10 Popular Japanese Ice Cream Brands 2024

by Erika Shinomoto
top Japanese ice cream brands

Want a momentary relief from the hot summers in Japan? Hit the convenience stores and pick an icy treat from one of these top Japanese ice cream brands.

Indulge in a delightful exploration of popular Japanese ice cream brands, where unique flavors meet velvety textures.

Japan’s ice cream scene offers an array of choices from globally recognized names to local artisanal makers, each brand showcasing a fusion of innovation and tradition that promises to tantalize your taste buds.

Which Is The Best Japanese Ice Cream Brand?

Meiji is one of the best local Japanese ice cream brands, renowned for its rich heritage and wide variety of flavors that cater to local tastes. Their ice cream is celebrated for its creamy texture and high-quality ingredients, offering a taste of Japan’s dedication to excellence in every delectable bite.

Top Japanese Ice Cream BrandsFamous Ice CreamLink
Bubbies Mochi ice creamView it here
My/MoMochi ice creamView it here
MeijiEssel CupView it here 
Morinaga MilkPinoView it here 
Akagi NyugoGariGariKun View it here 
Glico IcePapicoView it here 

Popular Japanese Ice Cream Brands


The first one on our list of top Japanese ice cream brands is Bubbies!

Bubbies is one of the top Japanese icecream brands that has been serving delicious cold treats to people for 30 years. It is a well-known brand for Mochi ice creams, which is a new trend in the ice cream world. Mochi is a famous Japanese treat made of sweet rice flour. It is steamed and pounded into a dough. The final texture that we relish so much is soft and chewy. 

Bubbies  ice cream

This premium strawberry-flavored ice cream is delicious and is made unique by the delectable mochi dough around it. This is the perfectly proportioned sweet treat for you that you will enjoy. 

Bubbies  mochi japanese ice cream flavor

Green tea is all the rage these days, thanks to its amazing health benefits. If you love green tea or are looking for an innovative way to enjoy it, here’s Green tea mochi ice cream exclusively for you. Again, the delicious ice cream is covered with Mochi dough adding a great texture to it. Also, these Mochi ice creams are gluten-free, so eat them all you want. 

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The next one on our list of top Japanese ice cream brands is My/Mo!

My/Mo is yet another one of the top Japanese icecream brands that offers delicious ice cream wrapped in a soft and chewy mochi dough. It brings to us a mouth-watering combination that is hard to resist. The dough is delicately kneaded and made soft and chewy. The mesmerizing flavors will blow you away and the delicate taste will surely leave you wanting more. 

milky icecream osaka

I love this delicious chocolate sundae mochi ice cream. The rich and premium ice cream gives you a delectable chocolate flavor that is so good, you will not be able to stop yourself. The uniqueness of this ice cream is the chocolate flavored mochi wrapped. It is wrapped around vanilla ice cream. Also, the delicious cherry right in the center adds a whole new dimension to it. 

top Japanese icecream brands 1

Here’s yet another delicacy by the brand that will blow away your mind. This is a premium graham cracker flavored ice cream that is wrapped in a soft and chewy chocolate flavored mochi dough. What more? Bite into this delicacy to reach the marshmallow center. I am sure this combination and the flavor will totally engulf you in its deliciousness. 

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The next on our list of top Japanese ice cream brands is Meiji!

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Meiji is one of Japan’s top brand for tasty ice cream cups. One of the top Japanese icecream brands, it has been running its ice cream business successfully for years. It makes perfectly sized cups that are a great treat to enjoy and relish. There are so many different variants and flavors to choose from. 

best Japanese icecream brands

This premium ice cream by Meiji. It strikes an excellent balance of flavors that plays with your taste buds and makes you want more. This is a sumptuous cup with just the perfect quantity of ice cream to satiate your hunger for it. For over 20 years, this ice cream has been a favorite of people. This is a green tea flavored ice cream, so if you want to add some of that in your life, you must give this ice cream a try.

best mochi iccream japan

Here’s yet another cup by Meiji in vanilla flavor. Just like the green tea one, this too is flavorsome and leaves you wanting more. I love the rich taste that this one has. 

Morinaga Milk

The next one one our list of top Japanese ice cream brands is Moringa Milk!

Morinaga is one of the most popular producers and sellers of dairy products in Japan, with a huge fan following. This top Japanese ice cream brands has a ton of ice cream products that are perfect for people of all age groups. The brand has some highly popular and long-selling ice creams, including “Pino”, “Parm”, and “Mow”.

pino ice cream

Pino is one of the highest-selling ice creams by Moringaga. These bit-sized pieces of ice cream is covered in a layer of chocolate. You can get it as a set of three flavors: vanilla and chocolate, vanilla and almond chocolate, and double chocolate. It is a best seller in Japan, and for good reasons. The delicious and special flavors are what make this ice cream such a huge hit amongst the masses. Try it out and know the real deal for yourself. 

best Japanese convenience store icecream 1

This is yet another popular variant by the brand. This is an ice cream with a thin layer of chocolate coating that adds new dimensions to it. There are five flavors that you can choose from – vanilla and chocolate, double chocolate, green tea, strawberry and chocolate, and almond and chocolate. The ice cream melts in your mouth, and the delicious combination of the chocolate coating and the ice cream beneath that truly takes you to a new world.

