12 Types Of Japanese Hair Dyes 2022 | Safe Japanese Hair Dye Brands For You!

by Takashi Nomoni
best Japanese hair dyes

I personally love keeping up with Japanese hair color trends. So here are the best Japanese hair dyes you could try, if you love coloring your hair too!

I love how by simply coloring your hair you can get a whole new look for yourself. But it can be expensive going to the salon for touchups and treatments.

And dyeing my hair always seemed a bit risky. But my recent online expedition of Japanese hair dyes didn’t seem so bad at all. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that it’s actually safe. And that made me so so happy!

Top Japanese Hair Dyes: Quick Summary

Here’s a quick review of the best Japanese hair dyes!

Which Type Of Japanese Hair Dye Is Good For You?

There are different types of Japanese hair dyes you can choose from:

  1.  Ammonia-Free Hair Dye
  2. Gradual Hair Dye
  3. Highlights
  4. Permanent Hair Dye
  5. Temporary Hair Dye
  6. Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
  7. Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

 Ammonia-Free Hair Dye

As the name suggests, this type of hair dye doesn’t contain ammonia but may contain other alkalis that are like ammonia. This type of hair dye may contain ingredients to add protein and moisture to your hair during the hair coloring process. This is one of the most popular type of hair dye chosen as it is considered safe.

This type of hair dye is easy on your hair and gentle on your scalp. It can also help cover grey hairs and add lustre to your hair. Ammonia free hair dye will gradually fade off as this type of hair color only coats the strands.

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent hair dyes, as the name suggests, cannot be washed off. This type of hair dyes do contain a lot of chemicals like Colorless dye precursors, hydrogen peroxide, Ammonia, etc. but aren’t considered health hazards.

If you’re looking for 100% grey coverage then permanent hair dyes are your best bet. You can lighten or darken or completely change the color of your hair using the type of hair dye.

While permanent hair dye will not wash off when your wash your hair, it can lose its shine and lustre after a few washes but the color will remain permanently. However, you still need to do touch ups as your hair grows every few weeks.

Temporary Hair Dye

Temporary hair dye changes the the color of your hair instantly. It’s usually used for when you want to give yourself a hair makeover. You also use temporary hair dye when coloring new hair growth or cover grey hair. Since temporary hair dye is a deposit only hair color, you can lighten the color of your hair but can only make it darker.

This is a short term commitment, which means that the color will fade away gradually. It has this property because of its large molecule size that doesn’t allow the color to penetrate to the hair shaft. The color just sits on your actual hair and doesn’t actually change the real color of the hair.

Temporary hair colors come in a variety of colors due its temporary nature. It can be washed off in one or a few more washes, depending on the product.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent dyes are of two types: natural and synthetic dyes. This type of dyes is hydrogen peroxide and ammonia free.

When used for covering grey hairs, it can cover upto 30% of your greys. You cannot use this type of dye to lighten your hair color but only to darken. Semi-Permanent Hair Dye is a good option for damaged hair since it simply sits on the hair cuticles and coats the strands.

It takes 5 to 12 washes for the color to completely fade off but it also depends on your hair porosity.

Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

When compared to permanent hair dyes, demi permanent hair dyes are milder since they don’t contain ammonia and have very little hydrogen peroxide. This type of hair dyes gives a more natural color to your hair but it washes off after a few washes.

While demi permanent hair dye doesn’t bleach the hair pigment, it does penetrate into the hair shaft and works on the cuticle. Demi permanent hair dyes enhance your hair natural hair color and not uniformly give hair color like permanent hair dye would.

How to choose the best Japanese hair dye

There are 5 things you need to consider when choosing the best Japanese hair color for yourself

#1 — Form of the Japanese hair dye

There are primarily three forms of Japanese hair dyes to consider. Choose the one that best suits your convenience and hair dyeing skill level.  

  • Foam type Japanese Hair dye

If you’re new to dyeing your own hair then foam-type Japanese hair dye is the best for you. It’s the best option for beginners as it’s the easiest type of Japanese hair dye to use. You just need to apply the dye directly to your hair like as if you were shampooing your hair. 

