15 Best Muji Stationery Products 2024

by Erika Shinomoto
Best muji stationery products

Muji is one of the most popular stores in Japan that sells a wide range of products that you may need. And here the best Muji stationery products for stationery lovers!

Muji’s stationery line is a minimalist’s dream, reflecting the brand’s philosophy of simplicity and functionality.

The best Muji stationery products combine clean design with practicality, offering an uncluttered aesthetic that enhances productivity and creativity.

Discover pens, notebooks, and organizers that elevate the everyday task of writing to an art form.

Which Is The Best Muji Stationery Product?

This Japanese mechanical pencil by Muji is perfect as it fits nicely and comfortably in one’s hand. The rubber grip prevents the pencil from slipping from between your fingers when you are using it. This is a great pen for designers and artists. 

Best Muji Products StationeryType
Muji Polycarbonate Mechanical Pencil with Rubber Grip Mechanical Pencil
Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm Ballpoint pen
Muji Weekly Planner NotebookPlanner
Muji B5 Color-coordinated Notebook Notebook Set
Muji Manual Pencil SharpenerSharpener
Muji Stainless Steel Scissors Scissors
Muji Manual Paper Shredder Shredder
Muji Pen Case Pen holder
Muji Aluminum Card Case Card holder
Muji Polypropylene Glasses CaseGlasses holder

Top Muji Stationery Products 

Muji Staple Free Stapler

The Muji Staple Free Stapler is a game-changer in the world of stationery. Its innovative design eliminates the need for traditional metal staples, making it an eco-friendly choice for both 

personal and professional use.

One of the standout features of this stapler is its environmental impact. By eliminating the use of staples, it significantly reduces waste and helps contribute to a greener planet. 

Muji Staple Free Stapler

Say goodbye to the frustration of running out of staples or dealing with the hassle of removing them from documents during recycling. Muji’s staple-free solution is simple, efficient, and environmentally conscious.

Safety is another aspect that sets this stapler apart. Accidentally stapling your fingers is a thing of the past with this tool. Its unique mechanism neatly binds papers together without the risk of injury. 

Whether you’re using it at home, in the office, or around children, you can have peace of mind knowing that safety is a top priority.

The Muji Staple Free Stapler may be small in size, but it delivers exceptional performance. It can securely bind up to 5 pages, making it perfect for light document binding tasks. 

Although it may not be suitable for heavy-duty stapling or large document stacks, it fulfills its purpose for everyday use with ease.

Portability is another key advantage of this stapler. Its compact size allows it to fit effortlessly in any bag or pocket. 


  • Eco-friendly design: Eliminates the need for traditional staples, reducing waste and environmental impact.
  • Safe and user-friendly: No more worries about accidentally stapling your fingers.
  • Versatile: Can securely bind up to 5 pages, making it suitable for light document binding tasks.
  • Portable and compact: Perfect for on-the-go use, fits easily in any bag or pocket.
  • Cost-effective: No need to purchase expensive staples, saving you money in the long run.


  • Limited capacity: Not suitable for heavy-duty stapling tasks or large document binding.

Muji Tape Dispenser

The Muji Tape Dispenser is a testament to the brand’s commitment to minimalism and functionality. Designed with simplicity in mind, this tape dispenser seamlessly integrates into any workspace or interior, offering a clean and clutter-free aesthetic.

One of the standout features of this tape dispenser is its sturdy construction. Crafted from durable materials, it ensures long-lasting use even in high-demand environments.

Whether you’re using it at home, in the office, or for creative projects, you can rely on the Muji Tape Dispenser to withstand the test of time.

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Dispensing tape with this tool is a breeze. Its smooth operation allows for effortless unwinding and cutting, without the frustration of snags or tangles.

This reliability makes it a reliable companion for all your taping needs, whether you’re wrapping gifts, organizing documents, or engaging in arts and crafts.

Muji Tape Dispenser

To enhance stability during use, the Muji Tape Dispenser features a non-slip base. 

This thoughtful addition prevents the dispenser from sliding or moving around on your desk, providing a steady and hassle-free taping experience. You can confidently use it with one hand, knowing it will stay firmly in place.

Another advantage of this tape dispenser is its versatility. It accommodates various tape widths, allowing you to use it with different types of adhesive tape for various projects. 


  • Minimalist design: Blends seamlessly with any workspace or interior.
  • Sturdy construction: Made from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Smooth tape dispensing: Effortlessly dispenses tape without snags or tangles.
  • Non-slip base: Provides stability and prevents the dispenser from sliding during use.
  • Compatible with various tape sizes: Accommodates different widths, making it versatile for various projects.


  • Lack of tape storage: Does not include a built-in tape storage compartment.

MUJI Polycarbonate Mechanical Pencil with Rubber Grip

Best Muji Stationery Products For Designers and Artists

This Japanese mechanical pencil by Muji is the perfect fit for you; it fits nicely and comfortably in your hand. The rubber grip prevents the pencil from slipping from between your fingers when you are using it. This is a great pen for designers and artists. 

best muji products

Key Features:

  • Perfect mechanical pencil 
  • Fits nicely and comfortably
  • Rubber grip prevents the pencil from slipping
  • Great pen for designers and artists

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MUJI Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm

Best Muji Stationery Products For Writing 

These 0.7mm gel ballpoint pens are high-quality Japanese gel pens that are surely going to be your holy grail. The pens come in a variety of colors and stylus sizes, so you can get the ones that work out for you. 

