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by Erika Shinomoto
japanese hair brush

Here are some of the best Japanese hair brushes that are gentle on your hair and scalp and minimize frizz and reduce hair breakage

I always ensure that I get the best shampoo, conditioner, and serum for my hair. But I always tend to forget that it is actually a good hairbrush that truly makes the hair look great.

The options for the best hair brushes are limitless; there are more than just the basic bristles that we often end up opting for. You get paddle brushes, round brushes, two-in-one brushes, and so many other variants. 

Types Of Japanese Hair Brushes

There are different types of Japanese hair brushes you can choose from depending on your hair type and styling needs:

Round Hair Brush

japanese round brush

If you have thick or wavy hair then round hair brush should be your go to. When it comes to styling, a round hair brush is a great tool to use with a blowdryer. When used a with a blowdryer, the metal barrel of the round hair brush heats up too. It removes frizz and tames the hair. Other than that, using a round brush also adds volume and body to the hair. You can use a round hair brush with blow dryer if you want to do subtle curls on your hair or if you even want to straighten your hair!

Paddle Hair Brush

A paddle hair brush should be your go to option if you have straight and long hair. Due its flat and wide surface it moves easily and detangles your hair easily.

japanese paddle brush

Boar Bristle Brush

If you have fine curly hair, use a boar bristle brush to style your hair. The boar bristles gently move across your hair without tugging on it. It also does a good job at distributing the natural oils across your scalp.

japanese Boar Bristle Brush

Loop brush

japanese loop brush

Loop brush can be used by anybody. It is especially good to brush out your hair extensions. This type of hair bush is called loop brush because the of its looped bristles. This type of bristles glide through the hair, including hair extensions, very smoothly!

Vented Hair Brush

Vented Hair Brush

Vented hair brushes are great for when you want to quickly blow dry your hair. You know those days when you’re late and can’t spend that extra 10 minutes to brush out your hair properly? Vented hair brush will help you a great deal during this time. Vented hair brush has holes in them that allow the air from the blow dryer to go through allowing your hair to dry quicker.

How To Choose The Right Japanese Hair Brush For Your Hair type:

Choosing a brush for that is of your hair type is better because you don’t want your hair to break when you’re using the hair brush. Here’s something that will help you out:

  • Thin and long hair: Narrow teeth combs work the best for thin and long hair as they easily glide in the hair. You can also choose flat brushes that will easily comb your long and fine hair. 
  • Curly hair: Go for a wide toothed brush or a detangling brush for your curly hair. Detanglers are great as they don’t let your hair fall off easily and also maintain your curls. 
  • Frizzy hair: Padded or round brushes are great for frizzy hair that eliminates frizz and also adds volume while coming. Look for a hair brush that has boar bristles and nylon pins that can settle your frizzy hair and keep your hair smooth and silky. 

If you are looking for an excellent hairbrush to replace your old one, you must definitely keep up until the very last of this guide to help you choose the best Japanese hairbrush.

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Best Japanese Hair Brushes: Quick Summary

Best Japanese Hair BrushesTypeLink
Yasaka Round Hair Brush RoundView On Amazon
Koizumi Reset Paddle Brush PaddleView On Amazon
Phillips Brush Light Touch Styling Hair Brush StylingView On Amazon
Amino Acid Static Eliminating Hair Brush Static EliminatingView On Amazon
IKEMOTO Aging Scalp Care Hair Brush Aging Scalp CareView On Amazon
Sanbi Wooden Round Hair Brush Wooden RoundView On Amazon
Koizumi Negative Ion Reset Paddle Brush PaddleView On Amazon
IKEMOTO Seduce Hair Care Brush Heat ResistantView On Amazon
BS Hair Styling Brush Hair StylingView On Amazon
S Heart S Scalp BrushScalp MassageView On Amazon

In this article, I have brought to you the best Japanese hair brushes that cater to your specific concerns, ensuring that your hair remains silky, shiny, smooth, and tangle-free.

Which is the best Japanese Hair Brush?

I tried several Japanese hair brushes to find the best one for my hair based on quality, effect, ease of use, design. I found that Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811 is the best Japanese hairbrush.

Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811 features platinum bristles with soft edges. This Japanese hair brush is gentle on the scalp and massages it. It smoothes out the hair and reduces frizz. It also reduces static and improves the look of your hair. Reviews on Amazon say that this Japanese hairbrush improves hair texture.

Yasaka Round Hair Brush

This round hairbrush is made with a combination of birch wood and carbon coating. The brush makes use of boar bristles as well as nylon pins to give your hair the ultimate love and care that it deserves. With this brush, you can pick up and work on sections of your hair with ease.

The handle of the brush is also ergonomically designed to make holding and using it an easy job. It also makes drying out and styling your hair quite a quick task. It adds a whole new level of shine to your hair, making it look bouncy and glossy.

kanaya hair brush

Key Features:

  • Round hair brush made with a combination of birch wood and carbon coating
  • Made of boar bristles and nylon pins
  • Easy to work on sections of your hair
  • Ergonomically designed handle 
  • Helps in easy drying of hair
  • Gives shine to the hair

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KOIZUMI Reset Paddle Brush

The KOIZUMI Reset Paddle Brush is one of the best-selling Japanese hair brushes out there. It makes your hair shiny and healthy without the need to use any heat-styling products. It comes with high-quality platinum bristles that are excellent to give yourself a good scalp massage. The only drawback of this hair brush is that it’s hard to clean.

It gives your scalp a wonderful and relaxing feeling that I am sure you will enjoy. I have been using this brush for quite some time myself, and trust me, it really does make a difference. Also, it is highly beneficial during the colder months as it helps remove static, ensuring a healthy shine. This brush has the best reviews by all it’s users.

best round brush for fine hair blowout

Key Features:

  • One of the best-selling Japanese hairbrushes
  • Makes your hair shiny and healthy
  • No need to use any hair-styling products
  • Also beneficial in giving a good scalp massage
  • Helps remove static from the hair

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Phillips Brush Light Touch Styling Hair Brush

If there is one hairbrush you can trust with your eyes closed, this is definitely the one. The Light Touch Styling Hair Brush by Philips is a choice of many, including me. The bristles of this brush are made using tufts of twin beaded nylon that does a great job at keeping your hair styled.

japanese scalp brush

The bristles are lines across six rows and are great for finishing and smoothening your hair. The rectangle handle makes holding and using the brush extremely easy. With the contoured handle, you get the utmost control and comfort. 

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Key Features:

  • A choice of many
  • Made using tufts of twin beaded nylon
  • Helps in styling and smoothening the hair
  • Contoured rectangle handle that makes holding and using it comfortable
  • Gives you the utmost control
  • Gentle on your hair
  • Keeps hair manageable

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Amino Acid Static Eliminating Hair Brush

This is yet another one of the hairbrushes you must get, especially if you have a problem with static hair. The size of the brush is small and compact, making it easy to travel around with it. The bristles are extremely loving the hair and are also made using high-quality materials.

Top Japanese hair brushes

The main reason why this brush is a favorite amongst people is because of its ability to eliminate static electricity. Trust me, this really is a boon for those who have hair like me that loves to go haywire. Everyone loves the quality of this brush as it’s made with strong materials.

Key Features:

  • Small and compact hairbrush
  • Perfect for traveling around with
  • Eliminates the problem of static electricity
  • Easy to handle

IKEMOTO Aging Scalp Care Hair Brush

This is a great brush for detangling the hair and works its magic both on wet and dry hair. It also helps keep the frizz away and makes your hair manageable and smooth. The brush has a contoured handle that makes handling it easy and comfortable. I love how efficient the brush is at keeping your hair tamed at all times.

best japanese brush for static hair

Key Features:

  • Great brush for detangling hair
  • Works on both wet and dry hair
  • Helps keep the frizz away
  • Makes hair manageable and smooth
  • Keeps hair tamed at all times

Sanbi Wooden Round Hair Brush

This is my all-time favorite brush that I simply cannot do without. It is an extremely gentle brush that is perfect for my fine hair. If you too are dealing with the woes of fine and thin hair, this is definitely the one to go for. It keeps the hair tangle-free without damaging it or causing any breakages.