What I love about foam Japanese hair dyes is that you don’t have to section your hair or apply petroleum jelly to avoid stains. It’s the most hassle-free type of hair dye there could be! 

The only downside is that foam Japanese hair dyes may not result in the vibrant hair colors. And you have to make sure to lather to form peaks before you apply. If the foam is flat, it won’t stick to your hair well. Make sure to apply it all over for an even coat. 

  • Lotion type Japanese hair dye

If you have super long, thick hair then lotion type Japanese hair dye is your best bet to get an even coat of color on your hair. Since its lotion type if hair dye the texture is runny so covering all of your hair evenly is not going to be a problem. 

But be careful when you apply lotion type Japanese hair dye, it can easily get into your eyes since it has a runny texture. 

  • Cream type Japanese hair dye

If you’ve dyed your hair before and know what you’re doing then cream type hair dye is good for you. I recommend cream-type Japanese hair dyes only for experts. 

The color you get is way more vibrant than foam or lotion type hair dye. This is because cream type Japanese hair dye sticks well to your hair (but it ultimately depends on the color of your hair and the shade of the hair dye) 

If you have long hair it can be difficult to get an even coat. You might want to call someone to help you out. It’s best to section your hair into six or seven parts and then apply the hair dye section by section for an even coating. 

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#2 — Shade and Color of the Japanese hair dye

I know it can be tempting to follow the latest hair trends of pink, ash, and beige. But these type of colors doesn’t suit all hair colors. It ultimately depends on your original hair color (unless you want to bleach it, which, honestly, I don’t recommend). 

Big, popular Japanese hair dye brands offer over 20 – 30 hair colors and shades for you to choose from. You will see a before and after picture of different Japanese hair dyes. Check which before hair color is the closest to your original hair color and then check the after picture on the Japanese hair dye to see if it’s the desired result you want. 

#3 — Check the ingredients, and included Hair Treatment Products

Coloring your hair is not that challenging. It’s the maintenance of your color treated hair that can be challenging. What you need to focus on after you’ve colored your hair is that it doesn’t fade too soon. And how to minimize the damage.

When choosing a Japanese hair dye, look for a dye that comes along with hair conditioner and/or hair treatment. Also look for Japanese hair dyes with moisturizing and hair conditioning agents like jojoba oils and keratin. Ingredients like these will minimize the damage and moisturize your hair. 

There will most definitely be some amount of damage because of the hair dye (unless you’re using an all natural hair dye like henna). The only thing you can do is take care of your hair after and try and undo the damage as much as possible. 

#4 — How long does it last?

Japanese hair dye boxes from good brands last for about a month. Some more temporary Japanese hair dye can last to about 2 weeks. 

So check how long the Japanese hair dye lasts or how many shampoo washes it takes before it starts to fade. This way you can choose a hair dye depending on how long you want the color to last. 

Other than this, the health of your hair and shade you choose also determines how long the Japanese hair dye might last. 

It’s best to check the customer reviews before you purchase a product. Here you can figure out how well the Japanese hair dye worked for someone else with your hair. Then you can decide if the hair dye is a worthy buy or not! 

Make sure that you use shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products that are formulated to protect color treated hair for maximum benefit! 

#5 — Quantity of the hair dye box

I cannot tell you how important this is and most people don’t consider this. If you have medium length hair then one Japanese hair dye box should be enough. If you have longer hair then buying two Japanese hair dye boxes is a good idea so you can evenly coat your hair all through out!

If you want to buy just one Japanese hair dye box make sure that the quantity is enough to cover your hair to get an even coat. You can check the reviews by customers to figure out if the quantity is enough. 

How we tested the Japanese hair dyes?

We chose over 20+ Japanese hair dyes to curate a list of the best Japanese hair dyes for different hair types. Our team of hair care experts tested and rated the Japanese hair dyes based on the following parameters:

  1. Ingredients and formulation: The Japanese hair dyes with nourishing ingredients and minimal harsh ingredients were selected. Hair dyes that minimize damage and are gentle on the hair were given better ratings 
  2. Vibrancy of hair color and efficacy: We also rated the Japanese hair dyes based on how vibrant the color was after being applied to the hair. Did it deliver as the packaging says? And how long did the color last?

