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by Erika Shinomoto
best coffee makers made in japan

How do I beat Monday blues? A steaming cup of coffee and I’m set for the day! And I beat the morning rush hour by using these best coffee makers made in Japan

I love coffee; it is my staple drink every morning. In fact, if given a chance, I could easily down coffee all throughout the day. And if you’re a coffee fanatic like me and go weak in your knees at the aroma of it then you will definitely not regret investing in one of these best Japanese coffee makers!

Before I started using a coffee maker, instant coffee was my go-to. But ever since I got one of these best coffee makers made in Japan, I don’t think I can ever go back to instant coffee. Brewing fresh coffee using a Japanese coffee maker satisfies my coffee cravings like instant coffee never has!

When we talk of brilliant coffee makers that give us that delicious, aromatic, and lip-smackingly tasty cup of coffee, nothing can beat a best coffee maker made in Japan. The best coffee makers made in Japan are surely going to give a whole new meaning and experience to your coffee-drinking ritual. 

There is nothing better than brewing your coffee at home, and when you have a coffee maker, the joy is tremendous. So today, I bring to you the best coffee makers made in Japan that will enhance your coffee experience. Are you ready? Here we go!

Top Coffee Makers Made In Japan

Best Coffee Makers Made In JapanCapacity
Japanese Coffee Maker Zojirushi5 Cup(s)
Japanese Syphon Coffee Maker5 Cup(s)
ECI-660 Ice Coffee Maker1 Cup(s)
Makita Rechargeable Coffee Maker1 Cup(s)
Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Maker With Drip Filter7 Cup(s)
Kinto Column Compact Coffee Maker1 Cup(s)
The Hario V60 Pour-over Drip Coffee Maker4 Cup(s)
Kalita Wave Pour-over Drip Coffee Maker4 Cup(s)
Hario Woodneck Pour-over Drip Pot4 Cup(s)
Yama Cold-brew Drip Coffee Maker8 Cup(s)

#1 — Japanese Coffee Maker Zojirushi – Best Japanese Drip Coffee Maker

Are you a fan of drip coffee? It’s a really fun way to brew coffee, isn’t it? But most of us think it’s near impossible to get the perfect drip coffee at home. But with the Zojirushi Drip Coffee Maker, you can get the perfect cup of drip coffee at home, without any fuss. 

The 650-watt drip coffee maker brews up to five cups of coffee at a time. The decanter comes with a charcoal filter cone that makes the machine compact and easier to use. The filter, under normal use, can last you up to two years. The filter cone purifies water too, making your coffee taste better.

This coffee maker made in Japan also has a concealed and removable water reservoir. 

I love its “automatic keep warm” function; it helps keep the coffee warm for longer, so you do not have to keep reheating your coffee. It is a great feature, especially for someone who brews coffee and gets busy with other work. 

The coffee maker comes with a replaceable water filter, measuring spoon, and a user manual. Definitely one of the best coffee makers made in Japan!

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#2 — Japanese Syphon Coffee Maker – Best 5-cup coffee maker

The Syphon coffee maker from Hario is a unique machine that is beautifully crafted and gives you a cup of coffee that tastes like heaven. While this may look futuristic, it does a really good job of brewing that perfect cup of coffee.

And not just that, the design and technique of the coffee maker make brewing coffee fun and exciting. You will love watching the whole scientific process rollover before your eyes each time you brew coffee using this coffee maker. 

**I mean, doesn’t this contraption make it look like a really really stylish coffee maker? Absolute beaut!**

The coffee maker comes with an alcohol burner. Now while it is fun to watch it, it is better to get a butane burner if you want a faster brew. The alcohol burner is going to make you wait for a long time to devour that perfect cup of coffee. 

Using the coffee maker is easy. Pour hot water into the lower bowl. Place the cloth filter that comes with the set in the upper bowl and put ground coffee in it. Now, the heat makes the water rise and reach the upper bowl. 

Once the water boils, remove the burner. Slowly, you will notice that the coffee filters and gets back down in the lower bowl. Enjoy your delicious and steaming cup of coffee. 

This is one of the most enjoyable and exciting ways to brew coffee. If nothing else, this stylish coffee maker will definitely enhance your kitchen decor! 

