6 Best Baby Stroller in Japan 2022

by Erika Shinomoto
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Are you stepping out so you’re looking for the best baby stroller in Japan? Yes, I’ve got your back! You’ll find everything you want to know about baby strollers.

When looking for baby products, strollers are always the first thing to keep in mind. Strollers can help with easy commuting with the baby anywhere and everywhere. 

Best Baby Stroller in Japan: Quick Summary

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Which is the best baby stroller in Japan?

I reviewed several Japanese baby strollers to find the best one based one its features, durability, safety and several other features. I found out that the best one is Combi Fold N Go Baby Stroller. 

Combi Fold N Go Baby Stroller is a very popular Japanese baby stroller and the go-to choice for many parents. It is a lightweight stroller that can be folded and stored compactly. The lightweight structure and its folding feature, you can easily carry the Combi Fold N Go Baby Stroller anywhere with you. It has large wheels that are perfect for all kinds of rough terrains. Combi Fold N Go Baby Stroller also comes with a removable baby tray with a cup holder.

Top Baby Stroller in Japan

JIAX Baby Stroller

japanese baby stroller

This stroller has a lot of sleeping space that keeps your precious one comfortable when traveling. The stroller is warm, safe, and extremely comfortable. 

The design of the stroller is such that it allows for full air circulation. It is also windproof and warm. Thanks to all these excellent features, the stroller is perfect for all seasons. It comes with a gear-type mechanical brake that is very safe. 

The brake is timely and does not slip at all. It also increases the safety of your little one. The sleeping basket in the stroller does not shake at all, which is quite an excellent feature if your little one is not a sound sleeper and gets disturbed with the slightest shake. 

The height of the stroller can also be adjusted. It is also one of the best baby strollers in Japan. 

Key Features:

  • Ample sleeping space for your little one
  • Warm, safe, and comfortable
  • Allows full air circulation 
  • Windproof and warm
  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Comes with a gear-type mechanical brake
  • A timely brake that does not slip
  • Increased safety 
  • The sleeping basket does not shake at all
  • Height can be adjusted

GFF High Landscape Folding Baby Stroller

japanese baby strollers

This is yet another excellent and luxurious baby stroller that comes with springs in the front wheels and body. This spring helps to absorb shocks and keep the brain and body of the baby safe.

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 The swivel front wheels come with a lock that helps to provide stability. This stroller is a reversible one that can easily be changed to the rear or forward-facing. It also has three recline positions – flat, semi-recline, and upright.

 These different recline positions make it perfect for the different moods of your baby. The bassinet has a soft padded cushion that makes it comfortable for your little one to sleep in. 

GFF strollers are one of the best baby stroller in Japan. It also comes with a large canopy that protects the baby from the sun and wind.

The height of the stroller can also be adjusted as per your requirements and feasibility. The stroller can also be folded for easy portability. 

Key Features:

  • Luxurious baby stroller
  • Spring in front wheels and body that help absorb shocks
  • Keeps the brain and body of the baby safe
  • Swivel front wheels come with a lock
  • Reversible stroller
  • Can be changed from rear to forward-facing easily
  • Comes with three recline positions
  • Soft padded cushion in the bassinet
  • Large canopy for protection
  • Height of the stroller can be adjusted
  • Foldable and portable

Honey Joy Lightweight Baby Stroller

stroller japan

This is yet another excellent baby stroller that you can choose for your little one. This stroller comes with different recliner modes that let you adjust it as per your baby’s requirements and moods. 

Your baby can easily lie, sleep, or sit comfortably in the stroller. The stroller also comes with a 5-point safety harness to secure the baby when out and about. The canopy that comes with the stroller is also adjustable. It protects the baby from the sun, rain, and wind. 

It is also quite lightweight; you can easily carry it without straining your back. The stroller comes with large wheels that add safety and flexibility. It also comes with foot-operated parking brakes. It is also quite easy to fold this stroller.

 Thanks to this, you can easily carry it anywhere without using up a lot of space. There is also a large and spacious basket underneath to hold all your belongings. 

Key Features:

  • Comes with different reclines modes
  • Lets your child lie, sleep, or sit comfortably
  • Comes with a 5-point safety harness to secure your baby
  • The canopy protects the child from the sun, wind, or rain
  • Has large wheels
  • Easy foot-operated parking brakes
  • Foldable and portable
  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Comes with a spacious basket

Maxi-Cosi Kaia Special Edition Stroller

japanese stroller brands

This is a beautiful baby stroller that comes in an exciting color pattern. The bright color of the stroller is definitely going to keep your baby in a happy mood. This is a very lightweight stroller that you can carry around with ease.

 It does not cause a strain on your back. It also has a foldable design that makes it extremely compact. You can easily travel with it when it is folded. It does not take up a lot of space. 

It also has a seat that can be reclined in different positions for the comfort of your baby. The 5-point harness system keeps your baby safe when moving. It is counted as one of the best baby stroller in Japan.