Effect on Hair: We rated the Japanese hair dyes based on the final texture of the hair? Does it cause dryness? Does it add shine to the hair? Any unwanted reactions seen?

With the wide range of best hair dyes from Japan, you could choose the standard colors of black and brown, or go for more vivid colors like pink and green.

No matter what your choice is, I have curated a list of best Japanese hair dyes to cater to your different needs. These are some of the best Japanese box hair dyes available in the market that are easy to use by yourself and you can color your from the comfort of your home!

Enjoy and may you have a great time coloring your hair!

Best Japanese Hair Dyes BrandsBest Japanese Hair Dyes ProductsLink
Kao Kao Liese Bubble Hair DyeCheck price on Amazon
Brain Cosmos Brain Cosmos Hair Color And Treatment Check price on Amazon
Dariya Dariya Palty Hair Dye For Dark Hair Check price on Amazon
Grigio Grigio Hair Manicure DyeCheck price on Amazon
Rishiri Rishiri Kombu Hair Color Treatment Check price on Amazon
Kao Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Color Check price on Amazon
Bigen Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color Check price on Amazon
ShoHanShoHan Instant Powder Hair Dye Check price on Amazon
DariyaSalon De Pro Hair Color Check price on Amazon
CieloCielo Hair Color Cream Check price on Amazon

Which is the best Japanese Hair Dye?

I tried and tested several Japanese hair dyes based on pigmentation, ease of application, quality of ingredients, finish, and longevity. I found that Kao Liese Bubble Hair Dye is the best Japanese hair dye.

The Kao Liese Bubble Hair Dye is extremely easy to apply as you simply have to massage the gel for even coloring. This Japanese hair dye is formulated with Royal Jelly Extract that moisturizes the hair and gives it a silky and shiny finish. The Japanese hair dye will stay for several months before it starts to fade, if proper hair care is maintained. The Japanese hair dye kit contains solutions 1 and 2, hair lotion, a pair of gloves, an instruction sheet.

Japanese Hair Dye Kao Liese Bubble Hair Dye

The first one on this list of best Japanese hair dyes is by Kao!

Kao is one of the oldest and most trusted hair dye manufacturers in Japan. Their bubble hair dye is the latest addition to their range of hair products. It comes in 17 different shades and is very easy to apply to hair.

The package of this Japanese hair dye comes with a solution and a developer. To reach the gel-like consistency to color your hair, pour the solution to the developer and shake gently. After that, all you have to do is replace the regular cap with a foam cap.

Liese Japanese hair dye reaches areas that are usually hard to reach such as the inner layers of the hair. All you have to do for an even application is massage the soft and fluffy foam into your hair.

Before you start the application process, make sure that you apply a layer of Vaseline or oil-based cream to the hairline to avoid contact of the hair dye with the skin.


  • Liese hair dye has an easy application process. You only need to massage the gel for even coloring.
  • The dye contains Royal Jelly Extract, which acts as a moisturizer for your hair and gives it a silky, shiny finish.
  • It reaches difficult areas such as the nape of the neck.
  • Liese hair dye is permanent and it will take several months for the color to start fading.


  • The color may have an allergic reaction in some users due to the presence of amino acid. To know if the dye is safe for you, do an allergy test at least 48 hours before using it.

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Brain Cosmos – Top Japanese Hair Dye

Brain Cosmos is a revolutionary Japanese hair dye that uses the goodness of Rishiri Kombu, which is a Japanese seaweed extract. This extract has exceptional health benefits and is a common ingredient in Japanese food.

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However, that is not all. Rishiri Kombu also has excellent hair coloring properties.

It is quite easy to apply this Japanese hair dye. There is not much you need to do in order to color your hair. You only need to dab the color directly onto your hair.

