a slim body and that requires me to wear a slim fit style and so prefer Supima T-shirts for myself. You must choose yours as per your needs.

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