Guide to Food Delivery Services in Tokyo 2021

by Erika Shinomoto
Food delivery services in Tokyo

Did you have a long and tiring day and you’re looking for food delivery services in Tokyo? Do you not want to get up from the couch to cook you a nice meal or maybe, some snacks? From meal kits, takeaways to grocery delivery, I have everything you need to know. So, here’s a guide that will help you order your favourite food online.

 If you are in Tokyo and if you want to get a quick and delicious meal on the table without having to go through the hardship of working for hours, you are in the right place. 

Tokyo is a happening place that is a heaven for food lovers. There are so many delivery services available in Tokyo that bring to you delicious and heartwarming food right at your doorstep. There are also 24 hours of food delivery services near you in Japan.

 These delivery services bring your favourite restaurants and cuisines to you with just a click of the mouse. You can also order health supplements, organic food, herbs, and others with these delivery services.

If you are yet unaware of the wonderful food delivery services that are available in Tokyo, fret not. Here is an excellent guide to food delivery services in Tokyo. Continue reading to know more about the food delivery services in Tokyo.

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Which is the best food delivery service in Japan? 

I’ve used several food delivery services ever since a very long time. From ordering a bento box to groceries for my homemade dinner, I’ve always ordered them online.

 The best food delivery service is always the one that has qualities like timeliness, no spoilage, delicious food, hygienic delivery and the one that quickly grabs the instructions. According to me, UberEats has a one of the best food delivery services in Tokyo.

UberEats is the best delivery service app because of its qualities of being on time or before always. The food delivered is hot and scrumptious and does not require reheating. UberEats follows all the instructions given and maintains hygiene. The food packaging has never been found in spoiled condition from UberEats.

Best Food Delivery Services in Tokyo

Restaurant Delivery Services

Uber Eats Japan

UberEats in Japan

UberEATS is probably one food delivery service that you are well aware of. This delivery service makes it extremely easy for you to order your food. How UberEATS works is that the service teams up with restaurants to deliver fresh and delicious food right at your doorstep. 

It is also quite easy to use this service. You can either check out their website or more simply, download the app and sign up. Once you have signed up, you can easily search for food or your favorite restaurants. 

You can also search for food according to the delivery time. Whether you are in the mood for some authentic Japanese cuisine or Lebanese delicacies, UberEats has you covered.

 Enter your address, add in any extra details or requests, and it is on its way to please you. Undoubtedly, the best food delivery services in Tokyo.

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Food Panda

24 hours of food delivery near me

Food Panda is also a very popular food delivery service that is used by a lot of people in Tokyo. With FoodPanda, you can order your favorite meals and cuisines from various restaurants. It is also quite easy to order. 

You can simply download Food Panda’s mobile app from the Play Store or App Store. Add your postcode and you are ready to place your order for the best lip-smacking dishes in town.

 Once you add your address, you can see all the restaurants near you. You can then simply order and enjoy the delicious dishes.

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Demae-Can Japan

Demae-Can is probably one of the largest food delivery services in Tokyo with over 40,000 restaurants listed on its website and mobile app. You will also find a lot of popular chains like Dominos and KFC listed on their website.

 Please be noted that the minimum order on the website is set by the restaurant that you select, however, it is quite reasonable. 

The website also makes your job of choosing a restaurant easy by displaying the average user ratings. With this feature, you can easily see which restaurant is hot and which is not. 

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FineDine Japan

Japanese food delivery

Yet another delivery service that brings you delicious food from your favorite restaurants in FineDine Japan. It brings to you fine quality dining at affordable prices, without having to get out of your house. 

However, please note that the minimum order on FineDine is slightly higher than in other delivery services. The delivery service of FineDine expands to all of Tokyo. 

All you have to do is enter your zip code and you will see a list of all the restaurants in your area. Order and enjoy.

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Maishoku is a bilingual food delivery service that lets you order your favorite delicacies from over 300 restaurants in Tokyo. 

No matter what mood you are in and what cuisine you want, Maishoku will ensure that you get thoroughly satisfied. Their website has a huge range of cuisine options that you can check out. 

