How To Choose A Japanese Teapot? | Guide to Japanese Teapots 2024

by Erika Shinomoto
Top Japanese Teapots

Looking for the best Japanese teapots for enjoying a good tea-time with your family or friends? Check them out here!

Embark on a serene journey through the art of tea with our guide on how to choose the perfect Japanese teapot.

With a focus on material, design, and craftsmanship, we’ll help you find a teapot that not only enhances the flavor of your tea but also complements your tea-drinking rituals.

Which is the Best Japanese Teapot?

I’ve been the best Japanese teapots for a long time now and I found Happy Sales Calligraphy Tea Set to be the best in terms of capacity, material, design and size.

Happy Sales Calligraphy Tea Set is a vibrant colour tea set that doesn’t lose its shine and calligraphy on washing. It is great for gifting purposes and is capable enough to keep the tea for a long time. It has a bamboo handle and is made up of ceramic. It is available on Amazon.

Best Japanese teapots: Summary

Best Japanese teapotsCapacityMaterial
Happy Sales Cast Iron Tea Set16 fluid ouncesCast Iron
Happy Sales Red Calligraphy Tea Set27 fluid ouncesCeramic
Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru teapot700 MillilitersGlass
MIYA Japanese Ocean Blue Five Piece Tea set1500 MillilitresPorcelain
Iwachu-Tetsubin Gold and Black Goldfish Iron Teapot22 Fluid ouncesIron
Kutani – I Rabbit Pottery Teapot350 MillilitersCeramic
ZENS – Camel White Teapot27 fluid ouncesCeramic
GURO Cast Iron Terracotta Teapot1800 MillilitresCast Iron

 You will notice that Japanese teapots are handcrafted by artisans and are beautifully designed and are made as per the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. 

The best Japanese teapots are made using materials such as cast iron, porcelain stone, ceramic, and glass. These usually come with removable stainless steel infusers that are used to stain loose tea leaves. 

Are you allured to get a set for yourself? I have brought to you the best Japanese teapots for you to consider.

Best Japanese Teapots

Happy Sales Cast Iron Tea Set

You enjoy eating or drinking when the ambiance and the resources are good. In the same way, tea is enjoyed in a certain environment with a beautiful tea set. Here is one absolutely classic teapot set that consists of a teapot, two cups, and a trivet. 

best Japanese teapots

This one of the best Japanese teapots that is in cast iron material which is known for its strength and longevity. Black enamel plays a very important role in this tea set as it protects it from scratches and keeps the shine intact for years. 

The lid also looks nice and keeps the tea warm and this iron cast teapot works on stove as well. I got this for my grandma and she was so happy because of its amazing material and functionality. It’s one of the best Japanese teapots.

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. It is just for a pouring purpose and not to warm water or any other liquid. Get this beautiful tea set for your tea lover friend.

Key Features:

  • Tea set with two matching cups
  • Good quality material with a porcelain coating
  • Resistant to scratches
  • The coating keeps the shine intact


  • Material used: 9.5/10
  • Capacity: 9/10
  • Functionality: 10/10

Happy Sales Red Calligraphy Tea Set

You will fall in love with these pretty best Japanese teapots at once! This was incredible as it looks tiny but holds sufficient tea for four people. In this set you get red calligraphy featured beautifully to make it look unique. 

japanese teapot and cups

The teapot has a bamboo handle that doesn’t let it heat up and balances it nicely to make the handling part easier. 

Other than that, the material is quite thick to take hot tea without affecting them. This Japanese teapot design is cute and perfect. I use this Japanese tea set and I love the capacity for two people because it’s just perfect and comes with glasses as well.

Also, the coating is trustworthy and the set will not lose its shine at all. You can freely wash them in the dishwasher! Also, to bring a beautiful smile to your face, this comes in a pretty gift box! This is one of the best Japanese teapots you’ll come across.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant color tea set
  • Doesn’t lose its shine and calligraphy
  • Great for gifting purposes
  • Capable enough to take hot tea


  • Material used: 10/10
  • Capacity: 8.5/10
  • Functionality: 9/10

Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Teapot

If you are looking for something more simple and elegant then you can go for this glass tea set. This one is a must-have and the best Japanese teapots because of its beautiful appearance, its material, and its extraordinary features. 

japanese teapots ceramic

It is in glass material that is heatproof in nature. In the teapot, you get a removable strainer which is just a plus to this product. You can directly pour your tea into this teapot and you are good to go.

This glass Japanese teapot is super classy and my personal favourite. I found this to be the best Japanese teapot because of it’s size and heatproof material.

 Another benefit to having this one is that is it microwave safe so even if you want to warm it up you can! It is dishwasher safe and holds a good amount of tea in it. Also, it keeps your tea warm for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Glass material tea set
  • Looks classy and elegant
  • Heatproof in nature and safe with dishwasher
  • Microwave safe


  • Material used: 9.5/10
  • Capacity: 9.5/10
  • Functionality: 8/10

MIYA Japanese Ocean Blue Five Piece Tea Set

japanese tea set cast iron

You may also like this Japanese tea set in blue of five tea sets for a family of four. This set consists of a teapot with a  long handle and four cups. The inside of the cup is in glossy blue colour and the outside is of coffee brown. 

These are soft from the top and are comfortable to handle and enjoy tea. It is recommended to hand wash them and not use dishwashers. Other than that, the cups hold a quite good quality of the liquid.  

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The handle of the pot needs to be attached when you receive it. This Japanese teapot is ceramic and is great. This is one of the best Japanese teapots for a family of four.

