Best Japanese Hair Bleach 2022 | 7 Top Japanese Hair Bleach That Won’t Damage Your Hair!

by Erika Shinomoto
best Japanese hair bleach

Are you looking for the best bleach to dye your hair? Check out these best Japanese hair bleach with hair-friendly ingredients that will minimize hair damage to almost nothing! Choosing the right hair bleach can be quite a task. You need something that works for your hair and minimizes the damage.

You may be looking for a hair bleach to dye your hair in the numerous shades of the rainbow. No matter what your reason is, it is vital that you choose a bleach that does its job without damaging your hair.

Best Japanese Hair Bleach: Quick Summary

Best Japanese Hair BleachKey feature
Gatsby Ex Hi BleachNeeds to be applied to dry hair
Dariya Palty Hair BleachMinimizes damage and dryness
Hoyu Beauteen Hair BleachGives a nice and even finish
Jolen Creme BleachGentle formula that can be used to dye eyebrows
Dariya Palty Hair Bleach SetMost of the ingredients are plant-based
Gatsby Natural Bleach Ash CaramelAdds moisture to hair
Dariya Palty Men’s Hair BleachLeaves your hair feeling luscious and lustrous

In that case, you have reached the right place. In this article, we have brought some of the best Japanese hair bleach to help you style your hair the right way. Continue reading for some of the best in the world of hair bleaches. 

Which is the best Japanese hair bleach?

I tested several Japanese hair bleaches to find the best one. I tested them based on their hair lightening power and gentleness. I found that Hoyu Beauteen Hair Bleach is the best Japanese hair bleach.

Hoyu Beauteen Hair Bleach has good lightning power. It visibly lightens the hair with an even finish. It’s easy to use and can be easily applied at home. You can also follow it up with a vibrant hair dye next. This Japanese bleaching kit comes with a pH controller to minimize hair damage. This helps protect from hair breakage. It’s available on Amazon for sale.

Top Japanese Hair Bleach

Gatsby Ex Hi Bleach

One of the finest and the most popular of Japanese hair bleaches is this fairly easy to use Gatsby Ex Hi Bleach. It is quite easy to apply. Just mix everything and apply it to your clean and dry hair. Leave it on and rinse off with shampoo. Do not forget to use a conditioner as this can fairly damage the hair and make it rough.

However, we love the fact that this best Japanese hair bleach produces visible results. You will see that your hair has really lightened, no matter how dark it was when you began. And if we talk about the damage, it is easy to treat the stiff and scratchy feeling left behind; we recommend an at-home hair treatment for softer locks. 

Key Features:

  • It is easy to apply
  • Needs to be applied to dry hair
  • Rinse off with shampoo and apply conditioner
  • May cause roughness in the hair
  • Follow up with a hair treatment for softer locks
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Check out this best Japanese hair bleach below!

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Dariya Palty Hair Bleach 

The advanced and innovative Dariya Palty hair bleach is a splendid product that bleaches your hair exceptionally well, no matter how dark they are. With just one application, this bleach works magic on the hair.

On the very first dye job, you will notice that the hair has considerably lightened, though maybe not extremely light if you had dark hair. If you need an even lighter shade, you may need to go for round two to get the desired results. 

The pack comes with two agents that need to be mixed together and applied to hair. Apart from the agents, we also get comb, brush, tray, and gloves. Also, it is quite gentle on the hair and there will hardly be any dryness once you rinse it off. Hair damage remains at a minimum with this hair bleach. Definitely one of the best Japanese hair bleach!

Top Japanese hair bleach

Key Features:

  • Advanced and innovative product
  • Bleaches hair splendidly, no matter how dark they are
  • May need to go for a second round to get lighter results
  • Comes with two agents as well as a comb, brush, tray, and gloves
  • Gentle on the hair
  • Minimizes damage and dryness

Check it out below!

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Hoyu Beauteen Hair Bleach

Hoyu Beauteen is probably one of the best hair bleaches out there that are loved and used by many. It visibly lightens your hair and gives it a nice and even finish that we love. This best Japanese hair bleach has immense whitening power, which is brilliant. However, that is not all that this kit does. It also takes special pains to ensure that the damage caused to hair remains at a bare minimum. 

The kit comes with a pH controller that is meant to be used before coloring sessions. This controller is a magic key at protecting your hair from damage and breakage. This is the ultimate weapon to getting your hair ready for vibrant colors. 

Key Features:

  • Visibly lightens hair
  • Gives a nice and even finish
  • Comes with immense whitening power
  • Causes minimum damage to hair
  • Contains a pH controller meant to protect hair from damage and breakage 

Check out this best Japanese hair bleach below!

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Jolen Creme Bleach

Originally from NYC, Jolen has managed to create a mega fan following in Japan as well, which is why this creme bleach has made it to the list. The pack comes with a cream and a powder that you need to mix together and apply to your hair. It has a very gentle formula, which is why many people also use this to bleach their eyebrows. If you are looking to color smaller sections of your hair, this is the best Japanese hair bleach for you!

