Top Fall Makeup Trends in Tokyo 2022

by Erika Shinomoto
Best Fall Makeup Trends

Are you looking for top fall makeup trends in Tokyo? Well, I’ll tell you all about it here!

I love exploring different kinds of beauty and makeup products. There is just so much to check out that it can never get monotonous. We have all been under isolation and during these days of wearing masks, most of us only go for eyeliners, bb creams, concealers, mascara, and eyeshadow. 

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However, the latest fall trends in the world of makeup can inspire you to get back on track. Trust me, all the latest makeup trends will make you want to open your makeup bag and get playing all over again. Makeup is a great way to pass your time and experiment with new looks.

What are some popular fall makeup trends in Tokyo?

There are so many fall makeup trends in Tokyo you can follow . Here is a look you can try out –

The latest trend in the world of makeup is filled with bright and playful eyes. Pastel shades like light pink and light blue are really in the trend. Apply a lot of gloss for shiny lips. The latest makeup look is all about that shine. Avoid glitter but add some shimmer to add a nice shine to your look.

Continue reading to find some amazing inspirations that will make you pick up that makeup products again- Top fall makeup trends in Tokyo for you!

Top Fall Makeup Trends in Tokyo

Bold and Dramatic Eyes

Bold eyes look extremely dramatic and smart. You can  create this look with neutral colours with lighter tones. Add a little mascara to dramatise your look. Go for eyeshadows that look dark and stand out like berry colours, mustard, and shades of brown. 

You can also try adding eyeliner with cat eye or winged look to add a bit of sass. 

SUQQU Eyeshadow

The fall season is one of the beautiful seasons that allows you to play with outfits and makeup. Here is an eyeshadow palette that has four different shades. You can bring out amazing looks with just these colours. 

They are highly pigmented and when combined with multiple shades, give you an eye-catchy look. The amount is absolutely perfect for such a great price and lasts for a long time. This is one of the top fall makeup trends in Tokyo.

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With these colours, you get a three-dimensional effect on the eyes and make your eyes look prettier. So for this coming fall season, prepare your makeup kit and add on this beautiful eyeshadow.

Key features:

  • Bright and light color eye shadow
  • Good quality pigmentation
  • Color combinations make your eyes look beautiful
  • Gives a three-dimensional look

Excel Eyeshadow

If you are not looking for something that is huge and just wants to go for a single or double shade palette then this tiny palette is a good option for you. In this little box, you get two pretty shades, red and light purple, which are of extremely good quality. 

You can combine these shades or just use them independently. These colours pop out beautifully and just look very attractive. You can choose shades of your choice and enjoy flaunting them. 

These are also pocket travel free making it a great option. In this small palette, you also get an applicator for easy application. top fall makeup trends in Tokyo always count excel eyeshadows.

Key features:

  • Color popping shades
  • Decent pigmentation in single shades
  • Travel free palette
  • Comes with a tiny applicator

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Canmake Blush and lip product

Tokyo makeup trends

Blush is my favourite step in the whole makeup process. Having a good quality blush with an appropriate shade that matches your skin is important. This cinnamon milk tea blush is a great choice as it shapes the face and sharpens it beautifully. 

You can also use this blush for your lips and eyes to achieve an eye-catchy look. This blush is creamy and nicely pigmented and gets absorbed in the skin beautifully. It is suitable for oily skin as well as dry skin.

Many of the blush products make the face extra pink and powdery and with this one you don’t have to worry about this issue. This is one of the top fall makeup trends in Tokyo of all times.

Key features:

  • Multiple usage blush
  • Absolutely creamy and goes well with all types of skin
  • Helps in sharpening the face
  • Not at all powdery

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Statement Red Lips 

Red lips are never out of fashion. It’s bold and creates a catchy look and you’d love to wear it anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s matte or shiny, it looks super gorgeous and hot. You’ll rely on this look anytime, anywhere with any outfit. 

You can simply go for red lips without bold looks for your eyes, or the entire face. It’s best to go for minimal makeup with red lipstick.

Canmake Stay On Lip Balm Rouge

japanese makeup trends

Fall weather demands extreme moisturization and cares for your complete face. Makeup often affects the face and mainly targets natural oils. Lips being the important part of the face need extra care.

 Get this lip balm in warm shade brownish mandarin that goes well with all the lips. You don’t have to wear lipsticks now! This rouge shade is quite pigmented and brings out the lips as fuller and beautiful. It smoothens your lips and brings out a shine on it.

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The packaging is also good and keeps the product safe inside and has a roll-on type outer body. You can carry this balm with you every time and give yourself a touch up whenever required. Top fall makeup trends in Tokyo is incomplete without this lip balm.

