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by Erika Shinomoto
best japanese bath towels

Finding a bath towel that absorbs water just as quickly as it dries off can be difficult. But these best Japanese bath towel are specially designed to do just that! 

Shopping for bath towels can be quite a difficult task, especially when you want to choose something different but at the same time, reliable and long-lasting. In these regards, these best Japanese bath towels surpass expectations and are known to be one of the best-rated towels in the world.

Best Japanese Bath Towels — Quick Summary

Best Japanese Bath TowelDimension
(l*b inches)
CYBERL Imabari Towel49” x 25”
Iori Amanogawa Shower Bath Towel12” x 9”
Breathable Cotton Bath Towel55.1” x 26.8”
Iori Umi Sea Shower Bath Towel12.68” x 10.55”
Shikoku Bath Towel in a Wooden Box15.35” x 13.23” 
Hacoon Bath Towel12.52” x 7.05”
Hiorie Imabari Towel Mist13.4” x 13.4″

A good Japanese bath towel should be able to lose water just as fast as it is able to absorb it. You will surely not be disappointed with these best Japanese bath towels because most of them have this feature.

Check out the top Japanese bath towel below! 

Types of Japanese Bath Towels


To this day, linen continues to be a common raw material for the manufacture of towels. It naturally has some inherent qualities including anti-static and anti-microbial characteristics. Additionally, it has a long shelf life and dries quickly. It is the ideal eco-friendly towel, just like cotton. Tea, spa, bathroom, and kitchen towels are all made from it.

linen bath towel


Cotton is the most common of all the raw materials used to create towels. Given that it’s a natural product, everyone prefers it. When cotton is organic, it is chemical-free. 

It is also more absorbent than any synthetic fiber. Because the fibers permit air to travel through, it is also a breathable material. Cotton is additionally cozy because it doesn’t aggravate skin. Because of its remarkable absorbency, cotton is frequently used for bath towels.

Cotton Polyester Blend

After cotton, cotton polyester blend is the most common raw material used to create towels. Because of its excellent colorfastness qualities, you don’t have to be concerned about the color fading or being harmed. It is also breathable and effective in absorbing moisture. 

Due to its mixed composition, it has a better hand feel than any other towel and is more durable. Most hand towels and bath towels are made of cotton and polyester.


It is an additional raw material that is utilised in the production of towels. Bamboo makes for soft, silky towels. Its softness and silkiness allow for the creation of opulent kitchen and bath towels. This towel’s absorbency is its best quality. It also has inherent moisture-wicking qualities.

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japanese bamboo bath towel


Lyocell is made from environmental friendly wood sources and is soft raw material. It is used to produce towels of the highest quality. It is very smooth and soothing on the skin. Like cotton, it has good absorption qualities. Towels can occasionally be made from a cotton-lyocell combination as well.

Synthetic Microfibers

Polyester, polyamide, or their mixes are the primary materials used to create synthetic microfibers. These are smaller in diameter than silk. These are small, light, and also have good absorption capacity. These also have the ability to dry quickly. Therefore, towels composed of synthetic microfibers are perfect for beachgoers, hikers, gymnasts, and travellers.

How to choose the best Japanese bath towel

  1. The towel should absorb all the water from you unto itself, without becoming excessively wet and heavy. 
  2. It should feel comfortable and soft on your skin, meaning that you do not feel it snagging and scratching your skin.
  3. It should dry quickly.
  4. You should be able to pack the towel without it taking a lot of room in your wardrobe or suitcase, or wherever you wish to store it.
  5. It should be long-lasting.
  6. It must never dry slowly, develop a mildewy scent, shrink when washed or tear at the edges.

What features does a Japanese good bath towel have?


The first thing you need to check is the absorbency rate of the towel you are planning to get. You should never overlook this feature when shopping for a Japanese bath towel. A highly absorbent towel helps you dry quickly and also does not get too wet or heavy.

Quick Drying

Another feature you need to look out for is the quick-drying feature. It is important for your towel to dry quickly because wet towels are the breeding ground of bacteria. Not properly drying can also lead to odor, which is quite unpleasant. 


Would you like to rub your skin with a towel that feels like sandpaper? Definitely not! Most often, towels lose their softness with time. Also, manufacturers use fabric softeners to make them feel soft to the touch, but this gets lost soon too. However, with Japanese bath towels, you will not experience this. In fact, Japanese towels are known to get softer with each wash.


When I buy a towel, I expect it to last a good couple of years. I am sure you too want your towel to be long-lasting. A high-quality Japanese towel is going to last you a long time, even with rigorous and regular use. This feature is again, extremely important. 

How to choose the best fiber in a Japanese Bath towel?

