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best japanese makeup brushes

I love makeup and anybody who loves makeup knows the importance of using the right makeup brush. Scroll down to check out the best Japanese makeup brushes! Hakuhodo brushes are my personal favorite!

It can be difficult to get the look you want if you’re using the right makeup brush. Makeup brushes are usually a huge investment since you have to use a particular makeup brush for your eye, cheek, brow, etc.

In my quest to find the best makeup brushes, I started exploring all the options available and found a huge range of Japanese makeup brushes that I’m absolutely in love with!

These makeup brushes were the answer to all my makeup woes. I knew there would be many of you out there who are looking to change their makeup brushes and get something that will make you makeup gurus.

Why Should You Buy Japanese Makeup Brushes?

Because some of these Japanese makeup brushes are the world’s best makeup brushes! And yes, there are several brands selling good makeup brushes. However, nothing compares to Japanese makeup brushes. Holding them and gliding them across the face is in itself an epitome of luxury.

There are several reasons why I absolutely love and adore Japanese makeup brushes.

  1. Japanese makeup brushes are absolutely beautiful: Japanese makeup brushes are the epitome of beauty. Even something as basic as a black brush is nothing short of a work of art. The brushes are designed with such precision that they sit perfectly in your hands.
  2. Japanese makeup brushes are super soft and feel good on the skin: Japanese makeup brushes are the softest brush that I have ever used on my face. You will love the way it feels on your face.
  3. The bristles of Japanese makeup brushes are chosen carefully: Unlike many other brands, Japanese makeup brushes are based on the area of application and skin type. Different bristles are used for different areas of the face, such as the eye area.

Who cannot love Japanese makeup brushes after knowing all of these points? For all you lovely people out there, I have curated a list of some of the best Japanese makeup brushes that you can invest in to get the best results.

Walk out of your house looking like a diva and make your face look like it has been done by a professional with these top Japanese makeup brushes.

Best Japanese Makeup Brushes 2020

#1 — Best Hakuhodo Brushes – Top Japanese Makeup Brushes

This ten-piece brush set empowers you to achieve the outcome that you want. These Hakuhodo brushes will definitely make your everyday makeup routine enjoyable and fun.

The brush set comes in four different colors – Glossy-Black, Champagne Gold, Silver, and White. The set comes in a lovely case that you will not be able to trade for anything else.

Japanese makeup brushes Hakuhodo offers some of the best Japanese makeup brushes. While you’re browsing for Hakuhodo brushes, also check out the Hakuhodo sakura brush set – which is just absolutely gorgeous!

If you love makeup, this is one set that you definitely need in your vanity box.

#2 — MG04 Japanese Makeup Brush Gift Set With 5 Brushes

This luxurious set comes with five brushes that feel and look super luxurious. It comes in a gift set, so if you’re looking to gift your makeup artist friend something he or she will adore, this is what you should get.

You can also gift this to yourself because, believe me, you will not be able to part with this once you use these.

The brushes are manufactured by Mizuho Brush, which is a well-known manufacturer of handmade decorative brushes in Japan. Mizuho Brush is famous for being among the primary producers of makeup and cleaning brushes and is known for making some of the best Japanese makeup brushes in the market

This Japanese handmade makeup brushes set has the natural hair of various creatures for the bristles. The hair for the bristles is chosen by keeping in mind the area of application.

#3 — HAKIHODO Makeup brushes Yachiyo L Purple – Best Japanese Drugstore Makeup Brushes

This is a very beautiful makeup brush that is wrapped with a cane. It has been made in such a way that it beautifully sculpts your face and is the best bet if you want your highlighter to shine bright – like a diamond.

The bristles of this brush have been carefully made to provide resilience. The special built of this Japanese makeup brush also ensures that you get the most out of your vivid colors; this brush helps in getting the brightest colors onto your face.

Even with all of these benefits, you will never see the brush declining in its ability to perform exceptionally. It will remain soft and fluffy and give you a finish that you will want to keep looking at.

