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by Erika Shinomoto
Top Japanese Toilet Seat

Are you looking for the best Japanese toilet seats? here’s a list for you to choose the best ones!

You’ve seen modern cars that now listen to your commands and do what they can within their limits to make your drive an experience and not just getting from point A to point B.

 We even have new Air Conditioners that can do the same for you with all the new technology such as bio-sleep and temperature awareness. Now why stop there?

The Japanese toilet companies have come up with new toilets that make your time in the bathroom an experience with their new technology including but not limited to water temperature, air freshener, sanitizer, automatic seat cover, a nightlight, and Japanese heated toilet seats to name a few.

There are both premium and budget options available in the market. They are the same as bidets and are often referred to as bidet-toilet combos.

 Like with all big purchase decisions you need to be armed with the best information based on research, comparisons, and reviews. 

With all of the functions, styles, and features of the best Japanese style toilet seat the decision can seem overwhelming. Japanese toilets with sinks on top are one of the coolest ones.

Where to buy toilet seats in japan? Well, on Amazon or store but who wouldn’t want a door-step service on Amazon!

 So to make your job easier, I have put together some of the best Japanese toilet seat options for you that you can choose from. 

How To Choose a Japanese Toilet Seat?

  • Shape: There are various shapes of toilet seats available like round, elongated etc. It depends on person to person so choose what’s comfortable for you. 
  • Material: Choose a tough and durable material of your toilet seat because you’re going to be sitting on it. Materials like ceramic, wooden, plastic, vinyl and brass are the best. 
  • Flush: Make sure the flush tank of the toilet seat is good enough to wash away everything in a single push. If it needs too many pushes, it is not efficient. 
  • Extra Features: All in all, what it comes down to is what kind of features you want and what amount of money you want to spend on these features for the best Japanese style toilet seat.

These are a few features you might want to consider:

  • Dual-nozzle adjustable sprayers for comfortable feminine and rear washing
  • Self-cleaning and sanitizing systems
  • Auto open/close lid
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Adjustable warm air dryer
  • Automatic deodorizer
  • Ample pressure to eliminate TP from your life (after all, one of the greatest benefits of owning a bidet is TP cost savings)
  • Unlimited warm water washing
  • Nightlight

Best Japanese Toilet Seat: Summary

Best Japanese Toilet SeatDimensionsWeight
TOTO Neorest NX210 x 10 x 10 inches158.7 Pounds
Kohler K-5402-0 Veil Wall-hung Intelligent Toilet25.38 x 23.25 x 46.25 inches110 Pounds
Toto MW6142044CEFG#0128.31 x 16.5 x 28.62 inches110 Pounds
Brondell Swash SE600 Bidet Toilet Seat20.87 x 15.15 x 6.1 inches9.7 Pounds
Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment12 x 6 x 6 inches1.8 pounds
Toto SW2034-0123.5 x 20.5 x 9 inches15 Pounds
Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash 30015.5 x 20.5 x 6.25 inches13.6 Pounds
Brondell LE8919.53 x 18.5 x 5.71 inches15.72 pounds

Which is the best Japanese toilet seat?

I’ve changed many toilet seats to find the best one based on comfort, technology, price etc. I found Toto SW2034-01 to be the best.

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Toto SW2034-01 is an entry-level Japanese washlet. It has basic functions like a heated seat, temperature control, and dryer. Toto SW2034-01 also comes with a pre-mist to help prevent any unwanted mess. It has a white plastic control panel It is also extremely budgeted.

TOTO Neorest NX2 (MS901CUMFX#01)

japanese toilet seat

This is the one of the best Japanese style toilet seat and the most advanced Japanese-style toilet in the market and it also comes with a big price tag to go with its features. It is one of the most luxurious toilet seats that you could get. 

It has a new ACTILIGHT system that uses a bacteria-neutralizing ultraviolet light and a titanium dioxide-fired toilet bowl. This extraordinary technology initiates a photocatalytic process that breaks down even microscopic waste particles. 