Key features:

  • Extremely creamy and moisturizing lip balm
  • Warm brownish shade great for the fall season
  • Keeps your lips comfortable all-day
  • Easy to carry and apply

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Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

Foundation is the main makeup essential to eliminate spots and make the skin colour even. For the fall season, you must opt for the moisturizing foundation as your skin needs intense care at that time. Get this foundation and complete your makeup kit now. It cleanses up easily also. It helps your skin glow.

It blurs out the fine lines and is not at all heavy on the skin. Alovera extracts in the foundation are one of the main ingredients that provide natural moisturization. It will not cause your skin to have acne. Other than that, you can apply layers and you are good to go!

Key features:

  • Creamy foundation with natural ingredients
  • Covers and blurs out imperfections
  • Provides even tone to the face
  • Lightweight and good coverage

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Canmake Wink Glow Eyes Cream Eyeshadow

Your eyes need a lot of attention when we talk about makeup. Play with some colours and make them look big and glowy. Here is a cream-based eyeshadow that is exactly what you need if you don’t want to opt for powdery stuff. Pea size amount can give you perfect coverage and makes your skin looks soft and smooth

You will also not experience any kind of creasing around the eyelids. With more colour gradation, you can mix two shades and make a unique look as per your wish. It is one of the very important products for your skincare.

Since this eyeshadow is creamy, at times when you don’t have an option for lipstick or blush, this eye shadow will be by your side! It will also make you look young. This eye cream counts as top fall makeup trends in Tokyo.

Key features:

  • Cream-based eye shadow
  • Easy application and requires less amount of product
  • No unwanted crease on eyelids
  • Can also be used as a lipstick and blush

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Lip tint

Some people don’t go for lip balms and lipstick. So here we have an option of lip tints that can be called a natural way of highlighting your lips. This lip tint helps in bringing out the natural colour of your lips as it is lightly pigmented and doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything.

Many times we notice that our lipsticks and balm come off while eating and drinking, but in these types of lip tint, you won’t face any issue like that. It also moisturizes your lips and makes them look fuller and fluffier and hydrated. It is in a stick-like packaging and has a glossy outcome.

Key features:

  • Lips tints for natural lip colour
  • Slightly pigmented and highly moisturized
  • Give a glossy and natural look
  • Doesn’t come off while eating or drinking

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Kiss Me Heroine Waterproof Mascara

Talking about the eye again, here is a mascara that is waterproof in nature and that helps in making your eyes look more beautiful than usual. It is light in weight and doesn’t feel heavy. The coating makes the lashes long and curls them for a finished look.

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The product has natural oils that make sure your eyes are not coming close to chemical ingredients. To take it off, you can use lukewarm water or makeup remover. The wand is easy and comfortable to handle making the process easier. It is definitely one of the top fall makeup trends in Tokyo.

Key features:

  • Waterproof mascara for long time wear
  • Appropriate wand for easy application
  • Comes off after using lukewarm water or makeup remover
  • Curls the eyelashes and doesn’t feel heavy

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Top Fall Makeup Trends in Tokyo

What makeup looks are trending right now?

– Natural no-makeup look
– Fluffy eyebrows
– Monochromatic makeup 
– Soft glam look

Is makeup popular in Japan?

Japan is popular for being minimalist, natural and flawless. They use light coverage concealers and foundation just for the glow. They have excelled the no-makeup makeup look which has become increasingly popular these days. 

Are smoky eyes still a makeup trend?

Smoky eyes are classic and pretty timeless because of how awesome they look. They look great especially for night parties and can also be worn for the day with little changes. 

How can I make my makeup look natural?

Here are a few steps to follow that will make your makeup look natural: 
– Bright base with a great primer
– Glow up foundation
– Light coverage concealer
 – Rosy blush
– Shiny highlighter
 – Make your brows dark 
– Soft eyeliner look 
– A little bit of mascara

The best makeup looks for you!

These were some of the top fall makeup trends that you need to try out. These makeup trends will help you create some of the most stunning looks that will make you look marvelous.

A splash of color on your face can change your look and make you look crisp and fresh. It can also de-stress you and inflate your mood. Since I love playing with makeup, I have brought to you the top fall makeup trends that you definitely need to try to change your style game.

 Try out these latest makeup trends and I am sure you will be making heads turn when you step out of the house. Get these products today and enjoy a wonderful makeup session. 

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SUQQU Eyeshadow

Here are the Top Fall Makeup Trends in Tokyo for you, check it out! Do try the SUQQU Eyeshadow which is the best makeup for fall. Read further to know more about it.

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