8 Top Japanese Bicycle Brands 2022

by Erika Shinomoto
Best Bicycle Brands from Japan

Are you a fan of Japanese bicycles? If yes, do check out the top Japanese bicycle brands from Fuji bikes to Kuwahara Bikes with all information you’ll ever need. Some of the best bike brands are from Japan.

When we were little kids, cycling our brand new (and sometimes old and battered) bicycles was the biggest joy of our lives. However, today, bicycles are more than just a way of spending time with happiness.

Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation that is preferred by many people across the globe. Either shop in stores or online, Japanese bicycles will be one of the best things you’ll ever invest on.

Japanese bicycles are known to be one of the best ones in the world for their high-quality, innovation and excellent build. It is environment-friendly, does not need a lot of maintenance, and is also a lot of fun.

Top Japanese Bicycle Brands — Quick Summary

Top Japanese Bicycle BrandsBike Names
Fuji BikesAltamira 2.1 Road Bike White
DahonDream D6 Folding Bike
Bridgestone CyclesR9T FRAME
Tokyo BikeBisou
Araya BikeTUR 530mm R
Kuwahara BikeSurvivor 24 4th lot
Panasonic CyclesTimo S
Miyata BikePAVEA

Which is the best Japanese bicycle brand?

 I rated these bicycles based on the quality of the parts, price, and other features like suspension, brakes, gears, and tires. I found that Fuji Bikes is the best Japanese bicycle brand.
Fuji Bike is the most popular Japanese bicycle brand and for a good reason. Fuji Bikes make bicycles as per the trends and needs of the people. Fuji Bikes uses classic and original Japanese techniques to design their bikes. Fuji Bikes are considered the best bicycles in Japanese as the bikes are too heavy, have an amazing design and also come with a guarantee. Fuji Bikes are designed to be durable and provide utmost comfort for the rider.

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Bicycle Types Convenient for Commuting

Bicycles are great for covering short distances like exploring cafes nearby and taking a mini trip. Health-conscious people enjoy cycling as it makes them fit. Here are the types of bicycles you should look at for commuting: 

  • Road Bikes: These bikes are built for speed to cover long distances on paved roads. However, it is not great to ride this bike with work clothes. It is recommended to intermediate and expert bicycle riders.
  • Fitness Bikes: These bikes are great to cover medium to long distances on paved, urban and light gravelled roads. It is also good for practical commuters and can be used by beginners as well.
  • Mountain Bikes: These bikes are good to cover short to medium distances off-road. It is great for hill-climbing with a medium speed. It is not recommended for new riders.
  • Tour Bikes: These are medium-speed bikes for covering long distances on paved, urban and light gravelled roads. It is a great option for practical commuters and also beginners.

Further, check out these top Japanese bicycle brands that you’d love to own.

Best Japanese Bicycle Brands

Fuji Bikes

Altamira 2.1 Road Bike White

Fuji Bikes

Fuji Bikes is a brand that has become a household name and its success is something that we can see quite clearly, thanks to its popularity among the masses. Fuji became another name for bicycles and is one of the top-notch and famous brands of Japan for the last 120 years. 

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True to their words, they offer good quality bicycles of all types. Here is a Fuji road bike in white color that looks absolutely amazing. It does not weigh too much, making it extremely easy to carry. 

The frame used in the bicycle is of high-modulus carbon and has an integrated head tube. You also get 2 years of guarantee for this frame and 1 year of guarantee for parts of the bicycle. Fuji is therefore amongst the top Japanese bicycle brands around the world.

Key Features: 

  • Good to go fabulous bike for casual cycling
  • Good quality frame and tubes that lasts longer
  • Not too heavy and easy to use
  • Extremely popular 
  • Excellent design
  • Comes with a guarantee 


Dream D6 Folding Bike

best Japanese bicycle brands

Dahon is a bicycle brand that is well known for its cycles with innovative folding ability. It started in 1982 from scratch and in all these years, has become extremely famous amongst the masses. They sell compact bikes that fit anywhere. 

The brand has also ensured to keep its design and performance up to date. This bike from Dahon is quite functional with a smart design that is perfect for bicycle lovers.