Akagi Nyugyo

The next one on our list of top Japanese ice cream brands Akagi Nyugyo!

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Akagi Nyugyo is yet another one of the top Japanese ice cream brands and is known for their delicious and tasty cold treats that are an absolute delight. The brand believes in playfulness, which is what makes it so different from the rest. Every ice cream made by the brand speaks volumes in terms of quality and affordability. I love how the brand conceptualizes every product and ensures what we get is brilliant.

parm ice cream 1

The GariGariKun ice cream is one of the best sellers of the brand. It is a unique soda flavored popsicle with a soda flavored shaved ice. The crunchiness and the delicious freshness of this ice cream totally sells me. Also, it is one of the most affordable ice creams that you can ever try. 

japanese icecream flavors

This is yet another popular range of ice cream by Akagi Nyugyo. It is an ice bar that is unlike anything else you have ever tried before. It is known for its rich and thick milk-flavored ice cream that has such a soft texture. It melts in your mouth and creates a burst of flavors that you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Glico Ice

The next one on our list of top Japanese ice cream brands is Glico Ice!

Glico has been around for quite some time and in all this time, this brand has focused on innovation and bringing out excellent products. Being one of the top Japanese ice cream brands it takes into consideration its customers and their preferences. Keeping all of that in mind, Glico Ice brings to us ice creams that are low in calories but high in taste. You will also find ice creams that are sugar free. 

best daifuku flavor

Papico is one of the most unique ice creams that you will ever find. It is a favorite amongst both the kids and adults. The frozen ice cream comes packed in a plastic bottle and is available in different flavors all year round. To enjoy this ice cream, you need to break open the lid and squeeze the bottle to enjoy the delicious taste of frozen smoothie. If you are somebody who hates ice creams melting in your hands during summers, this is the perfect option for you. 

Japanese vanilla ice cream

This is a true winner when it comes to rich, creamy, and delicious ice cream cones. It is made with a fantastic combination of chocolate cookies, chocolate toppings, and smooth raw chocolate. The chocolate flavor is so intense, you will melt with joy every time you take a bite. This is the best ice cream for chocolate lovers who enjoy the sweetness in every bite. 

Lotte Co

The next one on our list of top Japanese ice cream brands is actually not originally from Japan. Lotte Co. in reality is a Korean-based brand that found its way to Japan with its winter dessert called Yukimi Daifuku- mochi ice cream.

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This dessert became an instant hit in Japan and one of the best-selling ice cream brands in Japan.

Ohayo Milk

ohayo milk

This Japanese ice cream brand is famous for Cream Brulee ice cream. The top is covered with carmelized cream which gives it a crispy finish. 

Lemon Gyunyu Soft

Lemon Gyunyu Soft

Lemon Gyunyu Soft is one of the best Japanese ice creams and something you definitely have to try. It comes with little domes to protect the swirly. It’s made from  Lemon Milk from the Tochigi Prefecture. It has aroma and flavor of citrus. 

Gold Line 

Gold Line chocolate by Meiji is an amazing ice cream brand you should definitely try when in Japan. It’s basically chocolate covered ice cream on a stick. Easy to eat and super simple pleasure! 

Choco Monaka Jumbo  

Choco Monaka Jumbo

Choko Monaka Jumbo by Moringa was voted as the best Japanese ice cream to try. With layers of chocolate and vanilla oce cream on a thin wafer. This ice cream is the best of both worlds! 

Choco Monaka Jumbo

Where to buy Japanese ice cream?

If you’re in Japan, you’ll find ice cream in convenient stores or vending machines. You can choose between lots of different Japanese ice cream flavors if you go to a ice cream store in Japan.

Vegan Ice Cream Brands in Japan

If you’re looking for vegan ice cream in Japan , you’re going to be disappointed. Japan doesn’t have many options when it comes to vegan ice cream.

However, you can still find vegan frozen treats in Japan. The most popular and easily accessible being  Garigari-Kun by Akagi Nyugo. This Japanese ice cream brand is not known outside of Japan but is one of the best-selling ice cream brands in Japan with 400 million sold on average in a year.

Explore the delicious flavors of Japanese ice creams!

These were some of the best Japanese ice cream brands that you must try for an out of this world experience. I am sure you cannot wait to enjoy the cool treats offered by these brands. So, try them out today without delay and you will definitely love them.

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