25 Best DAISO Products 2024 | Fun Products, Affordable Prices

by Erika Shinomoto
best Daiso Products

Daiso is a Japanese Chain Store that has a wide range of everyday items available at affordable price rates. Here I’m going to list the best Daiso products so you can buy yourself some useful products the next time you visit the store. 

Discover the treasures within Daiso’s vast array of affordable products, where quality meets value in a delightful shopping experience.

From ingenious household gadgets to charming stationery, the best Daiso products exemplify the retailer’s commitment to providing a surprising variety of goods that fuse practicality with the joy of discovery.

Best Things To Buy At DAISO

Now, before you start putting every single item in your cart, read this article to find the best Daiso products you should get today. 

I have brought to you these best Daiso products that are not only easy on your pockets but are also pretty awesome. Each item is well worth your buck!

Presenting to you the best products from Daiso!

DAISO ​​shugi-bukuro – Elegant Japanese Money Envelope

This Daiso Shugi-bukaro money envelope is a great thing to buy from Daiso as it’s extremely cheap and useful. It can be used to give money to friends and family on occasions like birthdays, weddings as well as Christmas or Thanksgiving. 

The envelope has traditional Japanese decoration and looks very nice. There are different kinds of patterns made on each envelope. I use this to give money on the occasion of Obon to my friends and family and they really love it.

DAISO Erasers

Here’s another one of best Daiso products for you! These cute DAISO erasers are specially made keeping pre-schoolers, who have just started using pencils, in mind.

It’s hard so there’s lesser dust when you erase. It’s also perfect for artists who use soft drawing pencils. It comes in a set of two and has a cute design on it that you will absolutely love!

daiso things to buy

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DAISO Double-Sided Japanese Chiyogami Designed Paper

This Japanese Chiyogami Designed paper is one of my personal favorite buys from Daiso. I really love it because it’s very cheap and can be used to do different things like decorate gifts, use in projects, make handmade cards etc. 

It’s extremely cheap and of good quality. The patterns are super cute and attractive. It folds easily and you can also use it for origami. You can also use it for journaling. It’s one of the best Daiso products, especially in the stationery section. 

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DAISO Japan Soft Clay

Soft clay by DAISO is easy to use and so much fun! You can make your own shapes using soft clay or use molds to create different shapes.

It’ll take about 3-4 hours to harden once you’ve created a shape using the clay. After which you can even paint on it to add extra details to your creation!

You can either buy a single pack of your favorite color or get a set of 8 packs of assorted soft clay of different colors. Check out this best Daiso products!

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Sticky Notes, Animal Series by DAISO

For our next best Daiso products we have animal series sticky notes! These are the cutest sticky notes EVER! And if you love hoarding stationery (like me!), you’ll definitely want to get these cute DAISO products!

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You get 30 pieces in a pack and because of its size, you can easily carry it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go! There are multiple options to choose from.

The sticky notes are cute-animal themed ones like Panda, dinosaurs, bears and otter-themed sticky notes!

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DAISO Japan Kitty Memo Sticky Notes

This set of super adorable cat memo sticky notes are perfect for making quick notes or putting down reminders and sticking in your book, board, door, fridge.

There are 4 different designs with 20 sheets each is included in this set – that’s totaling up to 100 sticky notes! The sticky notes are made of film material which makes it resistant to tearing.

Definitely one of the best Daiso products to buy! Check out this best Daiso products here! 

Mechanical Pencil & Ballpoint Pen

Daiso Japan is definitely a one-stop-shop for everything kawaii! Here’s the next you should buy from Daiso Japan – a set of super cute mechanical pen and pencil.

It has a cute crown design on the opposite end. The lead of the mechanical pencil is 0.02in and the diameter of the black ballpoint pen nib is 0.03in.

It’s super cheap and definitely worth adding to your stationery collection! Check it out! 

Super Cute Assorted Slime Charms For DIY Projects

Here are some really cute slime charms you can use for DIY crafts, scrapbooks, phone covers, picture frames and so much more. This set contains 100 assorted slime charms of different shapes and sizes.

There are shapes like mermaid, chocolate, cake, pineapple, fruit slices, cookie, stars, lollipops, ducks, rainbows, roses, watermelon, and more.

You’ll get random charms like these. The colors are really vibrant and these charms are really fun to use or stick on your DIY craft projects! Check it out! 

Best Daiso Beauty And Health Products

DAISO Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask

I love DAISO beauty products. Especially this particular charcoal peel-off mask. It’s one of the best DAISO products.

Why I love this DAISO charcoal peel-off mask so much is because it removes all dirt, oil, and dead cells from my skin. After I use this, my skin feels smoother and nice!

DAISO Detergent Cleaning For Makeup Puff And Sponge

This DAISO product is a life-saver! Especially if you hate cleaning your makeup sponge. This DAISO beauty cleaning product basically lets you easily clean your makeup puffs and sponges.

