8 Best Japanese Dramas on Amazon Prime 2021

by Erika Shinomoto
Top Japanese Dramas on Amazon Prime

Korean dramas are all the rage in the world these days, however, Japan is not far behind when it comes to hooking dramas.

You will find that Japan has some of the best television programs to keep you hooked to your laptop screen for hours on end. Amazon Prime has some of the best Japanese dramas that will definitely make your screen time highly memorable and enjoyable. 

What are the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime?

  • Tokyo Girl
  • Lady Girls
  • After The Storm
  • Uzumasa Limelight
  • The Garden of Words
  • Norwegian Wood
  • Miracle in Kasama

There is something truly addictive about Japanese dramas. There are bright costumes, cheesy reactions, over-the-top humor, love stories, and tempting food shots that make you drool. 

No matter what it is that captures your attention, Japanese drama is sure to have it all. If you love a good drama to pass your time while also enjoying it immensely, I suggest you sit down and watch some good Japanese dramas. 

If you love dramas that are filled with comedy, romance, juiciness, and some amount of seriousness, then these best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime are definitely for you.

Let’s go through the Japanese web series list together!

Top Japanese Dramas on Amazon Prime: Summary

Best Japanese Dramas on Amazon PrimeStarringEditor’s Rating
Tokyo GirlAsami Mizukawa8.2/10
Lady GirlsShinohara Ryoko, Eguchi Yosuke, Kichise Michiko7.3/10
After The StormHiroshi Abe, Yoko Maki, Taiyo Yoshizawa7.4/10
Uzumasa LimelightFukumoto Seizo, Chihiro Yamamoto, Hirotaro Honda6.1/10
The Garden of WordsKana Hanazawa, Miyu Irino, Fumi Hirano7.5/10
Norwegian WoodRinko Kikuchi, Ken’ichi Matsuyama, Kiko Mizuhara6.3/10
ID: InvadedKenjiro Tsuda, Junya Enoki, Ryota Takeuchi7.7/10
Miracle in KasamaMau Nishio, Yuuhi, Akiko Kurano7.7/10

Top Japanese Dramas on Amazon Prime

Tokyo Girl

Starring: Asami Mizukawa | Age Rating: 13+ | Editor’s Rating: 8.2/10

Tokyo Girl is a Japanese drama that many are well-acquainted with as it’s among the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime. 

It is a story that revolves around a small-town girl called Asami. She moves to Tokyo at the age of 23 in order to make a better life for herself. 

She has a dream of climbing high up the social ladder so that other girls are jealous of her. She wants to be envied by other women around her. In the show, you can see her life and how it progresses until she turns 40. 

You can see how she follows her career and all the struggles that she faces in her personal life. The show has been beautifully written. 

There were so many scenes in the show that made me look at the decisions that I had taken for my life. The show made me question many of those decisions that I thought were right.

I absolutely loved Tokyo Girl as I watched it when it was a new J-drama. This is one of those shows that I completed in just one sitting; it really was that addictive. 

While you may find the first episode to be quite slow, hold on and stick to it. It progresses to be extremely good.

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Lady Girls

Starring: Shinohara Ryoko, Eguchi Yosuke, Kichise Michiko | Age Rating: 13+ | Editor’s Rating: 7.3/10

This is yet another show that had me hooked to it. I really enjoyed watching Lady Girls as it’s one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime that’s worth your time. 

This is one of those shows that make you cringe with its cheesiness, but at the same time, it really makes you addicted to it with the same cheesiness. The story will keep you highly entertained. 

This is one of those light-hearted shows that you thoroughly enjoy on a bad day. The movie is like a romantic comedy that follows the lives of three women. 

These women are really good friends. Apart from them, we also get introduced to an adorable cat and three men who are the potential suitors of these girls. 

This is the perfect show for those who love romance in their dramas. This amazon prime Japan series is one of my personal favorites.

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After The Storm

Starring: Hiroshi Abe, Yoko Maki, Taiyo Yoshizawa | Age Rating: 13+ | Editor’s Rating: 7.4/10

The Storm is one of the most hilarious tender comedies with a hint of that you can find on Amazon Prime. The movie is highly satisfying and it touches upon the subject of family dynamics, which is something most of us can relate to. 

The movie tells us the story of a private detective who is our central character. We see our main man dwelling on his past glory, where he was a prize-winning author. 

This fame came to him only after his father’s death. In the story, we can see him struggling to reconcile with his aging mother, gorgeous ex-wife, and his 11-year-old son. 

All of these hard times come to him when he is also trying to battle with his ego and addictions to gambling. Definitely, one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime that’s hilarious.

This is a domestic melodrama that keeps you hooked to the screen from the beginning to the end. However, more than that, this movie lets us into the world of modern Japanese family life. 

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Uzumasa Limelight 

Starring: Fukumoto Seizo, Chihiro Yamamoto, Hirotaro Honda | Age Rating: NR  | Editor’s Rating: 6.1/10

This is a movie that is a tribute to the era of sword-fighting dramas and also amongst the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime. It really depicts the end of an era – the era of classic films and dramas. 

