Best Japanese Gifts 2022 | Amazing Japanese Gifts For Everybody!

by Takashi Nomoni

Want to share your love for Japan with your loved ones? Check out this list of best Japanese gifts for your mum, sister, boss, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend – basically anybody you love and care about.

Japan is a nation that has given so much to the world. I love Japanese culture, traditions, people, and everything related to Japan. Whenever and wherever possible, I try to replace my regular items with Japanese items.

Japanese products are high in quality, come in super cute designs, and you will be able to find almost everything in a Japanese variant. Plus, they have such a diverse range of items you will want to grab them all. 

Best Japanese Gifts: Quick Summary

Best Japanese Gifts 2021Best ForPrice
Mini Zen GardenHousewarming Gift$24.99
Japanese Kimono RobeChristmas Gift$13.99
Japanese Teacup Gift SetBest Japanese Gift
For Wife
Folding Hand-held FanSouvenir$6.98
Japanese Sake Bottle And Cups SetSake Lovers$29.99
Japanese Doll Eraser Best Japanese Gift
For Your Little Sister
Sake KitKats
Japanese KitKat Selection Box
Food Souvenirs$19.99
Japanese Tea SetHouse warming$45.99
Matcha Green Tea Gift SetBest Japanese gift for
the health-conscious
Sushi SocksChristmas$28.99
Japanese Candy AssortmentBest Japanese Gifts
for Kids
Usaburo Kokeshi Doll,
Hiro the Junior Samurai
Best Japanese Gift
for History Buffs
Orient Dress WatchMen$123.37
Kumano Makeup Brush Set By Ai LoveMakeup artists$217.00 
Enso Knife SetBest Japanese Gifts
for Chefs

I frequently buy some of the best Japanese gifts for my friends and family and they absolutely love it! And so I made a list of some of my favorite best Japanese gifts. If you’re still stuck on the same gifts every year, it’s time for you to switch over to the best Japanese gifts that are definitely cute, meaningful, and delightful. 

What are good gifts from Japan? 

Some good gifts to buy from Japan are bento boxes, kimonos, Japanese tea sets, Japanese folding hand-held fans, Japanese matcha KitKat.

Let’s take a look at this full list of best Japanese gifts to buy for your friends and family!

Top Japanese Gifts

Here’s presenting to you some of the best Japanese gifts to present your friends and family!

Mini Zen Garden

Best Japanese Housewarming Gift

The reason I love this mini Zen garden is that it lets you unwind and find some peaceful moments.

It provides a sense of tranquility and urges you to take a break from your hectic routine. This perfect gift allows you to find calmness when you spend your time raking the sand and arranging the pieces in the garden.

Gift this to the overachiever who needs to take a break and relax (perfect gift for your Japanese boss, no?) The little garden also makes a smart gift for stressed-out parents. It is also a beautiful decor item. It’s also one of the best Japanese gifts ideas for a housewarming ceremony!

mini zen garden amazon

This mini Zen garden has a concrete and resin Buddha statue, along with a rock for holding incense, a candle holder, a rake, a succulent, and more.  

Japanese Kimono Robe

Best Traditional Japanese Christmas Gifts

The traditional Japanese Kimono Robe is for those who love luxury and traditional patterns common in a Kimono. Unlike traditional Kimonos, the robe dress has an ease to it. It is simple to wear, just like a regular cardigan. It adds a dash of Japanese vibes to the ensemble.  

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It’s the easiest and one of the the best Japanese gifts you could give any woman in your life – be it your mum, sister, or wife. I love the exquisite beauty of this Kimono robe that adds a lot of panache. It comes with a matching belt and two pockets that look versatile. Gift it to somebody who loves a style that they can make their own. 

How about gifting it to your mother on next Mother’s Day? Or gift it to your girlfriend to show some love. Here, I have put two versions of the Kimono robe for you – the short, knee-length, and the long one. 

Japanese Teacup Gift Set

Best Gifts From Japan For Wife

Make the queen of your home happy by gifting her this fancy Japanese teacup set. Your wife is sure to love it! This is one of the best Japanese gifts from Japan you could bring back with you.

Know somebody who loves tea and is very fancy about it? This Japanese teacup set is the perfect gift item for them. The gift set comes with five assorted ceramic teacups. 

