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best japanes snacks

I love Japanese snacks! And here’s a list of my absolute favorite best Japanese snacks for you to try the next time you visit Japan!

I love Japan, not only their excellent sustainable choices and culture but also their specially curated products. I am a huge fan, especially of Japanese beauty products and snacks. They have such unique varieties in both the niches that I cannot stop admiring them. 

Japanese snacks are my absolute favorites. I love munching on them whenever and wherever. They are a perfect blend of quirkiness and unusual flavors that you would not find anywhere else. And their snacks list is not limited to a few items; they have a plethora of assorted snacks that have the power to satisfy everyone, no matter what their taste preferences are. 

I always need my best Japanese snacks at an arm’s distance, but I do not want to have to fly to Japan each time my stock depletes. The times, however, have changed. There is no longer any need to hunt for shops selling Japanese snacks. We can sit back at the comfort of our homes and order snacks that catch our fancy online. 

I have some favorites that I always need around me, to curb those sudden hunger pangs. I have listed some of the most unique and best Japanese snacks under different categories – sweet, savory, and healthy. 

Best Japanese Snacks Souvenir

Without further ado, let us delve into the delicious world of Japanese snacks. Ready to click the buy button?

Best Sweet Japanese Snacks 2020

Caramel is my favorite; this western treat offers a chewy delight that is unmatched for. It first came to Japan in the late 19th century and was first sold by the Moringa company in 1913. The candies come in a recognizable yellow box and are all individually packed.

Today, it is one of the most popular brands of candies in Japan. Despite Moringa releasing several variants of the candy including, Red Bean and Matcha, these chewy delights still remain the most popular amongst the people.

This one is considered one of the best Japanese snacks here in Japan!

#2 — Matcha KitKat – Best KitKat Flavor In Japan

We all love the traditional chocolate KitKats. But I love the delicious Japanese Matcha KitKat. Nestle has produced about 300 different flavors of KitKat for the Japanese market, and the Matcha one is by far the most popular and probably, according to me, the most delicious.

It takes a few bites to forget the chocolatey taste of KitKat and get used to the subtle taste of Matcha, but trust me, once your taste buds adjust to this, you will be asking for more. The Matcha KitKat combines the subtle taste of Matcha with the delicate sweetness to create this gem. 

This is defnitely one of my favorites kitkat flavor and one of the best Japanese snacks to buy from Tokyo!

#3 — Kinoko no Yama – Best Japanese Chocolate Candy

Have you ever tried chocolate-covered biscuits? The Kinoko no Yama takes this concept to a whole new level. What this company has done is, it has taken mushrooms and converted them into delectable snacks.

The mushroom-shaped treat comes with a smooth stem and chocolate-covered cap. You can enjoy the biscuit and the chocolate top together, or separately. Use whatever method you love.

Doesn’t this Japanese snack deserve to be in the best Japanese snacks list?

#4 — Takenoko no Sato

Takenoko no Sato is the rival of Kinoko no Yama. If you try the mushroom-shaped snacks, you must give a try to this snack as well. The bamboo shoot snacks are generously covered in chocolate.

Unlike Kinoko no Yama, there is no option of enjoying the cookie and the chocolate separately. 

Want to find out the difference between the two yourself? Get this sweet Japanese snack souvenir during your visit to Japan!

Best Japanese Savoury Snacks 2020

#1 — Wasabi Beef Chips – Best Japanese Chips

We usually reach out to a bag of crisps when hunger strikes. But why stick to traditional chip when we have the Wasabi Beef Chips? These crisps are inspired by roast beef topped with horseradish. The crisps let you enjoy the kick provided by Wasabi with the meaty beef flavor. 

These are my absolute favorite and definitely the best Japanese chips in the list!

#2 — Seaweed Salt Chips – Best Salty Japanese Snacks

The combination of seaweed and salt is probably one of the most popular in Japan. The Seaweed & Salt chips from Calbee is Japan’s number one snack option. Each crisp is coated with salt and seaweed flakes to give it the distinct taste that it is known for. 

Mind you, these chips taste so good you can get addicted! Definitely one of the best Japanese snacks to bring back with from Japan!

#3 — Jagariko Sticks – Best Japanese Potato Chips By Calbee

Jagariko Sticks come in a colorful cup sealed with a foil lid. This snack is going to be your favorite munching item. The potato sticks are crunchy on the outside and soft on the core.

Jagariko Sticks are available in seasonal limited-edition flavors as well. Make sure you buy plenty of these when you get your hands on them ’cause you’ll be surprised at how quickly they can get over! Because this best Japanese snack is so yummy!