Key Features:

  • Good quality material
  • Blue and coffee brown color
  • Hand wash only
  • Sufficient capacity

Iwachu-Tetsubin Gold and Black Goldfish Iron Teapot

japanese tea set blue

Looking for a gift for a friend who loves ancient things and just loves cultural beauty altogether? Well, this one is an iconic teapot which is absolutely suitable for your ancient lover friend. 

This is one of the best Japanese teapots that is in iron material and has goldfish carved on it. In Japanese culture, goldfish resemble good fortune. It won’t get rusted as the teapot has an enamel coating that protects it and also keeps it shining.

 You can use this pot daily or also keep it as a showpiece in your room. This japanese tea set in cast iron will keep your tea warm. This 

Your friend will definitely love this unique gift. Choose the best Japanese teapots for gifting friends!

Key Features:

  • Unique iron teapot
  • Looks traditional and ancient
  • A great gift for tea lovers
  • Rust and corrosion free

Kutani – I Rabbit Pottery Teapot

japanese teapot design

This is one of the best Japanese teapots that has been inspired by Kutani pottery that specializes in beautiful and traditional artwork. In this teapot, there are high-quality gold designs that are known as the kinrande style of Japan. 

The structure of this pot is comfortable to handle and also comes with a strainer that is removable. The artwork drawn on the pot is of a rabbit which looks very cute and delicate. Get this teapot for your daily breaks and enjoy it.

 Regarding the heat, it keeps the liquid warm and hot for a long time. Undoubtedly, the best Japanese teapots in the lot!

Key Features:

  • Inspired by old Japanese pottery
  • Good quality gold design
  • Rabbit design 
  • Good heat capacity 

ZENS – Camel White Teapot

japanese tea set blue

You might also like this simple and pretty tea set with a teapot and two matching cups. This one is white in color and looks nice for everyday tea. This is one of the best  Japanese teapots that’s elegant.

It is in ceramic material which is a great material for cups and pots as it keeps the material inside hot for long. The ones who do not want colors and drawings can go for this simple and sober set. 

This is one of the best Japanese teapots that can take up to 800 ml of liquid and is great for a big family. It has a matte finished look and inside you get a strainer which makes the job easier. Also, the porcelain coating works as a protective layer to the set. 

Key Features:

  • Simple and sober white tea set
  • Comes with a strainer
  • Ceramic material good heating capacity
  • Matte-finished outer body

GURO Cast Iron Terracotta Teapot

iwachu cast iron teapot

This one is another best Japanese teapots that is cast in an iron-based tea set. It is thick enough to hold the heat and has more than two layers of enamel which protect it from rusting. 

This set is available in three different colors so you can choose yours. The look is a bit traditional and not at all fancy. You get two cups and a teapot which can take up to 1 liter of tea and is sufficient for two people. 

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The enamel doesn’t affect the taste of your tea at all as it is just one of the best Japanese teapots of all times.

Key Features:

  • Cast iron tea set in turquoise color
  • Not at all fancy looking
  • Great for daily usage
  • Available in different colors

How to Choose a Japanese Teapot?

  • Type: There are various Japanese teapots types to prepare Japanese green tea like Yokode kyusu teapots, Ushirode kyusuteapots, Dobin teapots, etc. Choose the one that you’re most comfortable with and that aligns with your method of preparation. 
  • Material: Glass, porcelain, ceramic, cast iron, steel, etc. are different types of teapot materials. Glass teapots look classy and won’t rust but they can’t hold high-temperature liquids. Stainless steel teapots are good for daily use and durable but rust quickly. Porcelain and ceramic are good for daily use but quite delicate in nature. 
  • Shape: Traditional Japanese teapots usually have motifs on their exterior and have a vase shape with a broad lower body. Most of them also have a spout but that’s not a necessity. 
  • Size: They come in different sizes that you’ll need to find out according to the size of your family, occasion, etc. 
  • Functionality: Look for added features like spout, infuser, lid, etc. that you might need according to your budget.

Types Of Japanese Teapots

There are so many different types of Japanese teapots available. These teapots are most commonly used to brew green tea.

Yokode Kyusu

Yokode Kyusu teapots are the ones that come with side handles, making them very easy to hold and handle. 

Ushirode Kyusu Teapots

Another one is Ushirode kyusu teapots that have handles on the back. These are extremely popular. Yet other ones are the heat-resistant Dobin teapots. These have removable handles that are made of rattan, bamboo, or plastic. 

Tetsubin Teapots

And the final type of Japanese teapot is tetsubin teapots that come in various shapes and sizes. These are made using cast iron, making them highly durable. These are also known for their excellent heat conductivity and sturdiness. 

The Japanese Tea Culture

Tea is deeply intertwined with Japanese culture. The country has a rich history of tea cultivation and drinking, dating back to the ninth century. Tea ceremonies are an important part of Japanese life, and tea drinking is considered a sign of refinement and sophistication.

There are many different types of tea ceremonies, each with its own unique rituals and traditions. But all ceremonies share one common goal: to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that allows participants to focus on the present moment.

Tea is often served with small snacks called wagashi, which are designed to complement the flavor of the tea. Traditional Japanese sweets like mochi (a type of rice cake) or daifuku (a sweet made from sticky rice flour) are popular

Brewing tea – the fancy way!

These were some of the best Japanese teapots that you can consider getting. These Japanese teapots have sleek and clean designs. Brewing tea in these teapots is a whole different level of experience. 

The Best Japanese teapots are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you the most. Grab one of these high-quality and durable teapots to brew amazing tea right away!

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Check out the curated list of the best Japanese teapots where you can brew tea and enjoy with your friends and family! Don't forget to check out the Happy Sales Caligraphy Tea Set that has an amazing design, great capacity and more. Read further to find out!

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