Types Of Japanese Concealers | 10 Japanese Concealers To Choose From!

by Erika Shinomoto
types of japanese concealers

Japanese cosmetics are all the rage. And here are the best Japanese concealers so you can get flawless results in an instant!

I love makeup! But I do have a few acne scars, blemishes, and uneven pigmentation on my face. The natural makeup look is my absolute favorite but I always found it difficult to hide the blemishes, dark circles, and pigmentation so I can achieve that flawless natural makeup look. 

Types Of Japanese Concealers

Liquid Concealer

Liquid concealers are great for most skin types including oily, acne prone skin since they usually formulated to be lightweight. Compared to cream-type concealers, liquid concealers are easily buildable without making your face look cakey. And you have more control over application with this type of concealer.

You’ll usually find liquid concealer with three different finishes: matte, satin, radiant/shimmer finish. While liquid concealers with a satin finish give a more natural look, matte finish liquid concealers last longer. Radiant/shimmer type concealer highlights your skin so applying it on areas like undereyes will brighten the area.

Cream Concealer

Cream concealer is best suited for normal to dry skin including sensitive skin. It usually comes in a pot. Cream concealers usually have medium to full coverage and come in satin or cream finish. Since it has a thicker texture, it gives better coverage when compared to liquid foundation.

Since cream concealers usually also have an opaque pigmentation, it’s great to cover up any discolorations on your skin.

Stick Concealer

Stick concealers look like lipstick and have a semi-solid, creamy texture. It’s great normal to dry skin. Usually has medium to full coverage so you can control it accordingly. Stick concealers usually come in matte finish or satin finish.

Cream To Powder Concealer

The cream to powder concealer has a powdery, matte finish and sometimes comes as a powder compact that you can apple with a sponge. This is great for normal to slight dry skin type. And it gives light to medium coverage which makes it a great choice for everyday makeup routine and touchups.

Colour-Correcting Concealer

to cover up any unnatural skin discolorations, you can use a color correcting concealer. This type of concealer is great for those with skin tone issues like constant skin redness and blue or purple circles under the eyes.

With a color correcting concealer you have complete control over the coverage since it’s designed for specific areas of the skin.

Color correcting concealer is not always easy to use, you do need a bit of practice as sometimes in an attempt to cover reddish skin using a green stick, you might end up with a green tint under your foundation that can ruin your makeup.

How to choose the best concealer for your skin?

Now that you know what the best Japanese concealers are, the next step is to know which one should you choose for your skin. Here’s what you should look for –

  • Skin Undertone: The first thing that you should absolutely take note of is your skin’s undertone. Once you know it, you choose a foundation that blends flawlessly with it. However, the same is not the case with a concealer. When choosing the best Japanese concealer, go at least 1 or 2 shades lighter than your undertone. Why? That’s because a concealer darkens when it dries.
  • Texture: Another thing you must keep in mind when choosing a concealer is its texture. It should be such that it conceals your skin’s flaws seamlessly. If you do not have a serious skin flaw, you should choose concealers that have a light texture. Heavy concealers can make your skin look tough.
  • Application: The method of the application entirely depends on what you are comfortable with. How do you prefer your concealer? Do you like it creamy in a stick form or in a liquid form? What will make it easy for you to apply so you do not have to spend a lot of time trying to even it out? If you want to use the concealer on specific areas and thin areas on your skin, go for stick concealers. However, if you wish to spread out the concealer over a larger surface area, liquid or creamy concealers are the best for you.

Best Japanese Concealers  — Quick Summary

Best Japanese Concealers Best For
Canmake Color Mixing ConcealerDark Circles
Shiseido Maquillage Concealer Stick Target specific areas
Pore Cover Pen ConcealerBlemishes
IPSA Creative ConcealerCreases
Cezanne Stretch ConcealerBeginners
Calypso Magic ConcealerHide acne scars
KATE Stick Concealer THE BASE ZERODull Skin
24h cosme Care Mineral Concealer UVYellow Skin Tones
Clé de Peau Beauté Correcteur Éclat Pour Les YeuxTargets specific areas 

Source: Japan Truly

So, what can be done to make sure these pesky things do not come in the way of having a really good (and near-perfect) makeup? Concealers!

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Yes! Using the best Japanese concealers can help cover up the dark circles, mask blemishes, and hide dark patches. So you see how important a concealer is in your makeup routine. That is why you should invest in a concealer that understands your skin woes and gives you the best results. 

Here are more best Japanese concealers that also made the list:

  • Shiseido Maquillage Concealer Stick 
  • Pore Cover Pen Concealer
  • IPSA Creative Concealer
  • Cezanne Stretch Concealer
  • Calypso Magic Concealer
  • KATE Stick Concealer THE BASE ZERO
  • 24h cosme Care Mineral Concealer UV
  • Clé de Peau Beauté Correcteur Éclat Pour Les Yeux

So, are you ready to find the best Japanese concealers for your skin? Here we go!