A sophisticated wooden box with simple designs holds the cups. The design on the box compliments the theme of harmony with nature. The cups are small and hold less than 4-ounces of liquid in them. They are fitting for drinking both green and black teas.

You could get this Japanese teacup set as a traditional Japanese Christmas gift to someone you know who loves the meaning behind Japanese tea drinking tradition and will appreciate these little cups.

Folding Hand-held Fan

The folding hand-held fan is an apt, practical, and chic gift for any woman. Not only does this fan let you stay cool on a smoldering day, but it also adds a dash of beauty to your outfit. This is one of the top Japanese gifts 2021 and one of the best Kawaii gift ideas!

This fan is 100 percent handmade using a bamboo frame. It has an elegant pattern and has a tassel attached for added aesthetics.

The fan has a decorative silk pouch that lets you carry it around in your handbag safely. It is slim and light in weight, making it portable. You also get a gift box with this fan, so you can nicely present it to someone you love. 

Japanese Sake Bottle and Cups Set

Best Japanese Gift For Sake Lovers

The Sake bottle and cups set is a thoughtful gift for sake lovers – Japan’s choicest beverage. They can enjoy the exquisite taste of sake in this traditional sake set. 

Sake bottle and cups set is also one of the common Christmas gifts in Japan.

The set contains four cups and one sake serving bottle. The items are handmade using ancient Oribe glaze over heat resistant ceramic materials. The Sake bottle can hold about 8 ounces while the cups can hold 2 ounces each. 

The cups and the bottle have a traditional Japanese design on them. Each of the items has a handcrafted calligraphy pattern on them. It also makes for a fabulous Japanese house warming gift that accentuates the kitchen and becomes a great conversation starter.  

Japanese Doll Eraser

Best Japanese Gift For Your Little Sister

Are you looking for a gift for young girls? How about gifting them this set of six erasers resembling Japanese dolls? You can easily find it and it’s one of the cheap things to buy in Japan.

The set includes six Kokeshi doll erasers that can be taken apart and reassembled. The little one will not just love erasing errors with the fancy Japanese erasers, but they can also use these dolls for their playtime.

They can be taken apart and used as puzzle pieces. Your little sister will have fun mixing and matching the pieces for hours of fun and enjoyment.

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The erasers are safe for the kids because they are made of recyclable and non-PVC materials. They are also free of lead and phthalate. This is a simple super-cute kawaii Japanese gift any kid or stationery buff would love! Check it out!

Sake KitKats

Best Japanese Food Gifts – Japanese Kitkat Selection Box

This one would definitely be the best Japanese gift for sake lovers. And it’s also the top Japan souvenir food to gift someone.

Have a sake connoisseur friend who also happens to love chocolates? This KitKat selection box is the perfect gift! Nestle has made over 100 KitKat flavors for the Japanese market, and one of the popular ones is the Sake-flavored KitKat.

This variety of KitKat combines the elegant taste of Sake with the gentle sweetness of white chocolate. It has a mild flavor but will leave you with a sharp after taste.

It has about 0.8 percent alcohol content and is not for minors and people with low alcohol tolerance. However, for your sake lover friend, this makes the ideal Japanese gift 2021. 

Japanese Tea Set

Best Japanese Gift 2021

Another lovely gift item for tea lovers, this tea set is gorgeous and gives traditional Japanese vibes. It comes with a cast iron teapot with a stainless-steel mesh strainer, four teacups, a trivet, and a lid holder. The whole set makes for a complete gift that anyone will appreciate.

It’s the perfect Japanese housewarming gift or even the perfect Japanese gift for your wife. The whole set is blue and has beautiful floral patterns on all the items. You can use the teapot on various surfaces including, gas stove and wood stove. 

best japanese gifts

The black enamel coating prevents rusting and helps in easy cleaning. The curved spout ensures precise and smooth pouring without dripping. The mesh strainer is removable, and you can use it to steep both loose tea leaves and tea bags.

The set is so beautiful it becomes an attractive centerpiece for your kitchen counter.

Matcha Green Tea Gift Set

Best-Selling Japanese Food Gifts

The Matcha Green Tea set is truly an ideal gift. Drinking Matcha tea has so many benefits that whoever you gift this to will be delighted. It’s one of the best Japanese food gifts you could bring back for your loved ones. Especially for those who love following a healthy diet.

This starter kit has everything in it to get you started on the calming Japanese ceremonial experience of Matcha drinking.

