20 Best Japanese Gifts For Cat Lovers

by Takashi Nomoni

Looking for the best Japanese gifts for cat lovers? We’ve made a list of cute Japanese gifts that cat lovers will definitely appreciate. Check it out!

Japan’s rich culture, exquisite craftsmanship, and love for felines make it a treasure trove of unique and thoughtful gifts for cat lovers. 

Whether you’re seeking to surprise a friend, family member, or colleague who adores cats, Japanese cat-themed gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face. 

From adorable cat merchandise to traditional cat-related items, we’ve compiled a list of the best Japanese gifts for cat lovers that will capture the essence of Japan’s love affair with these enigmatic creatures.

Best Japanese Gifts For Cat Lovers

Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cat)

The Maneki-Neko, or “beckoning cat,” is a well-known Japanese talisman believed to bring good luck and prosperity. This iconic cat figurine features a raised paw, inviting good fortune and positive energy into the recipient’s life. 

The figurine often comes in various colors, each symbolizing different blessings – white for purity, gold for wealth, and black for protection. Presenting a Maneki-Neko as a gift is a heartwarming gesture that wishes happiness and success upon the recipient.

Japanese Gifts For Cat Lovers

    Neko-juzu (Cat Prayer Beads)

    Neko-juzu, or cat prayer beads, are traditional Japanese accessories resembling a cat’s face with its rounded features and expressive eyes. 

    These beads are not only visually appealing but also hold spiritual significance. They are often used by cat lovers during meditation or as a symbol of protection. 

    Neko-juzu can be a meaningful and thoughtful gift, perfect for those seeking a blend of cultural and spiritual elements.

    Wagasa (Japanese Cat Umbrella)

    Wagasa, traditional Japanese umbrellas, come in various designs, and some are adorned with cute cat illustrations. 

    These elegant and functional umbrellas make an excellent gift for cat lovers who appreciate both style and utility. 

    They will not only protect from the rain but also evoke the charm of Japanese aesthetics, with delicate cat motifs gracing the canopy.

    Cat-Themed Stationery

    Japanese stationery is known for its high quality and kawaii (cute) designs. Delight the cat lover in your life with an assortment of cat-themed stationery items, such as cat-shaped paper clips, cat-patterned washi tapes, cat-shaped sticky notes, and adorable cat pens. These items will surely make their everyday tasks a bit more enjoyable.

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    Cat Themed Stationery

    Cat Paw Cups

    Cat paw cups are a delightful addition to any cat lover’s kitchenware collection. These cups are crafted to resemble a cat’s paw, complete with intricate paw pads and claws. 

    Cat Paw Cups

    They come in various sizes and materials, making them a versatile and charming gift that can be used for both hot and cold beverages.

    Neko Atsume Merchandise

    Neko Atsume is a popular Japanese mobile game that revolves around collecting adorable cats. Merchandise inspired by the game, such as plush toys, keychains, and phone accessories, are readily available and are sure to resonate with fans of the game and cat lovers alike.

    Neko Atsume Merchandise

    Cat Cafe Voucher

    For a truly immersive experience, consider gifting a cat cafe voucher. Cat cafes have become a popular trend in Japan, where patrons can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while spending time with adorable and friendly cats. 

    These cafes provide a relaxing environment for cat lovers to unwind and interact with their favorite animals. 

    A voucher to a local cat cafe will surely be a memorable and enjoyable gift, allowing the recipient to create lasting memories surrounded by charming furry companions.

    Cat-Inspired Kimono or Yukata

    Traditional Japanese clothing like kimono and yukata can be found in cat-inspired designs, featuring cute cat motifs or feline patterns. 

    Cat Inspired Kimono

    Gifting a cat lover with a cat-themed kimono or yukata is a unique way to blend Japan’s cultural heritage with their love for cats. These garments can be worn on special occasions or used as a decorative piece to add a touch of elegance to their living space.

    Cat Shaped Sweets and Treats

    Japanese confectionery is renowned for its intricate designs and delectable flavors. Look for cat-shaped sweets, such as cute cat-themed chocolates, cookies, or traditional wagashi (Japanese sweets). 

    These edible delights not only appeal to the taste buds but also showcase the creativity and attention to detail that Japanese artisans put into their creations.

    Cat Pottery and Ceramics

    Japanese pottery and ceramics are famous for their exquisite craftsmanship. Gift a cat lover with cat-shaped tea cups, bowls, or plates adorned with cat motifs or paw prints. 

    cat pottery

    These handcrafted items not only make practical additions to their kitchen but also showcase the beauty of traditional Japanese artistry.