It has an auto open-close lid so that you have a totally hands-free experience. It has a warm air dryer, a fully adjustable spray, seat warmer, remote control, E-Water, unlimited front and rear warm water washing, tornado flushing, air deodorizer, and also, a night light. I love the luxurious experience it gives me just while using the seat. Although, I find this toilet seat extremely amazing the cost is too high.

 It also comes with a 3-year warranty which isn’t surprising considering it costs about the same as a small car. Definitely, the best Japanese toilet seat in terms of its technology. Now you can have Japanese heated toilet seats so you’re always warm, even in the toilet!

Key Features:

  • Advanced Japanese style toilet seat
  • One of the most luxurious toilet seats
  • Has a bacteria-neutralizing ultraviolet light
  • Titanium dioxide-fired bowl
  • Breaks down microscopic waste particles
  • Auto open-close lid
  • Has a warm air dryer and a fully adjustable spray
  • Also comes with tornado flushing, air deodorizer, and night light
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Comfort: 10/10
  • Features: 10/10
  • Affordability: 4/10

WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Toilet Seat

best japanese bidet toilet seat

Woodbridge toilet seat is one of the premium Japanese bidets with different hygienic types like a feminine wash, posterior wash, as well as adjustable water pressure. This Japanese toilet seat has an automatic flush that’s activated once you stand up from it. 

I really like this Japanese toilet bidet because it has a deodorizer so you don’t have to worry about the foul smell. I also find it super nice to sit on during the colder season as it has a warm air dryer. The flush is also super powerful and it automatically opens and closes so you don’t have to touch the bidet. 

The only downside of this Woodbridge Japanese style toilet seat is that it’s extremely expensive. 

Key features

  • Powerful flush 
  • Automatic flush 
  • Totally hygienic 
  • Air purification 
  • Instant warming comfort


  • Comfort: 9.5/10
  • Features: 9.5/10
  • Affordability: 7/10

Brondell Swash SE600 Bidet Toilet Seat

This best Japanese toilet seat, in particular, provides all the features but at a significantly reduced cost.

It has vast user settings and one-touch auto mode delivers the most hygienic bathroom experience at the touch of a button on your wireless remote so you can create your ideal bathroom experience with endless combinations from this home bidet.

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This bidet’s sleek shape blends seamlessly into both your bathroom decor and bathroom habits. The hidden pocket conceals water and power connections and the contoured lid looks modern and refined on any toilet.

With both rear and front washes, the nozzle can be positioned to your liking and has a gentle massage pulse function. This is the best Japanese toilet seat for its low cost and great features.

 Loaded with convenient and luxurious features, this home bidet also includes a heated seat, warm air dryer, warm water wash, deodorizer, power-saving eco-mode, cool blue illuminating night light, programmable user settings on a wireless remote control, one-touch auto mode, and a strong suitable lid.

Key Features:

  • Great features with low cost
  • One-touch auto mode
  • Gives you a hygienic bathroom experience
  • Convenient and luxurious features
  • Has a cool blue illuminating light
  • Wireless remote control feature

Toto MW6142044CEFG#01

The toilet is one of the best Japanese style toilet seat that operates at 1.28 gpf and it comes with the C200 WASHLET, which is an electronic bidet seat. 

It is easy to connect seamlessly with the WASHLET+ technology and it offers you so many features. This Japan toilet seat has a cover.

 As TOTO puts it, the Carlyle II features our industry-leading Tornado flushing system and CeFiONtect ceramic glaze, which creates an extraordinarily smooth, ion-barrier surface to help keep the bowl cleaner with every flush. 

It has a pre-mist function which cleans itself to prevent waste from adhering to the bowl and also helps those with limited mobility and disabilities achieve self-care and regain independence. 

Heated seat and warm air dryer with five variable settings, automatic air deodorizer remove odors while sitting on the seat. It is remote control operated with an easy-to-read illuminated touchpad and 2 user memory to save preferred settings.

 It can help you save up to 5 gallons a day and it comes with a 1-year warranty as well. It is the best Japanese toilet seat as choosing this bidet seat will make you shift to electronic toilet.