#4 — Jagabee Fries By Calbee

Jagabee fries or Potato Sticks is another popular potato snack by Calbee. However, the texture of Jagabee Potato Sticks completely differs from the Jagariko potato sticks.

The Jagabee Potato Sticks resemble fries and are crunchy both on the outside and the inside. Definitely one of my favorite and best Japanese snack!

Best Japanese Snacks

Best Healthy Japanese Snacks 2020

#1 — Almonds and Dried Fish – Top Japanese Snacks

The Almonds and Dried Fish may not be what you would think of grabbing when you want to munch on something. The dried sardines mixed with almonds create a peculiar taste that you get used to after the first few bites.

Coated in sesame seeds, this healthy Japanese snack is slightly sweet in taste. The almond fish, as it is commonly called in Japan, serves as a great snack to go with alcohol. 

#2 — Seaweed Strips

Seaweed is used extensively in Japanese cuisine, but one popular form is the dried salty seaweed. The dried seaweed sheets are a healthy snacking option. Snacking on dried seaweed is a healthy alternative to consuming crisps.

#3 — Hoshiume Dried Plums

Dried plums or apricots are quite sour as fruit need to be processed before consumption. One common way of eating plum is in the form of a pickle. But Hoshiume dried plums are sweeter in taste and are seedless. It is a healthy snacking option that also comes in a resealable bag so you can munch on the go.

#4 — Soft Senbei – Best Senbei In Japan

Senbei, or hard rice crackers, are popular street snacks enjoyed by Japanese people right off the grill at roadside stands. But they are hard. The Soft Senbei is a popular snacking option.

Unlike traditional Senbei, the soft one is easier to eat. The crackers break apart with ease and have a light flavor. They are seasoned with oil and salt. You have to take these best Japanese snacks back home from Japan so your friends and family can try too!

Best Japanese Traditional Snacks Of All Time

#1 — Himemaru Rice Crackers – Best Japanese Mochi Crackers

Himemaru Rice Crackers are unlike the traditional hard rice crackers. They are deep-fried, crunchy, and have a rich coating of soy sauce. They are very delicious and are great snacks to go with alcohol. 

I bet you, you won’t stop munching on these! They are one of my absolute favorites to have and definitely one of the best Japanese snacks you could take back home from Japan!

#2 — Kaki no Tane Rice Cracker – Best Japanese Mixed Arare Rice Crackers

Kaki no Tane Rice cracker is a simple snack with a blast of bold flavors. The packet of crescent-shaped rice crackers also has almonds for added crunchiness with each bite.

You will find a perfect blend of textures and seasonings that can be enjoyed with alcohol. 

It’s one of the favorite Japanese snacks amongst the Japanese. It has a lot of flavors in it and is just fun to munch on which is why it’s in this list of best Japanese snacks!

#3 — Apollo Strawberry Chocolate – Best Japanese Snack 2020

The strawberry chocolates are a classic Japanese treat that combines the delicious flavors of chocolate and strawberry. Your favorites come together as one conical treat.

The design of the quirky box takes you back to the 1960s. The name, Apollo, and the cone-shaped chocolates give a Space Age vibe. 

These delicious snacks are my personal favorite and one of the best Japanese snacks you’ll taste. They’re absolutely tasty and satisfy your sweet tooth!

From this list, I would say, the most popular snacks in Japan are:

  1. Matcha KitKat
  2. Jagariko Potato Sticks
  3. Jagabee Fries Calbee
  4. Kaki No Tane Rice Crackers
  5. Apollo Strawberry Chocolate

Ready to delve into the deliciousness of the best Japanese snacks?

These were some of the most delectable Japanese snacks that you can easily find online. For ease, I have categorized them into categories of healthy, sweet, savory, and classic. These categories will help you browse through your preferences quickly, and you will be able to decide the snack category that catches your fancy at that time.

Whether you are looking for munchies to be your companion during office hours, snacks to go with your late-night movies, or a change from the regular options like crisps, these best Japanese snacks are going to be your savior.

I have most of the snacks lying around to satisfy my sudden cravings. Out of the whole lot, I have a few biased preferences. I would recommend the almond fish for its unique taste. It took me some time to get used to it, especially the almonds. The sardines taste amazing.

You must also stock up on the Matcha KitKat, which is not just a healthier alternative but is also delicious. The Jagariko potato sticks are also a great option to carry around for times when you crave something savory.

These were some of the best Japanese snacks that you can buy from Tokyo (or Amazon). Get them, and let me know which is your favorite from the list.

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