8 Best Japanese Stain Remover 2022

by Erika Shinomoto
best Japanese stain removers

Keep your home spick and span with the best Japanese stain remover. Get rid of the most stubborn stains from your mirrors, windows, table surfaces, or even kitchen counters. 

Cleaning may be quite a boring task, but we can all agree that there is something satisfying about this process. It is also a bit of a task since the surfaces around us tend to get dirty and have all sorts of stains on them, Ew

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Looking at the tough and stubborn stains spoiling the look of your home can be quite annoying to look at. And so, I’ve curated this special article for all of us who are obsessed with having everything around us squeaky clean. 

Best Japanese Stain Remover: Quick Summary

Best Japanese Stain RemoverType
Sensha Interior Stain RemoverSpray
Sensha Glass CleanerSpray
Daiso Melamine Sponge KingSponge
Daiso Japan Diamond CleanerScrub
Ivitamo Glass Cleaner PadScrub Pad
Kuniyoshi Knife Rust EraserEraser
Hanafubuki Sap EraserEraser
Volwco Mold Remover GelGel

In this article, I’ve listed some of the best Japanese stain removers that work like magic and remove even the toughest of stains from surfaces. Continue reading to find out products that will make cleaning a fun and satisfying task!

Top Picks For Best Japanese Stain Remover

Top Japanese Stain Remover

#1 — Sensha Interior Stain Remover

Best Japanese Stain Remover For Car seats and carpets

Interior stain cleaner from Sensha is a suitable product for stubborn car interior stains, as it easily removes those stubborn stains effortlessly. With this product, it is also a less time-consuming process. The product is mainly used to clean stains from the carpets and seats as they are more prone to dirt because of frequent day-to-day usage. 

This can be used freely without worrying about the fading of color on the seats as it does not have bleaching agents in it, which makes it safe to use. To have better results, let the product penetrate into the stained area by applying it with the help of a damp cloth and patting it firmly on the stained area.

It can be used on multiple surfaces such as fabric walls, carpets, mats, etc. Avoid using them on leather surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Suitable product for those stubborn stains inside cars
  • Cleaning stains is a less time-consuming process with this stain remover
  • Can be used freely without worrying about it fading the color
  • Does not contain bleaching agents
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces

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#2 — Sensha Glass Cleaner

Best Japanese Stain Remover For Glass Surfaces

Presenting another high-quality product by Sensha, a super easy-to-use glass cleaner that gives a quality finish to the glass surfaces. This product is alcohol-based and is of value because of its one-wipe clean guarantee.

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With worldwide positive feedback based on varied environments in different countries, this glass cleaner has now become the most demanding one across the world. 

This product has received acknowledgement from the professionals and is an everyday use product for car glasses and other automobiles, as well as any other glass surface.

This power of one-wipe cleaning nature has increased its popularity, and after wiping, it does not leave any white residue and also dries quickly, giving a sparkling glass surface.

Key Features:

  • High-quality glass cleaner that gives a great finish to glass surfaces
  • Alcohol-based product
  • Guarantees one-wipe cleaning
  • Demanding cleaner across the world
  • Great for all glass surfaces
  • Does not leave behind a white residue
  • Dries quickly and leaves the glass surface feeling sparkling and shiny

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#3 — Daiso Melamine Sponge King

Best Japanese Stain Remover For Multiple Surfaces

Daiso’s melamine sponge helps in removing grease stains and other tough stains from all around the house. The sponge has micro-scrubbers that reach into the surface, which usually consumes a lot of time. This melamine sponge effortlessly cleans the dirt effectively.

You can use this sponge to clean the top surfaces of the taps, tubs, as well as bathroom floors, kitchen platforms, etc. Most of the time, the yellowish stains take a lot of time during the removing process, but with this sponge, it only takes minutes.

You can remove discoloration as well as reduce it. With such multi-purpose usage, this product is quite handy and a must-have for cleaning. In addition, it also consumes less time and is not at all difficult to use. 

Key Features:

  • Melamine sponge with micro-scrubbers
  • Helps in removing greasy and other tough stains
  • Effortlessly and effectively helps remove stains and dirt
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Helps remove yellowish stains too
  • Cleaning process takes only minutes
  • Consumes less time

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#4 — Daiso Japan Diamond Cleaner

Best Japanese Stain Remover For All Surfaces

Diamond cleaner from Daiso is an amazing product for stain removal. It comes with a scrub that has a layer of diamond powder that cleans up the dirt collected on the surface deeply and results in a polished area. 

