10 Best Roomba For Pet Hair 2020 | Best Robot Vacuum 2020

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Best Roomba Pet Hair 2020
10 Best Roomba For Pet Hair 2020 | Best Robot Vacuum 2020

Roombas have made their way into our homes as they help us cut down our cleaning time. Check out the best Roomba for pet hair 2020 to get your pet hair out of the way. 

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Roombas have made their way into our homes as they help us cut down our cleaning time. Check out the best Roomba for pet hair 2020 to get your pet hair out of the way. 

If you have always struggled with cleaning pet hair, it’s time for you to consider getting a Roomba for your home. 

After all, we already have robots helping us with everything else, right? So why not let a robot clean up after our furry friends? 

These little robots are miraculous inventions that help us so much. Many of these Roombas work exceptionally to make sure every hair is taken care of. 

But before you choose one of the best Roomba for pet hair 2020, it’s important to know all about the different types. We have to decide which one is the best for us for dealing with pet hair. 

Here are the best Roombas for Pet Hair 2020 that will take away all your cleaning woes. 

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair And Allergies

Best Roomba For Pet Hair 2020 Price Comparison 

ModelPriceiAdapt Version
Roomba 64137,100 yen 
Roomba 69046,274 yen 
Roomba 89063,700 yeniAdapt
Roomba 96089,840 yen
iAdapt 2.0
Roomba 980116,980 yen
iAdapt 2.0

There is almost a difference of USD 716.94 between the basic model and the top model. This shows the wide range of features of the various iRobot Roombas. 

#1 — Roomba 641 – Affordable And Best Roomba For Pet Hair 2020

The 641 model is the latest in iRobot’s 600 series that has all the basic features expected of a Roomba. This starter model is perfect for smaller homes that have less dust; it has a three-stage cleaning system. 

best roomba for pet hair

It also has a brush on the side to clean dust from the walls. As for the main unit, it has two brushes located in the center of the unit along with the suction that sucks the dust in. 

Click here to buy – $269

#2 — Roomba 690 – Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair And Allergies

The iRobot 690 has the same suction power as the 641. It has a High Response iAdapt Process as well as the three-stage cleaning system. 

The cleaning system can pick up everything, right from the smallest particles to pet hair and larger pieces of dust. 

And that’s not all that’s there to the iRobot 690. It has dirt-detect sensors as well. With the sensors, the Roomba can concentrate on areas that have major dirt concentrate. It has a 90-minutes charge time.

The major difference in this model is the iRobot Home Application. With this app, the user can set the timer to start the cleaning process at a particular time.

Click here to buy for USD 249.99

#3 — Roomba 890 – Best Robot Vacuum For Hard Floors And Pet Hair

The iRobot 890 has several features packed into its body to make it suitable for you. The three-stage cleaning system is efficient – it loosens, lifts, and then eventually sucks away all the dirt and hair. 

The iRobot 890 has an AeroForce Cleaning System that creates a vacuum inside the Roomba, causing the dust within the device to float. Due to this system, 50% more dust can be collected than the 600 series. 

It has a high power motor with a strong suction, which helps in cleaning up stubborn garbage. Other features that make this a suitable choice is its compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant. 

It has a run time of 90 minutes, automatic recharging and docking abilities, and WiFi connectivity.

Click here to buy for USD 299.99

#4 — Roomba 960 – Best iRobot Roomba For Pets

The Roomba 960 is one of the top models from iRobot and works with amazing technology. It works well on tiled and hardwood surfaces, but that’s not all. It’s equally efficient in carpets. 

There are other features in the Roomba 960 such as WiFi compatibility and a three-stage cleaning system. You can also use the Roomba with Alexa. 

It runs on iAdapt 2.0 that has visual localization. It uses a set of cameras and sensors to judge which area it has cleaned and which portion it hasn’t. It’s also a powerful device, able to clean an area that’s equivalent to 112 tatami mats!

Click here to buy for USD 449.00

#5 — Roomba 980 – Best Roombas For Cats

The Roomba 980 has every feature that’s essential in a robot vacuum. 

It is the iPhone of the Roomba world. The flagship model has the iAdapt 2.0 visual localization feature which works the same way as the 960 models.

It is powered by the G3 Power Motor unit. The suction power is vastly better, boasting an improvement that is ten times than of the 600 series. 

There is also a carpet boost function that can clean carpets and remove the dirt from the fibers of the carpet. It lasts for around 120 minutes of constant cleaning. 

Several other features make this a suitable choice for you. It can also be controlled using Alexa and has WiFi connectivity. 

Click here to buy for USD 933.00

#6 — Roomba 675 – Best Robot Vacuum For Long Hair

The Roomba 675 is a suitable robot cleaner for pet owners. It works effectively both on hardwood floors and carpets to efficiently remove any pet hair that is lying around. 

It runs continuously for 90 minutes, after which it automatically docks and recharges itself. 

Several other features make the Roomba a smart choice for our homes. It has WiFi connectivity, auto-adjusting cleaning head, and an edge sweeping brush. You can also control the robot with Amazon Alexa. 