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Key Features:

  • Comes in a bright design
  • Lightweight, making it easy to carry without straining your back
  • Foldable design
  • Compact and does not take up a lot of space
  • Different reclining positions
  • Comes with a 5-point harness system

MOMAMO 3 in 1 Combi Stroller

best strollers in japan

This is yet another luxurious baby stroller that is lightweight and comes with adjustable handlebars. It also has a weatherproof canopy that keeps your child protected against extremes such as heat and wind.

 It can also be easily and quickly folded to make it compact. The rotating front wheels can be locked in position with suspension springs. The spring helps absorb shocks to keep the baby safe.

 It comes with a one-button parking brake that brakes the rear wheels quickly and completely. The seat can be changed into different positions – upright, half-tilted, and deep. 

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and luxurious
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Weatherproof canopy
  • Easy and quick to fold and store
  • Compact design that can be carried around easily
  • Rotating front wheels can be locked in place with a suspension spring
  • Shock-absorbing design
  • One-button parking brake
  • Different reclining positions

Iris Plaza 88-1038 Stroller

baby stroller japan

Iris Plaza baby stroller is a study stroller made with durable materials like aluminum, polyester cushion, etc. This buggy-style stroller is extremely lightweight and easy to use. Iris Plaza’s baby stroller has large tires that don’t get flimsy even after several years of use.

We’ve been using this buggy style stroller and it’s literally been our saviour on all our trips as it’s extremely easy to fold and is portable. I love the fact that it can be washed when it gets dirty. It also has a sun canopy and safety harness that ensure the baby’s safety. 

Key features

  • Buggy style stroller
  • Large tires
  • Portable and easy to fold
  • Safety features that ensure no harm to the baby
  • Sun canopy
  • Washable

Comfort and safety for your baby!

These were some of the best baby strollers in Japan. I have put together strollers that will make sure your baby remains comfortable and safe when you go out. These strollers are also quite practical in terms of space-saving and portability. Check these out and get one today!

Features to look for in a baby stroller: 

  • Material: Make sure the baby stroller you buy is made with quality materials and is also sturdy. Strollers that can dangle with time are the worst option. Choose strollers that are made with stiff but comfortable fabrics that don’t cause irritation to the baby’s skin. 
  • Easy to use and fold: The baby stroller you choose should be convenient for you to use and can be folded to store. Look for strollers that are lightweight and easily adjustible so that you can carry them along when you’re traveling. 
  • Safety features: Make sure to check for safety features like seat belts, wheel locks, brakes, etc as it’s the basic requirement. 
  • Washable fabric: Since you’re going to carry the baby stroller with you for your baby, it’s prone to get dirty. Choose a stroller with fabric that’s easily washable. 
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Extra features: Extra features like sun canopy, storing basket, etc. are required in a stroller so make sure the one that you’re going to buy has them.

Guide to Buying Baby Strollers in Japan

If you’re looking to buy a baby stroller in Japan, you’ll find that there are two types of baby strollers in Japan – and they’re usually categorised into Type A and Type B. Before you buy a baby stroller in Japan, let’s understand what is Type A baby stroller and Type B baby stroller in Japan. 

  • Type A baby stroller in Japan:

Type A baby strollers are designed to grow with the baby. You can fit them snugly when they’re a month old and as they grow, you can extend the size of the stroller. It can go up to use until your baby turns 4. 

Pros of type A baby stroller in Japan

  • Strollers with the reclining feature can fall down flat. This is great for babies who still aren’t strong enough to support their neck 
  • You’ll find type A baby strollers taht are designed for the baby to face their parents. 

Cons of type A baby stroller:

  • They aren’t easy to travel with as they can bulky and heavy
  • More expensive than type B stroller

Type B Baby stroller in Japan

This type of stroller can be only used once the baby can sit and support their neck. That’s approximately when the baby is about 7 months old. Many mothers in Japan prefer holding their babies are old enough to use the type B stroller. 

Pros of Type B stroller:

  • Travel friendly, compact, easy to store

Cons of type B strollers in Japan:

  • Not as adaptable as type A 
  • The reclining angle is limited

Type A baby strollers are more popular than type B strollers in Japan. But type B strollers are also increasing in sales slowly. Choose a baby stroller type that best fits your requirements and your baby’s needs

Japanese Baby Strollers: FAQ

Do people in Japan use strollers?

People use strollers in Japan to make traveling with kids easier for them. They’re used to resting the child while touring, waiting in line, sightseeing, etc. You can also use a baby carrier in Japan for traveling with babies.

Are Honey Joy baby strollers good?

Honey Joy baby strollers have great durability as they’re made with quality materials. They have great storage space and also come with a canopy to provide sun protection. Honey Joy strollers also come with a 5-point harness to protect the babies.

Is Japan stroller friendly?

Yes, Japan is stroller friendly. You can get it on your own or fetch it through stroller rental in Tokyo. Even a double stroller is available in Tokyo. In Traditional places like Nikko mountains, without strollers can be challenging, however, it is absolutely fine in districts like Asakusa.

Best baby stroller in Japan. best baby stroller in japan. best baby stroller in Japan.Best Baby Stroller in Japan

Combi Fold N Go Baby Stroller

Combi Fold N Go Baby Stroller is a very popular Japanese baby stroller and the go-to choice for many parents.

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