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by Erika Shinomoto
Top Summer Fashion trends in tokyo

Are you looking for the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo when you’re here? Well, check out these top trendy and fashionable dresses. Read further to know more!

Tokyo is one of the most well-dressed and trendiest cities in the world. The fashion statement remains top-notch here despite the difficulties caused by its extreme weather. 

What are the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo?

  • Neutral Dress
  • Floral Dress
  • Tie-Dye Dress
  • Animal Print Dress

Tokyo is known to be swelteringly hot with its oppressive humidity and continuous sweating. But despite all of this, you will see that the streets are a sight to watch because of the people wearing fashionable clothes.

 If you have been trying to find out the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo, here are some of the trendiest picks that you can try out for those hot summer months.

Let’s check out some outfits in Japan to pick some of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo!

Top Dresses To Wear This Summer in Tokyo

The Neutral Dress

Neutral colors are excellent for those hot summer months. Why? It is because neutral colors reflect all the heat and those harmful UV rays instead of absorbing it all. 

And also, making sure that you are wearing floppy fabrics can help you stay cool when commuting throughout the city. You need to avoid a hot, clingy polyester blend. This material sticks to your body and makes those summer months a literal hell house. 

You should invest in materials such as 100 percent light organic cotton and linen. These materials help your skin breathe and give you a cool breeze during the summer. One of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo is of neutral colors, be it short or long.

Neutral dresses can really help you create any kind of style. This is the beauty of neutral dresses. You can use it to easily dress up or dress down. 

You can tone up or down by using different summer accessories, hairstyles, and shoes. By pairing up with the right accessories, you can create a stunning outfit. 

You can pair a pretty boho cotton dress with a headscarf and beautiful gladiator sandals. This gives you an effortless and elegant look that works for any kind of occasion. You can also rock this look with some heavy-soled boots. 

Neutral colors are really in right now and these colors really dominate the fashion world. This color is a classic that works for all seasons, so make you at least have a few neutral options in your wardrobe. 

These colors will help you create excellent style statements as they’re one of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo. 

Strappy Boho Dress

japanese summer fashion

This beautiful summer dress in a neutral shade is one of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo or actually anywhere in Japan. 

You can pair this strappy boho dress with gladiator sandals. The stripes on the dress help elongate your height and make you look taller. 

The button detailing on the front adds to the Boho theme. For a sunny day, you can also add a nice bucket hat. Do not forget to pair this with layered necklaces and bracelets.

Ruffle Short Dress

best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo

This is another pretty dress that is short and cute without which Japan summer fashion is incomplete. 

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It has a ruffled design, even on the sleeves. With a round neck and open design, it is extremely comfortable to wear, especially on those hot summer days. 

You can pair this with strappy sandals for an easy-going look. This is one of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo, super airy and nice!

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The Floral Dress

If you’re wondering what to wear in Japan in summer? Floral prints are one of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo you can go for.

As soon as days get sunnier and warmer, we start to see a lot of sunny patterns emerge out into the fashion scene. 

While the winter’s go by with darker shades, summers are all about fun prints. One of the most loved patterns for summers is florals. 

Florals can really cheer you up and brighten your mood. You can pair florals with anything and create an easy-going look. Have fun during the summers with the floral print. 

You can literally play with your florals. Do not worry about the final outcome as florals look great in any way. The best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo have cool and floral prints for sure!

You can pair your florals under a blazer to give you feminine but sharp corporate look. Flower power is really strong and will make your summer a bright one.

V-Neck Floral Dress

what to wear in japan in summer

This is a short-sleeved V-neck floral dress that helps accentuate your figure and is one of the best summer outfits in Japan.

 It fits your curves perfectly and gives you that pretty look. The dress also comes with side pockets, which really are a necessity for us women.

 The material of the dress is also super comfortable and breathable. It has a wrap design and reaches just right at your knee. 

It can be paired with different types of shoes. However, for the best look, you can add pumps with simple accessories. This should definitely be in your closet as it’s one of the best best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo.

Off-Shoulder Trumpet Sleeve Short Dress

traditional japanese summer wear

I am in love with this adorable dress. It is a short dress with long trumpet sleeves. The sleeves along with the off-shoulder design are what really make this dress so alluring. 

The fabric used is also super comfortable on the skin. This is the perfect dress for a hot summer day. 

Japan summer clothes are fun to experiment with. If you’re shy, you can choose to take a shawl around or wear pants beneath. Isn’t this one of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo?

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The Tie-Dye Dress

Tie-dye has always been associated with the hippies and cosplays related to the hippie trend. However, tie-dye has taken a front seat and is one of the most loved designs in the world today. 