Which is the Best Japanese Concealers for Dark Circles and Blemishes?

The concealers are almost like a foundation, but thicker and with constituents that help hide and fade away all the flaws on the skin. The job of a concealer is to cover up and to still blend perfectly with your skin. 

Concealers help bring your makeup together and to perfect it by hiding all the flaws such as dark circles, wrinkles, blemishes, and more. It also helps to even out your skin tone, without which, the makeup can look patchy. Choosing the right concealer and using it can make your face look young and radiant. 

Canmake Color Mixing Concealer – Best Japanese Concealers For Dark Circles

best Japanese concealer

Canmake is a popular brand that has been bringing to us cute beauty products that actually work wonders on our skin. And its concealers are one of the best Japanese concealers available. 

The color mixing concealer is another revolutionary product that effectively helps conceal blemishes, dark circles, and patches. Which is why I thought it must have a place in this best Japanese concealers list.

I love how this concealer has three silky shades that glide smoothly on the skin. The best thing is that you can mix the shades to create the one that works the best for your skin. I usually go for the lighter one and the darkest one to create a shadow effect. I also love how cute the packaging of this concealer palette is.

The three-shade palette features light, natural, and dark shades. The palette has a mixing space where you can mix and match these three shades to create a tailor-made shade perfect for your skin. 

The concealer is free from tar-based pigments, preservatives, UV absorbers, and fragrance moisturizing agents. The creamy and silky consistency, however, has skin-loving agents such as sodium hyaluronate and squalane. 


  • Three shades palette
  • Creamy and silky consistency
  • Skin benefitting ingredients 
  • UV absorber


  • Contain fragrances


  • Ingredients: 9/10
  • Texture: 9.5/10
  • Efficacy: 9/10

Shiseido Maquillage Concealer Stick – Best Japanese cosmetics 2020 Brand

concealer in Japan

Shiseido is a household name in Japan; it is one of the most popular beauty brands, not only in Japan but also all around the globe. 

The Maquillage concealer stick is one of the best Japanese concealers in the market. It has a creamy consistency that helps even out your face without drying it. I usually wear this concealer during the winter season and my skin feels so natural as the non-drying formula perfectly matches my skin and gives me a beautiful look.

The packaging of the product is slick and convenient. It gives you good control so you can move around your face with ease. The stick helps you aim for a specific blemish or spot, making it a great concealer for touch-ups. I also really love how easily it blends in my skin to hide all the imperfections.

Thanks to its consistency, it also helps prep the skin well to provide a smooth palette for the foundation. It comes with SPF 25, which is great as it acts as an extra shield between your skin and the harmful sun rays.

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  • Non-drying
  • Creamy consistency
  • Convenient packaging
  • Contains SPF 25


  • No value for money 


  • Ingredients: 8.5/10
  • Texture: 9.5/10
  • Efficacy: 9.5/10

Pore Cover Pen Concealer – Best concealer for blemishes

best concealer japan

Usually, when we use a concealer, they are meant for our entire face. We just dab the concealer and conceal the spots, blemishes, dark circles, and more. However, this BCL Tsururi Pore Cover Pen Concealer is made specifically for the nose area. 

I have a lot of visible pores around my nose and you can literally see the blackheads clearly on my bare skin. Thanks to this amazing concealer for hiding all the pores so well and making my skin look perfectly textured.

So what does it do? It helps even out the skin in and around your nose. Do you have pores that ruin your makeup look? Use this pen concealer to hide those pores effectively. 


  • Specifically for nose area
  • Easy to use 
  • Convenient packaging
  • Great coverage


  • Irritating smell


  • Ingredients: 7.5/10
  • Texture: 8/10
  • Efficacy: 8/10

IPSA Creative Concealer – Best Creaseless Concealer

The IPSA Creative concealer comes as a three-shades palette. You can use different shades depending on what you want to conceal and where. You can also mix and match the shades to create a custom shade that is the perfect match for your skin. 

The consistency of the concealer is amazing for the delicate area around the eyes. It does not dry it out, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

It spreads and blends really well, giving you good control when you are working with it. 

Cezanne Stretch Concealer – Best Japanese Concealers That Improves Skin 

Cezanne Stretch Concealer is a liquid formula that comes with a soft sponge tip, which makes application easy. The brush and the formula is great for the thin and delicate skin around your eyes. 

It offers great coverage and helps hide away the dark circles effectively.

 If you have lighter eye bags and circles, it will conceal them. The concealer also effectively acts as a barrier and shield against harmful UV rays with its SPF 28 PA +++. Which is why it’s also one of the best Japanese concealers you can own!

However, before you apply any other product over it, make sure it has set completely, or else it can cause little cracks and creases to appear. 

Calypso Magic Concealer

The magic concealer by Calypso is meant to conceal all the blemishes, dark spots, acne scars, dark circles, and others. It does the job effectively, however, you must know if it suits your skin tone. 

The concealer applies smoothly and blends well. It does offer good coverage and helps conceal all the flaws in your skin. However, if your eyes water or if you rub it frequently, the concealer might wear off. 