The pens write smoothly and the ink does not bleed. It is also easy and convenient to refill the ink. 

best muji pens

Key Features:

  • 0.7mm gel ballpoint pen
  • Comes in a variety of colors and stylus sizes
  • Writes smoothly and does not bleed
  • Easy and convenient to refill the ink

MUJI Weekly Planner Notebook

Best Muji Stationery Products For Journaling

Planning your entire week ahead and having targets for each day can seriously help you get so much work done. 

This weekly planner gives you the flexibility to write down points and targets, highlight them, and organize your week as per your liking. It comes with 32 sheets, so at this price, it is quite a great deal. 

top muji stationery products

Key Features:

  • Lets you plan your week ahead
  • Can be used to set targets or write goals
  • Flexibility to add your own points, highlight them, and organize everything to your liking
  • Comes with 32 sheets

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MUJI B5 Color-Coordinated Notebook

Best Muji Stationery Products For Students

With this pack of five color-coordinated notebooks from Muji, taking notes in class is a lot of fun. Each notebook comes with 30 sheets made from afforested trees. 

Muji has taken the environment into consideration when designing these notebooks. The notebooks, while eco friendly, are also reasonably priced and are sure to become your favorite.

best muji stationery products 1

Key Features:

  • Pack of five color-coordinated notebooks
  • Comes with 30 sheets made from afforested trees
  • Eco Friendly
  • Affordable rates that make these notebooks a favorable option

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MUJI Manual Pencil Sharpener

Best Muji Stationery Products For Students 

Pencil sharpeners are an essential stationery item in everyone’s life, whether you are a student, professor, or business personnel. 

There are so many designs and varieties available, but we are sure you will love this minimalistic and chic manual pencil sharpener by Muji. It has a transparent compartment to hold all the pencil shavings, so you always know when it is full. 

The sharpener looks perfect to sit on your desk or table, and it also performs its functions exceptionally well. 

muji stationery store

Key Features:

  • Minimalistic and chic manual pencil sharpener
  • Transparent compartment to hold pencil shavings so you can how much is full
  • Has a great design that looks great on the desk and table

MUJI Stainless Steel Scissors

Best Muji Stationery Products For Arts And Crafts

Nothing can be more frustrating than dull scissors. Get rid of that annoyance by getting this pair of stainless steel scissors. We love this minimalistic design from Muji. It is sharp and comes with a protective cover to keep you safe from mishaps. 

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The small size of the scissors also makes it great for the little ones.

best muji notebooks

Key Features:

  • Minimalistic looking scissors 
  • Sharp
  • Comes with a protective cover to save you from mishaps
  • Small in size, making it great for little ones

Muji Manual Paper Shredder

Best Muji Stationery Products For Office

Shredders, believe it or not, are one of the handiest items to have around. It is a vital equipment that helps keep your personal and professional information secure. 

However, shredders can be quite bulky; it takes a lot of space and it runs on electricity. These disadvantages disallow many of us to forego this brilliant piece of invention. 

Not anymore! The Muji Handheld paper shredder is a handy stationery item that eliminates all problems. 

It is easy to use – simply insert a paper you want to shred and turn the handle, it will shred the paper instantly. 

The shredder is slim and compact in size so it is suitable for students and business travelers too. It also makes for a great gifting option for someone’s new home office!

muji store in japan

Key Features:

  • Handy, manual paper shredder
  • Does not need electricity
  • Does not take up a lot of space; is quite slim and compact
  • Easy to use and shred paper
  • Great for students and business travelers

MUJI Pen Case

Best Muji Stationery Products For Students

We all love pen cases; these handy little boxes are great at keeping all our writing tools organized. However, most pen cases are opaque, which means we cannot see what’s inside them without opening it. 

This can be quite a bummer, especially when we need to find something from a big pile quickly. 

The Muji Polypropylene pen case solves that issue as it is translucent. You can easily keep a track of your pens, highlighters, markers, erasers, and so on at a glance without opening the box. 

best japanese stationery 2020

Key Features:

  • Handy translucent pen case made of Polypropylene
  • Lets you keep a track of your things without having to open the box
  • Sturdy and minimalistic design

MUJI Aluminum Card Case

Best Muji Stationery Products For Business Professionals

In the world of business professionals, first impressions really make a lasting impression. And what better way to create a wonderful impression than with this chic and gorgeous-looking aluminum card case. 

The sleek design of the case keeps all your cards in the best condition. The holder is made of aluminum and so is very lightweight. Despite that, it is quite a durable product that will last you a long time. 

