Types of Japanese Sake To Try | Guide To 7 Top Sake Recommendations

by Erika Shinomoto
best japanese sake

Want to try the best Japanese sake? Here’s a curated list of the top sake recommendations by BestJapaneseProducts. We’ve tasted and tested all of them and made a list of our select favorites. Check it out!

Sake is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Japan. Due to the increased interest of people in Japanese culture and Japanese food, sake is now gaining worldwide popularity. Sake has a dedicated fan following all across the planet. It is a beverage that goes so well with every kind of dish. 

Types of Japanese Sake

The Japanese name for sake is Seishu and it’s made fermented sake rice. There are 5 major types of Japanese sake that you should be aware of before you decide which sake you want to get. Here are are the 5 types of sake:


All types of sake can be actually be considered Namazake since namazake means unpasteurised alcohol. This type of alcohol has to be stored in the fridge to preserve its taste and aroma.


Ginjo shu is a type of sake which is made with rice that is 60% normal rice and 40% milled rice. It has delicate light notes and an amazing aroma.


Like Ginjo-shu, Daiginjo-shu is also made with a mix of milled rice and sake rice but in a percentage between 35%-50%. While this type of sake has a delicate taste, it is still a full bodied sake with heavy aroma but a brief tail.


Honjozo-shu uses 70% sake rice and 30% milled rice. To make this type of sake, brewer’s alcohol or jozo alcohol is added. This sake is not as potent as other types of sake where alcohol is not added. Because of the addition of brewer’s alcohol, Honjozo-shu has smooth and light flavor and body.


Jumnai-shu is made with pure unadulterated sake without any brewer’s alcohol. In this type of sake, 70% of the rice used has its normal size and the 30% is milled.

What is Japanese Sake?

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage that is made from fermented rice. It is a drink that is completely different from other alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine. However, sake is a word you would use with a non-Japanese person. For the Japanese, the term that you would use when referring to sake is nihonshu, which means fermented rice alcoholic drink.

How to drink Japanese Sake in Japan?

When drinking sake, Japan has its own set of rules that you need to follow. These etiquettes will make sure you can sit in a group of your Japanese pals and drink this delicious beverage.

  • When you are drinking sake in a group, make sure that you always pour for other people. This is completely opposite to how people drink in the western countries. In the west, there is a concept called free pour for everyone and anyone. In Japan, you need to wait for someone else to pour your sake. 
  • You also need to hold the flask with both of your hands when pouring sake. Never use only one hand as this is a sign of disrespect.
  • Also, do not leave your sake cup on the table when someone else is pouring sake. Keep the small cup on the palm of one hand with the fingers of your other hand resting in the side. This is a sign of respect.
  • When you are drinking sake in a formal group, make sure to keep in mind the order in which you pour sake. Always start with the most senior person in the group. Use both your hands to pour. You can use only one hand when pouring for a junior. Also, when receiving, follow the etiquette mentioned before. However, if a junior is pouring for you, you can use only one hand.
  • Always raise your cup along with everyone else for a toast. The word for “cheers” in Japan is Kanpai! Clink your glasses together and only then take a sip with everyone else. 

Best Japanese Sake: Quick Summary

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Best Japanese SakeBest ForCheck price 
Dassai Pure Rice SakeSushiCheck price on Amazon
Hakkaisan’s SakeBeginnersCheck price on Amazon
Suigei Pure Rice Sake WineCookingCheck price on Amazon
Kubota Manzu Rice Sake WineJapanese mealsCheck price on Amazon
Jonzen Joshui Sakebest sake for the moneyCheck price on Amazon
Shichida SakeAperitifCheck price on Amazon
Kikusui Junmai Ginjobest value sakeCheck price on Amazon

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Which is the best Japanese Sake To Get?

Dassai Pure Rice Sake

Best Japanese Sake for Sushi

Are you a fan of sake wine? If you are, then you are at the right place to choose the best. Here is a sake wine from a Dassai store that is made with excellent quality rice that is first polished and then prepared to make the sake wine. 

It is brewed to deliver that perfect beer-like wine flavor. The motive of this brand is not to sell liquor to just make you feel tipsy but also to provide a delicious taste that can be enjoyed too. 

best japanese sake

The process of making this rice wine takes a lot of time and technique like polishing rice, then keeping the yeast in a proper manner to keep the fermentation process easier and better. With all these difficulties, you get a wine that melts perfectly in your mouth and gives that sweet taste.  

Key Features:

  • Sake wine made with Yamada Nishiki rice
  • Brewed and fermented with different techniques
  • Elegant and subtle taste
  • Wine that blends in your mouth and gives an amazing feel

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Hakkaisan’s Sake

Best Japanese Sake for Beginners

Here is another great option to invest in! Rice sake wine is manufactured in Namiumana because of its cold environment and humid weather. For all your special occasions, this is a perfect choice. 

The wine tastes extremely unique and improvises the whole meal. Although it tastes a bit spicy,, when combined with meals that are heavily grilled and spiced, it brings out the absolutely delicious side of the wine. 

most expensive japanese sake

Traditional ways of brewing and fermenting have been used to provide the best of all wines to you. Since this wine is stored in a cold environment for a long time, the taste gets better and you get balanced sweetness, spiciness and acidity in it. You must give this sake wine a try.

Key Features:

  • Cold store room sake wine
  • Even taste of sweet, spice and acidity
  • Made with the old ways of brewing
  • Extremely delicious and perfect with meals

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Suigei Pure Rice Sake Wine 

Best Japanese Sake for Cooking

Made in Kochi Prefecture, this wine is a perfect one to invest in! Kochi is known for the highest consumption area of Japan. This wine from Suigei, from Kochi Prefecture, is absolutely clean and dry. 

