Best Japanese Nail Polish Brands 2022

by Erika Shinomoto
best japanese nail polish brands

Love getting your nails done? Here are the best Japanese nail polish brands that offer some vibrant colors that will make your nails pop! 

Nails are a big part of a woman’s beauty routine. Having preened and beautifully painted nails can add an oomph to your style game. It is rightly said that nails can either make or break your look. To ensure that your nails look amazing for days without chipping off and spoiling the look, you need to get the best nail polish brands. 

Top Japanese Nail Polish Brands: Quick Summary

Best Japanese Nail Polish BrandsBest Japanese Nail Polish
RMKRMK x Alice in Wonderland Nail Color EX
CanmakeCANMAKE Colorful Nails
Shiseido Shiseido The Makeup Nail Lacquer Vernis
Noah KoseNoah Kose Makeup Nail Color
Yao ShunYaoShun Gel UV Permanent Gel Polish
OPI X Hello KittyOPI Hello Kitty Collection
GellenGellen UV LED Gel Nail Polish

And when we talk of that, nothing is better than the best Japanese nail polish brands. These brands offer high-quality nail poilish that are extremely durable. With these, you can flaunt those beautiful and pretty nails for a long time. 

Which is the best Japanese nail polish brand?

I love painting my nails but most other nail polish brands offer nail polish that chip off easily. I tried several Japanese nail polish brands based on colors offered, nail polish quality, etc. I found that Canmake is the best Japanese nail polish brand. And here’s why: 

Canmake offers 30+ shades of nail polish ranging from glittery, light to dark colors. You’ll also find nail hardener and top coats that help keep your freshly painted nails from chipping. Canmake nail polish brand offers nail enamels that are long lasting and quick-drying.

Top Japanese Nail Polish Brands


RMK brand is one of the top beauty brands in Japan that works to enhance your beauty fashionably. In more than a decade, RMK has been working in this industry and has earned a name with quality products. The nail polishes by the brand are pretty awesome and suit the nails appropriately. They do have quite a few options that you can choose from. 

japanese nail paint

If you are in search of some amazing quality nail polishes that fulfill your demand of getting shiny and lustrous nails, then you must try out nail polishes from this brand. From a wide range of polishes, get the perfect shade that matches your skin tone and complexion right. 

This shade is a part of RMK’s Alice in Wonderland series and it one of my favorites. It is an amazing shade for you if you are planning a dope look for a brunch look in a floral dress. I love yellows on my nails, and this is just the correct shade of yellow. I love sporting this color on a bright summer day. The formula is smooth and shiny and lasts long without any chipping.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly shiny, opaque, and lustrous
  • Matches almost all skin tones
  • Durable and good quality
  • Smooth and shiny finished look

Check out this best nail Japanese polish brand below!


Makeup is now very popular among people as it gives a beautiful touch to your natural beauty. This brand, Canmake, is a very top-class brand in the cosmetic industry that is known for its affordability and good fashion sense.

The brand offers your nail enamels that are always in trend and also cope up with the upcoming ones. Although the brand is more famous for its makeup products, it is slowly catching up and becoming one of the most sought after nail polish brands.

It has a range of pretty shades that are inexpensive, dry quickly, and come in cute packaging.

japanese nail paint brands

Have a look at this very cute and fun shade that looks pretty always! It is quite durable and long-lasting with a perfectly consistent formula that spreads evenly and does not create a mess. This is the perfect shade for daily purpose manicure as the shade is quite pretty and neutral. I love the glittery effect that this provides. Also, the shade is not too opaque and so, goes with almost everything that you wear.

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Key Features:

  • Extremely cute and pretty shade
  • Consistent formula
  • Neutral and fun-loving shade
  • Not too opaque
  • Spreads evenly
  • Long-lasting
  • Does not chip soon

Check out this best Japanese nail polish brand below!

Here is yet another shade that I love. This is my go-to shade all year round, no matter what the season. This is a neutral shade that adds a sober touch, which is great for a formal outfit. If you love slightly darker shades, this is the one for you.

Key Features:

  • Perfect dark shade for formal events
  • Adds a sober touch
  • Great for all seasons

Check out this best Japanese nail polish brand below!


Shiseido brand is a well-known brand for all types of cosmetics with good quality. It is one of the oldest brands in this industry with very good positive feedback from across the world.

