Types Of Japanese Instant Ramen | 10 Tastiest Japan’s Instant Ramen Noodle To Try!

by Erika Shinomoto
best japanese ramen noodles

Love ramen? Me too! Cooking ramen from scratch is too much work! Which is why I’ve hunted down best Japanese instant ramen noodles! It’s super easy to make and tastes heavenly – what’s not to love about instant ramen!

I like Japanese udon noodles too. But instant Ramen is as good as any comfort food! No matter what kind of mood you are in, a pack of Japanese instant ramen can instantly uplift your mood and satiate your cravings.

Instant ramen is probably one of the most convenient food items that you can get, and the fact that it is super-affordable and delicious makes it all the more appealing. 

Types of Japanese Instant Ramen

Miso Ramen 

Miso Ramen gets its name from the main ingredient that’s Miso. Miso ramen has a savoury broth that’s quite strong. Miso is basically fermented soybean. And miso paste is added to miso ramen which is usually in chicken broth.

There are different varieties of miso to choose from red miso, barley miso, white miso, and soybean miso.

Shio Ramen 

Shio ramen is transparent and very light. Shio ramen is served in seafood-based broth like dried sardines, dashi stock, and bonito flakes. This type of ramen is seasoned with salt and it’s also where it gets it name from cause ‘Shio’ in Japanese is salt.

Shoyu Ramen 

Shoyu ramen has a soup base with chicken broth and seasoned with soya sauce. Infact that’s where it gets its name from – Shoyu in Japanese is Soya sauce. Shoyu ramen is the most common type of ramen in Japan!

Tonkotsu Ramen 

Tonkotsu ramen is served in pork broth that is boiled for hours and results in a creamy cloudy texture. It has a delicious fragrance and is originated from Fukuoka.


Tsukemen ramen noodles have a thick consistency. These noodles are served along with tare ramen broth. The thick soup coats all the Tsukemen noodles.

How to choose Japanese Instant Ramen Noodles?

  • Flavour: There are various different flavours available for instant ramen like miso, seafood, shoyu, shio etc. Choose something that’s set in your taste buds and which you really like. 
  • Type of ramen: There are different types of instant ramen noodles like ramen soup, noodles, stir-fried etc. Choose according to your appetite, weather and cooking factors, it’s best to for soup during chilly weather. Opt for noodles when you’re extremely hungry. 
  • Calories: Japanese instant ramen contain a good amount of calories and might not be ideal for people who are on diet. However, you can check the calorie per serving and restrict the quantity of ramen consumption accordingly. You’ll find calories written at the ramen pack/cup. 
  • Low sodium and vegan options: choose low sodium instant ramen to avoid cardiovascular as well as BP risks. You’ll also find a lot of vegan options in these ramen if you’re allergic to meat or seafood.

Best Japanese Instant Ramen Noodles — Quick Summary

Best Japanese Instant RamenFlavor
Nissin Raoh Soy Sauce RamenSoy Sauce
Nissin Seafood Cup Ramen NoodleSeafood
Nissin Mouko Tanmen NakamotoSpicy meat and vegetables
Nissin Syokunin Soy Sauce RamenSoy Sauce
Nissin Raoh Kojuku Koku MisoMiso
Peyang YakisobaFried with liquid sauce
Nissin Donbei Tempura SobaTempura
Ichiran Tonkotsu Instant RamenTonkotsu
Nissin Cup Noodle Chilli TomatoChilli Tomato
Nissin Cup Noodle CurryCurry

Japanese instant ramen is simply the best one out there; it is also the nation’s favorite food. Japanese instant ramen noodles make a great meal but that’s not all. It also makes a great (and sumptuous) Japanese souvenir option

There are tons of Japanese instant ramen noodles, so I know that it can be difficult to choose from them. 

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I went ahead and tried over 20 Japanese Instant ramen noodles! And here I’ve selected the top 10 best Japanese instant ramen and listed it down for you! Check it out!

Top Japanese Instant Ramen Noodles

Check out the detailed reviews of the 10 best Japanese instant ramen below! 

Nissin Raoh Soy Sauce Ramen

The first one on our list of best Japanese instant ramen noodles is the Nissin Raoh Soy Sauce Ramen!

This delicious and rich ramen comes with the most appetising chicken soup broth. The ingredients include thinly sliced char siu pork that perfectly complements the soft boiled egg. The soy sauce soup adds so much flavour and depth to the ramen. The rich and delicious flavour treats your taste buds with every bite. 

The noodles are chewy, and the more you chew on them, the more elastic they become. This texture goes pretty well with the soup. Apart from the ingredients mentioned before, this ramen also contains green onion, white onion, and grilled seaweed. We are sure you will not be able to get over the flavourful taste of this ramen.

This is often my 3 am hunger snack while watching Netflix on a weekend. I love the ingredients that add flavour to the ramen. I also add some pieces of stir-fried chicken to make it more interesting.

Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto japanese ramen noodles

Key Features:

  • Noodles with an appetizing chicken soup broth
  • Healthy and delicious ingredients such as thinly sliced char siu pork, green onion, white onion, and grilled seaweed
  • Chewy and elastic noodles that go perfectly well with the soup
  • Has a flavorful soy sauce taste


  • Ingredients: 9/10
  • Taste: 9.5/10

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Nissin Seafood Cup Ramen Noodle 

The next one on our list of best Japanese instant ramen is the Nissin Seafood Cup Noodles!

The seafood cup noodle is yet another staple food item in Japan. This rich and delectable ramen is complemented with appetizing ingredients such as crab, squid, cabbage, egg, and green onion. The seafood flavored broth is perfect for those sudden cravings and hunger pangs; it really satiates you and uplifts your mood. 

nissin cup noodles japanese instant ramen

The unique thick noodles come with the perfect combination of pork and seafood soup, which according to us, is brilliant and soul-satisfying. What I love the most about this is the toppings of seafood that comes with the noodles. I also love the fishy flavour that it has. It’s definitely one of the best Japanese instant noodles.

If you are somebody who cannot stand the taste of fish, this may not be the one for you as it has a pretty strong fishy taste. However, if like us, you are a seafood lover, you will enjoy this delish cup of noodles.

Key Features:

  • Staple ramen in a Japanese household
  • Thick noodles that are complemented by a rich and delicious soup
  • Ingredients include crab, squid, cabbage, egg, and green onion
  • Perfect seafood taste
  • Has a fishy flavor


  • Ingredients: 9.5/10
  • Taste: 9/10

Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto

The next one on our list of best Japanese instant ramen is the Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto!

This cup noodle was a creation of a collaboration between Mouken Tanmen Nakamoto and 7-Eleven, the popular Japanese convenience store. Tanmen noodle is a delicacy and quite a popular dish of Mouken Tanmen Nakamoto, which is a famous Ramen restaurant in Japan. 

nissin roah instant Japanese ramen noodles

The noodles come with spicy soup with meat and vegetables. Apart from the general spiciness, it also has rich and aromatic flavors. The meat and vegetables are blended with a special Miso paste that lends this ramen its delectable taste. 

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Key Features:

  • Created as a collaboration between the ramen store, Mouken Tanmen Nakamoto and 7-Eleven, the famous convenience store
  • One of the most popular ramens
  • Comes with a spicy soup
  • Flavorful blend of meat and vegetables with a special Miso paste


  • Ingredients: 8.5/10
  • Taste: 9/10

Nissin Men Shokunin Soy Sauce Flavor

The next one on our list of best Japanese instant ramen is the Nissin Men Shokunin Soy Sauce Flavor! YUM!

The most special and distinct feature of the Syokunin Soy Sauce Ramen is that it comes with non-fried noodles. This makes it a healthy choice for those who want to manage their calories and lower the intake. This is one ramen that is highly recommended for people who are on a diet or are trying to eat healthily. 

It has a rich soy sauce flavor that comes with a traditional and rustic soup with braised seafood. We are sure you will enjoy the mid-thin straight noodles.

Key Features:

  • Mid-thin straight noodles that are not fried
  • Healthy option for people who are managing their calorie intake
  • Has a rich soy sauce flavor with a traditional soup with braised seafood

Nissin Raoh Kojuku Koku Miso

The next one on our list of best Japanese instant ramen is the Nissin Raoh Kojuko koku Miso!

This ramen comes with a total of four small sachets that contain two dried toppings and two soup stock. These sachets are recommended to be added in the noodles five minutes after pouring boiling water. These sachets are what really give this ramen a distinct and delectable taste. 

The noodles are medium-thick and chewy in texture. It goes very well with the soup, which is rich and thick; it has a spicy Miso flavor. it’s one of the best Japanese instant ramen noodles in the market.

Key Features:

  • Medium-thick noodles that are chewy in texture
  • Goes well with the rich and thick spicy Miso soup
  • Comes with four sachets – two dried toppings and two soup stock
  • The sachets are recommended to be added five minutes after pouring boiling water

Peyang Yakisoba

The next one on our list of best Japanese instant ramen is the Peyang Yakisoba!

Yakisoba means fried noodles, and Peyang Yakisoba is the best-selling fried-noodles out there. It is also the first cup noodle product that started giving liquid sauce with the noodles. The usual cooking time of the noodles is three minutes, but you can adjust the softness by increasing the length of waiting time. 

The sauce is delicious and has a slightly spicy aftertaste that many enjoy. It also comes with a separate small sachet that can be added to increase the spiciness. It is an addictive noodle with simple yet delicious taste.