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To achieve perfection in making this rice sake wine, the process also takes time and energy. They doubled the rate of rice polishing to bring out the real sake. For brewing, they use Jiuqu technique which keeps the yeast and bacteria mixed together and brews slowly at low temperature to squeeze out the delicacy at its best.

best japanese for cooking

It is light in texture that makes this wine easy to drink. For a better experience, you can try having it with meals or you can also try cooking in this wine.    

Key Features:

  • Made in Kochi Prefecture, known for its superior techniques 
  • Light texture wine and perfectly clean and dry
  • Made with Jiuqu technique for slow fermenting
  • Easy to drink and can be used in cooking

Kubota Manzu Rice Sake Wine 

Most Expensive Japanese Sake

The next one our list of best Japanese sake is the Kubota Mazu Rice Sake Wine.

In terms of its popularity or its quality, Kubota Manzu’s rice sake is known for all. This is a raw whiskey-wine made with cold water in cold weather.

 As the name suggests, it is raw wine, it doesn’t require a lot of techniques or efforts to improvise the taste. Regarding its appearance, the wine is very rich looking in golden color, absolutely clean and clear. 

best cheap japanese sake

The taste is somewhat smooth and silky and also a bit rough and homely. This wine can be taken with famous Japanese dishes to make your meal the happy one.    

Key Features:

  • Absolutely raw in nature
  • No extra efforts or techniques have been used in its production
  • Suitable to drink with Japanese dishes
  • Tastes homely, plain and simple

Jozen Joshui Sake

Best Japanese sake for the money

This rice sake is another best option to try if you are willing to purchase sake wine in the future. This one is known for its fresh quality water they use in preparing sake. With water, it also has a mellow rice flavor combined and blended with a fruity taste. 

best japanese sake for the money

This combination brings out a flavor that you cannot deny. It is a transparent sake as water is the king of this sake wine. It will definitely remind you of ancient times when there was only water and rice based sake.

You can take this wine on casual days or with a proper meal to make it taste even better. And it’s priced moderately which makes it the best sake for the money!

Key Features:

  • Rice sake made with good quality water
  • Made with yeast and fragrance
  • Light flavor with mild fragrance
  • Water like sake wine

Shichida Junmai Ginjo Omachi 

Best Japanese Sake Served as Aperitif

The next one on our list of best Japanese sake is the Shichida Junmai Ginjo Omachi.

Have a look at this delicious bottle of sake from Shichida Sake Brewery that uses the best quality rice and clean river water to make their rice. The temperature difference of the place helps in building up the taste of sake really well. 

In your first sip, you will have the taste of pure rice blended with fruity flavors. It also ends with the refreshing acidic touch which is loved by many. This sake wine will not only taste well but is also known to improve your immunity with the goodness of rice and good quality water. 

best japanese sake for beginners

Get this sake wine and refresh your mood with its amazing fruit and acidic taste.     

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Key Features:

  • Blends in perfectly into the mouth
  • Sake that has the goodness of good quality rice and water
  • Good for people with weak immunity
  • Makes you feel refreshing with acidity

Kikusui Junmai Ginjo 

Best Cheap Japanese Sake

You must definitely give a try to this next one on our list of best Japanese sake! 

This one is a spicy yet refreshing sake wine that is made by the Kikusui brand. To be precise, it is all about how a sake should taste. This alcoholic drink will give you immense pleasure when combined with famous and spicy Japanese dishes. 

best japanese sake for sushi

The production of this sake was done by investing a lot of time and energy to bring out the real sake taste. It is known for its light and soothing nature. Since it is made with a complex fermenting method, you will get a sweetened taste as well.

And for sake this good, the priced quiet affordably. I’d say this is the best value sake you will find!

Key Features:

  • Sake with a rich taste of rice and water
  • Both spicy and refreshing in nature
  • Calms and soothes the mind and body
  • Sweet fruity flavor at the end

Japanese Sake: FAQs

Which is the best Japanese sake recommended for beginners?

There is a good list of sake to try out for beginners. Let us check the top ones
Otokoyama “Tokubetsu Junmai” (Junmai): Can be served at various room temperatures.
Sakura Muromachi “Bizen Maboroshi” (Ginjo) : Tastes best at cold or room temperature. 
Hakkaisan “Yukimuro” Daiginjo): Great to enjoy near a fireplace and a friend always.

What is the most popular sake in Japan?

Dassai sake is absolutely the best sake in Japan and iis produced by Asahi Shuzo in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Dassai packs a fruity flavor and a refreshing touch. Known as the number one sake brand in Japan.

Should sake be chilled? 

In spite of the fact that the purpose of sake is to be typically served warm, it’s likewise very great either chilled, at room temperature, or hot. The less expensive purpose is regularly warmed to mask its second rate, and premium purpose is served chilled.

Do you sip sake?

As long as you sip it slowly, like wine or tea, you will enjoy it. It’s a fermented rice drink with a higher alcohol content than either. Just lighten up a little bit and sip it, like you would wine or tea.

Why do Japanese over pour sake?

This is considered as a term for celebration in their style. The overflowing of the pot can be considered an act of kindness by the host as a way to say thank you for your friendship. It also reflects to raise the spirits and to cherish the present moment.

The delicious treat!

Sake is quite an addictive beverage, and not only because of its alcoholic content. The taste is amazing, and you really get a wonderful sensation by drinking it. Also, there are so many varieties that you can try out. And sake is not just about drinking; it is a whole other level of experience. You gain a lot of knowledge as well. So, are you ready to enjoy this famous drink?

Dassai Pure Rice Sake

Check out the best Japanese sake for cooking, meals, beginners, and more

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