Shiseido is truly a leader in the world of cosmetics and is emerging as a name for nail polishes as well. There are suitable colors available as per the seasons and outfits you wear.

To adorn your nails with pretty colors, get this golden shade for a party look. The golden color goes well with almost every skin tone. The mini bottle has a good amount of nail polish as well. When applied nicely, it also dries faster and gives you a beautiful shine and gloss.

japanese nails

You must go for this nail paint if you are someone who is looking for something that stays for quite a long time. Apart from the golden one, there are other shades available as well. Choose the one that you love the most.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful seasonal colors
  • Dries quickly and offers perfect shine and gloss
  • Good durability with no chipping

Check out this best Japanese nail polish brand below!

Noah Kose

Noah Kose is a brand known for its affordable price and extremely good quality products. With a decent amount of product, you also get so many different shades. Be that matte, shimmer, luster, or just glitter, you get them all. Get ready to play with all of these from this famous nail brand.

If you want to play with glittery and shimmery shades, then go for this pastel shade with minimal shimmer that looks amazingly beautiful with fair skin tone as it blends in really well.

nail polish brand japan

The shine is long-lasting and looks even and the finish is absolutely fantastic. Shimmery shades are loved by all and you must try out this one for your next get together. 

Key Features:

  • Affordable and quality products
  • Get amazing bright shades
  • Finished look with absolute durability
  • Go to shade for all time 

Check out this best Japanese nail polish brand below!

Yao Shun

Another amazing and unique brand, YaoShun, sells products with modern understanding and fresh ideas. Liquid nail paints are just too mainstream and quite difficult in terms of application and drying. 

japanese nail polish brands

Shift from normal liquid nail paints to the modern version of creating beauty with these hassle-free nail enamels in a gel form that have an easy application and can be worn for a very long time. You can enjoy this gel nail paint for almost 2 weeks. It’s the best gel nail polish brands that I’ve used.

These require a UV/LED lamp for drying. The most advantageous thing about this brand is that it uses environment-friendly ingredients that do not harm your nails and keep them healthy. Say no to the stains that actually affect your nails’ health for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Modern way of taking care of our nail beauty
  • Gel formula with no hassle
  • Non-toxic ingredients used
  • No yellowish stains after removal
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Check out this best Japanese nail polish brand below!


Decorating nails is all about playing with colors. OPI brand does the same with the help of bright and sober colors because it helps in changing personalities in a positive way.

When you wear beautiful and sober shades, the confidence level also gets high and you perform well on various platforms. With just a touch of colors, nails look adorable and beautiful.

Although OPI is not a Japanese brand, the reason it is on this list is because of its collaboration with Hello Kitty. This collaboration brought us beautiful shades that are total showstoppers. 

Have a look at this beautiful golden shade that just takes two coats to do its magic. Get full coverage and flaunt it off but. However, you may feel like applying this nail paint can be a bit of a hassle as this one takes a bit longer to dry than the regular nail paints.

But this nail paint is surely going to get you ready for a bold and classy look!

Key Features:

  • Wide range of shades
  • Solid touch to the personality
  • Two coats and you are good to go
  • Enhance your personality beautifully

Check out this best nail polish brand below!

japanese gel nail polish brands

Here’s a beautiful trio set, again from the Hello Kitty collection. These are the perfect holiday shades that look gorgeous. You can create so many stunning nail looks with the help of these nail shades. The set is also a great gifting option. The set contains three stunning shades that are a perfect balance of subtle and sassy.

Key Features:

  • Trio set with three stunning shades
  • Perfect shades for the holiday season
  • Gret set for gifting
  • Perfect balance of subtle and sassy

Check out this best Japanese nail polish brand below!


It always feels good to try new and innovative products to create a mind-blowing fashion statement and to rock your style. Some people just love to beautify their nails with the help of modern methods.

The new and high-quality gel formula is trending nowadays because of its great performance. Gellen provides a complete set of products for the perfect manicure and to maintain healthy hands. The brand uses organic substances like natural resin in the products to keep them nontoxic and friendly.

best japanese nail polish brands

Just have a look at this gel nail polish set that you can stay comfortable with because of its rubber texture and high saturation. The brand also assures no chipping and flaking as it is in a gel form that spreads nicely. Gallen is one of the best Japanese gel nail paint brands.