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#3 — ECI-660 Ice Coffee Maker – Best Coffee Makers Made In Japan For Cold Coffee

Do you like your coffee cold? Then this coffee maker will help you make the most delicious cup of cold coffee ever. 

The ECI-660 from Thermos is a coffee machine dedicated to making ice coffee. To make that perfect iced coffee, fill the double-wall server with ice, coffee powder, and water. A processor controls the brew time and process, making it suitable for ice coffee. The brewed coffee is dripped onto the ice, resulting in an aromatic, cold coffee.

The server’s double-wall structure is what does the trick; it helps to keep the coffee cold and also prevents the ice from melting. The coffee machine comes in two pleasing colors – Vanilla White and Mint Blue.

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#4 — Makita Rechargeable Coffee Maker

If you are familiar with Makita, you’ll know them as a power tool manufacturing company. With their expertise, they created the CM 500 DZ, a rechargeable coffee machine.

I love this coffee machine, mainly because it gives me the liberty to brew my fresh cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. Why so? That’s because it works with a Li-ion battery that keeps it running for a long time. 

However, please note that the coffee machine only makes about one cup of coffee at a time. It is not possible to brew a large amount of coffee using this machine. 

But apart from that, it is a convenient coffee machine that is easy to carry. Definitely one of the most convenient and best coffee makers made in Japan. 

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#5 — Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Maker With Drip Filter – Best Pour Over Coffee Maker 2021

The Osaka pour-over coffee maker comes with a new and unique design that makes brewing coffee a breezy task. The unique double filter is laser-cut and comes with an additional mesh inside. Unlike paper filters, the stainless steel filter that you get gives you a clear and rich-tasting coffee. 

The borosilicate glass carafe is resistant to thermal shock. And the best part of it is that it does not absorb any odor, chemical, or residue, allowing you to enjoy fresh coffee every time. 

The coffee maker comes with a glass lid that fits perfectly and helps trap the heat, keeping your coffee warm for a longer time. It does not lead to any accidental spills.

The unique design is so compact, which is a great advantage it has. You can place it in your cupboard without it taking all the space. It is like a mug, and there are no fancy attachments.

It is also easy to clean the coffee maker. It is dishwasher safe. However, remove the filter before putting it in the washer. You can get the coffee maker in different colors – red, purple, brown, and green. You can easily match the coffee maker to your theme.

With the Osaka pour-over coffee maker, you can make coffee like a pro each time. This is not only one of the best coffee makers made in Japan but also very stylish

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#6 — Kinto Column Compact Coffee Maker – Best Coffee Maker For Apartment

Are you looking for a coffee maker that is compact, functional, fits your budget, and looks great on your kitchen counter? Then look no further. The Kinto Coffee Maker is an answer to all your prayers. It is small, compact, easy to use and can give you a piping hot cup of delicious coffee in no time.

Now mind you, when I say compact, I mean it. I can only pour one cup of coffee at a time, so if you want something for your entire family, this is not the one. However, if you are a sole coffee drinker in your family, or if you live alone, this compact equipment is perfect for you.

The compact coffee maker is made in such a way that everything, including the measuring spoon, assembles perfectly and makes one single unit. 

All you have to do to make that perfect cup of coffee is place the maker on top of a cup, put coffee grounds using the measuring spoon, and pour hot water. The Japanese coffee maker has a stainless mesh filter that extracts the umami essence of the coffee to give you the full aroma and flavor of the coffee. It’s as simple as that.

You can wash the coffee maker in a dishwasher; all the parts are easy to disassemble. However, the coffee maker is not microwave-safe.

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#7 — The Hario V60 Pour-over Drip Coffee Maker

Here’s another one of the best coffee makers made in Japan. It was released about 10 years ago and has received several design awards since. Everything about its design is Japanese and it’s extremely simple to use. The Hario V60 is a cone-shaped coffee maker and uses a paper filter (or cloth).

The cone was carefully designed to regulate the hot water flow over the coffee ground. When regulating water flow the coarseness of the ground is important. Use a gooseneck kettle to control the water. 

The only downside to the V60 is that it doesn’t have a water flow regulator built-in. And it majorly relies on the pourer to get it right. So basically, it relies on your skill to get it right – which is also why many baristas swear by it!