    Cat-themed Home Decor

    Help the cat lover in your life add a touch of feline charm to their living space with cat-themed home decor items. Consider decorative cat figurines, cat-shaped cushions, cat wall art, or cat-themed clocks. 

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    These decorative pieces will not only reflect their passion for cats but also infuse their home with a cozy and inviting ambiance.

    Cat Language Learning Materials

    For cat enthusiasts who also have an interest in learning Japanese, consider gifting language learning materials that incorporate cats. 

    Books or language apps that teach Japanese phrases related to cats and their behaviors can be both fun and educational for those looking to expand their linguistic skills while indulging in their passion for felines.

    Cat-Themed Japanese Literature

    For cat lovers who also enjoy reading, there are several classic and contemporary Japanese literature pieces that prominently feature cats as central characters or themes. 

    Gift them a captivating novel like “I Am a Cat” by Soseki Natsume, a satirical tale narrated from the perspective of a stray cat observing human behavior. Or opt for a heartwarming manga series like “Neko Ramen” by Kenji Sonishi, a comical story about a cat who dreams of becoming a ramen chef. 

    These literary works will immerse the recipient in Japan’s literary traditions while celebrating their love for cats.

    Cat Grooming Products

    As cat owners know, grooming is essential for keeping their feline friends happy and healthy. Consider gifting a set of high-quality cat grooming tools, such as a soft brush, nail clippers, or a grooming glove. 

    You can also find adorable cat-themed grooming products that add a touch of cuteness to the grooming routine, making it a pleasant experience for both the cat and the owner.

    Cat Gardening Tools

    For cat lovers who also have a green thumb, cat-themed gardening tools make excellent gifts. Look for cute cat-shaped planters, watering cans, or garden ornaments featuring playful feline designs. 

    These gardening accessories will add a touch of whimsy to their gardening space and serve as a reminder of their love for cats even while tending to their plants.

    Cat Paw Massage Roller

    Give the gift of relaxation with a cat paw-shaped massage roller. Designed to mimic the sensation of a cat’s gentle paw kneading, these rollers are perfect for easing muscle tension and promoting relaxation. 

    It’s a thoughtful and practical gift for cat lovers who could use a soothing massage after a long day.

    Cat-Themed Washi Paper Crafts

    Washi paper crafts are a significant part of Japanese culture and are often adorned with artistic designs. 

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    Consider gifting cat-themed washi paper items such as origami sets, decorative tapes, or handmade greeting cards. 

    These unique crafts will showcase Japan’s artistic heritage while adding a touch of creativity to the recipient’s craft projects.

    Cat Puzzle Sets

    Cat-themed puzzles are a fantastic gift for cat lovers who enjoy a mental challenge. 

    cat puzzle

    Look for jigsaw puzzles featuring adorable cat illustrations or images of famous cat landmarks in Japan, like the Cat Shrine in Kyoto or the Cat Island (Aoshima) in Miyagi Prefecture. Puzzling together these captivating scenes will provide hours of entertainment and relaxation.


    With their deep appreciation for cats and a rich cultural heritage, Japan offers an array of heartwarming and delightful gifts for cat lovers. 

    From traditional talismans and spiritual cat prayer beads to contemporary cat-themed merchandise and experiences, each gift option exudes the charm and affection that the Japanese hold for their feline companions. 

    These thoughtfully curated gifts will not only bring joy to cat lovers but also serve as a beautiful reminder of the unique bond between humans and cats, both in Japan and across the world.

    Can you gift maneki-neko?

    Yes, you can gift maneki-neko. In fact, it is a popular gift in Japan, especially for new businesses or homes.

    Maneki-neko is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, so it is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for someone you care about.

    There are many different types of maneki-neko available, so you can find one that is perfect for the recipient. 

    You can choose a maneki-neko in their favorite color, or one that is made of their favorite material. You can also choose a maneki-neko with a specific meaning, such as a maneki-neko that brings good health or wealth.

    When you gift a maneki-neko, be sure to give it with good wishes for the recipient. Tell them that you hope the maneki-neko brings them good luck and prosperity. The recipient will appreciate the thoughtful gift and the good wishes.

    What is the best souvenir from Japan For Cat Lovers?

    The best souvenir from Japan for cat lovers is the Maneki-Neko, also known as the Lucky Cat or Beckoning Cat. The Maneki-Neko is an iconic Japanese figurine of a cat with one paw raised in a beckoning gesture. It is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and positive energy to its owner.

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