Just apply the detergent directly on the makeup sponge, wash it with your hand, and rise it after! And voila! Your makeup sponge will be as good as new!

Reusable Silicon Mask Cover for Sheet To Prevent Evaporation 

Put this reusable silicon mask cover over your face mask sheet to prevent evaporation of mask essence from your face mask sheet. It’s a super thin cover and made of elastic silicon.

It’s also comfortable on the skin. The reusable silicon mask is a 2-way type so you don’t have to worry about which side you put it on.

The mask ensures that your skin gets the maximum amount of essence from your face mask. Check it out below! 

Children’s Panda Bath Sponge

Here’s another kawaii product for your little one (or you). This super cute bath sponge is soft and gentle on the skin so it’s perfect for your child’s delicate skin.

The material is a blend of cotton, polyester and Polyurethane foam. And your little one is sure to love the panda design! Check it out below! 

Best Daiso Cleaning Products

DAISO PET Bottle Slim Brush – Best Daiso Cleaning Product

Homes get dirty every day, especially when open windows let in dust and pollen in the breeze, accumulating on the window blinds or ledges. It gradually affects one’s overall health. 

To counter this, Daiso Japan has come up with an innovative product called the Slim Brush. You will be surprised by its petite size, but do not judge it by its size.

When it comes to working, there is no better product than this. To use this brush, you’ll need a PET bottle. 

Remove the cap of the PET bottle and attach the brush to the top of the bottle by screwing it on, the same way you screw a bottle cap. Your portable cleaning system is ready!

Instead of plain water, you could also use liquid detergent to clean. The brush can be used not only for cleaning window blinds, but you could also use it for stubborn dirt on cars, grease in the kitchen, and so on.

DAISO Japan Magic Melamine Sponge

The Magic Melamine Sponge is one of the best sellers at Daiso. It is an effective cleaning tool that is unlike normal cleaning sponges. 

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You might wonder what is magical about these sponges? Well, the normal sponges only remove visible stains, but the magic melamine sponge goes deeper than that.

It removes stains and germs under the visible stains as well. 

What’s more, it requires minimal effort from your part when cleaning. You only need a few gentle scrubs and it will do the trick. The only downside of the product is that it shrinks in size with each use. That is probably the reason why it’s sold in bulk.  

Best Daiso Kitchen Products

Egg Timer – Best Daiso Kitchen Product

Have you ever tried to boil an egg, but could never get it right? Instead of a soft-boiled egg, did you end up with a hard-boiled one? It happens to me all the time, and that’s why I love this Daiso Egg Timer and why it’s one of the best Daiso products.

The Egg timer takes away all the guesswork and makes sure that we get the eggs exactly to our liking. 

How to use it? It’s quite simple actually. 

All you have to do is drop it along with the eggs into boiling water. The indicator changes color from pink to white according to the levels that the eggs have reached. 

You can remove the eggs depending on how you like your eggs. With this egg timer, you do not end up with undercooked or overcooked eggs!

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Sushi Magnets

I love magnets, and when I can find something cute, then why not! After all, one can never have enough magnets, right? There are too many notes to stick and photographs to showcase. 

Daiso has an amazing range of Kawaii magnets, including different varieties of Sushi magnets. I love each of them, and I am sure you will be unable to stop yourself from buying them. 

The prawn sushi looks realistic and so does the rice ball. These SUPER-CUTE kawaii magnets will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Daiso dumbbell
Daiso power bank

Loose Tea Filter Bag

This DAISO green tea filter bag is perfect for tea-lovers! You can even use it to brew coffee, barley tea, or herbs. This filter is thin and fine so you can extract the tea leaves full flavors.

In spite of being thin, it doesn’t tear easily and is pretty durable. All you have to do it insert the green tea leaves into the filter and let it brew in hot water.

And a refreshing cup of tea is ready! You get 100 pcs in a pack. This is one of the best DAISO products for tea lovers!

Daiso Matcha powder

Rice Roll Shaker

Love sushi? Then you’ll love this DAISO rice roll shaker. It’s so easy to use. All you have to do it fill it with rice, close it down – and your sushi roll is ready! You can even slide a seaweed roll once you press it down.

Detailed instructions are given at the back of the DAISO rice roll shaker!

Pretty convenient, eh?

Hawaiian Spam Musubi Maker, Press, Mold

With this DAISO musubi maker, you can make the perfect Hawaiian Spam Musubi. It’s very easy to use and it’s designed to hold the appropriate amount of rice.

To save time, you can actually make 2 spam musubi at once. Detailed instructions on how to use this musubi mold is given at the back of the packaging.

Start making yummy Musubi now!

Best Daiso Home Products

Lint Filter for Washing Machine

Lint filter is another innovative Daiso product that is effective and makes removing lint quick and easy. Unlike the lint rollers, this product requires minimal effort from your part. 

How to use it? It’s simple! All you have to do is put the lint filter in the washing machine along with the clothes.