This is a great and convenient makeup tool that has been designed for daily use.

#4 — Ai (Love) Japanese Natural Makeup Brush Kit With 4 BrushesBest Japanese Makeup Brush 2020

This is a high-end makeup brushes kit and one of the best Japanese makeup brushes you’ll encounter. It comes from Hiroshima, Japan. If you want to pamper your face and give your makeup palette the love it deserves, this is the set you should go for.

Ai (Love) produces some of the best makeup brushes in the market. And they’re all definitely considered some of the best Japanese makeup brushes for their high quality, design, and price.

This set is advocated by the professional makeup artists of New York. The brushes have a beautiful red handle that looks luxurious and chic. The bristles of the brushes are made using premium pony hair that is gentle on your skin.

The set comes with four brushes that are enough to do your makeup perfectly.

#5 — Yoshiwara Japanese Wide Makeup Brush – Best Japanese Handmade Makeup Brushes

This is unlike any ordinary makeup brush; the make of the brush is such that it helps you make bold shapes and enhance your most notable features with ease. This is one of the best Japanese makeup brushes because bristles of the brush have slight imprints around the borders that make using this brush so easy.

This Japanese makeup brush is handmade in Japan using the traditional Tan-Itabake style. This style of the brush has been in use for over 400 years in Japan; this design has been used by Japanese geishas, maikos, and kabuki performers.

It is an all-around makeup brush that lets you apply liquid and powder foundation as well as face masks with a lot of ease and control. Since it is extra wide, it helps to distribute makeup evenly with broad coverage.

What Is The Best Brand Of Makeup Brushes?

From this list, Japanese makeup brushes – Hakuhodo brushes – are my personal favorite. I love how light and easy it is to use. The design of the brush is easy to handle and the bristles feel gentle on the skin.

So these were my favorite and best Japanese makeup brushes; I hope you enjoyed my foray into the world of luxurious and premium brushes.

I love Japanese makeup brushes because they are the most brilliant in the world. Japan, as we all know, is the mecca of high-quality makeup brushes that work like magic on our skin.

Also, the fact that some of these best Japanese brushes are made using natural fibers, specifically animal hair, really lures me. Natural bristles are really soft on the skin and they take the whole process of applying makeup to the next level.

The most common hair used to make bristles for Japanese makeup brushes come from squirrel and pony. Each animal hair has a specific feature and they are used for a specific type of brush depending on the area of application.

All of these benefits make Japanese makeup brushes the best in the market and the most sought after makeup brushes in the world. In fact, Japanese makeup brushes are vouched for by celebrity makeup artists and professionals.

How To Choose Makeup Brushes?

There are two ways in which you can choose the makeup brush – based on your skin type and based on the result you want to achieve.

  • Based On Skin Type

If you want to choose a makeup brush based on your skin type, you need to know if your skin is oily or dry.

If you have oily skin, you need to choose a Japanese makeup brush that has bristles made out of goat hair since it is a more durable option for you.

Japanese brushes, as we know, are very delicate and need special care. For people with oily skin, you need a brush that will remain in good condition even after repeated washing.

If you have dry skin, you can choose a brush made of squirrel hair since this is very delicate and will not cause flaking on your skin due to dryness.

Many brushes make dryness worse, but this is the brush that will take away all those worries. Also, since you have a dry face, there is less dirt and less oil so you do not need to wash your brush as often.

  • Based On Desired Look

If you want brushes based on the results you want to achieve, you need to first understand if you want a natural look or a dramatic look.

Different animal hair is designed and structured in such a way that they pick up pigments differently. So brushes that have more irregular bristles like goat hair will give you a more dramatic and bold look.

On the other hand, softer bristles that are made of squirrel hair will give you a more natural and subtle look.

One thing with makeup is for sure that you won’t know unless you try. So go on, experiment with your favorite makeup brushes and create different, fun looks!


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