Key Features:

  • Electronic bidet seat
  • Comes with Tornado flushing system
  • Keeps the bowl clean after every flush
  • Comes with a pre-mist function
  • Japanese Heated toilet seat and warm air dryer
  • Comes with five variable settings
  • Has an automatic air deodorizer to remove odors
  • Remote controlled with an illuminated touchpad
  • Helps save water

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment

This is the cheapest option and one of the best Japanese toilet seat  out of the five until now but no less than either of them. 

The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is a cold water mechanical bidet, equipped with a single wash nozzle and dual control knobs that are simple to operate.

It has a sleek design that will go well with your bathroom. It has high-quality parts and attachments including high-pressure valves with metal/ceramic cores and steel pipes instead of the usual plastic. 

It has a nozzle guard gate that shields the nozzle for your ultimate sanitary experience. The nozzle automatically retracts behind the guard gate after each wash to ensure it is protected until your next use and it is also self-cleaning. 

The chrome-plated knobs on the attachment give you complete control over water pressure. It is also very easy to install as told by the manufacturer and you can do it yourself and it comes with an 18-month warranty.

Key Features:

  • One of the cheapest options
  • Equipped with a single wash nozzle
  • Comes with a sleek design
  • Made using high quality parts
  • Nozzle shield for the ultimate sanitary experience
  • Complete control over water pressure
  • Easy to install

Toto SW2034-01 

The Toto SW2034-01 is an entry-level Japanese washlet that gets the job done. It isn’t feature clad like the rest of the toilets but it does come with all of the basics such as heated seat, temperature control, dryer, oscillating spray option, and even pre-mist to help prevent the unwanted mess left after taking care of business.

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 If the price of the other bidet seats has you on the fence then pick this one up. It is the best Japanese toilet seat that has functions like heated seat, temperature etc.

It does not come with a portable remote but it does have a white plastic control panel attached to the side which you will get used to in no time. 

It is a budget option and can be installed in one of the lesser-used guest rooms. This best Japanese style toilet seat will be one of your best buys till date.

Key Features:

  • Has basic functions like a heated seat, temperature control, and dryer
  • Also comes with pre-mist to help prevent any unwanted mess
  • Cheaper as compared to other alternatives
  • Has a white plastic control panel
  • Budget option

Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash 300

This best Japanese toilet seat is the lowest price bidet seat. with its six options for water pressure, water temperature, and seat temperature, you should be able to adjust the Swash 300 to your preferences and have a smooth experience. Definitely, one of the best Japanese style toilet seats!

It does come with a remote even at its price which is not anywhere else in its segment. It has dual self-cleaning nozzles for posterior and feminine warm-water washes, a three-part safety sensor system, water, and seat temperature settings, and an intelligent body sensor.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable to your preferences
  • Gives you a smooth experience
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Has dual self-cleaning nozzles
  • Intelling body sensor

Brondell LE89

This is the best Japanese toilet seat that has an entry-level bidet seat. A few of the features are a warm air-dryer, front and rear washing, a hybrid heating system, a blue nightlight, adjustable stainless steel nozzle, adjustable pressure, self-cleaning nozzle, pressure and massage modes, eco-mode, and gentle closing lid. 

The controls are attached to the side of the seat and are easy to access and use as well. So basically it has all the features of an expensive small car bidet but at the price that you can be satisfied with. 

This is the best Japanese style toilet seat for its bidet, prices and other features.

Key Features:

  • Entry-level bidet seat
  • Excellent features such as warm air-dryer, hybrid heating system, and adjustable stainless steel nozzle
  • Controls attached to the side of the seat
  • Comes at an excellent price

Modern Toilet Seats!

Japan is a land of advancements, and this can be seen in the toilet seats that they have. I hope you enjoyed this list of the best toilet seats that are designed to make your toilet experience luxurious.

 Get these today and you shall know why all the best Japanese toilet seat is different from the traditional toilet seats!

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Toto SW2034-01
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Check out the Best Japanese toilet seat which is curated for you to get the best ones. Also, don't forget to check out Toto SW2034-01 which is the best Japanese toilet seat because of its technology, budget and also comfort.

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