The concealer comes in three shades – beige, pink beige, and yellow-beige. You need to know what concerns you have. You can also get all the three shades and mix them together to reach the right shade that works for your skin tone. 

KATE Stick Concealer THE BASE ZERO – Best Japanese Concealers For Dull Skin

best Japanese stick type concealer

The next best Japanese concealer on our list is a stick type concealer by KATE. In spite of being a stick type concealer, this Japanese concealer has a light texture and formula. Which is great because you can use it around the eyes as well.

The concealer gives you good coverage and it will easily give you enough product with just one swipe. It brightens your skin so it’s a good option for those with dull skin. It won’t cover the blemishes completely but it’ll lighten it. So it’s a great option for that natural look! It can lighten dark circles too. 

24h Cosme Care Mineral Concealer UV – Best Japanese Concealers For Yellow Skin Tone

This is the best Japanese concealer for yellow skin tone. This concealer has a 2-color palette with a light, creamy formula. The product will glide over your skin easily.

You can use it to cover up fine lines or dark circles as well as the concealer doesn’t crease. It comes with a brush applicator that allows you to blend the shade so you can customize the perfect shade for your skin!

If you have pale skin, this may not be your best bet as the colors are pretty rick and deep which will stand out against your skin. 

canmake concealer

Clé de Peau Beauté Correcteur Éclat Pour Les Yeux

Here’s another best Japanese concealer of the stick type. While this concealer has great coverage, it’s not long wearing. The formula is a bit dense which will work well for the rest of your face. But make sure you don’t apply it directly under your eye.

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Blend it in from your cheek in upward motion to use it under your eye. If you don’t mind touching up now and then, this is a great concealer to keep handy! 

Top Japanese concealer

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

The best part about this Japanese concealer? It’s the applicator! The tip of the applicator of this best Japanese concealer is angled which makes it easy to target specific spots. The formula, though, is dense and dries quickly so not the best one to apply under eye directly as it might crease. Though, you can apply some on your cheek and use a blender to work the concealer upwards under your eye to cover dark circles. But the concealer works great to cover up any dark spots or pigmentation. 

Check it out!

Best Japanese concealer

Now that you know everything about concealers and how to use them, it is time for you to finally choose the concealer that works well with your skin. Go ahead and get the best Japanese concealer that is going to work like magic for you.

Best Japanese Drugstore Concealers: FAQs

Which is the best Japanese concealer?

Canmake Color Mixing Concealer is the best Japanese concealer. It is made with three silky concealer shades. This allows you to mix the shades to get the perfect one for your skin tone. It even features a mixing palette for quick and easy mixing of shades. It has good coverage and effectively covers dark circles, blemishes and dark spots. The concealer glides smoothly on the skin and gives a natural finish. Canmake Color Mixing Concealer is formulated with skin-friendly ingredients like odium hyaluronate and squalane.

Are Japanese concealers good?

Japan, as we know, is popular for its skin products, whether it is makeup or skincare products. They make sure every product they make work wonders on the skin. 
You will find all kinds of concealers, including stick and cream concealers.
They work like magic in hiding all the flaws.
They can easily fade away the dark circles underneath your eyes. 
They are not very expensive.
You will love the effect Japanese concealers have on your skin.

How to hide dark circles?

When talking about skin concerns and flaws, the biggest one that troubles everyone is dark circles. This pesky under-eye concern can be tough to hide. So what should you do?
Little or no primer: The first thing that you must avoid is a primer around your eyes. And if you have to apply it, use very little amounts of it. The best thing to do for those pesky dark circles is to apply an even layer of concealer and blend it really well. Use beauty blenders and sponges to blend out the concealer. You can use brushes but they can be a bit harsh for the delicate skin around your eyes.
Dot on your concealer: Do you want a natural look? Then stay away from swiping the concealer. Instead, applying three to four dots on the problem areas and gently blend out. Do not layer too many products around your eyes. If you must, then only put dots on the specific problem areas.

How to apply concealer flawlessly?

Concealers should be applied before the foundation. You will find that you get a better result and the concealer becomes less noticeable. Work from under the eye outwards, going in small circles and blending very carefully. A good tip is to keep the hole concealer stick in the fridge and when you use it to apply a bit of coldness over the eye.

Where can you use concealer?

Concealer is used to hide blemishes. It is also used to hide dark circles under your eyes or as cover-up for tattoos. Concealer works best with shades lighter than the skin tone. They generally have SPF protection in them. You may also use concealer on your upper lip, to hide the hair growth you have there. It will also make your lipstick last longer. Concealers with matte finishes work better in hiding dark circles or hide eyebrows.

Are Japanese concealers worth it?

Japanese concealers have a special formula which is the reason for their success. They are creamy and have natural coverage with no greasy effect. The unique formula also has other beneficial properties such as high UV protection and moisturizing your skin. All these benefits make them a perfect choice for many people, especially for those who have sensitive and dry skin.

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