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by Erika Shinomoto
are hitachi tvs good

Wondering are Hitachi TVs good? Here’s a detailed review of the Hitachi TV brand. Check it out!

Hitachi is a Japanese television company that offers updated and modernized versions of TVs that are loved by people across the world. 

When you step out of the house to purchase a TV, you should be clear with your thoughts and expectations and basically what you are looking for in a TV. If you are somebody who enjoys a cable TV connection then any of the brands will suit you. 

But nowadays, we have so many facilities to watch amazing series, play games, and many more. To access all these, you need to have a smart TV connection that can allow you to enjoy Prime videos, Netflix, or any other app. 

Also, whatever the case is, whenever we look for a TV, we want it to last longer so it has to be a good one-time investment. 

Hitachi is one of the oldest TV brands that launched its first model in 1956 and from that time, it has brought its TVs with smart features and latest designs. People around the globe love Hitachi as it brings the best with time and I am one of those who appreciate the modernized technology of Hitachi. 

To begin with, let’s look into what Hitachi offers in terms of screen size. Currently, there are three different choices that you can make to suit your preferences, and those are 81 cm, 102 cm, and 127 cm, respectively. 

With this dimension, these LED TVs come in the category of high dimensions and high-resolution monitors that also allow different media inputs of video, audio, photo, or text. There are slight differences in the features of these TVs that will definitely impress you. 

They also have digital video broadcasting terrestrial digital tuners with LED backlights. Hitachi TVs provide brilliant features to make the experience more enjoyable.

Are Hitachi Tvs Good?

Hitachi Wooo L32-XP05 32V

This one is a 32 inches Terrestrial BS TV that has a nice image quality and also comes with an expandable HDD built-in type. This TV is compatible with an internet connection but has no wireless function. 

Audio output is quite impressive with 10W + 10W. I love this TV because I can also watch recorded programs on it anytime I want. The only drawback I think this TV has is its inability to support 3D video and display. The absence of these features affects the quality of the picture and there is not a lot of color and image enhancement. 

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If compared with a Panasonic TV of the same range, there are a few extra features that you might notice.

As per what I have noticed, Hitachi TVs are a good option for all at an affordable price.  Price plays a very important role and in that case, it is something that you should go for. 

To begin with the features and individual classifications in detail, I would say that the TVs from Hitachi are good in terms of display size, with different available sizes, as they provide a very color-enhanced picture. 

It is the value of a money pack as you get a proper sound bass with long-lasting performance. I bought a TV for myself 7 years ago and it is still running fine with no problem at all. I can easily connect it with wifi and watch my favorite videos with a cinematic experience as the LCD screen is absolutely amazing.  

You must not forget how Hitachi became less popular after 2012. When this Japan-based company saw fewer sales of Hitachi TVs, it decided to shift its focus to other Japanese companies. 

Hitachi wasn’t completely shut off but was just dealt with by a third-party dealer. There was also less number of TV sales after the shift.

As of today, people prefer other brands over Hitachi as different brands like Samsung and Toshiba because they provide modernized features keeping in mind the interest of today’s youth. 

Hitachi Vs Samsung Comparison 

Both Hitachi and Samsung have been the leading manufacturers of LED technologies and you can come across some exciting differences they both have.

To deep dive into it, let’s start with the picture quality that differs on the basis of pixels. In terms of color contrast, Samsung has a much more updated version than Hitachi. Other features and performance is another parameter to judge these two brands. 

If I have to talk about an overall difference, it would most probably be the speaker’s ability. When Samsung has 20W, Hitachi has 16W on the other hand. Both have a slight difference in terms of compatibility with connectivity. 

But if you are looking for a smart TV, then you should probably not go for any of these as they do have either Alexa or Google assistant support. 

When it comes to the outer body and design, both brands offer you the same thing with a metallic outer body that lasts longer and is resistant to minor scratches. The only difference you can make out in this field would be the weight which has an obvious reason for the difference in dimensions. Otherwise, the design and quality is absolutely durable. 

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There are things that I absolutely like about Hitachi when it comes to setting up the TV, usage or price, and performance. Hitachi TVs are affordable and can be bought at a slightly higher rate when it is regarding an updated model. At the same time, Samsung costs you a little higher in that case, probably more than 400W for a smart TV.

In addition, the usage is very easy and requires no support as well. With minor discussions on the screen, you are good to go.

The picture quality of both TVs differs when it is about comfortability and brightness. Hitachi would be a good option if you are looking for a TV  for a small room as compared to Samsung as I have noticed serious brightness issues with it. 

Overall, both are easy to use but keeping in your pocket in your mind, you can go for Hitachi TVs and enjoy watching shows with appropriate brightness and sound at an affordable price.

There is one more question asked for Hitachi TVs and that is if Hitachi Android TVs are good?  

Well, for that, knowing about the features in all aspects is crucial. According to my experience, Hitachi Android 4K TVs are a very budget-friendly and fully-fledged yet updated version of TV that you can try. From LED to QLED screen and HDR10 compatibility works together to make your experience better and enjoyable. 

When I say 4K, the picture roams around the image quality that this technology offers. 4K TVs offer UltraHD screens and have 8 million tiny dots and pixels which plays a significant role in improving the quality. There is always a debate regarding the color quality in TVs as that part plays an important role too. 

To put a stop, Hitachi 4K TV gives a better color enhancement as compared to the old LED TVs as it has a quantum dot color feature that helps in making the picture better by providing perfect brightness.

One of the best things I loved about this TV is its Android compatibility. The moment you switch your TV on, you get an Android operating system that can be used easily. It gives you access to a number of Google apps and allows you to watch anything you want. 

It also has a built-in Google Chromecast that gives you access to Google Assistant as well as other smart features which are just touch away. In this modern world, technology plays a crucial role and has made our lives better and smarter. Hitachi TVs are another level of happiness when you get such amazing features. 

Are Hitachi TVs Good: FAQs

Is Hitachi better than Toshiba? 

While Hitachi and Toshiba are both known to make excellent quality TVs, there are still some distinctive features between the two. The major drawback of Toshiba is that the picture quality is not quite as sharp as Hitachi. The sharper picture in Hitachi TVs is what draws people in. However, when we look at the overall picture quality, Toshiba TVs are definitely better. There is also a major price difference between the two brands. Depending on your personal preference of picture quality, you can choose either Hitachi or Toshiba without really worrying about the overall performance.

Is Hitachi made in Japan?

Hitachi was one of the leading producers of television sets but the Japanese company decided to stop the production of televisions. Hitachi brand, however, continues to sell Hitachi televisions but these were produced by other manufacturers under the Hitachi brand. The company that now manufacturers TVs for Hitachi is the Turkish company, Vestel.

The best TV brand for you!

In conclusion, if Hitachi TVs are any good is still a question, then I would say a big Yes. The above comparison had its parameters checked and on that basis, it can be said that Hitachi TVs are still a good option to go for when it comes to price, features, and looks. 

Other brands are good too and when compared to them, Hitachi is still running in the race to provide updated features and assistance to make your watching experience better day by day. If you are considering or planning to buy a new LED or Android TV, do check out what Hitachi offers as it is still one of the most durable brands in this field. 

I would highly recommend the Android 4K version of Hitachi to you as it has all the best things you look for in a TV.

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