When the clothes get washed, the lint filter does its magic and removes all the lint. There’s absolutely no manual labor required, thanks to this amazing Daiso product.

DAISO Spray Bottle

This DAISO spray bottle is very convenient to use around the house. You can fill it up with any liquid you like – any cleaning liquid, water for when you iron your clothes, etc. Two bottles come in a pack and each bottle can hold 15ml each.

DAISO Shampoo Brush

I love the Daiso shampoo brush; it makes hair washing fun and easy. It is simple to use this brush. Apply shampoo like you normally would, add some water and brush it through your hair. The shampoo brush combs through the hair and cleans it thoroughly. 

Daiso Matcha powder

Best Daiso Travel Items

Hand Towel With Case

We can never have too many hand towels. No matter how many we have, we always seem to be running out of them, especially when traveling. 

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To counter this problem, Daiso presents a pack of hand towels. But why buy them from Daiso? Firstly, they come at an unbelievable price, like all other Daiso products.

But the biggest reason why I love these Daiso hand towels is that they come with their personal case. Having a case makes it hygienic, portable, and travel-friendly. You can fit the case easily and compactly in your purse or handbag. 

It’s one of the best Daiso products you can take with you when you travel. Thanks to the case, it will not get mixed up with other items and will always be at reach. With the Daiso hand towels, always carry your hygiene with you.

Refillable Perfume Bottle – Best Daiso Travel Items

best daiso products

We cannot always carry our perfume bottles with us. It gets bulky and there is always the risk of breaking our expensive perfume bottles. In such cases, the Daiso refillable perfume bottle comes to the rescue. 

The biggest reason for getting the refillable perfume bottle from Daiso is that it is travel-friendly. It is not practical to carry our big bottles of perfume when going on a vacation.

On those days, you can fill these cute bottles with your favorite perfumes and enjoy feeling fresh all the time. The bottles are cute and fancy. You will love carrying these tiny practical bottles with you.

Best Daiso Products: FAQs

Are Daiso Products Cheap? 

DAISO products are super-cheap and of good quality! The biggest reason why people love Diaso is because of its reasonable prices for innovative items. You will find everything here – stationary, organizers, storage, kitchen essentials, cleaning items, Kawaii products, and more are available to buy from Daiso. 

You can get everything for prices so affordable, you will not regret it. Also, the quality of the items is excellent, making each dollar you spend well worth it. 

Is DAISO good quality?

Overall, Daiso products are of good quality. They are made with sturdy materials and are well-designed. However, there are some exceptions. For example, some of the electronics and appliances may not be as durable as other products. It is important to inspect the products carefully before you buy them.

What should I buy at Daiso 2024?

The products you should buy at Daiso in 2024 are Daiso erasers, Daiso Stationery Organizer, Daiso Rice Roll shaker, Daiso Sushi Magnets, and Daiso Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask.

What is Daiso known for?

Daiso is known for providing a vast variety of products from stationery to beauty products and culinary products for an affordable price of 100 Yen.

Are Daiso products made in Japan?

Daiso products are designed in Japan but are made in other countries such as China. Daiso ensures that the manufacturers follow the strict quality protocol to provide the best quality products.

How much are Daiso products?

Daiso products are very cheap and most of them cost just between $1- $2.

Is Daiso safe?

Some Daiso products are not considered quite safe such as their beauty products as they might use unknown ingredients. Hence make sure to read the ingredients before purchasing such products.

Does Daiso Japan sell food?

Daiso Japan does sell food that you can buy online or in stores. They usually sell snacks rather than an entire meal.

Are Daiso stationery long-lasting?

Daiso stationery is cheap as well as durable as they’re made with good quality materials. Some of the best stationery to buy at Daiso are gel pens, sticky notes as well as notebooks

Is Daiso good for kitchen goods?

Daiso is a great option to buy kitchen supplies at a cheaper price. The quality of these goods are also extremely good. You’ll find unique products for your kitchen at Daiso stores.

How is Daiso Japan So Cheap?

Daiso Japan is able to sell its products at a low price because of bulk purchasing, low overhead costs, efficient operations, and a focus on value.

What is the most expensive thing in Daiso?

The most expensive item in Daiso is the Air Fryer, which costs S$25.47. It is a 1.4L air fryer that can be used to cook a variety of foods, such as chicken, fish, vegetables, and french fries. It is also a great way to reheat leftovers.

So Which Of These Best Daiso Products Do You Like? 

These 10 items are a definite must-try from Daiso. Apart from these items, Diaso has a wide range of other items that will surely pique your interest. With Daiso, there is always a possibility of finding a gem. 

Also, the price of all the items makes Daiso a very attractive choice that is loved by thousands.  So what are you waiting for? Enjoy Daiso’s fun products without burning a hole in your pocket!

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Here are the best DAISO products for you to choose from. Check it out! Do check out Daiso Double-Sided Japanese Chiyogami Designed Paper as they're the best daiso products. Read further to know more about them.

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