The best part is that you do not need to wash your hair after you have applied the color and received your desired results. The hair dye comes in the shades of black and brown


  • The best part about this hair dye is that it not only colors your hair, but it also acts as a hair treatment. The minerals present in the hair dye strengthens the hair and rejuvenates hair growth.
  • You do not need to wash off the hair color once it has dried. This makes the process very simple and quick.
  • It is one of the best Japanese hair dyes that effectively covers up grey hair.


  • The color fades away very fast so you need to reapply every few weeks.

Check out the best Japanese hair dyes by Brain Cosmos below!

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Dariya Palty Hair Dye For Dark Hair

The next one on this list of best Japanese hair dyes is by Dariya Palty

Japanese hair dye Palty combines color and hair treatment to give you hair that is shiny, healthy, and beautifully colored. The package comes with a coloring cream, oxide water that acts as a developer, brush, gloves, and an instruction manual.

This Japanese hair dye by Dariya Palty is very easy to follow the steps and apply the color. The solution is in liquid form to make the application process easier. To achieve your desired color, you may have to wait any time between 20 and 40 minutes.

Once you have achieved the color, you need to wash off the dye to reveal gorgeous and healthy hair.


  • The Japanese hair dye Palty is also a hair treatment formula that makes your hair lustrous and moisturized.
  • Palty hair dye contains seaweed extract, which is extremely good for the hair. It prevents breakage and locks in moisture.


  • You should avoid using this hair dye if your hair has been permed or straightened.
  • This hair dye is extremely harsh on the skin and should be avoided by people who are prone to allergic reactions.
  • You should not use this hair dye to color your eyebrows.

Check out the best Japanese hair dyes by Dariya Palty below!

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Grigio Japanese Hair Dye

The next one on this list of best Japanese hair dyes is the Grigio Hair Manicure Dye

This is an enriching Japanese hair dye from Japan that contains natural ingredients. It acts as a great moisturizer for the hair and helps treat hair that is dry or damaged due to excessive use of heat.

The Japanese hair dye contains amino acids that prevent the hair from drying up after the coloring process. It prevents the luster of the hair and leaves it looking silky and shiny. Unlike many other dyes in the market, this hair dye prevents scalp irritation.

To apply the dye, you need to wash and dry your hair completely. While applying, make sure that you avoid the hairline and the skin around the eyes.

If you use a hairdryer after applying the color, you can wash it off in 15 minutes. However, if you decide not to dry your hair using heat treatment, you should wait for about 45 minutes before washing it off.


  • Since it has natural ingredients, it keeps your hair healthy. By using this hair dye, you can prevent chemical damage.
  • It locks in moisture and helps your hair retain its natural luster.


  • You need to thoroughly rinse your hair and remove every last bit of product to avoid skin irritation.

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Rishiri Kombu Hair Color Treatment

Best Japanese Hair Dye

The next one on this list of best Japanese hair dyes is the Rishiri Kombu Hair color treatment.

This is a natural hair coloring product from Japan that uses natural ingredients to give you the color that you want without damaging your hair. The manufacturer uses locally available raw materials to make this hair dye.

The best thing about this hair dye is that it colors your hair a little more with each application. This is one of the best Japanese hair dyes for you if you are allergic to chemicals and the ingredients that are used in hair dyes.

The application of this Japanese hair dye is very easy. You need to wash your hair and dry it. However, do not dry it completely.

After this, you need to apply the hair color just like you would apply a conditioner after washing your hair. Leave the hair color for about ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse it off well.

This is one of the best Japanese hair dyes to keep with you if you love following Japanese hair color trends. It’s quick, easy, and does its job really well!


  • The dyeing process is gradual, making the process slow. The change is not dramatic.
  • It contains natural ingredients such as seaweed extracts and minerals nourish your hair and promote hair growth. It also prevents hair from breaking.
  • It is important, however, to note that the hair color may not be an exact shade of the color you need. You may want to do a patch test to know which shade works the best for you.