 One of the most unique things about this bicycle is its folding ability that fits in smaller places as well. 

Thanks to this feature, the bike is extremely portable and perfect for small spaces. The bike comes with 6-speed gears, which can be shifted smoothly from one to another. Since stainless steel material has been used, it makes it capable of bearing heavy weight easily.

Key Features:

  • Foldable bike that can fit in compact areas
  • Comes with 6-speed gears that can be changed easily
  • Durable material that can carry heavy things
  • Extremely portable
  • Made using stainless steel material

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Bridgestone Cycles


Japan bicycle shop online
Source: bsycle.co.jp

Came into being in 1931, Bridgestone has now become the largest manufacturer of bicycles across the world. Earlier they were the producers of tires and then got merged to make this one company. 

This company makes use of tires made with classic Japanese technology and has expanded its business with modern improvisation. Bridgestone is also one of the top Japanese bicycle brands.

 Available in various colors, this racing bicycle has been made to give good accelerated speed with a unique design. The frameset is not too heavy which eventually keeps the cycle stable to a great extent. Other than that, the material used in the bicycle is strong and durable.

Key Features:

  • Works faster with good acceleration
  • Modeled and styled keeping in mind the modern trends
  • Stability and durability speaks of it
  • Made using classic Japanese technology
  • Light frameset
  • Strong and durable

Tokyo Bike


Japanese road bikes
Source: tokyobikes.us

Tokyo bike started their business in 2002 with a determination to provide bicycles that go with the trend and taste of people. 

They use original and classic Japanese techniques and use lightweight steel material that is strong and quick at the same time. Their cycles are easy to ride and give you absolute comfort. 

Do you love nature and like to explore it on a bicycle? If yes, you can go for this bike that has a 7-speed variation and various gears that are easy and comfortable to handle from your hands itself. 

Great to ride on hills with utmost safety. Get your favorite color at the most affordable price ever.

Key Features:

  • Great for adventurous rides
  • Has different gears and manageable speed
  • Classic design with quality steel 
  • Uses original and classic Japanese techniques
  • Lets you ride easily
  • Has a 7-speed variation
  • Comes with various gears that can be handled using hands
  • Perfect for riding on hills

Araya Bike

TUR 530mm R

Japan bicycle shop online
Source: Araya-rinkai.jp

Araya brand started in 1903 in Japan by producing swallow bicycles that are of high quality. They have also worked in the field of sports bike and was one of the first brands to sell a folding bike and small wheel bike in 1982. 

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This cycle is a good choice as it uses an excellent quality frame and handles that keep the front side in a good and sturdy position.

 The handles are designed in such a way that they keep your hands in a comfortable position while riding. Araya uses silver rims that are durable and do not get affected with marks and scratches. 

Leather handles are used in the cycle to keep the grip strong while making your ride safe and secured. The design is also excellent and makes for a fashionable ride. 

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel material
  • Durable and known for its longevity
  • Tight grip achieved with leather handles 
  • Sturdy and steady frame
  • Silver rims that do not easily get scratched 

Kuwahara Bike

Survivor 24 4th lot

Kuwahara bikes
Source: Kuwahara-bike.com

The Kuwahara company has taken small steps to success from the beginning itself. The brand started the business from being a local wholesaler to now exporting bicycles to the USA and Canada. 

They are now very famous worldwide and are one of the most sought after bike brands in the world. 

This Kuwahara bike has good strength because of the material used in it. They have used brand new and high-quality head parts to maintain balance. The frame is also such that it makes for a controlled vibration; it also helps maintain stiffness. 

For comfortable riding, extreme quality brake levers have been used. You can use this bike for your daily commuting or when you are out riding on the hills with friends. It is one of the top Japanese Bicycle brands.

Key Features:

  • Durable and long-lasting material 
  • Frames used while keeping in mind vibration
  • Brake levers for safe riding

Panasonic Cycles

Timo S

Top Japanese bicycle brands
Source: cycle.parasonic.com

Panasonic is a brand that you will hear about across the world as they have expanded really well with time. This Japanese brand has been a strong competitor to other strong brands and the business runs in the family.

