Top Spring Fashion Trends in Tokyo 2022

by Erika Shinomoto
Top Spring Fashion Trends

Are you looking for top spring fashion trends in Tokyo? You’re in the right place!

It is that time of the year again when we enjoy the wonderful days of spring. The weather during spring is pretty awesome, and to enjoy that awesome weather, we need to find out all the latest clothes you should own. 

Tokyo is a true fashion hub with excellent fashion trends that truly are a fashion inspiration for enthusiasts like me. With the current global situation, most of us stuck inside our homes, so while we are comfortably perched on our sofas, why not check out all the top spring fashion trends in Tokyo?

 You can shop for these latest fashion pieces without leaving your home. I love following all the latest fashion trends, and so, today I’ve brought to you some of the top fashion trends in Tokyo for your spring fashion.

Best Spring Fashion Trends in Tokyo

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Mint Top 

Get this pretty mint colored top for casual and comfortable outings. This top has 3/4 flared sleeves that are not at all tight and feels absolutely comfortable. To achieve the look, you can pair this amazing top with leggings, jeggings, or jeans of your choice. 

It has a V neck shape with stripes that look stylish. Regarding the material, it is made of good quality polyester that feels soft and is lightweight which makes it suitable for a summer wear outfit. 

Overall, you can wear this top for casual as well as semi-formal outfits. Choose your favorite color from the available ones. This is among the top spring fashion trends in Tokyo.

Key features:

  • Good quality polyester fabric
  • Loose and comfortable fit
  • No elasticity and absolutely lightweight
  • A great choice for casual summer wear

Flared Skirt

You just cannot say no to this flared skirt! This skirt is made with good quality fabrics like polyester and spandex that are known for their elasticity and bouncing back to its original shape ability. 

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You can pair this skirt with a plain formal top and you are good to go for a casual or formal look. It is a mid-length skirt with a pleated style and also has a zipper to make it easier to fit. 

Get this soft and pretty skirt for your next office meeting look and pair it with a top and shoes to achieve a look. Top spring fashion trends in Tokyo always counts this skirt in.

Key features:

  • Spandex and polyester fabric
  • Doesn’t lose its shape and gives a relaxed feel
  • The perfect option for both casual or formal looks
  • Flared skirt with pleated and twill style

Lace Top 

Are you looking for something that goes well with different bottoms? Well, if yes, then go for this crop top! This is a must-have if you love detailed work in your clothes. And it’s a great pick for your spring outfit in Tokyo!

This top blouse has a deep neck in the front and cross lacework at the back which makes it an eye-catching one. Fabrics like spandex and polyester are used in this blouse as they are good quality wise and also resistant to stretch and tear. 

For a casual and party look, you can pair this top with jeans or a skirt of your choice. This will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and will get you many compliments.

Key features:

  • Stylish crop top
  • Cross lace design with deep neck
  • Great for party looks
  • Fabrics resistant to stretch and tear

Long Floral Skirt

Summers give you an opportunity to play with styles and fabrics. Use this chance to look unique and stylish while wearing this long skirt! This skirt is in chiffon material which is a great choice for summer as the fabric is quite breathable and doesn’t make you feel hot.

 For people who cannot tolerate the summer heat, chiffon is a great choice. Other than that, the skirt is lightweight and very easy to handle. Do not worry about the shirt’s fitting as it has an elastic band that keeps it in place.

 Although chiffon is a very thin material and there are possibilities of a see-through issue with this fabric, you don’t have to worry about the same in this skirt as it also has an extra lining inside. Top spring fashion trends in Tokyo for fall season will always include this skirt.

Key features:

  • Breathable and soft material great for summers
  • High waist elastic band for a perfect fit
  • Inner lining to eliminate see-through problem
  • Long skirt with pleated hemline

Trench coat

Here is a trench coat that you must have in your wardrobe. It is long and has a thick lining inside making it perfect for winter and fall weather. 

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Cotton and polyester material makes the coat perfect in terms of fit and look. In this coat, you get a belt and epaulets that make it look stylish. For washing, this coat can be washed in a machine and doesn’t require extraordinary treatment. 