It comes with Matcha tea powder, whisk holder, and sifter. It also comes with a beautiful matcha bowl, made in Japan.

Nothing is better than bamboo when making Matcha in the traditional Japanese way. The set uses bamboo in its whisk, scoop, and tray to give you an authentic experience.

Sushi Socks

Best Christmas Gifts In Japan

The Sushi socks set is a unique gift idea that will be adored by your loved ones. It is unlike anything else you ever saw. If you have someone who loves Sushi, this would be the perfect gift for them. 

This is the perfect gift for Japanese boyfriend – it’s cute, adorable, and simply fun to wear!

This boxed set has five pairs of socks. What makes the box funny and unique is socks that look like real sushi.

The pairs of socks have been folded in a particular way, and the box is accentuated with soy sauce bottles, wasabi, and fabric ginger to replicate real sushi platter. No matter what the occasion is, this set of Japanese sushi socks is definitely going to put a smile on your face!

Assorted Japanese Snacks

Best Japanese Food Gifts For Kids

Finally, the one gift item nobody will say no to – the assorted Japanese snacks. This is the best Japan souvenirs food you can bring back. Definitely, one of the best Japanese gifts to give your children.

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I, personally, would want everyone to gift me a box or two of this since I keep running out of these delicious snacks. 

This gift item has some of the most popular Japanese snacks that you will never get tired of eating. Gift this to someone who you know will not take time finishing off every single packet. Or, if you are like me, gift this assorted set to yourself!

Usaburo Kokeshi Doll, Hiro the Junior Samurai

Best Japanese Gift For History Buff

Here’s a great gifting idea for the Japanese history buff! Kokeshi dolls are simple Japanese wooden dolls that are significant to Japan’s Tohoku region which was devastated in the March 2011 earthquake and Tsunami. Today, it’s a popular collector’s item. The best part of these kokeshi dolls are that each one of these dolls are handmade. And each doll bears a name depending on its town of origin! This is one of the best Japanese gifts you can offer someone who is interested in Japanese history and culture! 

Orient Dress Watch

Best Japanese Gifts For Men

Here’s a classic best Japanese gift you could offer any guy who loves watches! This dress watch by Orient is the ultimate style statement and can be gifted on literally any occasion! The dress watch features a classy suede strap, narrow bezel, domed crystal, and a sunburst dial. It pairs especially well with formal attire. Definitely one of the best Japanese mens watches – check out this best Japanese gifts below! 

Kumano Makeup Brush Set By Ai Love

Best Japanese Gifts For Makeup Artists/ Lovers

If you know someone who is a makeup professional or simply a makeup lover, this is the best Japanese gift you can give them! This makeup brush set by Ai Love is made in Kumano, Japan. These are high-quality Japanese makeup brushes loved by professionals. The long handles make it easy to use and gives you more control over when applying makeup. Check out this best Japanese gifts for makeup lovers here! 

Enso Knife Set 

Best Japanese Gifts For The Chef

Nothing can satisfy a chef more than a good set of knives. Japanese knives are very popular amongst budding culinary students and experts alike.Japanese knives are more agile with longer edges which gives you more control and excellent precision when cutting. 

Handcrafted in Seki City, these Japanese Enso knives come with a warranty of lifetime! Moreover, the knives’ handles are designed in such a way that both right-handed and left-handed people can use it comfortably!

These were my favorite and best Japanese gifts that I love giving to my loved ones. And sometimes, when I need some pampering, I gift them to myself.

I hope you enjoyed this journey and are ready to prepare your gift list. 

#1 — What is the best souvenir from Japan?

The top 5 Japanese souvenirs from Japan are:

  1. Mini Zen Garden
  2. Japanese Kimono Robes
  3. Folding Hand-held Fan
  4. Sake KitKats Selection Box
  5. Assorted Japanese Snacks

#2 — What can I buy in Japan 2021?

The best things to buy in Japan:

  1. Kimono
  2. Bento boxes
  3. Matcha-flavored KitKat
  4. Sake KitKat
  5. Matcha green tea set

#3 — What can I bring back from Tokyo?

Best things to bring back from Tokyo

  1. Limited edition KitKat flavors: Neslte KitKats are very popular in Japan and Nestle often releases limited edition KitKat flavors in Japan.
  2. Green tea
  3. Lucky Charms like omamori
  4. Chopsticks

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