Key Features:

  • Comes with cream and powder that need to be mixed together 
  • Gentle formula that can be used to dye eyebrows
  • An excellent choice if you are looking to dye only sections of your hair
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Check it out here! 

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Dariya Palty Hair Bleach Set

The bleach set comes with bleach powder, bleach cream, and oxide water. Most of the ingredients are plant-based, which makes it one of the best Japanese hair bleach for your hair’s health. It does not cause a lot of damage to hair, and so can be safely used. 

With this set, it is easier to get the tone you desire. You can keep the bleach on your hair for longer if you need to lighten your hair more. To apply, you need to mix the bleach powder and the bleach cream with oxide water. Mix thoroughly and then apply on your hair. Leave it on and rinse off with shampoo. Again, never skip on the conditioner as it can help keep your hair soft and healthy.

Key Features:

  • Comes with bleach powder, bleach cream, and oxide water
  • Most of the ingredients are plant-based
  • Great for hair health
  • Keeps hair damage at a minimum
  • Leave longer if you need to really lighten your hair

Check out this best Japanese hair bleach below!

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Gatsby Natural Bleach Ash Caramel

The Gatsby Natural Bleach and Color is an outstanding product that bleaches your hair and also adds a healthy luster. It contains crystal formulation that gives your hair healthy shine and nourishment. It boasts of features that repair hair damage and add moisturization. 

The kit comes with two agents that you need to mix together well. Apply it to your dry hair and leave it on until you reach your desired color. Rinse off with shampoo and do not forget to condition your hair. 

Key Features:

  • Bleaches hair while also adding healthy luster
  • Contains crystal formulation that adds shine and nourishment to hair
  • Repairs hair damage
  • Adds moisture to hair
  • Keep it on until you reach the desired color

Check out this best Japanese hair bleach below!

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Dariya Palty Men’s Hair Bleach

This hair color bleaches the hair just right to give you that luscious-looking lightened hair. It is a truly marvelous product that leaves your hair feeling smooth and soft after you are done bleaching it. Just like with other bleaches, you can leave this on your hair until you are happy with the shade you have reached. Keep it on longer for a more lightened hair. 

It is primarily a men’s bleach, but there really are no limits. It can be used by women as well, especially if you are looking for highlights. This best Japanese hair bleach is perfect for achieving those pretty highlights and for coloring smaller sections.  

Key Features:

  • Leaves your hair feeling luscious and lustrous
  • Gives your hair a beautiful shade
  • You can keep the bleach on your hair until you are happy with the shade 
  • Great for highlights and for smaller sections of the hair

Check it out here!

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How to Choose Japanese Hair Bleach

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There are essentially these things one should look out for when buying Japanese hair bleach: 

Different types of bleaches: 

  • Creamy bleach: cleamy products are great if you want to bleach your entire head blonde. It’s also good if you have long hair. Remember, the thinner the creamy bleach, the easier the application is. 
  • Mist bleach: Mist works when you want to touch up your bleach and make them a little bit brighter. Mist isn’t strong enough so if you want to lightly colour your hair from some parts, go for this type. 
  • Powder bleach: Powder breaches are great if you want to get rid of a certain type of hair colour in your head and prepare it for another dye. It’s good for lightening your hair colour better. 

Included treatment to repair damaged hair: bleaches cause damage as they deprive melanin of hair so make sure your bleach includes some kind or serum or treatment to take care of your hair. 

Ingredients: Look for ingredients like potassium persulphate, or ammonium persulphate because they produce strong bleaches. 

Gentleness: Gentleness determines how less your hair will be damaged. Make sure your hair bleach has some kind of serum to prevent damage.

Best Japanese Hair Bleach: FAQs

How to buy Japanese hair bleach?

There are different kinds of bleaches available – cream, mist, and powder. Each of these types has its own set of benefits. Choose which one suits your needs and requirements. Cream naturally brightens your hair.

Mist is perfect to touch up the roots and make hair brighter. The powder is perfect as a prepper; it rids your hair of color and gets it ready for dyeing. 
You should also check if the bleach you want to try has some treatment included in it to repair hair damage.

How to bleach hair easily at home?

First things first, start off with clean and dry hair. Having any products or water on your hair can get in the way of the bleach, which results in an uneven finish. When you start applying, start from the back of your head and at the nape of your neck.

If you apply the bleach on your bangs and on the hair around your face first, it will start heating up quickly because of your body temperature. This might cause that part to end up being lighter than the rest. 

Also, make sure you have enough bleach for your entire hair. Nothing ruins an awesome experience more than falling short of bleach while you are at it. 

Are Japanese hair bleaches good?

Yes, Japanese hair bleaches are extremely good and produce a great effect when applied. They contain potassium or ammonium persulphate which is the key ingredient in bleaches.

These were some of the best Japanese hair bleaches that help you lighten your hair so you can dye them in vivid and bright colors of the rainbow. Get these hair bleaches and get the hair you always wanted!

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