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by Erika Shinomoto

Best Japanese Products is here for you with the best reviews on the products from Japan. Be it Shiseido’s beauty cream or Nintendo video game consoles Japanese products are enjoyed all across the globe. 

Japan is a rapidly developing nation with unimaginable advancement in technology and innovation lately, almost like taking a time machine to the future. It is a matter of pride that Japan is not only at the forefront of its technology but also for its food and beverages, skincare and most essentially electronics.

 Being a Japanese myself, I’m still learning to adapt to the new technology and innovation stepping up each day. The desire to make things easy and quickly accessible is what led to the birth of Best Japanese Products in 2013. 

Ever since we’ve made it easy for numerous people exploring Japanese goods. This website gives anyone who fancies the products of Japan, a one-stop solution, putting forward the best creations in terms of technology, gadgets, fashion, skincare, food and beverages. 

Whether you want detailed reviews or a worthy purchase, you’re just a click away. 

On Best Japanese Products, you’ll find the best of Japanese skincare brands and products verified by highly qualified skincare and beauty experts. You’ll find suggestions to top eateries in Japan, be it 5-star restaurants or affordable convenience store food options. 

Ultimately, Best Japanese Products aims to introduce the best products with the latest technology and innovations. And, more importantly, the author of this website hopes that the review articles, buying guides and tips published on the site will help you make the best choices when it comes to purchasing a high-quality Japanese product. 

Sara Saito
Best Japanese Products

Being born and brought up by Japanese parents in Osaka, Japan, I’ve experienced the true essence of the nation from food and culture to gadgets and innovations. 

Throughout the last three decades of my life, I’ve had a first-hand experience on how Japan has changed and advanced itself. 

Even during my childhood, Japan was never totally aloof, It was constantly growing, adapting, changing and getting better. 

Hence, Best Japanese Products was my dream come true project to display the best that Japan has to offer – everything just a click away! 

I also realised that most websites aren’t wholesome. They only provide information about one particular niche which makes the readers waste a lot of time in finding their required review. I grabbed this opportunity and challenged myself to create something that would serve my readers with accurate information about different choices. This provided justice to all the nation’s homemade goods to come together. Japan made me fall in love with the country as well as what it is good at!

Having pursued a degree in Fashion at Osaka Designer’s College, I’m otherwise a freelance fashion stylist apart from a writer. I’ve especially added a section of clothing on my website that will keep you informed with the latest trends in Japan that has inputs from my personal experience and also top Japanese fashion stylists. 

I have also published research papers related to skincare ingredients and have gained in-depth knowledge about the products through extensive research. Skincare is one of the main focus of Best Japanese Products and I’m proud about how it’s sampled and tested out by skincare experts for authentication before the review goes up. 

If you’re looking for the best skincare products, here is where you should rather be. All the Japanese brands are top class and provide only the best results. I have a group of skincare and beauty experts that help me sample out products and rate them based on the quality of ingredients, formulation, sensitivity to skin, efficacy, shelf life and more. 

If you’re interested in learning about the Japanese cuisine and food culture, there’s a dedicated section for Japanese food and drinks where you’ll find the best dishes Japanese cuisine has to offer so you can tantalize your taste buds with the best Japanese curries and munch on the rice cracker snacks to tastefully experience Japan. 

If you’re a gadget geek, then indulge in the best gadgets sections to find innovative and technologically advanced products for your home, kitchen, or just to make your everyday life more convenient. 

If you’re travelling to Japan, you’d no doubt want to take a little bit of Japan back with you to reminisce. And for that, we have a section of Japanese gifts filled with the best souvenirs and collectibles that truly represent Japan’s beauty. 

So you can leave behind the confusion of what to gift someone!

I hope that Best Japanese Products gives you the best review and purchasing experience you’ve ever had!

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