There is always a concern regarding the marks and scratches while cleaning surface stains, but with this diamond cleaner, you get a shiny surface and a scratch-free area, which is always a plus when looking for stain removal products. 

It can be used without any hassle, just pour some water and scrub as per the area demands. You also get to use it for toilets and bath, vanity mirrors, and glass surfaces that are transparent.

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Key Features:

  • Stain removal scrub with a layer of diamond powder
  • Scratch-free cleaning
  • Convenient to use
  • Instant cleaning
  • Fights even the toughest of stains on the surface

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#5 — Ivitamo Glass Cleaner Pad

Best Japanese Stain Remover For Mirrors and Glass Surfaces

This glass cleaner from Ivitamo is a cleaning product for transparent glasses and mirrors. It can also be used to clean whitish bathroom scars.

With the help of this product, you will get a polished and fine area, as it claims to clean dirt keenly. 

It is also not too harsh on the mirrors and glasses. It is very handy to use and can be used repetitively without affecting the surface for better cleaning.

After cleaning and scrubbing the surface with this product, you can wash it well with plain water nicely and leave it to dry for a better shine, or simply wipe it with a dry cloth.

Key Features:

  • Removes whitish spots on the surface
  • Instant cleaning
  • Does not harm the area
  • Can be used repetitively for cleaning tough stains

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#6 —  Kuniyoshi Knife Rust Eraser

Best Japanese Stain Remover For Metallic Surfaces

Presenting an ultimate knife rust eraser by Kuniyoshi that works wonders for your knives, scissors, or any other metallic tool. This rust eraser helps in removing rust, stains, and dirt from the tools and also helps to keep them sharp, shiny, and useful for a long time.

The rust eraser does its job without affecting the blade and its sharpness. Using it is not rocket science, just dip the eraser in water, stroke and rub it in a stained or rusted area, rinse the tool thoroughly with water and dry it off or pat dry for a glazed shiny look.

The design is non-toxic and safe and can be used without any fear of harming your fingers.

Key Features:

  • Eraser that helps remove rust and stains
  • Helps keep your tools shiny, sharp, and useful
  • Easy to use 
  • Does not need a lot of maintenance
  • Non-toxic material that is safe to use

#7 — Hanafubuki Sap Eraser

Best Japanese Stain Remover To Clean Rust

Sap eraser from Hanafubuki is a rust cleaner for blades and scissors and can also be used for kitchen knives. It is made up of alumina and urethane that helps in curing the damage caused to the metallic tools by corrosion. It is highly corrosion-resistant. 

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You can use them according to the size you want by reshaping it and the usage is very simple and safe. Rub it gently on the affected area and remove the flakes with the help of a dry cloth.

To maintain a good polish and intact quality of the tool, apply some oil on it as it will keep the metallic tools safe from rust. 

It can be used to clean the gardening tools as well as kitchen tools. The design of the eraser is simple and sober to handle and is light weighted.

Key Features:

  • Helps clean rust
  • Made of alumina and urethane
  • Highly corrosion resistance
  • Reshaping helps in cleaning areas that are hard to reach
  • Simple design and safe usage
  • light-weighed

#8 — Mold Remover Gel

Best Japanese Stain Remover For mold on floor, tiles, door 

This mold remover gel works effectively for mold on floor, wall, tile, shower, and door and is one of the best anti-odor cleaning gel. It has powerful bleaching properties that remove the mold and reduce yellowish spots on surfaces.

It works instantly on tiles and around the window corners where there is always a chance of dirt and mold. The application is very simple. The gel comes with a 5mm tip design, with the help of which, you can pour the liquid into little gaps. 

Dry out the surface to be cleaned, apply the gel to the mold area, and leave it to work. At last, you just have to remove the mold gel with the help of a cloth and its done.

It also prevents the mold from spreading into the area. With this simple usage and handy product, life becomes a lot easier. 

Key Features:

  • Prevents mold from spreading 
  • Bleaching helps in reducing discoloration
  • Versatile usage
  • Handles minor to major mold
  • Eliminates moisture

Get your cleaning game on point with these stain removers!

We understand that getting rid of a tough and stubborn stain can be quite a task, which is why we compiled this list. These were some of the best Japanese surface stain removers to help you get rid of those pesky issues. We hope that with these products, cleaning becomes an easy and enjoyable task.

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Sensha Interior Stain Remover

Keep your home, windows, car interiors and other surface stain-free with the best Japanese stain removers. Check out the Sensha Interior Stain Remover that can help you keep your car interiors and other surfaces clean as well. It doesn't contain bleach so you can rest assured that it won't fade any colors.

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