6 Our Fav Japanese Organic Beauty Brands 2022 | Vegan, Cruelty-Free, And Sustainable

by Erika Shinomoto
Top Japanese Organic Makeup Brands

Looking for the best Japanese organic beauty brands? Check out this list of top organic cosmetics brands that are vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free, and definitely worth trying.

In recent years we have seen the rise of organic makeup and it has been increasing forevermore. People are different and hence their skin types are different. 

Some are more sensitive to the chemical products that are already there in the market and they don’t know much about organic products. 

Which are the best Japanese organic beauty brands?

  • MiMC
  • Aqua Organic
  • Hana Organic
  • Naturaglace
  • Shiro

There were doubts as to whether it is good or does it also irritate the skin, or whether it will stay on as long as regular makeup. But, slowly and slowly people have noticed that organic is the way to go.

Consequently, people are turning more towards that lipstick with fruit color, that paraben-free foundation, that mascara without preservatives, and whatnot. 

The most important factor that makes organic makeup appealing (and so needed) is that it doesn’t contain chemical additives such as preservatives, chemical dyes, fragrances, or parabens.

These Japanese organic cosmetics are heaven for people that have sensitive, damaged or acne-prone skin, as well for those who have rosacea, eczema or even psoriasis.

Below is a list of the best Japanese organic beauty brands that use organic ingredients in their products.

Best Japanese Organic Beauty Brands: Summary

Best Japanese Organic Beauty BrandsBest Selling ProductBest Product Feature
MiMCLiquid foundationHydrates and balances the sebum
Aqua OrganicBlushLong lasting in nature
THREEEye paletteHighly pigmented
Hana OrganicSkincare oilEliminates skin issues like dryness 
NaturaglaceSunscreen foundationGood for all skin types
ShiroLip PrimerGreat for daily use

Japanese Organic Beauty Brands You Should Get


The founder of MiMC, Kotobuki Kitajima, noticed that women like her with sensitive skins didn’t have many options to choose from that would not irritate their skin. 

So she decided to establish a brand that would make natural cosmetic products that people of all skin types could use on a daily basis, products that are safe and still look great on your skin which is why it’s one of the best Japanese organic makeup brands. 

Launched in 2007, MiMC is now one of the most frequently used brands by people who are cautious about their skin. They cover a wide range of products from makeup removers, base makeup, eyeshadows, cheek, and lipstick. 

According to each product’s functions, it’s based on each part of skin structures, with exclusive selective powerful natural ingredients. MiMC’s vegan formula is why it’s safe for all skin types.

They use the latest formula, creating the unique function of makeup effectiveness, different colorful effects, the quality, and the products can sense our skin.

Here’s one of their best makeup products that you can try:

MiMC Liquid Foundation

best Japanese organic beauty brands MiMC

Here is a liquid foundation that is absolutely organic in nature and gives brilliant coverage to your skin. It balances the sebum in the skin and also hydrates it to provide the glow. 

The packaging is quite unique as the product doesn’t come in contact with the air and stays fresh every time. With a press button, you release the amount you want and get your base ready in a few minutes. 

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With SPF22, it even protects your skin from harmful sun rays while making a layer that also keeps your skin away from other toxic elements.

Key Features:

  • Protects skin from harmful rays
  • Comes in a safe and convenient packaging
  • Makes a layer on your skin
  • Hydrates and balances the sebum

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Aqua Organic

Aqua Organic Japan is about using all that is there inside a fruit, seeds included, to make their products because of their naturally contained moisture and anti-oxidant properties. 

The brand takes its stand as a non-animal testing company which is what makes it one of the best Japanese organic beauty brands.

They also claim their products also heal the skin over time as well as protect it from harmful ingredients. They are a fully organic company except three: Lip 03 Apple Red, Organic Long Lasting Mascara 01, 02, 03, and Organic Liquid Eyeliner, which contain petroleum pigments for extra coloring.

Here’s one of their best makeup products that you can try:

Aqua Organic Blush

This one is a blush from Aqua Organic, one of the best Japanese organic makeup brands that will not only give color to your cheek but at the same time protect your skin.

 It is a cream texture blush but once you apply it, it turns into a powder. Ingredients used in this product are rich and great for the skin. 

These include Shikuwasa oil that keeps the skin moisturized and also makes it look glossy. It also lasts long and you would not require a touch-up soon.

Key Features:

  • Cream based blush
  • Long lasting in nature
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin
  • Made with amazing organic oils and seeds

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Not only does this brand have a wide range of color choices or the fact that they use high-quality ingredients but it is their overall philosophy that attracts the customer. 

The is one of the best Japanese organic beauty brands that stands for something: behind every consumer, there is a human being, a person who has no limitations in their pursuit of beauty, knowledge, and health. 

They keep this in mind while creating their products carefully choosing each ingredient.  This is one of the best Japanese organic makeup brands that’s recently been a chase.

They have 14 domestically-produced oils that can improve the skin condition leaving it softer and smoother. The brand does not use artificial ingredients nor does animal testing.  

Here’s one of their best makeup products that you can try:

THREE Eye Palette

Have a look at this eye shadow palette from THREE that is just a pack of shimmery happiness. 

These four shades are enough to create an amazing party look. You can create the base and then highlight your points to create an eye-popping look. 

You get applicator brushes to help yourself. They are highly pigmented and have a good texture, which is also easy to blend.

Key Features:

  • Shimmery shade eye palette
  • Highly pigmented in nature
  • Comes with small applicators
  • Easy blend and long lasting

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Hana Organic

This brand not only feels good on the skin but also on the soul because of the therapeutic properties of the ingredients used in their products. 