Also, you do not get charged any delivery charges. However, be noted that the restaurants you choose have minimum orders. These are very reasonable and affordable.  Maishoku is one of the most popular food delivery services in Tokyo.

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Rakuten Delivery

grocery delivery in Japan

This is an entirely Japanese food delivery website from where you can easily order a wide range of food items. 

The options that you get on the website is huge, ranging from fried chicken, sushi, boxed lunches, and Chinese food to Western food and Japanese food. 

It also deals with catering services and alcohol. 

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Pizza Delivery Services

Dominos Pizza 

Japanese delviery services

Dominos is probably a place that you know and love. They have pizzas that are everybody’s favorites. 

If you are looking for a delicious delicacy, this is definitely the one that you should go for. You can order your favourite pizzas online between 9 am to 1 am. This is one of the best service provider in the Japanese food delivery market

You can also call to place your order up to 15 minutes before the closing time of the store. There is, however, a minimum order. Dominos also offers a lot of discounts so be sure to check them out. 

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Pizza La 

Delivery service in tokyo

This is a very popular pizza chain in Japan.

It holds second place after Dominos Pizza. Here, you can order a wide range of Japanese style pizzas to satiate your taste buds. This is a very famous delivery service in Tokyo

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meal kits in japan

Yet another excellent place to order delicious pizzas.

 Pizzakaya brings you Californian-style pizza that is definitely worth a try.

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Grocery Delivery Services

Amazon Fresh 

pizza delivery sevices

Yet another popular delivery service available in Tokyo is Amazon Fresh. This brings fresh groceries to your doorstep.

With Amazon Fresh, you can shop for groceries, daily essentials, and other items without leaving the comfort of your home. 

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Whole Meat 

Takeaway in Japan

Are you looking for a place to bring you fresh and large-sized steaks and roasts? Look no further than Whole Meat. 

This delivery service ensures you get your fresh meat every time the craving strikes. 

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The Meat Guy 

japan food delivery market

Yet another place to get fresh meat from. Check out the website to see all the options that are available for delivery.

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Guide to Food Delivery Services in Tokyo

The website of Oisix is entirely in Japanese. This is a premium delivery service that offers organic and preservative-free food items.

 For all those who are on a clean diet, this is the one that you should definitely check out. You need to opt for a subscription payment plan and with just that, you can get clean and naturally grown food at your home.

Other Delivery Services

Healthy Tokyo 


As the name suggests, Healthy Tokyo brings you health in the form of healthcare, foods, products, and information. Everything that this delivery service offers is to ensure that you enjoy a healthy mind and body. 

Check them out if you are looking for the best CBD oil, vegan offerings, and more. If there is anything related to health and wellness, Healthy Tokyo is the one to look for.



Another great place for excellent items. iHerb is the perfect place to check out for homeopathic and natural remedies. You also get healthy snacks, supplements, beauty products, among others. 

If you are health conscious or are looking to improve your diet, iHerb is definitely the website that you need to look for. With iHerb, your health is only a click away. Get all your health supplies directly at your doorstep.

Aeon Net Supermarket


Aeon Net Supermarket is a website that is available in Japanese only. With this website, you can get deliveries of almost everything, from cosmetics and medicine to food and clothing. 

Yes, you can get it all without even stepping out of your door. Simply visit their website and go through the various categories to see what you want. It really is very easy to order from their website. You will have your deliveries in no time at all. 

Eat till you drop!

I hope this guide helped you find some of the best food delivery services in Tokyo. I have put together this comprehensive list to ensure you get the best meals and the most delicious delicacies without getting out of your couch. 

These food delivery services are extremely popular in Tokyo and work very hard to ensure that all your cravings for delicious and delectable cuisines are satiated. You can try out these various delivery services depending on your mood, taste, and cravings.

 Each delivery service provides you with different options, and so, no matter what you are looking for, you will definitely find it. Are you ready to enjoy all the deliciousness that Tokyo restaurants and food chains have to offer?

food delivery services in Tokyo

food delivery services in Tokyo

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