The holder has the maximum capacity of 45 cards, which is enough to hold both your cards and those of your contacts.

muji recycled paper notebook review

 Key Features:

  • Sleek aluminum card holder
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Maximum capacity of 45 cards
  • Chich and gorgeous looking card case

MUJI Polypropylene Glasses Case

Best Muji Stationery Products For Glasses

We are often careless with our glasses and leave them anywhere. Doing this can lead to scratches on them or in the most extreme condition, with them being broken. But now you can protect your eyewear with this polypropylene glasses case by Muji. 

It is quite a popular design that lets you store your glasses vertically instead of the traditional horizontal position. And you can still get this case even if you don’t wear glasses; it can be used to store your pencils, erasers, or candies. 

muji carrying case

Key Features:

  • Polypropylene glasses case
  • Popular vertical design that lets you store your glasses in an upright position
  • Can be used to store other items too

MUJI Planner

muji products

Muji planner is one of the best muji stationery products to buy. These are small sticky papers to write your important points to remind you about your essential tasks. It’s easy to use and perfect to remind you about anything and everything.

You can also use it to keep track of your daily activities or keep your study notes in it. The adhesive is pretty strong and gets stuck in place. You’ll definitely love it. 

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Key features: 

  • Unbleached paper
  • Keeping track of activities 
  • Small and compact

MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen

muji stationery

This Aluminium Fountain Pen is worth buying from Muji. The nib is super fine and can bring out different fonts according to the thickness required. I love using this pen because it’s smooth and writes beautifully. You can put any colour ink and it’ll work well although the basic colour is black.

The case of this pen is made with aluminium which is strong and allows perfect grip. It comes with 1 cartridge that is changeable. Try not to drop this pen as it might bend and stop working. 

Key features: 

  • 1 cartridge
  • Strong grip
  • Super fine nib

MUJI Stationery: FAQs

Why is Muji stationery so popular?

MUJI stationery is popular due to its high quality, minimalist design, and affordability. The brand focuses on simplicity and functionality, offering durable products that cater to various needs. MUJI’s unbranded aesthetic appeals to those who appreciate a clean and understated style. Their wide range of stationery items includes pens, pencils, notebooks, and desk accessories, providing comprehensive options for different purposes.

Does MUJI have good stationery?

Yes, MUJI is known for its high-quality stationery with a focus on simplicity and functionality. Their clean and durable products, ranging from pens to notebooks, are praised for their minimalist design. MUJI’s stationery is also affordable, making it popular among students and professionals. Personal preferences may vary, so it’s best to read reviews or try the products yourself.

Are Muji pens worth the hype?

Yes, MUJI pens are worth the hype. MUJI has gained a reputation for producing high-quality pens that are loved by many. Their pens are known for their smooth writing experience, precise lines, and overall reliability. MUJI offers a variety of pen types, including gel pens, ballpoint pens, and felt-tip pens, catering to different writing preferences. Additionally, MUJI pens often feature a minimalist design and are reasonably priced, making them accessible to a wide range of customers. Overall, the positive feedback and popularity surrounding MUJI pens indicate that they are indeed worth the hype.

Why are Muji pens so expensive?

MUJI pens are not typically considered expensive. In fact, MUJI is known for offering affordable products while maintaining good quality. However, prices can vary depending on the specific type or model of the pen. Some factors that may influence the price include the materials used, the manufacturing process, and any additional features or innovations.

Are Muji Notebooks good?

Muji Notebooks are great as they have different qualities of paper depending on the price and purpose. Many of the notebooks are made of recycled paper, but despite that notebooks exhibit simplicity and elegance that is a well-known trait of Muji stationery products. The paper quality is amazing, which means the ink does not bleed through.

Do Muji notebooks bleed through?

Muji notebooks are generally known for having minimal or no bleeding through of ink. However, it’s important to note that the degree of bleeding can depend on various factors such as the type of pen or ink used, the pressure applied while writing, and the paper thickness.

While Muji notebooks are designed to handle most types of writing instruments without bleeding, certain pens with extremely high ink flow or markers with very wet ink may have a higher chance of bleed-through.

What can you buy in Japanese Muji?

The popular Japanese store Muji offers a wide range of high-quality and stylish products at reasonable rates. At Japanese Muji, you can get stationery items, household items, furniture, clothes, cosmetics, food, and a lot more. No matter what you may be looking for, you can be sure that Muji has it.

How much do Muji pens cost in Japan?

You will find a wide variety of pens at Muji and the cost of Muji pens also vary depending on the type of pen you’re looking at. A regular Muji ballpoint pen can cost you about 30 yen while a Muji aluminium fountain pen costs 1090 yen. 

Is Muji good quality?

Muji products are of excellent quality. In fact Muji is known for selling top quality products. 

For the stationery hoarder in you…

These were some of the best Muji stationery products that we are sure you must have enjoyed going through. In this list, we compiled a list of items keeping in mind your needs, and so we have included something for everyone. We hope you found something to interest you. Try out these minimalistic yet chic stationery products from one of Japan’s favorite stores. 

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Muji Polycarbonate Mechanical Pencil with Rubber Grip
Best muji stationery products 1

Here are the Best muji stationery products every stationery hoarder will love! Check out Muji Polycarbonate Mechanical Pencil with Rubber Grip which is the best stationery in the list. Read further to know more.

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