It also helps you in styling your hair to give you natural-looking curls when you blow-dry it. It also adds a nice shine and texture to your hair. The handle is made of wood, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The handle is also quite easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Extremely gentle brush
  • Perfect for those with fine and thin hair
  • Keeps hair tangle-free
  • Does not cause hair to break 
  • Does not damage hair
  • Adds a nice shine and texture
  • Helps you style your hair
  • Durable and long-lasting

Koizumi Negative Ion Reset Paddle Brush

This is probably one of the best paddle brushes out there that you must definitely get. This gives your hair a wonderful shine and smoothness that will surely make you want to keep touching your hair every chance you get. It helps in detangling the hair and keeps tangles at bay.

Best Japanese hair brushes

You need batteries to start the ion feature. It really does work wonders on the hair and also makes it a great massaging tool. Get silky hair with this top-class paddle brush.

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Key Features:

  • One of the best paddle brushes out there
  • Gives your hair a wonderful shine and smoothness
  • Helps in detangling the hair
  • Keeps tangles at bay
  • Has a negative ion feature that makes your hair silky
  • Great for massaging the scalp

IKEMOTO Seduce Hair Care Brush

The excellent Seduce Hair Care Brush by the famous IKEMOTO brand is a wonder tool for your hair. With nylon bristles, this hairbrush helps keep your hair healthy, shiny, and absolutely gorgeous. The hairbrush is also extremely durable and will last you a super-long time.

how to choose round hair brush size

It helps get rid of any tangles with ease and without causing you any pain. It also keeps hair damage at bay. The bristles of the brush are quite firm, but soft at the same time. It is a great brush for massaging the scalp.

Key Features:

  • Wonder tool for your hair
  • Keeps your hair healthy, shiny, and gorgeous
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Helps get rid of tangles with ease and without causing any pain
  • Keeps hair damage at bay
  • Firm but soft bristles
  • Great for massaging the scalp

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BS Hair Styling Brush

This hair-styling brush comes with special bristles that help eliminate the problem of static electricity from your hair during the colder months. It comes with an electric ground plate that is placed in the middle that helps in removing static electricity from the hair. I’ve used this brush and I’m pretty impressed with it’s capability of taming my hair so perfectly.

aveda wooden paddle brush

The bristles are also pretty soft. They contain marine collagen that helps enrich your damaged hair and give your hair shine and smoothness. It also helps reduce frizz, keeping your mane tamed. It is also a great hairbrush for detangling the hair. It is also a great styling tool that you can use to keep your hair styled.

Key Features:

  • Special bristles that eliminate the problem of static electricity
  • Soft bristles that do not cause any pain
  • Bristles contain marine collagen that helps enrich damaged hair
  • Gives your hair shine and makes it smooth
  • Reduces frizz
  • Keeps your mane tamed
  • Helps detangle hair
  • Useful for styling hair

S Heart S Scalp Brush

This is an excellent brush that gives you the ultimate relaxation when you are shampooing your hair. As you must have guessed, this is a scalp massaging hairbrush that works magic on your wet hair. Simply apply shampoo to your hair, and massage your scalp using this brush.

It helps to deeply cleanse your scalp and hair follicles, giving you smooth, silky, and shiny hair. It comes with nylon bristles that stimulate the scalp and help you relax. This brush has great reviews on how it doesn’t let any hair break easily and is so comfortable to use.

best Japanese hair brush to prevent breakage

Key Features:

  • Meant to be used on wet hair when shampooing
  • Helps massage the scalp
  • Deeply cleanses the scalp and hair follicles
  • Gives you smooth, silky, and shiny hair
  • Comes with nylon bristles that stimulate the scalp

Wave your gorgeous hair!

These were some of the best Japanese Hair Brushes that you can get for your hair. These brushes make sure that your hair remains gorgeous and tangle-free. Are you ready to swerve those pretty locks? Get one of these today!

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Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811
japanese hair brush

Check out the best Japanese hair brushes that will help you tame your hair perfectly and avoid hair breakage. Do check out Koizumi Reset Hair Brush KBE-2811 which is the best in the list. Read further to know more about it.

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