Best Japanese Dramas To Watch On Netflix 2021

by Erika Shinomoto
Top Japanese Dramas On Netflix

If you’re looking for the best Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix, I’m here with the best suggestions for you. I love watching things like movies, series, animes and also dramas.

With every new dawn, a large variety of new content gets available on Netflix and It simply just keeps getting better and better man! It is like an addiction, you cannot help but finish off a whole season in one go, sometimes even guilty of giving up on sleep.

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However, you might be perplexed about what to watch if you simply keep scrolling, while doing so you might simply miss out on the finest that Netflix has to offer. Netflix is a grand world in itself but do not worry, we will assist you to navigate so that you get to witness some of its prime content. 

I have been watching a lot of Japanese dramas on Netflix, and these are, without a doubt, the best. So today, I have brought to you the best Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix. 

Best Japanese Dramas To Watch On Netflix: Summary

Best Japanese Dramas to watch on NetflixGenreEditor’s Rating
Midnight Diner Tokyo StoriesComedy8.6/10
Samurai GourmetComedy8.2/10
Kantaro The Sweet Tooth SalesmanAdventure, Drama7.7/10
Million Yen WomenRom-Com7.7/10
Good Morning CallComedy7.5/10
SwitchedSci-Fi, Drama7.9/10
The Many Faces of ITODrama6.7/10

Top Japanese Dramas to Watch on Netflix

Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories 

Genre: Comedy | Age rating: 18+ | Rating: 8.6

netflix japanese shows 2021
Source: Netflix

You will surely enjoy this amazing Japanese drama which is all about food. It revolves around the diner that is to take place in late hours.

 The chef, or the master, served dishes of the customer’s choice. This drama is not just about having food, but also about delicious food and a story that is told by an individual. 

You will enjoy this drama as it becomes like a nice gathering. So, do watch Midnight Diner which is an adaptation of a manga with the same name. It is one of the best Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix.

Key Features:

  • Enjoyable Japanese drama 
  • The story revolves around a diner
  • Food and conversations
  • Based on Midnight Diner manga

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Samurai Gourmet

Genre: Comedy | Age rating: 7+ | Editor’s Rating: 8.2

Source: Netflix

This Japanese drama is something that you fall in love with. Japan is famous for its innovative and traditional cuisines and this drama focuses on that only. Food is an art and the nation is extremely obsessed with it.

In the story, a retired man is on the way to discover his new passion of having fulfilled his food delicacies. He connects with his inner self and realizes what he wants. It is a short drama but very lovable.

This can be a great choice to watch if you are also worrying about life after retirement. This drama encourages you to follow what your heart asks for. Definitely, the best Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix for me!

Key Features:

  • Truly beautiful drama
  • Food as an art
  • Fulfillment of new wishes
  • Happy drama can be watched by anyone

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Kantaro The Sweet Tooth Salaryman

Genre: Adventure & Drama | Age rating: 7+| Rating: 7.7

Source: Netflix

Who doesn’t like dessert? I am sure everybody does! This drama is more about fantasizing about what you think of. It is all about sweet desserts and the experience and feeling after eating them. A man called Kantaro loves sweet dishes and always looks forward to having them.

His style of tasting them is no less than a master chef. He focuses on minute details and also gives orgasmic and satisfying expressions afterwards. I am sure that this drama is going to make you drool at your favourite sweet dessert.

On top of that, you will also come across a beautiful habit of writing of Kantaro who likes to note down about his experience of a dessert. It’s the best Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix for foodies!

Key Features:

  • Sweet drama with lots of sweet desserts
  • Fantasy world for all dessert lovers
  • A drama to make people realize that they should go for something they love
  • Happy and amazing plot

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Genre: Drama | Age rating: 7+| Rating: 7.6

Source: Netflix

A drama or movie becomes the best when they are able to touch the heart of the audience. This drama, Atelier, which means underwear, is one of the most popular ones because of the topic they have worked on.

This drama is set in a lingerie shop called Emotion and it revolves around the struggles of a worker who works harder to make a place in the store. Other than just about the life of a worker, it also highlights the issue of cultural differences within the Japanese culture.

This drama surely reflects the said issue with utmost clarity and creativity. Do watch it learn about it. It’s one of the best Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix of all times.