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#8 — Kalita Wave Pour-over Drip Coffee Maker

The next one on this list of best coffee makers made in Japan is the Kalita Wave Pour-over Drip Coffee Maker. This one also has a cone design but is flat at the bottom with small drain holes to regulate the water flow. This is the advantage that Kalita Wave Pour-over Drip Coffee maker has over the V60. Even though it is similar to the V60, it is still simpler to use than the V60. It’s less demanding than the V60 and you’ll also be able to pour more consistent brews. 

Some coffee drinkers say it has a smoother taste when compared to the Haribo. Made from stainless steel, the Kalita Wave Drip Coffee Maker is quite affordable. Depending on the model you choose it can make 2-4 servings. 

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#9 — Hario Woodneck Pour-over Drip Pot

If one thing is apparent in the design of the Hario Woodneck Pour-over Drip Pot Coffee Maker is the attention to detail. You get a well-rounded coffee brew from this one. You’ll notice the subtle difference in taste and that owes to the filtering system.

The Hario Woodneck Pour-over Drip Pot has a looser cloth filter so more of the oils from the coffee beans are passed along to the cup. Which is why the resulting brew is slightly denser.  The coffee is concentrated and rich but with no sediments.

And because this pour-over drip pot coffee maker uses a classic cloth drip brewing method, the coffee brew has a unique flavor. Your coffee will have deep, complex flavors but not a heavy taste. 

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#10 — Yama Cold-brew Drip Coffee Maker

This is one of the best coffee makers made in Japan for a cold brew and is an absolute beauty! Its design makes it look like it’s come straight from a chemistry lab! As you can see the design looks magnificent but the taste will not disappoint you either. The tall vertical tower allows the water to drip down over a long distance slowly. This is probably a 6-12 hour process at the end of which you get an unbelievably smooth, well-rounded cold brew coffee.

Get ready to make the best coffee and woo everyone with your expertise!

These were the best coffee makers made in Japan that will make your coffee time more enjoyable and pleasurable. The coffee makers have been made with precision and help you get the perfect brew every time. The innovative designs and practicality of these coffee makers will make you fall in love with them.

You can easily make the perfect cup of coffee, for yourself and for everyone else without much hassle. There is also no need to go to a barista for the flavors and aroma as these coffee makers will help you achieve that at home.

Types of Japanese Coffee Makers

#1 — Japan Siphon Coffee Makers

Siphon Coffee makers, also known as vacuum style coffee makers, are very popular in Japan. If you loved science experiments in school, this type of coffee maker is the best Japanese coffee maker for you to get. 

The container below heats the liquid that rises up to the container above. Once the liquid rises to the top container, you put the ground coffee in it. The coffee maker then filters it back down once you turn off the heat. And voila! Your brew is ready? 

Japan is well known for making high quality Siphon or Vacuum style coffee makers. 

 #2 — Japanese Drip Filter Coffee Makers

In Japan, drip coffee makers are especially popular. Also, referred to as pour over coffee making, you pour hot water over the ground coffee that is positioned on top of the cup or pot. 

#3 — Japanese Cold Brew Coffee Makers

This is the best type of Japanese coffee maker for those who love cold coffee! Japan’s serious about their cold coffee and they’re designed some super cool coffee makers to make a delicious cold brew. The multi level Kyoto style brewing coffee maker is especially exceptional! 

Best Japanese Coffee Makers 2021 – FAQs 

What is the best coffee maker to buy for home use?

The best coffee maker to buy for home use is the Kinto Column Compact Coffee Maker.It;s compact in size, taking hardly any space on your kitchen counter, and makes one cup of coffee at a time. 

What is the best Japanese coffee maker 2021?

Japanese Syphon Coffee Maker is one of the best coffee makers made in Japan 2021. It makes up to 5 cups of coffee at a time. Selected as Amazon’s choice for best coffee makers made in Japan, this coffee maker is a crafted beautifully and will look absolutely beautiful sitting on your coffee table or kitchen counter-top. 
To make a cup of coffee using this Japanese coffee maker, pour hot water into the lower bowl, place the cloth filter included with the coffee maker in the upper bowl and add ground coffee into it. Remove the burner after the water boils and watch the coffee filter back into the lower bowl. 

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