6 Best Sony Camera For Photography For Beginners 2024

by Erika Shinomoto
best sony camera for beginners

We curated a list of the best Sony camera For photography for beginners. Check out our detailed reviews of Sony cameras that are perfect for budding photographers!

Dive into the world of photography with ease using our handpicked selection of the best Sony cameras for beginners.

These models balance user-friendly interfaces with advanced features, providing a seamless introduction to capturing stunning images. Find the perfect companion for your creative journey and start shooting like a pro.

Which Is The Best Sony Camera For Photography For Beginners?

The Sony Alpha a6000 stands out as the best camera for photography beginners. Its compact size belies a powerful 24.3 MP APS-C sensor and fast autofocus system. Intuitive controls and an OLED electronic viewfinder make it user-friendly, while its interchangeable lens system allows for creative growth and versatility.

Best Sony Camera for photography for Beginners — Quick Summary

Best Sony Camera for photography for BeginnersPros
Sony Alpha A6400Effortless usage with touchscreen
Quick tracking
Sony DSCH300Powerful zoom features
Sony Cybershot DSCW55Different modes available
Pocket friendly compact size camera 
Sony Alpha A600 Mirrorless CameraExternal mic output
Easily transfers the file
Sony HX400V Compact Digital CameraDownloadable apps for photo effects
No distortion while video shooting

Best Sony Camera For Photography For Beginners

Sony A7 III

This Sony A7 III offers many of the best features from these more expensive models at a significantly lower price. A stunning set of features include a 696-point AF system and 5-axis image stabilization that can compensate up to 5EV. 

Best Sony Camera For Photography For Beginners

The camera sports a 24.2MP back-illuminated image sensor, matched with a powerful chip that provides a wide range of tones and makes super-high ISO settings possible. 

When paired with pro lenses, the body may appear a little small, but that is the case for all of Alpha’s camera bodies. 

If you want top performance and a good price, we think it’s one of the best Sony cameras for beginners out there. Although the Sony A7 II, which has less features, is also a very tempting option.


  • Image quality and speed
  • 5-axis image stabilization


  • Unbalanced by larger lenses
  • 24MP no higher than APS-C models

Sony Alpha A6400

I have been using sony a6400 for a month now and I have come across its updated features like tracking, AF accuracy, perfect autofocus, etc. This is one of the best cameras that you can get at an affordable rate and if you are somebody who is starting a career in photography then just invest in this one.

The variety of touch screen features allows a smooth operation and you can actually get the desired focus point. 

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For self recording purposes, this is again a great choice because the LCD touch screen is 180 degrees tiltable which gives good quality videography as well as still images.

With such fast and accurate features built, you can enjoy multiple functions without any delay. In this package, you get a rechargeable battery adaptor and other accessories. 

Being a beginner, I absolutely loved the way this camera has turned out with different updated capabilities. In terms of handling, it is quite sturdy and lightweight, which makes it comfortable to use. The size is not at all huge and you can actually travel freely. Vlogging with this masterpiece has become a beautiful experience for me.

best entry level sony camera


  • Good battery life 
  • Effortless usage with touchscreen
  • Quick tracking

Sony DSCH300

Here is Sony’s digital camera that has so many great features to satisfy your soul with some good quality images. That being said, as per experience, this camera is working well for me. This camera takes you close to reality with the help of powerful zoom features and gives perfectly focussed shots.

It is a DSLR-type camera that stays stable and doesn’t feel uncomfortable while shooting with creative features and built-in HD video option. 

The high resolution 20.1MP super HAD CCD sensor gets you every minute detail of the image and hence it is a plus in terms of quality image. There are cameras that make the picture look overly dramatic but this one will just enhance the colors and clarity and give a perfectly natural picture. 

The features are easily accessible and not at all complicated as with touch buttons you can start the recording anytime. Features like optical steady shot and image stabilization help in getting blur-free images with sharp quality. 

best sony mirrorless camera for beginners

Also, something that I absolutely loved about the camera is its self adjusting ability in an appropriate atmosphere for example party mode where the lighting gets automatically adjusted to get clear pictures. 

Overall, it is a great investment if you are a beginner as you can learn a lot from this amazing piece.


  • Powerful zoom features
  • Stable
  • Portable
  • Built-in HD video option
  • Easy to use features


  • Too much battery consumption

Sony Cybershot DSCW55

If you are a beginner and want to try your hands-on photography and at the same time looking for something compact and easily accessible, then I am pretty sure you will like this cyber shot digital camera from Sony. It is a pocket size camera with 7.2 MP super HAD CCD that gives decent quality pictures by allowing light to pass on to each pixel. 

