8 Best Japanese Energy Drink 2021

by Erika Shinomoto
best japanese energy drink

Check out the best Japanese energy drink to give yourself an instant boost of energy. 

I love energy drinks. These drinks help me continue slogging all day long without the fatigue getting into me. If you’re feeling down or are slumping down because of long work hours, you really do need to try out the best Japanese energy drink. 

Japanese people are known to be hard workers. They overwork a lot, and so, they are in constant need of sources of instant energy. It’s probably because of this reason that you’ll find that Japan has some of the best Japanese energy drinks. 

Best Japanese Energy Drinks — Quick Summary

Best Japanese Energy DrinkCaffeine ContentTotal Calories
Best 40 mg46 kcal per 100 ml
Survivor Energy Drink120 mg48 kcal
Red Bull80 mg110 kcal
Spashan Energy DrinkNot specified266 kcal
Zone Energy Drink100 mg110 kcal
Coca-Cola Energy Drink32 mg42 kcal
ZONE Utopia 75 mg314 kcal per 500 ml
X-Freedom Energy77 mg160 kcal

Although it’s important to work hard, it’s equally important to take care of our personal health. Only if we create a balance between the two, can we enjoy a healthy and happy life. 

If you’re like me and you work extremely hard every day, you need to check out these best Japanese energy drinks to power you up and refill your battery.

How we tested the best Japanese energy drinks?

We gathered some of the best selling energy drinks in Japan to find the best one. We tested and rated the Japanese energy drinks on factors like: ingredients, taste, caffeine content, and calorie count. 

Top Japanese Energy Drink

Asahi Monster Coke

Do you also love energy drinks? If you do, then you should try this amazing Japanese monster cola. This is a combination of a balanced amount of caffeine and calories.

If you are tired and want something that can make you feel all energetic and refreshed at once then this monster cola is definitely going to give you that feel. It is slightly sweet and spreads into the mouth softy.

This is one of the most popular energy drinks and is Japan’s only cola flavored drink. It gives you energy with B vitamins, carnitine, and other amazing ingredients.    

zone energy drink japan

Key Features:

  • Famous Japanese cola
  • Makes you feel refreshed and energetic
  • Slightly sweet in taste
  • Blend of caffeine and calories

Survivor Energy Drink 

Here is another amazing option to try in the field of energy drinks. With no added sweetener and less amount of caffeine, this energy drink is a must try. It is not very strong in taste and is slightly mild than the other heavy drinks. Being mild in nature makes it easy to drink and is also safe to be consumed. 

This energy drink will keep you active for long and is going to refresh your mood completely. It is modest to drink it in the morning if you do not want to have hot tea or coffee as it is not highly carbonated. Last but not the least, it is cost-effective.   

zone energy drink japan

Key Features:

  • Affordable energy drink of Japan
  • Mildly carbonated
  • Easy to drink
  • Modest taste and makes you feel refresh

Red Bull

Red bull is one of the most known brands in terms of energy drinks and is quite famous all over the world. If you feel tired and exhausted sometimes, then grab one red bull and you are good to go. This drink, which contains an appropriate amount of caffeine and B vitamins, gives you instant energy. 

Talking about its taste, it is sweet and fizzy and can be consumed at any time of the day. With caffeine and sugar, it also has many other amazing quality ingredients such as apple juice, orange juice, and glucose, which when consumed, opens up your eyes and bring that energetic feel to you. It is a must-try drink for you. 

japanese energy drink sweat

Key Features:

  • Energy drink that contains good quality ingredients
  • Takes away tiredness and laziness
  • Contains balanced amount of products
  • Combination of glucose and other fruit juices

Spashan Energy Drink

You can give this energy drink a try too! After drinking this superb drink, you will feel light and highly energetic. This one is a European-born energy drink that is a mixture of amazing ingredients like citric acid, vitamin B12 & B6, natural caffeine, and many others. The blend of all these ingredients, which is slightly carbonated, makes you feel refreshed and improves your mind functioning. 

In terms of its taste, it is both sweet and sour and also has an amazing after taste to it. It is also safe to use as the caffeine content is not at all overpowering. 

japanese energy drink brands

Key Features:

  • European-based energy drink
  • With citric acid and vitamin content
  • Balanced amount of caffeine content
  • Slightly carbonated drink 

Zone Energy Drink

Here is an amazing energy drink from ZONE to bring you back to the zone! Yes, this drink will make you feel active and alert at the same time. No ingredient in this drink is overpowering, so the taste and its effect are both amazing. 