Click here to buy USD 269.00

#7 — iRobot Roomba 640 Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair Under $300

The three-stage cleaning system and dual brushes make the Roomba 640 a great option for your homes. It is suitable for a variety of surfaces. 

It has a system that allows it to automatically dock and charge itself after cleaning. The vacuum suction does a great job of cleaning every strand of pet hair from various types of surfaces. 

The special edge sweeping brush helps remove debris and dirt from the edges of the wall. With all these features, the Roomba 640 is a favorite among pet owners. 

Click here to buy for USD 99.99

#8 — Roborock S5 Cleaner

The Roborock S5 cleaner is not just a vacuum cleaner, it is also a mop that does a meticulous job of cleaning. It has a powerful suction vacuum and runs continuously for 150 minutes. 

Unlike most other robot vacuum cleaners, the Roborock S5 cleaner does a thorough job of learning its environment. With this feature, it can plan routes, develop cleaning strategies, and avoid obstacles. 

The advanced technology makes the cleaner a smart device that can easily recognize the different types of surfaces. When it reaches a carpeted surface, it automatically increases its suction power. 

Other features that make this a top choice are its ability to climb obstacles, zoned cleaning, control using a dedicated smartphone app, as well as its ability to sweep and mop at the same time. 

Even though it is a bit on the expensive side, it is one of the best out there!

Click here to buy for USD 471.99

#9 — Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum – Best Robot Vacuum For Husky Hair

The Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum is inexpensive and works great on a variety of floor types. You can use it effectively on tiled and hardwood floors. It does a good job of picking up pet hair. 

The robot cleaner is programmable. The battery allows it to run for 90 minutes before it recharges itself using the automatic dock. 

Click here to buy for USD 139.99

#10 — Minsu Large Capacity Robot Vacuum – Best Roomba For Cat Litter And Pet Hair

The Minsu Large Capacity Robot Vacuum has a powerful suction vacuum and four different cleaning modes. 

It learns the environment to give you the most effective and efficient cleaning experience. It gets better with every use and does a thorough job. 

There are several other features found in this robot vacuum cleaner. It can schedule its cleaning time. On a single charge, it can run for 150 – 180 minutes before it automatically recharges itself.

Click here to buy for USD 375.85

Best Robot Vacuum For Long Hair – FAQs

#1 — Are Roombas worth it? 

Roombas or robot vacuum for pet hair is definitely worth it. Here’s why:

  • It’s easy to use. With all the features, it practically runs itself. 
  • It’s astonishingly efficient. They remember the layout space, dump the dirt, and find their way back into their charging stations.
  • It saves you a ton of time.
  • You can use the Roomba for pet hair on different surfaces. 
  • It’s small, compact, portable, and quite easy to store. 
  • It’s economical and cost-efficient.
  • Cleaning pet hair becomes easier and faster.

#2 — What’s the difference between Roomba models iAdapt and iAdapt 2.0? 

The Roombas running on iAdapt move randomly, without a fixed direction, whereas the Roombas running on iAdapt 2.0 run systematically in a linear movement covering one portion after another. 

The iAdapt 2.0 creates a map of the space and understands the portions that have been cleaned and the ones that haven’t. This makes it considerably more efficient. 

Although iAdapt recognizes furniture and avoids them, iAdapt 2.0 is much faster at identifying furniture and slowing down, which can avoid mishaps. 

#3 — How does Roomba pick up dust?

Roomba has features that detect dust after which it starts it’s cleaning process. There are three different types of cleaning systems your Roomba might have: 

  • The Three-Stage Cleaning System

As the name suggests, the Roomba uses a three-staged process to clean the dirt. 

  1. The Roomba uses a brush at the edge to scoop out dirt 
  2. A rotating bristle brush then scoop out dirt from the floor
  3. Finally, the vacuum sucks up all the dirt
  • AeroForce Cleaning System 

The style of cleaning is very similar to the three-stage system except in the second stage; instead of using a bristle brush, rollers are used and this helps in collecting more dirt. The third stage is also slightly improved because of faster suction speed as well as wind force. 

  • G3 Motor Unit 

This unit runs only on the 980 models. It’s better at suction and also has a longer operating time due to better energy efficiency. The dust cup is also larger, so more dirt can be collected and carpet boost is also an added feature. 

#4 — Which Roomba model is best?

Roomba 675 is the best-selling Roomba model and also the editor’s choice!

These were the ten best Roombas for pet hair that will help you clean your house thoroughly and effectively. The Roombas clean away any pet hair that is lying around, even in those corners where you normally cannot reach.

For pet owners, a robot vacuum cleaner is a must. It makes sure you do not see stray hair lying around. You will love this effective device to make sure your home remains clean. 

Depending on what you are looking for, there are different Roombas for different needs. No matter what your needs are, you are sure to find a Roomba that suits you. 

You’ll have to choose a Roomba for pet hair depending on how big the area of your home is and hopefully, this guide will help you make an informed decision from there!

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