Key Features:

  • A drama that fulfills the motive of delivering the issue
  • Highlights the cultural differences in the Japanese culture
  • Shows the struggle of a working individual
  • Appropriate for all to watch

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Million Yen Women

Genre: 16+ | Age rating: Rom-Com | Rating: 7.7

japanese movies 2021
Source: Netflix

This drama is one of the best Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix, a blend of comedy and suspense. In the story, a novelist who is not that good at writing and always faces criticism is surprised at one day.

Five young and beautiful women come to his place and offer him a good deal to let them all stay together with him.

They also decide to pay their rent and follow rules. If you want to know about this suspicious move of the ladies, then go watch this drama and enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Suspense and comedy as a theme?
  • The story is quite puzzling and unpredictable
  • A drama worth watching
  • The suspense keeps going on till the end

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Good Morning Call

Genre: Comedy | Age rating: 13+| Rating: 7.5

best Japanese Dramas to watch on Netflix
Source: Netflix

Romance is a genre that is not loved by all but is also not hated by all. If you are someone who is interested in watching a romantic comedy then you must check out this drama. Hence, Good Morning Call is one of the best Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix.

The plot is about a Japanese girl who starts staying as a flatmate with her college crush and later falls in love with him. The drama has a very strong and good portrayal of characters which is just eye-catching.

It highlights the Japanese pop culture with extreme beauty and is just loveable to watch.

Key Features:

  • Romance comedy-drama for the youth
  • Targets the audience who love Japanese pop culture
  • A love story of two college mates
  • Strong character development

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Genre: Sci-Fi & Drama | Age rating: 18+ | Rating: 7.9

best japanese dramas of all time
Source: Netflix

This Japanese drama is among the popular ones because of the sensitive issue they have talked about. College life is not easy for everyone and so it brings with it problems like depression and societal pressure.

Many of us go through these in our lives as well and so it will be great to watch this drama and learn from it. The themes are reflected in the drama in a unique way. You might also feel the touch of the supernatural element that just makes it famous all over.

Do watch this and recommend it to others as well. It’s one of the best Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix with friends.

Key Features:

  • Talks about sensitive issues like depression and social anxiety
  • Describes college life in real
  • A creative way of portraying the events
  • A must watch for the youth 

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The Many Faces Of ITO

Genre: Drama | Age rating: 16+ | Rating: 6.7

Source: Netflix

This drama is quite clever but interesting to watch. In the story, a writer, who is looking for a romantic play to write, disguises herself as a love adviser and meets lovesick women.

After interacting with these women and knowing about their lives deeply, she gets ready to set up her own romantic script. It is playful to watch this drama as it brings out clear and real emotions and fantasies of the women. 

Key Features:

  • Clever plot story
  • Romantic comedy genre
  • Playing around in disguise
  • Amusing and enjoyable drama

Which is the best Japanese drama to watch on Netflix?

I am a complete binge-watcher when it comes to Japanese dramas, and so, I have quite a good idea about the ones that are worth your time. Out of all, the best one definitely is Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories. 

 Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories is a drama series that is all about food, The drama series is an adaptation of a manga that goes by the same name. The story revolves around a diner and there are a lot of conversations based on food.

The perfect Japanese dramas for you!

Netflix at the moment is nothing less than the most loved and pampered member of the family. Most of the time, you will find yourself chilling with Netflix during the day, even at night, while gulping down some popcorn or a drink. 

Nobody knew that the world would ever face a crisis and it would come to a complete standstill. During the COVID-19, staying at home and not getting to hang out with your people became a new normal, which is so unsettling for many of us.

 In times like these and for maintaining sanity, people resorted to online streaming platforms for amusement. There are a number of online streaming platforms you all know but the biggest one without a doubt is Netflix, which offers a wide variety of content belonging to different genres. 

The shows it has to offer are the prime topic of discussion on the dining tables and even during the tea breaks at work. You would also find many people daydreaming about what would happen next on their favorite series during the work hours.

 Such is the impact it has managed to have not only on the youngsters but on people of all age groups. I hope you loved the suggestions of the best Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix. Watch them and you shall know for yourself what all the hype is about.  

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Best Japanese Dramas To Watch On Netflix 2021

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories is a drama series that is all about food, The drama series is an adaptation of a manga that goes by the same name. The story revolves around a diner and there are a lot of conversations based on food.

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