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Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Color

The next one on this list of best Japanese hair dyes is by Liese

The Kao Prettia bubble hair color is one of the best Japanese hair dyes by Liese. It’s has a gel-type formula which makes it incredibly easy to apply. Overall, this hair color is beneficial for your scalp and hair as it also has ingredients that nourish your hair. 

liese hair dye

This Japanese hair color comes with an activator solution along with the hair dye. All you have to do is mix both the solutions together and apply it to your hair. You’ll notice that it’ll become thick and foamy very quickly, hence the name – bubble hair color. Simply leave the color for 20 minutes for the solution take effect and rise off. This Japanese hair dye box contains an instruction manual in both Japanese and English – so read it carefully before you apply. 


  • High in mineral content 
  • Contains seaweed extract

Check out the best Japanese hair dyes by Liese below!

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Bigen Semi Permanent Hair Color

Bijen Japanese hair dye is a semi-permanent hair color and comes in a wide variety of colors. You can find the usual black brown and blonde and even the funkier colors like pink and violet. 

It’s a long-lasting Japanese hair color, so it will last for about 4-5 weeks before it starts fading. It’s one of the best Japanese hair dyes to cover grey hairs. And thanks to some of the natural ingredients present in the dye, this Japanese hair color nourishes your hair thoroughly and doesn’t leave it dry. Instead what you end up with is soft, smooth, and shiny hair!

To use this Japanese hair dye, first shampoo and towel-dry your hair. Apply the hair dye directly from the bottle onto your damp hair. Leave it on for about 30 minutes. For best results, you can wear a shower cap and use a hair drier for about 10  minutes. And then let it cool for 5 minutes. After this, you can rinse your hair. 

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  • Long-lasting
  • Oil-rich formula 
  • No ammonia
  • No Peroxide
  • Contains honey, beeswax, and sunflower extracts
  • Safe for all types of hair

Check out the best Japanese hair dyes by Bigen below!

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ShoHan Instant Powder Hair Color

This Japanese hair dye has a very mild formula. And ShoHan hair color promises to not only leave you with colored hair but also reduce hair loss! Also the hair dye doesn’t stain your skin or clothes! Is this the perfect hair dye or what?! 

To apply it. Mix the ShoHan powder Japanese hair dye with the activator given in the pack. Then gently rub it onto your hair directly. After you rinse off the dye, you’ll be left with silky, smooth hair – thanks to the built-in conditioner! It is one of the best Japanese hair dyes to cover grey hairs. The dye is available in black and different shades of brown. 


  • Mild formula
  • No ammonia
  • No hydrogen peroxide

Check out the best Japanese hair dyes by ShoHan below!

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The next one on this list of best Japanese hair dyes is Dariya Salon.

This Japanese hair dye is specially developed for full grey hair coverage. It has a gel-based formula and is easy to use. The hair color kit contains gloves, brushes, and hair dye cream. 

I love this Japanese hair dye because it doesn’t dry out your hair after. In fact, you’re left with smooth hair – thanks to its anti-drying formula! The hair dye also contains ingredients that help in hair growth! This hair dye is available in black and brown. 


  • Contains minerals that stimulate hair growth
  • You skip the hair wash after the hair dye dries 

Check out the best Japanese hair dyes by Dariya Salon below!

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Cielo Hair Color For Grey Hair

Cielo Japanese hair dye is one of the best Japanese hair dyes to cover up grey hairs. It contains a lot of natural ingredients and is good for your hair and scalp and has a nourishing effect on your hair. 

This Japanese hair dye kit comes with an easy-to-use applicator bottle. You simply push the button to release two agents directly on to the comb provided. After which you can apply it onto the hair directly. 


  • Contains Eucalyptus and grape seed oil essentials
  • Evening primrose oil essentials
  • Collagen 
  • Amino acids
  • Nourishes your hair

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Dariya Annadonna Every Hair Color

This best Japanese hair dye has a smooth, cool tint to it almost like caramel. The results achieved are very close to the image on the box.

The hair dye lasts long. There are a total of 10 colors to choose from including elephant grey, rabbit beige, and car greige. It’s a lotion type hair dye which is easy to apply. It’s very gentle on your hair so you don’t have to worry about hair damage. The hair treatment is also included in the box! 


  • Very gentle on the hair
  • Includes after shampoo treatment
  • The color is very vivid
  • The hair dye lasts long 
  • Available in 10 colors
  • The hair dye has a very gentle formula so it won’t cause any hair damage

Check out the best Japanese hair dyes by Annadonna below!

