Best Japanese Drinking Water 2021 | Top Bottled Drinking Water Brands In Japan

by Erika Shinomoto
best Japanese drinking water

First things first, even tap water in Japan is safe to drink! But keeping one of these best Japanese drinking water bottles handy is also a good idea! So here are some of the best Japanese drinking water brands you could pick from any convenience store in Japan or even order online! 

If you’re traveling to Japan, know that the drinking tap water here is completely safe. The water purification facilities and systems are top-notch so there’s no doubt in that! But if you’d still like to have bottled water in Japan, you can rely on these Japanese drinking water brands!

Top Japanese Drinking Water

Here are some of the best Japanese drinking water that you can get your hands on. 

#1 — FIJI Natural Artesian Water  – Best Japanese Drinking Water

The FIJI water is perfect for quenching thirst on the go; you can carry this with you anywhere you go. The water contains natural electrolytes. 

Now, what is it that gives FIJI water its smooth and soft taste? It is the way the water is sourced and bottled. The water comes uniquely, which makes it all the more desirable. As tropical water slowly seeps down through the volcanic rock, it gathers electrolytes on its way. 

As the water filters, it also naturally acquires silica. It is this process that gives FIJI its distinctive taste and flavor. The water has been collected from remote Fiji islands from a natural artesian aquifer. 

There are different sizes available for your various activities. The size ranges from 330 ml to 1.5 l. This is one of the best Japanese drinking water and the brand is trustworthy and reliable! 

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#2 — I LOHAS Natural Water – Best Japanese Natural Mineral Drinking Water

The water from I LOHAS is taken from seven different areas across Japan, right from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. The water is soft and has a hardness between 31 and 71.1 mg, depending on the source it comes from. 

The area from where the water has been sourced is written on the label. This is one of the most common bottled water found in Japan and also one of the best Japanese drinking water bottles!

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#3 — Suntory Natural Mineral Water – Best Japanese Drinking Water Brand

Suntory is a popular Japanese brand that is known for its whiskeys and beers, however, they also make this natural mineral water. The brand makes three different varieties of drinking water, each from the area it is sourced from. 

So, you have Minami Alps Natural Mineral Water, Okudaisen Natural Mineral Water, and Aso Natural Mineral Water. You will find these three varieties in different areas. 

The Minami Alps, or Akaishi mountains, are in central Honshu and the mountain range surrounds the town of Kita in Yamanashi Prefecture. Okudaisen is Mt. Oyama that’s located in western Honshu near Kofucho in Tottori Prefecture. Mt. Oyama is the highest peak of the Chukogu mountain range. And finally, we have Aso Natural Mineral water. Aso refers to Mt. Aso that’s located in southern Kyushu near the town of Kashima in Kumamoto Prefecture. 

No matter what variety you get, you can be sure that the water has been derived from underground channels. You drink the same water that gives life to the luscious and vibrant nature surrounding these sources.


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#4 — Silica Mineral Water – Top Japanese Drinking Water 

The mineral water containing silica has been sourced from the foot of the Aso mountain. It comes from the outer rim of a volcanic crater, and so with natural processes, the water acquires silica giving it a smooth taste. 


Silica is said to be one of the most important minerals that help with the production and generation of collagen. .

#5 — Shimizu Fuji Japan Water

The Fuji Japan Water is filtered in Xuanwu rock formation of Mount Fuji. The process of collecting and bottling water is excellent.

The water is abundant in minerals, including vanadium. This is so because of the area it is sourced from. The water is soft and the taste is very smooth. 

Types Of Japanese Mineral Water 

#1 — Regular Mineral Water

This category has a lot of bottled mineral water that is sourced from different areas such as Mt. Fuji and Mt. Rokko. These are the places where you can find clean and delicious spring water. If you visit Japan, you will notice that you will find different varieties of regular mineral water in different places. Stores contain water from a well-known spring in the vicinity. 

Japan’s water is soft water, and the same is the case with mineral water. The taste is softer and smoother as compared to hard water. So, if you are new to this, it may take a few gulps to get used to it. 

#2 — Sparkling Water

In the past, you would most commonly see non-carbonated mineral water in the stores in Japan. However, carbonated products found a way to gradually get into the market, and so, you will now find them being sold in stores quite commonly. 

#3 — Flavored and Aroma-Infused Water

Have you ever tried to make yourself drink water by adding lemon to it? You do not have to do that in Japan. They already have bottled drinking water that is flavored and aroma infused. While these Japanese bottled water may look quite similar to regular mineral water, they are different in taste and aroma. They may have that lovely citrus fragrance or fruity aromas. You will also find water that has a sweet taste to it. Believe it or not, but there is also water that is yogurt flavored. 

Usually, you can make out the difference by looking at the packaging of the water. Most waters that are flavored or scented have pictures of fruit on the label. Now because there is something extra in these flavored bottles, the price of these is higher than the regular bottles of mineral water.

Water in Japan is softer as compared to the water we get in the west. The magnesium content is low, which means that the water you drink will be easy on your organs. There are also different varieties of drinking water that you can choose from. 

Water is sourced from different areas, which naturally change their taste. I think it is actually quite fun to taste different brands and varieties of water and try to notice the differences in them. 

Whether you’re looking for regular water to quench your thirst, or flavor and aroma infused water for some fun – you can get them all in Japan. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these bottles today and enjoy the delicious taste of Japanese drinking water!

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