This camera has a 2.5 inch LCD screen that allows you to check the pictures, share them and choose features from the menu to set up the camera. High sensitivity mode helps in getting natural pictures with no extra lighting that is perfect for shooting in sunlight.

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When you shoot, this camera gives amazing features like setting up the color to make the images more creative as per your choice. 

Also, there are different modes available in which you can photograph and they can be quickly changed without any delay. It has 56MB of internal memory that allows you to take quick photos without having a memory card on. Go for this affordable yet good quality sony camera and enjoy capturing beautiful moments around you.


  • Inbuilt memory space 
  • Different modes available
  • Pocket friendly compact size camera 

Sony Alpha A600 Mirrorless Camera

A week has passed using this camera and there are multiple things that I love about it. I am highly impressed with the features given in this camera and I have them all. Be that the quality check or the battery backup, from top to end, so far I have been satisfied. Talking about its price, it was under my budget and at this price getting a camera with more and more updated features is a great deal to have. 

The fast hybrid system gives accurate and high quality pictures which also helps in enhancing the speed and tracking system to get 4K movies. In this camera, you also get an external mic that is a great feature to have good audio quality and also helps in vlogging. 

For both animals and humans, there is a feature that gives a real time eye look. It works smartly, fastly and has automatic detection too. I do not face issues with transferring data as it gets easily connected to wifi, NFS, and QR.


  • External mic output
  • Easily transfers the file

Sony HX400V Compact Digital Camera

I am a traveler and like to capture each and every moment to cherish it later. I got this camera from Sony because of its high quality image as it has 20MP that also works great with lightning. As the camera is quite handy, videography is just a button away with absolute comfort. 

With the processor and image stabilization, the image gets sharper and clearer with minimal blur. With wifi and NFC, it is easy to connect with smartphones with a one touch connection feature. 

An additional feature that I totally love in this camera is that I can download apps to put creative photo effects to enhance the visual effect. Also, since I travel and take pictures regularly, it becomes difficult to record the location but with this camera in hand, it is super easy now. GPS records it as well as gives a map view to understand it better. 

Overall, it does a great job for me while also filming good quality videos without any distortion. If you are also a travel freak, then get this easy to handle the camera with amazing features.


  • GPS available
  • Downloadable apps for photo effects
  • No distortion while video shooting

How to choose the best Sony camera for beginners?

When choosing the best Sony camera for beginners. There are several considerations that you need to look for. Here are a few tips that will help you make the perfect choice:

  • Quality of photos
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As a beginner, you really need to look for a camera that will help you get better quality photos. There are some sensors that will help you record a shopper image as compared to others. 

You also need to look for cameras that will perform better in low-light situations. Another very important criteria to look for is the quality of the lens. It really has a huge impact on the final quality of the image. You also need to look for image stabilization. 

There is a huge chance that a shaky picture will ruin your otherwise perfect image. So, when you are buying a camera make sure you get something that will give you excellent quality of the image.

  • Ease of use

I learned this the hard way. I was a beginner and I chose a camera that literally intimated me. The result was that I was too afraid to click more pictures and I stopped putting any effort into it. 

This can really bring down your morale and you will not want to learn how to capture better images. This is why it is very important to choose a camera that you will enjoy using. A good camera for beginners usually comes with a variety of automatic and semi automatic modes that help simplify the process for you. 

Also, the size of the camera can be intimidating for some. That is why many cameras made for beginners are small in size which makes them feel very comfortable.

  • Ability to grow

When you are looking for a camera, make sure you get something that will help you grow. These cameras can help you learn and become more comfortable with time. There are different ways in which you can use your camera to grow personally. You can keep upgrading your lenses that will give you a chance to improve and grow.

  • Simple controls

When you are a beginner, it can be very difficult to juggle between so many different controls that come with the camera. So try to look for something that has automatic modes that will boost up your confidence and help you capture stunning images.

Click away!

These were some of the best Sony cameras for beginners that you can try out to enter the world of toning pictures. Their cameras will definitely help you grow as a photographer.

The cameras listed here are full of magnificent features and easy control that will help improve your ability to work with cameras. So, if you are serious about your photography and want to capture the world with your lenses, try out these cameras today.

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best sony camera for beginners

We tried beginner sony camera to find the best Sony camera for beginners. Read on to find out which is the best Sony camera for beginners.

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  • Good battery life 
  • Effortless usage with touchscreen
  • Quick tracking

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