There is mild sweetness but also a hint of sourness to this drink, which makes a perfect taste and doesn’t stop you from drinking this one. It is different from regular carbonated waters as it has lactic acid bacteria in it. Also, the color is milky white that takes you back to your childhood memories. Do give this drink a try.

japanese energy drink 2021

Key Features:

  • Energy drink that brings back alertness
  • Blend of sweet and sour taste
  • Lactic acid bacteria content
  • Milky white color drink

Coca-Cola Energy Drink

Coca-Cola is one of the famous brands that deal with carbonated drinks across the globe. If you do not find anything suitable then pick this up without any doubt! This carbonated drink, when served cold, brings back life in a second. It is highly energetic and can be served with different types of snacks or can be drunk alone. 

Being the oldest brand in energy drinks, this drink has a separate fan base. The drink is heavily carbonated but is also easy to drink with the taste of cola. It will definitely help suppress your drowsiness and will make you active to get back to work.  

japanese energy jelly drink

Key Features:

  • Heavily carbonated energy drink with the taste of cola
  • Extremely famous across the world
  • Helps reduce laziness
  • Brings back active energy to the body

ZONE Utopia

Here is an energy drink that will blow your mind in a different way. Utopia is one of the energy drinks from the brand ZONe that is made with various fruits and ingredients like carbonic acid, vitamin B6, niacinamide, and many more. These valuable ingredients help take away drowsiness and laziness by increasing the metabolism and health of cells. 

The drink is not overly caffeinated and is safe to drink for children and adults. It is tasty and has an amazing fragrance to make you feel energetic in a few minutes.

japanese energy drinks

Key Features:

  • Instantly works on the body
  • Consists of amazing ingredients in a balanced amount
  • Infused with fruits and sweeteners
  • Increases metabolism and cells

X-Freedom Energy

Here is another brilliant option to try. This one is from Gabu Gabu. This energy drink is not just limited to reduce stress, tiredness, or dizziness but also helps in maintaining your digestive system. Apparently, this drink can be a great help for someone facing constipation issues as the carbonic acid in it enhances the ability to eat and drink properly. 

If you do not like fruity flavor then this drink is a big yes for you as it is absolutely fruit free. As it also has caffeine in it, it is recommended to be taken in an appropriate amount for children and pregnant ladies.

best japanese energy drinks

Key Features:

  • No fruit flavor in this drink
  • Made with extraordinary ingredients
  • Helps to improve the digestion process
  • Easy to drink in an appropriate amount

Best Japanese Energy Drink: FAQs

Are energy drinks popular in Japan?

Energy drinks are highly popular in Japan and they are always in demand. It is because the Japanese love working a lot, and so, they are constantly looking to re-energize themselves. The best Japanese energy drinks work very well to improve your efficiency by making you feel energetic.

Is it safe to drink an energy drink every day?

Yes, it is considered absolutely safe to drink one energy drink every day. It is not likely to cause you any problems. However, if you are taking an energy drink, it may be a good idea to avoid drinking any other caffeinated drinks such as coffee. Mixing the two can really speed up your heart rate and may also cause problems in your blood vessels. It can also lead to an increase in your blood pressure. Other concerns that you may face could be anxiety, sleep problems, digestive problems, and dehydration. 

Is it safe to drink an energy drink every day?

Yes, it is considered absolutely safe to drink one energy drink every day. It is not likely to cause you any problems. However, if you are taking an energy drink, it may be a good idea to avoid drinking any other caffeinated drinks such as coffee. Mixing the two can really speed up your heart rate and may also cause problems in your blood vessels. It can also lead to an increase in your blood pressure. Other concerns that you may face could be anxiety, sleep problems, digestive problems, and dehydration. 

Do energy drinks help you focus?

Caffeine is one of the main ingredients that is used in energy drinks, and caffeine is known to improve mental performance. It also helps to reduce mental fatigue. So, if you have a busy day (or night) and are feeling sleepy or out of focus, grab yourself an energy drink and you will feel that energy creeps inside you in no time at all. 

Are energy drinks good for all-nighters?

Caffeine is known to improve your endurance and strength. This can be of great help if you want to bring positive changes to your workout performance. Drinking an energy drink right before your workout can help ensure that you have a much more satisfying workout than usual. Make sure that you consume your energy drink at least 45 minutes before starting your physical routine as this ensures that you get the best effect.

Is caffeine good for fatigue?

Caffeine is known to help fight fatigue. It helps increase your energy levels and gets you through the day without feeling drowsy. However, please note that caffeine should never be used as a substitute for sleep. 

Does caffeine improve brain function?

Yes, caffeine can definitely help improve your brain function. It is because caffeine has properties that increase your mental concentration. It also helps you absorb information better. However, the effects are only temporary. This should not be taken as a permanent solution. You will feel an improvement in your brain functions until the effects of caffeine wear off. 

Energy drinks to make you fly!

These were some of the best energy drinks that you can try out to refill your battery. With these drinks, you can work as much as you want without feeling the burn. These drinks help keep your fatigue under check and they also make sure that you can keep running without tiring yourself out. 

If you constantly feel your energy going low, or you want to work longer hours, try out these energy drinks today and you shall see the difference yourself. 

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