3 Japanese Health Tips To Lose Weight

by Erika Shinomoto
Japanese Health Tips For Weight Loss

Are you looking for Japanese health tips to lose weight? Well, I got you covered. Read further to know some secrets of Japanese health tips to lose weight!

When you go to Japan, you will realize that women in Japan have a body that is so much different from us. The doors in Japan are shorter in height, hallways are narrower, and the height of women is also shorter than most women of the west. 

What are some Japanese health tips to lose weight?

What are some Japanese health tips to lose weight?

Some Japanese health tips to lose weight are following the Japanese diet and including more of raw vegetables and sea food in your meals and reduce red meat. Do not drink water in between your meals. Drink green tea that is good for losing weight. Restore your health and fitness by including light exercises in your workout, avoid heavy training. Have warm bath and maintain your body temperature according to the environmental climate.

All of these factors can make you quite self-conscious about your body, especially if you are going through a weight loss phase. 

Most of us have tried numerous diets and weight loss tips to get back in shape and size but to no avail. When I first went to Japan and saw the perfect bodies of Japanese women, I wondered whether there was a secret formula that was adopted by them. 

I had been trying for years to get in shape, and in Japan, there seemed to be quite a lot of information about healthy eating and exercising. 

You will also notice that finding clothes that fit you can be quite a task in Japan since they follow the “one-size-fits-all” formula with these Japanese weight loss tips. 

Let’s move on to some Japanese health tips to lose weight!

Japanese Health Tips To Lose Weight

How are Japanese women so slim?

When I was on my weight loss journey, I was told to avoid certain food items. However, in Japan, I was surprised to see that women were eating all those things and yet they managed to stay slim. 

The Japanese women indulged in delicacies like noodles, rice, and cakes. They know how to eat all those things without having to face the consequences. 

You will also notice that there aren’t any Japanese women who would power walk in spandex with a bottle under their arm. They walk around the city a lot and indulge in yoga to maintain their slim figure. 

They also do not hit the gym for high-intensity training or anything else the way women in the west do. But, they do follow the Japanese weight loss tips quite religiously.

Seeing all of this made me wonder if there indeed was secret information that the Japanese had guarded for years. There really must be something about weight loss and healthy eating that these Japanese women knew but I was ignorant of. 

At that time, I did not know what their secret was, but I was keen on finding out. And I did. I knew Japanese women ate a variety of foods, did not exercise much, and yet were not concerned about gaining those extra pounds.

 After a lot of time, I finally figured out how they were doing it, and today, I am here to share this valuable piece of information with you. Here are the three things that you need to do in order to lose weight and enjoy all your favorite delicacies without any worry.

Acclimate Your Body to the Climate

Japanese weight loss
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One thing that is often ignored but is of utmost importance is to keep your body temperature adjusted to the climate. This is the best Japanese health tips to lose weight I’ve gotten.

When I first came to Japan, I realized that it is important to keep your body warm. I couldn’t understand why this piece of advice was given to me at that time as in the west, I was never told anything like that. 

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We spend a lot of time in the west by just calculating the nutritional density of food items, but we tend to ignore the process which goes into making those food items. The way food is prepared can affect our circulation.

In western countries, you will find that people try to lose weight by eating raw foods, salads, and juices simply because of their nutritional content. However, in Japan, these food items are not very popular and are not commonly eaten. 

Japanese cook most of their foods and when cooking, they make use of ginger or miso which are known to be extremely helpful for digestion and circulation. They also make sure to include a lot of seasonal vegetables. Doing this helps our bodies acclimatize to our climate. Japanese health tips to lose weight will always include raw and seasonal veggies.

Raw foods, although, extremely dense in terms of nutrition, can be very hard for our bodies to digest. These raw foods are also considered to be cooling to the body. 

You also need to see that you have strong circulation and warmth, which are both extremely important for body balance. 

If you want to go on a raw food diet, it is advisable to do that during the summer months since your bodies need to cool off in the heat. Hence, This is one Japanese health tips to lose weight that really works.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is one of the best drinks to have while you’re on your weight loss journey. I really owe a big one to my friend for suggesting this tip as its one of the best Japanese health tips to lose weight. Green tea is packed with antioxidants that fights with various diseases like cancer, heart diseases and also promote weight loss.

It is great for getting rid of the belly fat we often think is impossible to lose. Also, drinking plain water as the first thing in the morning helps a lot and many Japanese women follow it. It cleanses the digestive system and results in happy and healthy skin.