This is one of the hottest summer trends in Tokyo, thanks to the lovely fashionistas. You can get tie-dye-themed everything – right from oversized t-shirt dresses to tropical assemblies.

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 Tie-dye is everywhere, and so is perfect for you to incorporate it and blend it in your style. It is one of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo that you can make at home!

If you’re tired of traditional Japanese summer wear and searching for some cool inspiration for Tokyo summer trends, here are some of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo in tie and dye style. 

If you want to create a fun and easy-going outfit, try pairing a colorful tie-dye mini dress with layered necklaces and bangles. You can also add gladiators to complete the look. Soft beach waves complete this look.

 This mini dress can also work as a colorful top. Just add skinny leggings and gladiator sandals for that perfect look. 

Tie-dye is the perfect print to wear to music festivals and beach parties. This print really steals the show and makes you look totally cool.Tie Dye T-Shirt Dress

Tie-Dye Short Dress

Tokyo summer trend

This is a V-neck T-shirt dress that is super comfortable and gives casual vibes apart from being one of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo. It reaches just above your knees.

The dress is made with a mixture of rayon and spandex, making it super lightweight, flowy, soft, and stretchy. This is the perfect dress for all your casual outings. 

It looks great with converse shoes or chunky sneakers.

Tie Dye Side Split Maxi Dress

japanese summer clothes

This is quite a soft and comfortable maxi dress that is made with a mixture of polyester and spandex. This is one of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo that is a casual dress and has a side split. 

This is the perfect dress for all your everyday looks. You can pair this dress with strappy sandals, pumps, boots, or pumps – all depending on the occasion you are dressing up for. 

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The Animal Print Dress

Animal print has been around for quite some time. It is one of the most coveted styles. Women across the planet admire this print and are trying different ways to incorporate it into their daily style. Animal print can be seen all over the runways of fashion week.

 There are also different animal prints and styles to choose from, so you are never out of options. Check out some of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo.

We are all attracted to animal prints; there is no denying that. Animal prints are everything we want to be – bold, daring, and extremely sexy. You can wear a fully patterned dress and add some sparkly and shimmery accessories to complete the look.

 Also, do not forget to go for bold lips. Leopard, zebra, snakes, and giraffe are some of the most common animal prints that are out there. However, new animal prints are emerging and taking the fashion world by storm. 

Other unusual animal prints that you can go for are Dalmatian, cow, and deer. These less exotic species are inspiring the fashion statement of Tokyo and I am sure you will admire these too. 

Long Maxi Dress

summer outfit in japan

This is one of the sexiest and best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo. It is a split dress that accentuates your curves perfectly. 

It cinces around your waist to give you that curved look. Pair this with high heels to complement it perfectly.

Cow Print T-Shirt Dress

outfits in japan

This is a stretchable T-shirt dress that is extremely comfortable and gives such casual vibes. 

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The cow print looks extremely unusual, but at the same time, it makes you look super cool. This tee dress is your perfect summer companion. 

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How to Accessorise Your Look

Summers in Tokyo is not only about the dresses you wear. You need to accessorize your look right. Here are some of the essential accessories that you can incorporate into your look.

These accessories are easy to pair with some of the best dresses to wear this summer in Tokyo you saw so far. 


Scarves are quite universal in nature. How? You can wear scarves as a headband or tie them around your neck.

 Scarves are a great way to add a lovely punch of color to any dress. These are great additions to neutral dresses. You can also go for printed scarves to create a style statement. 

Round Pochette

This is yet another beautiful accessory that you can use to complete your summer look. Look for a cute pochette that stands out geometrically. Try this out with a tailored dress for a crisp look.

Mirrored Sunnies

Mirrored sunglasses are everywhere these days. Rose-tinted, gold-colored lenses just seem to be everywhere in the fashion world. 

Pick a pair of these and you can easily join the club. Plus, these sunglasses seem to go perfectly with all kinds of outfits. 


There is no rule that you need to wear one ring per finger. Adding multiple rings can help accentuate your look and complete your outfit. 

Sculpted Heels

We all love wearing heels. They can really add a lot of panache to our outfits and can help complete our style. 

But, this summer, let us not go for the same pair of boring heels we always drag around. Instead, go for funky geometric and sculpted heels that add a nice shine to your feet.

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Summer Fashion Inspo

These were some of the best dresses that you can wear this summer in Tokyo. These fashion styles have been picked up from the streets of Tokyo and will surely make sure you have quite a fashionable and stylish summer.

Try out these fashion inspirations and I am sure you will be rocking the streets. Also, do not forget to add the right accessories to your outfits. Have a breezy and cheerful summer!

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