The movies of this era also showcased kirareyaku, who are a group of actors who had roles that required them to be killed artfully in the films. 

The movie is almost like a tribute to these heroes. The movie tells us about the fate that these ‘unsung heroes’ are entitled to. What I love about this movie is the wonderful message that it gives us. 

You really should learn a lot from the message provided here. It reaches out to everyone and touches deep down into our souls. You’ll get an old Japanese drama vibe from this.

If you’re into Japanese classics, you’ll find this as one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime. This is an especially intriguing movie for all those who have witnessed the effects of the economy and societal changes.

The Garden Of Words

Starring: Kana Hanazawa, Miyu Irino, Fumi Hirano | Age Rating: 15+ | Editor’s Rating: 7.5/10

Best Japanese Dramas on Amazon Prime

The Garden of Words is a short film that has been blessed upon us by one of the most renowned persons in Japan – Makoto Shinkai. 

Shinkai is known for his excellence in the field of fantastical landscaping in the anime world. This is one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime by Shinkai. Japanese Amazon Prime has a lot more than I expected.

This is a short story that follows the life of a teenage boy who is quite lonely in his life. Regardless of his loneliness, this boy has a passion for shoemaking. The story takes us to a rainy day when this boy meets a lady who is about ten years older than him. 

Days go by and we see a sweet friendship developing between the two. They both have their shared struggles that play a very important role in bringing them together. Watch this as it’s one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime and thank me later!

The Garden of Words is a movie about love – the love of dreams and of human connections. This is a movie that you should watch on a rainy day or on days when you want to feel that warmth creeps deep inside you.

Norwegian Wood

Starring: Rinko Kikuchi, Ken’ichi Matsuyama, Kiko Mizuhara | Age Rating: 13+ | Editor’s Rating: 6.3/10

I am a huge Haruki Murakami fan, and so this movie came in as quite a blessing. It is a complete masterpiece. After I watched this movie, I was filled with a lot of joy and personally found it to be amongst the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime. 

The movie is based on Murakami’s novel and is a tale about love, loss, and pain. The themes of this movie are such that we can all relate to them on a personal level. 

It truly speaks to all of us who have experienced the feelings of love and loss, and the pain that follows it. 

The story is set in Japan in the 1960s and follows the life of college student Toru Watanabe. It’s a Japanese romantic drama that should be on everyone’s watch list.

The story revolves around this character’s relationship with two women – Naoko and Midori. Both of these women represent something different for him. Naoki connects Watanabe with his best friend whom he lost to a tragedy. 

Midori, on the other hand, represents his future. She is everything that Naoko is not. 

If you have read and loved the book by Murakami, I am sure you will enjoy this as it’s one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime.


Starring: Kenjiro Tsuda, Junya Enoki, Ryota Takeuchi | Age Rating: 16+ | Editor’s Rating: 7.7/10

ID: INVADED is one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime based on an alternative future. 

We see a whole new level of investigative techniques in this future world where investigators have the ability to enter the psyche of the killers directly. 

These investigators can also witness all that is happening in their unconscious minds. One of these detectives is Sakaido. He specializes in entering the mind of serial killers and understanding their psyche. 

Our detective Sakaido is extremely unemotional when he is working his detective job. However, he has a dark secret of his own. 

He hides a secret of a tragic past of murder and revenge. He has also left another life behind him. He also has quite unique methods that he follows when he is solving a case. 

These methods are highly questionable as most of the killers that Sakaido seek often commit suicide. However, this isn’t one of the free japanese movies on amazon prime, you gotta have a subscription!

Miracle in Kasama

Starring: Mau Nishio, Yuuhi, Akiko Kurano | Age Rating: 13+ | Editor’s Rating: 7.7/10

This is a wonderful drama that revolves around a struggling actress named Yuka Shibuya and a widowed chestnut farmer named Hatsue. 

In the drama, we can see these two characters come across a mysterious bloody man on the farm. The three of them start to live together during the chestnut season. 

We can see a special bond forming between these three. The story continues as a miracle slowly unfolds. You will definitely love this because it’s one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime.

Which is the best Japanese drama on Amazon Prime?

I’ve watched several Japanese dramas on Prime but the best one is Tokyo girl because of it’s plot, characters and story progression.

Tokyo Girl is a story about a girl called Aya from the age of 23 to 40. The story covers different challenges, perceptions, and struggles the girl faces as she lives in the big city, Tokyo. This Japanese drama is all about her from her career to her romantic life. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

The J-Drama Dose 

J Drama is a genre that is so full and complete in itself. However, this genre is not for everyone. J Drama has a lot of cheesiness, over-the-top acting, and too much drama. 

However, it is all these things that make J Drama absolutely fun to watch. I love spending all my time binge-watching these best shows on Amazon Prime Japan.

These shows really are a stress buster that helps you unwind after a long and tiring day. Go ahead and watch these best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime right now and see why they are so popular these days.

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Tokyo Girl

Check out Best Japanese Dramas on Amazon Prime, a curated list of top recommended dramas on Amazon Prime that are worth watching. All of them have amazing plots and characters. Do check out Tokyo Girl that's the best on the list. Read further to know more.

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