Body Care is Essential  for Body Balance

Japanese health tips to lose weight
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In Japanese culture, it is quite common to take a bath instead of a shower as is done in western countries. This is one of the Japanese health tips to lose weight that will astonish you so read thoroughly. 

While this may look quite out of the place when talking of weight loss, it has a huge role to play in your weight loss journey. Yes, taking a bath can really help you lose weight. 

It is quite common in Japan for women to indulge in what is known as a “half-bath” technique for weight loss. 

This is a technique where you fill the tub to just under your chest level. And then you have to soak yourself in the water for about 20 minutes and stay between 38-42 degrees. This is also called japanese water therapy for weight loss.

Taking a bath can help you burn as many calories as you burn when you take a half-hour walk. And that’s not all. Soaking in water for 20 minutes can also reduce blood sugar levels, lower inflammation, and improve the quality of your sleep. 

All of these together help you to lose weight and improve body balance which is why it is one of the top Japanese health tips to lose weight. 

 While the Japanese recommend the temperature of the water to be between 38-42 degrees, you will be able to reap the benefits of taking a bath if you keep the temperature of the water to at least 37 degrees. 

Good Quantity of Sea Food and Less Red Meat

Japanese diet is rich in sea food especially fish as its their staple. Fish is a great source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients that reduces excess fat and promotes weight loss. It also improves cardiovascular and brain health.

Consuming more of sea food also prevent ageing and brings a glow on the face. I’ve been eating fish after I started my weight loss journey and the results are literally out there to prove that its one the best Japanese health to loose weight.

Consuming less red meat is a good idea if you’re planning to lose weight as it contains a great amount of saturated fats. It can also increase cardiovascular risk and result in weight gain. After I reduced the consumption of red meat, it was so easy for me to shed weight.

Light Exercise is Better than Heavy Exercise to Slim Down

Japanese weight loss tips
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I was really surprised when my weighing scale showed that I had lost weight. It was surprising because I had not been exercising a lot when in Japan. According to Japanese health tips to lose weight, it is advised to keep it slow and cool.

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When I was there, I was not hitting the gym every day for my regular high-intensity, sweat-inducing exercises. Instead, my exercise was limited to constantly walking around to complete all my errands.

It was very difficult for me to understand how this could lower my weight since most of us believe that we can only lose weight by exercising hard. But I found out that it was not true.

 How? Doing less in terms of exercise can affect the kind of energy your body chooses to use. The physical stress that your body goes through can really cause a huge impact.

When you indulge in extremely intense workouts, your body will use up all the energy from your last meal. But that’s not all. 

Once you have finished working out intensely, your body will be so tired, it would want to replenish all that lost energy. So, after a heavy workout, you tend to feel very hungry and also crave more sugar after a calming workout. 

But if you indulge in simple walking, stretching, and yoga, you will really see a huge difference and will be able to see a leaner body. Japanese weight loss exercise with a towel is also very effective.

It is a common notion that is believed by many that in order to lose weight, you have to put in a lot of effort and indulge in extreme workouts. However, reducing stress by doing calming exercises can reap more benefits. 

Calming exercises use your body’s fat as fuel instead of using your last meal. This means you get more results without putting in a lot of effort. This is one of the effective Japanese health tips to lose weight.

Do not Drink Water or Other Beverages During Meals

Drinking water in between your meals will hamper your digestion. This is because water neutralises the ph level of the stomach acid and it becomes hard to break down the food. Japanese people avoid drinking water for the same reason.

Consider drinking soup if you’re feel your food is too dry. Don’t opt for anything with caffeine like coffee or tea because that will result in dehydration. Honestly, this is one of the top Japanese health tips to lose weight as it is extremely effective.

Some Japanese Weight Loss Products

Yamamoto Kanpo Fat Cleanse Tea 

japanese weight loss tonic

This tea contains powerful detox features that can help reduce the absorption of sugar and fat in your body. This is the best Japanese weight loss drink and is always included in the Japanese health tips to lose weight. 

FINE Japan Green Tea & Coffee Diet

Japanese weight loss exercise with towel

If you want to lose weight, this is the best product. This product is a result of a wonderful collaboration with professionals. This is a very useful product for those who can’t find time to go to the gym or who do not want to follow a diet.

This is the product that you are looking for. Taking  1 stick per day will help you lose weight without limiting your meals but the thing is you have to take a 45 course. Most weight loss products can make people feel stressed, but this product won’t. 

This product can’t be taken by any pregnant woman or any sick person who is undergoing treatment. Otherwise, this japanese weight loss tonic is magical. One of the Japanese health tips to lose weight is to include diet teas.