Hoyu Beauteen Hair Color

The next one on this list of best Japanese hair dyes is by beauteen. The color that this hair dye deposits is pretty subtle but it adds a shine to your hair.

There are a total of 12 colors available including purple ash, blue violet, and mint ash. The hair dye is of the foamy lotion type and comes with the hair treatment. This japanese dye is also pretty gentle on the hair.The dye lasts longer that most hair dyes. 


  • Subtle colors
  • Adds shine to the hair
  • 12 colors available 
  • Foamy lotion type dye
  • The hair dye is gentle and lasts longer than most hair dyes

Check out the best Japanese hair dyes by Beauteen below!

Hoyu Beautylabo Whip Hair Color Bubble Type

This Japanese hair dye has a warm finish and the color is also pretty subtle. It doesn’t fade easily with shampoo and will last you a long time. As it fades the color gets warmer. It’s a foam type Japanese hair dye and is easy to apply. Even though the hair dye lasts long, it might be a bit harsh for some. It’s recommended you do a patch test before applying. 

This Japanese hair dye is available in 16 colors including Ash Chocolat, Classic ash, and Misty Ash. Post-shampoo hair treatment is also included in the box. 


  • Lasts long 
  • Subtle color
  • Foam type Japanese hair dye
  • Treatment included
  • The hair color lasts long, even after multiple hair washes
  • The hair color reddens as it fades


  • Might be a bit harsh 
  • The color is bit too light 

Check out the best Japanese hair dyes by beautyLabo below!

These best Japanese hair dyes do not dry out your hair or make it brittle and damaged. They provide nourishment to your hair and leave them looking and feeling soft, silky, and shiny. These best Japanese hair dyes have a lot of natural ingredients that promote hair growth and discourage hair breakage.

Your hair will feel healthier and lovely after using any one of the best Japanese hair dyes mentioned above. So, what are you waiting for? Give any one of these best Japanese hair dyes a try and watch the magic happen right in front of your eyes.

How Much Does It Cost To Dye Your Hair In Japan?

The cost of dyeing your hair in Japan can cost you anywhere around JPY 6,000 to JPY 20,000, depending on your hair length and the type of hair color you want. This is obviously pretty expensive which is why it’s best to stick to reliable and the best Japanese hair dyes so you can color your hair at home. Or at least do the color touch-ups yourself once you get your hair colored at the salon.

Top Hair Dyes From Japan: FAQs

Are Japanese Hair Dyes Gentle On the Hair?

Most Japanese hair dyes are gentle on the hair. But if you want to pick up a Japanese hair dye that’s gentle on your hair, look for a hair dye that contains jojoba oil. This ingredient is known to provide hydration to hair and skin. And will balance out the chemical ingredients in the hair dye and minimize damage. 

Do Japanese hair dyes last long?

A lot of the Japanese hair dyes contain ingredients that preserve color. These ingredients are silk protein or amino acids like taurine or theanine. In general, reddish or warm colors last longer than cool shades like ash brown. Cool colors tend to fade sooner. To tackle this, you can switch to using a mild shampoo and get a hair treatment meant for hair that’s color-treated with cool tones.

How long does Liese dye last?

Liese dye may last approximately for about 2 months. But this duration may reduce to two to three weeks when applied on hair that’s gone through repeated bleaching, perming, and coloring.

What is bubble hair dye?

Bubble hair dyes have a gel-like consistency once mixed with the developer. As you apply it to your hair, it turns into a thick and foamy consistency which is much easier to use as compared to the regular hair dyes. It is usually semi-permanent and will last for about 4-5 weeks before the hair dye starts to fade.

Does Liese hair dye have ammonia?

Liese hair dye does contain ammonia. While it’s one of the best Japanese hair dyes in the market, using too much hair dye with ammonia is not good for your scalp and hair.

Is Liese Bubble Hair Dye permanent?

The Liese bubble hair color is not permanent, it’ll last for about two months. This Japanese hair dye does make your hair brighter which will have a permanent effect on your hair.

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