Key Features: 

  • Best-selling fried noodles
  • First cup noodles to give liquid sauce, which is quite common these days
  • Softness of the noodles can be adjusted by altering the length of the waiting time
  • Delicious sauce that leaves a spicy aftertaste
  • Comes with a separate sachet that lets you add more spice
  • Addictive ramen

Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba

The next one on our list of best Japanese instant ramen is the Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba!

This is one of the most famous soba instant noodles. The noodles have a light and delicate soup that is very appealing. Another thing that attracts everyone is crispy tempura. Tempura is one of the most famous street foods in Japan. When combined with soba noodles, it is one of the most delish combinations ever.

Key Features:

  • One of the most famous soba instant noodles
  • Has a light and delicate soup
  • The crispy tempura attracts the crowd
  • Great combination

Ichiran Tonkotsu Instant Ramen

The next one on our list of best Japanese instant ramen is the very famous and very spicy Ichiran Tonkotsu Instant Ramen!

This is a delicious and high-quality noodle that is vouched for by ramen lovers across the planet. It has an exceptional Tonkotsu flavor that is rich and delicious. The firmness of the noodles can be adjusted by altering the cooking time. It gives you quite an authentic experience. With this pack, you can easily adjust the spiciness level to your liking. It comes with red pepper powder that can be added if you need a more spicy flavor. 

You can add your favorite toppings and can also go creative with it. Add soy-flavored soft-boiled egg, char siu pork, green onion, mushrooms, and more. 

Key Features:

  • Delicious and high-quality noodles
  • Has an exceptional Tonkotsu flavor that is rich and flavorful
  • Firmness of the noodles can be adjusted
  • Spiciness can also be adjusted by using the signature red pepper powder
  • Can be topped off with your favorite toppings, such as char siu pork and green onions

Nissin Cup Noodle Chilli Tomato

The next one on our list of best Japanese instant ramen is the Nissin Cup Noodle Chilli Tomato!

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This popular chili tomato flavored ramen has been around for quite some time. This popular variant has a tomato soup like taste combined with a dash of chili spice. The chili is the perfect partner to the slightly sour taste of tomatoes. It truly is one of the most delicious ramens out there.

The noodles are thick and broad, made of wheat flour. If you love spicy noodles, we are sure you will definitely enjoy the Nissin Chili Tomato ramen noodles.

Key Features:

  • Popular chili tomato ramen that has been around for a long time
  • Has a tomato soup like taste that is perfectly combined with a dash of chili spice
  • Thick and broad wheat flour noodles
  • Great option for spicy noodles lover

Nissin Cup Noodle Curry

The next one on our list of best Japanese instant ramen is the delicious Nissin Cup Noodle Curry Flavor!

If you love ramen and Japanese curry, you will enjoy this delicious cup of Nissin curry noodles. This classic ramen has a rich flavor that reminds you of Japanese curry. If you are looking for a delicious and flavorful option, this is definitely the one to try.

If you want an authentic experience, cook the noodles with soup and pour them in a bowl. Top it off with peas, carrots, chicken, eggs, or tofu. 

Key Features:

  • Delicious cup of ramen with traditional Japanese curry flavor
  • Is a rich and flavorful option for those who love the taste of Japanese curry
  • You can add toppings to give yourself an authentic experience

Best Japanese Instant Ramen Noodles: FAQs

Is Japanese instant ramen bad for health?

Instant ramen usually contains a lot of salt, in other words, it has a lot of sodium content. Having instant ramen too much and too often can be bad for your health. But there are instant ramen noodles with lesser sodium content available. You’ll also find healthier veg ramen noodles as well.  

What are the best Japanese instant ramen noodles?

Nissin Cup Noodles are the best instant ramen noodles. There are a lot of flavors available like seafood, chicken, or even veg.  It’s easy to make and eat. It’s a great option for those who are always on the go. And it’s the most convenient quick snack to have. It’s available in convenience stores and supermarkets. You can also get it on Amazon. 

What is the best spicy Japanese Instant Ramen?

The best spicy ramen is the Nissin cup noodle tom Yam seafood. It’s flavorful with chili hitting your palate for the spice. You’ll also find little bits of eggs and seafood in it. Other good spicy ramen options include Nakiryu Dandan and Ichiran ramen.

What can you add to make Japanese ramen yummy?

You can add topics like eggs, cheese, meat pieces, to make your ramen delicious. You can also try adding extra herbs and spices along with vegetable stock to enhance the ramen’s taste.

is Japanese ramen healthy?

Japanese ramen is healthy until you limit your consumption. It contains a lot of calories, carbs and gluten which might lead to problems like obesity, cardiovascular issues and blood pressure rise.

Best Japanese Instant Ramen to play with your taste buds…

Did you enjoy this delicious ride? These were some of the best Japanese instant ramens to satiate your cravings and give those sudden hunger pangs a tasty treat. We hope you enjoyed this list. Get all of these ramen noodles today!

Nissin Seafood Cup Ramen Noodle

Here are the best Japanese instant ramen noodles for you! Check it out!

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