Cotton for a well-balanced towel

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The cotton towel is one of the best ones that you can get, simply because it is an all-rounder. It is super-absorbent, durable, and soft. Also, depending on the type of cotton used, the towels can be quick drying.

Microfiber is the ultimate time-saver

If you want your towel to be as quick as you, you may want to opt for a microfiber towel. It is super absorbent, does not become heavy, and most importantly, dries quickly. Microfiber towels are usually made from synthetic polymers like polyester and nylon. 

Gauze is the quick-drying hero

If you want a towel that dries super quickly, a gauze material is what you should go for. These towels are perfect for those who travel a lot and need their towels to dry quickly for packing. Gauze is quite thin and breathable, which are great attributes of a quick-drying towel.

Which is the Best Japanese Bath Towel?

CYBERL Imabari Bath Towel

The first product on the list is the CYBERL Imabari bath towel. Imabari towels are quite popular in Japan and they also work as a high-quality gifting option. These towels are known to be super-absorbent and durable

japanese exfoliating bath towel
Amazon Japan

The CYBERL Imabari towel has a simple yet unique stripes design. It is quite soft and can be used comfortably by babies and adults alike. The towel is quite light, but that does not mean it does not have a super absorbency rate. It also dries pretty quickly, thus eliminating any odor that might arise. Definitely one of the best Japanese bath towels on Amazon. Check it out!

Iori Amanogawa Shower Bath Towel

This is again an Imabari towel, and one of the best Japanese bath towels, in a very pretty pink shade and white dots all over. It is a high-quality towel from the Amanogawa (milky way) series. The design of the towel makes it seem like the stars are shining, much like an imitation of the milky way. 

imabari towel

The material of the towel is soft and airy; it uses non-twisted yarn. The towel is reversible and can be used the same from both sides. The towels are highly absorbent and are also known to dry quickly, which are features we want in our bath towels.

Breathable Cotton Bath Towel

This best Japanese bath towel is a quick-dry towel made using combed cotton, making it high in quality, versatile and soft. It is also quite breathable and super absorbent.

The cotton is combed to remove impurities, short thread, and debris that is usually left over from manufacturing. The threads used in the towel are strong and long, creating fine, lost-lasting towels that are softer and more compact than regular towels. 

japanese organic cotton towels
Amazon Japan

You will feel the utmost comfort when drying yourself out using this combed cotton towel. There are also several color options for you to choose from, so you can get one for each of your family members. 

Iori Umi Sea Shower Bath Towel

This best Japanese bath towel has gauze fabric on one side and pile fabric on the other. It is super light and soft, thanks to the power of two fabrics used. The gauze fabric is soft, whereas the pile fabric increases absorption. It dries quickly with getting too wet or heavy and is convenient for traveling. 

buy japanese towels

This Japanese gauze towel is so gentle, it can be used by babies too. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin, as well as those with atopic dermatitis. The pattern on the towel replicates the herringbone pattern, depicting fish bones. This pattern and design take you to the world of Umi, which means ocean in Japanese.

Shikoku Bath Towel in a Wooden Box – Best Japanese Bath Towel

If you are looking for a classy gift, this is the one. It works very well as a wedding gift. The box comes with two high-quality bath towels that express premium texture. This best Japanese bath towel is made of skinny, delicate, and long fibers that make them extremely soft on the skin. These towels are also highly absorbent and durable, lasting you a long time. 

japanese lattice towels
Amazon Japan

Hacoon Bath Towel

The Hacoon bath towel is extremely soothing and soft on the skin. One of the best Japanese bath towels, it is pretty thick, but the thickness does not mean that the towel is heavy. In fact, the towel is extremely light, just like newly fallen snow. The towel is also quite absorbent, apart from being fluffy and gliding smoothly on your body.

japanese gauze towel

Hiorie Imabari Towel Mist

The Hiorie towel is thin and lightweight, making it the perfect towel to travel with. It is not fluffy, but that does not mean that it does not do its job correctly. It is highly absorbent and also dries well. The fabric is also soft on the skin. This is one of the best Japanese bath towels a frequent traveler could ask for!

hacoon imabari towel

How to keep your towel soft and fluffy?

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There are three main things to follow in order to keep your towel soft and fluffy for a long time. Here are the things to keep in mind –

  • Put the towel in a protective net before throwing it inside the washing machine. Also, ensure that you are not overloading the washer.
  • Use as much water as is possible when washing your towel.
  • You must give your towel at least 20 good shakes before you leave it to air dry. This ensures that air circulates thoroughly. 

With this, we come to an end to our extensive guide taking you through the world of best Japanese bath towels. Choosing the right towel is of utmost importance; after a long day, you want to be able to get out of the shower with a towel that softly hugs you and dries you, without irritating your skin. So, I hope you found the perfect match here. 

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