 They have also provided cycles for world-class riders and also created a model for the Tour de France. 

If you are looking for bicycles for women, then you can go for this very comfortable riding bike. It is built in a way to provide absolute comfort and is available in different colors. The handles are sturdy and keep the cycle fixed in one place. 

You also get a beautiful basket on the handle which does not affect the balance as it is lightweight. The basket is perfect for holding all your essential items, keeping you free while you enjoy the ride. It is a perfect piece for long riding as well.

Key Features:

  • Designed in a way for comfortable long riding
  • You can get the color of your choice
  • Comes with a basket with a strong handle
  • Excellent design 
  • Helps you maintain your balance

Miyata Bike


Source: miyatabike.com

Miyata bike is a Japanese manufacturer of bicycles and other things. This brand started its business in 1890 and it was one of the first producers of motorbikes at that time. 

They are also one of the first brands to use electrostatic painting and the first manufacturer of flash-butt-welded frame tubes. 

This bike is designed and built in a way to make rides smoother and easier on difficult roads. Tires used in this cycle have a great diameter. It is also quite light that makes it easy to paddle and does not take too much of your strength, even when you are riding on difficult roads. 

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The aluminum handlebar of this cycle is flat that keeps the cycle balanced and helps you ride smoothly. You can go for this bicycle for your daily casual outgoing.

Key Features:

  • Broad tires to maintain and keep the balance while riding
  • The handlebar is great in strength
  • Amazing option for daily use

History of Japanese bicycles

Japan is one of the incredible bike countries of the globe, positioned close by the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark as far according to per-capita bike proprietorship and use. The rise of an unmistakable cycle tradition that provided the individual a versatility to customary individuals in time of peace in Japan and follows the commitment of the bike to postbellum Japan’s social and monetary turn of events.

The explanation that Japanese bikes could be purchased for just twelve dollars was on the grounds that the laborers were paid unjustifiably and the producers were talented at replicating American bikes.

The primary rush of fruitful Japanese bike organizations started in the mid-1970s with the presentation of the Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company into the U.S. market.

 The organization set up a base camp in New York City called Fuji America in 1971, setting up territorial merchants for their bikes along the whole East Coast. As Japanese organizations kept on attacking the U.S. markets from 1975 to 1984, Panasonic turned out to be significantly more perceived as a top-quality Japanese bike merchant.

After the economic recession in the United States began in 1987, Japanese bicycles became too expensive for most Americans to afford. Large numbers of Japan’s bike producers have migrated to Taiwan accordingly. Hence, Japan’s second modern revolution that underscored efficiently manufactured customization kicked the bucket with the Japanese bike industry.

Japanese Bicycle Brands: FAQs

How much is a bicycle in Japan?

You can shop for japanese bicycles online, in stores or second-hand in Japan.  The prices of the best brands of bicycles in Japan vary from 6,000 yen to 60,000 yen. People in Japan take good care of their bikes so second-hand is a good and affordable option. Top Japanese bicycle brands are Fuji, Kuwahara and Dahon.

Is Fuji Bicycles still in business?

Fuji Bicycles are still in business. In November 2018, ASE (the parent company of ASI and Performance bicycles) declared bankruptcy. After which the fate of the US distribution Fuji became uncertain. However, in January 2019, HEAD sports bought the assets of ASE out of bankruptcy. It is one of the Top Japanese bicycle brands in the entire world.

Are Japanese bicycles good?

Japanese bicycles include extraordinary form and quality. The Japanese cycle companies ensure the “substantial bike” for day by day use. They are likewise ensured to endure in any occasion, for a really long time. the design is their superiority. Japanese bicycles, for example, street bikes, foldable bikes, and mountain bikes are built with an incredible feature in the design section.

The best bikes for you!

These were some of the top Japanese bicycle brands that have some of the best options for your various needs. Check out these brands and the bicycles that they have to offer. 

Altamira 2.1 Road Bike White

Fuji Bikes's Altamira 2.1 Road Bike White is one of the best bikes around the globe. It's tubes and frame last longer and is also light-weight.

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