The products have a deep natural fragrance that slowly relieves stress, tiredness, laziness, and unbalanced hormones.  

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Here’s one of their best makeup products that you can try:

Hana Organic Skin Care Oil

This skin care oil from this brand is all you want to keep your skin young and bright every time. Hana organic skincare oil is from one of the best Japanese organic beauty brands and it truly keeps the name of the brand. 

Infused with ingredients like sesame oil, wasabi seed oil and many others, this oil moisturizes and provides nutrients to the skin that eventually hydrates the skin from within. It also smells amazing and makes you feel good. 

Key Features:

  • Eliminates skin issues like dryness
  • Moisturizes the skin from within
  • Made with organic and natural oils
  • Smells absolutely amazing

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The concept of Naturaglace is “everyday glow”. All products are made in Japan with 100 percent naturally derived raw materials. 

Most of their products don’t have a scent except their make-up cream, moist BB cream, skin-balancing base, color control base, silky smooth liquid foundation, and the emollient cream foundation.

These sustainable products of Japan from Naturaglace have a slight scent of  “classy floral” which comes from the natural oils they use in their formulas. 

They make your skin feel relaxed and the slightly floral scent makes your mind feel at ease. It’s one of the best Japanese organic skincare brands for its scent. 

Here’s one of their best makeup products that you can try:

Sunscreen Foundation

Get this sunscreen-based foundation to protect your beautiful skin with UV rays and blue rays. This organic product is a must to have as it is going to give extreme moisturization as well as amazing coverage that will make your skin look flawless. 

It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and is comfortable to use for every skin type.  For a daily makeup look, this two-in-one foundation is a perfect choice. 

Key Features:

  • Sunscreen cum foundation
  • Good to go for all skin types
  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Eliminates dryness and deeply moisturizes

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Shiro, which means ‘white’ in Japanese, base their minimalist products on natural ingredients, found in Japan and chosen for their cleansing properties. It’s amongst the best Japanese organic makeup brands.

 It even uses by-products of sake brewing and is often used in moisturizers for its skin hydration properties and high levels of minerals and amino acids. 

The sheer range of skincare products that they have and the ingredients they use makes you want to buy their product just by reading.

Their product lineup stretches from skincare, makeup, and fragrance to home decor, food, salons, spas, and even restaurants.

 Of course, all of their products are 100% vegan and organic. They are a totally transparent company and list all their ingredients on their website so that your heart is at ease when you use them.  

The brand uses typical ingredients like aloe for moisture, shea butter for high humidity, and licorice for skin texture.

They also use Asian produced ingredients such as azuki (red beans) for tightening pores and leaving the skin glossy, and Tamanu for moisturizing, cleansing and protection.

Here’s one of their best makeup products that you can try:

Shiro Lip Primer

This lips primer is a must-have from this brand to keep them safe and protected from cracks and dryness. 

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This primer will help in moisturizing them to the core by making a layer that will not let any other toxic elements enter your pores.

 Also, when you apply lipstick on top of this primer, it is going to look more beautiful and will definitely enhance your beauty.

Key Features:

  • Moisturizes and protects the lips
  • Long-lasting primer
  • Great for daily use
  • Makes a protective layer on your lip

Ruhaku Skincare

Ruhaku skincare is an organic Japanese skincare brand that originated in Okinawa. The main ingredient used in the Ruhaku skincare line is the gettou. This plant is only found in Okinawa and has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Gettou can also be used for UV protection and also has antioxidants that’s good for the skin. 

ruahku japanese organic brands

If you’re looking for an organic Japanese skincare without parabens then Ruhaku skincare is a great choice. It’s recommended for dry and sensitive skin types. It’s also recommended for maturing skin as it has anti-aging properties. 

F Organics 

F organics is one of the best natural Japanese skin care brands and is recommended for aging skin to fight the signs of aging. It’s also recommended for dry skin. The F Organics products are formulated with ingredients like pomegranate that improves skin texture. 

f organics japanese organic beauty brands

It also contains Onopordum acanthium that reduces irritation that is often accompanied with dry skin. It improves the skin regeneration process as well and balances the skin. F Organics skincare products also balance the sebum production of the skin.

Which is the best Japanese organic makeup brand?

My team and I rated 10+ Japanese organic makeup brands on the basis of sustainability, application, and after-effects on the skin and rated them on a scale of 1 to 5. We found Shiro to be the best.

Shiro, which means ‘white’, is known for its minimalistic products. The brand uses completely natural ingredients in its products. The makeup and cosmetics by Shiro are extremely popular in Japan for their super cleansing properties. Shiro products have hydration properties, making them perfect for all those with dry and dehydrated skin. Shiro Lip Primer is available for sale on Amazon.

Glow with Natural Makeup

The entire world is going towards sustainability. The sustainable makeup companies understand this change, and so they are going to organic makeup products. 

If you are like me and care about the environment, you really should check out these organic makeup from Japan. By switching over to these best Japanese organic skincare brands, you are showing your commitment to saving the planet. 

Try out these best Japanese organic beauty brands and contribute towards the well-being of the environment. 

And on top of all of that, these organic skin japan companies  are top-notch and will totally live up to your expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Look pretty while also caring for the environment with these best Japanese organic makeup brands.  

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Shiro Lip Primer

Check out best Japanese organic makeup brands, a list of vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable japanese cosmetic brands that are worth using. These brand scurate products from natural ingredients that don't harm the skin. Check out Shiro Lip Primer which is the best product. Read further to know more.

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