This product contains 30 packets in one box that equals to a 30-day course if you take 1 packet a day. For a better result, I recommend you to take at least 3 packets a day and in this case, one box is equal to a 10-day course.

Onaka Fat Burner

long -breath diet

Onaka is the best Japanese quality product for the best fat burner that is also quite yummy in taste. This product is very useful at helping you maintain your body shape,  lose stubborn belly fat, and lose your waist. 

It is also a great immunity enhancer and works wonderfully at giving you the most noticeable weight loss. It is also known as the Kudzu flower.Japanese health tips to lose weight mentions that Kudzu flower is a natural slimming agent. 

If you want a leaner and flatter stomach, Onaka belly fat burning supplement will help you get the physique that you have always wanted. You can find this product very useful to lose more belly fat than you can achieve by only dieting and exercising. 

SHINYAlab Binchotan Cleanse Supplements

japanese water therapy for weight loss

SHINYALab Binchotan is a cleansing supplement that is best for Digestion support, Digestive Balance, Bloating Relief, and Detoxification. Some Japanese health tips to lose weight include this product for its deep cleansing property directed by physicians.

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It is a herbal flush pill that is introduced in Japan and it is Plant-Based Enzymes. Digestion only supports deep cleansing so if you want to lose weight, you need to cleanse your digestive system properly. 

This digestion detox supplement has what it takes to help stimulate gentle detoxification of the bowels and intestines colon. This contains a Japanese charcoal blend, Licorice Root, Plant-Based Enzymes, KojiFugi, Ginger, Probiotic, and Prebiotics.

ISDG Gold Enzymes Weight Loss Supplements

Japanese weight loss tips

ISDG gold enzymes are super weight loss supplements. It is formed by Forskolin powder which supports better digestion. The pills are vegan and Gluten-Free, so it is a great alternative for all. 

You get a total of 120 pills. ISDG gold Enzymes contain 232 natural vegetables and fruits which is very much good for health. You can see that these pills are dedicated and designed in such a way that they help you to lose weight. 

It burns fat by strengthening the metabolism of sugar and fat for better digestion, a healthy diet, and a better immune system. This is the best formula for obese people. It also helps improve your sleeping pattern.

Weight Loss Products: Summary

Weight Loss ProductsTypeBest For
Yamamoto Kanpo Fat Cleanse Tea BeverageWeight Control and belly fat
FINE Japan Green Tea & Coffee DietBeverageBusy people who can’t go to the gym
Okana Fat BurnerPillsbelly fat burning
SHINYAlab Binchotan Cleanse SupplementsPillsWeight Loss, gas and bloating
ISDG Gold Enzymes Weight Loss SupplementsPowderWeight loss, fast metabolism, better digestion

Which is the best Japanese product for weight loss?

When I was trying to lose weight, I tried several products but I found Okana fat burner pills to be the best because of its results and no side efffects.

Okana Fat Burner helps in maintain body shape, lose stubborn belly fat, and reduces the waistline. This best Japanese product for weight loss is a great immunity enhancer and fastens metabolism. It contains kudzu flower which is a natural slimming agent.

How do Japanese get rid of belly fat?

Long-breath diet by Ryosuke can help you get rid of your belly fat quickly. It involves standing in a specific position, taking in 3-second breaths and exhaling for 7 seconds in a strong manner. 

What is the secret of the Japanese healthy diet?

Japanese diet is balanced and small, it consists of  omega-rich fish, rice, whole grains, tofu, soy, miso, seaweed and vegetables as their staple food.

 All these food items are rich in vitamins and minerals that reduce the risk of chronic illnesses. These food items are low in saturated fats and sugars that do not promote weight gain. 

Try Out the Japanese Health Tips to Lose Weight!

There is so much health information available, but the way we interpret this information and make use of it can make all the difference in the world. 

The Japanese really seem to have figured out weight loss perfectly. And if you too want to adopt their power of eating everything and yet staying slim, I suggest you start by taking down all these notes. 

Add seasonal vegetables into your diet, enjoy hot baths, and pick exercises that let you lower down your stress level. Follow all of this and you will be surprised to see the wonderful results. 

Hope these Japanese health tips to lose weight helped you and wish you all the best for your weight loss journey!

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Japanese Health Tips To Lose Weight

Check out the Japanese Health Tips To Lose Weight here which are simple and easy to follow. Eat more raw veggies, Take hot water bath etc. Also, do check out Okana Fat burner which is a great product for losing weight. Read further to know more about it.

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