You can pair this with jeans and boots to achieve a stylish look. This is one of the top spring fashion trends in Tokyo.

Key features:

  • A long trench coat for winter weather
  • Comes with a belt and epaulets
  • Good quality material
  • Great fit and thick inside

Canvas shoes

Talking about fashion sense, shoes play a very important role in making them look outstanding. Have a look at these sneaker shoes that you can wear anytime! 

hese are made with synthetic leather material that lasts longer and is also resistant to minimal tears. The sole is of good quality rubber and also padded inside which keeps the feet comfortable even after long wear. 

To create a look, you can wear these sneaker shoes with jeans or shorts and enjoy! It is a lace-up style shoe that allows you to achieve the fit of your choice. This will always be top spring fashion trends in Tokyo of all times.

Key features:

  • Synthetic leather material for longer life
  • Padded rubber sole for comfort
  • Lace-up style for an absolute perfect fit
  • Great for casual wear

Loose Oversized Jacket

If you love to keep yourself up to date in terms of fashion then this beautiful and smart long maxi jacket is for you. For spring, it is a big yes because of some great reasons. It is a round neck jacket with huge pockets and long sleeves that keeps you covered and comfortable. 

It is a suitable choice for a holiday outing, dating, or just a casual outing. The material is of good quality and can be washed at home with soft machine washing or hand wash. 

You can iron it at a low temperature for a finished look. With a layer inside, you can also style it in the winter or fall season.

Key Features:

  • Long maxi dress with a loose fit
  • Come with huge pockets 
  • Hand wash material
  • Can be styled as per your wish


Japanese style is all about mixing and matching, and this can be seen in this trend as well. Plaids are totally in fashion and are believed to stick around for many seasons. The reason for this is that plaids can be used to create some of the most stunning looks. 

This is a stunning skirt that combines plaids to create a magnificent colorblocked look. This is a high-waisted skirt that can be paired with your favorite tee or white shirt. For a more glamorous look, top it off with a coat and thigh-high stockings and combat boots. 

This look is surely going to make you stand out in the crowd and bring you a lot of admirations. This is one of the top spring fashion trends in Tokyo.

What to wear in spring when in Tokyo?

One of the best fashion looks you can go for is layering. Wear long-sleeved T-shirts, a sweater, and a long coat to get that perfect Tokyo look. You can also simply wear a T-shirt with a jacket. The T-shirt can also be layered with a parka or a thin coat. You can also use plaids to layer up, as long as the colors complement each other. So, you can combine black plaid jacket with a yellow plaid skirt for a stunning and admirable look. Layering is surely going to be your go-to look this spring. 

Tokyo Spring Fashion Trends: FAQs

Why are Japanese so stylish?

Japanese wear stylish clothes to distinguish and express themselves in a conformist culture in a homogeneous way. They prefer style over comfort, unlike Americans.

What clothes to wear in Tokyo in spring?

Tokyo is the perfect place for you to wear the most stylish outfits of yours. Suggesting to experiment and to wear layers of clothing which are very normal there. Try long-sleeved T-shirts, a sweater and a down coat. For the cold or rainy days, go for beige hoodies or light shades of beautiful colors and take transparent rain jackets. Put your best foot forward at appearing in the best clothes and variety of thin jackets, sweaters and dresses.

What should I wear in Tokyo in spring 2022?

It’s the time to get the most fashionable outfits out from your wardrobe. One can try layered dressing with cool long jackets or coats.  Simple and light color tshirts could be long sleeved ones. If you are going to Tokyo, you ought to pack some of your most prettiest clothes.

Get your fashion game on point!

If you love being right on top of the fashion game, I am sure you must have enjoyed these top fashion trends in Tokyo. These are all the various ways in which you can incorporate the latest spring fashion trends of Tokyo into your daily life.

 These fashion trends are stunning, but at the same time, they are super comfortable and can help you create a statement look every single day. This spring, get these amazing fashion trends and rock the street by adding your personal touch. Get these today!

Top pring Fashion Trends in Tokyo

Here are the top spring fashion trends in Tokyo for you!

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