You also get different brushes to have a professional feel and to help you get the perfect manicure. The finished gel manicure stays for approximately two to three weeks. 

Key Features:

  • Trending gel formula
  • Super smooth and perfect shine
  • Rubbery texture that spreads evenly
  • Long-lasting and durable product

Check out this best Japanese nail polish brand below!

Innail ​​Metarikkumanikyua Nail Polish

This nail polish is one of the very famous brands in Japan. It gives a cool metallic look that almost gives a smooth mirror-like appearance. It’s a perfect base coat and in very rare cases does it require a top coat. 

japan nail polish

This nail polish is my personal favorite for the shiny look it gives. It doesn’t chip out easily. It’s also extremely affordable. It’s one of the best Japanese nail polish brands.

Key features

  • Affordable
  • No double coat required
  • Mirror like smooth appearance 
  • Don’t chip easily

GAOY Icy Jelly Gel Nail Polish Set

Gaoy gel nail set is the most amazing japanese gel nail polish brand that I bought recently. Gaoy has a variety of colour sets ranging from dark shades to the light ones. They’re easy to use at home and don’t require a lot of work. 

japanese brand nail paint

This set is particularly my fav because of how well it sits on my nails. They don’t contain any toxic ingredients that can harm my nails and are also odorless. They’re chip resistant after putting on 2 coats so it’ll last you for at least 2-3 weeks. 

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This colour that I got is semi-transparent in appearance and looks super classy on my long nails. You definitely have to try this as it’s one of the best japanese nail polish. 

Key features: 

  • Chip resistant 
  • Long lasting
  • Better experience 
  • Toxic free

Which is the best Japanese nail polish?

After testing several Japanese nail polish based on quality, resistance to wearing off, long-lasting etc.I found that Canmake’s Colorful Nails’ range is the best Japanese nail polish. 

Canmake’s Colorful Nails nail polish dries quickly and is resistant to chipping off. Once applied, it lasts a long time and has a glossy finish giving the nails that shiny wet look. It is extremely easy to apply as well. It is available on Amazon for sale.

How to Choose a Nail Polish?

When choosing a nail polish, you may want to consider the following:

  • You need to ensure that the nail polish you choose complements your skin tone and complexion. 
  • Match your makeup with your nail polish to avoid tacky situations
  • Choose a nail polish based on the current season. 
  • The occasion that you are painting your nails for also help you decide upon the choice of your nail polish
  • Look for all the latest trends

Best Japanese Nail Polish Brands: FAQ

Do Japanese people wear nail polish?

Yes, Japanese people do wear nail polish. However, they’re quite conservative. You won’t see a lot of bright shiny red nail paints on people.

How to avoid drying out the Japanese nail polish?

Make sure the fans and AC are switched off where you’re applying the nail paint as the excess air quicks the drying process. Avoid direct sunlight and try keeping them in the refrigerator during hot climates to avoid quick drying.

Which nail polish doesn’t damage your nails?

Nail polishes that are pure, vegan, contain plast-based ingredients including mastic oils are the best for nails. It keeps the nails hydrated. Keep the nail polishes as clean as possible with regards to ingredients. Don’t pick nail paints that contain a lot of toxic chemicals.

Is OPI gel nail polish good?

OPI is one of the best nail polish brands because of its high pigmentation and durability. It doesn’t damage nails and adds strength instead. In most cases its chip resistant.

How bad is nail polish for you?

Nail polish is said to contain some of the extremely harmful chemicals that can ruin your health. Avoid nail polishes that contain dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene and formaldehyde. Putting nail polish once in a while is considered alright.

Is it okay to wear nail polish everyday?

Wearing nail polish everyday can dry your nails and turn them brittle. It’s important to let your nails breathe otherwise they might develop fungus or infection. 

Beautiful nails, always!

These were some of the best Japanese nail polish brands that are excellent in quality and come in a stunning range of colors. These long-lasting polishes will surely give your nails the beauty that they deserve. Get these nail polishes today and enjoy fantastic and beautifully colored nails. 

Canmake Nail Polish

Check out the best Japanese nail polish brands, these nail polishes are highly pigmented and looks great on nails. Do check out Canmake which is the best in the list. Read further to know more about it.

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